#source: miraculous ladybug
sober-pepper · a month ago
[Ramshackle Dorm]
Yuu throws a birthday party for Malleus, but he doesn't show up.
Yuu: Tsunotarou's pranking me, right?
Yuu: Wait. That's impossible. He has no sense of humor.
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bluejay-the-geek · 11 months ago
After Red Hood officially became part of the batfam
[Dick and Jason are fighting a villain]
Villain, shooting at them: Ya know, it’s kinda weird seeing you two on the same side. I don’t buy it!
Dick, taking cover: He’s right you know, we should show everyone you’re with us now!
Jason, dodging the bullets: Now’s not the time, dickhead.
Dick: Wait, if we hug it’ll help display our brotherly bond!!
Jason: Argh- that's enough!
Jason, picking Dick up: GO TO YOUR BASKET DICKHEAD!
Dick: Wha-?
Jason: *YEETS Dick into a trashcan*
Villain: I believe you
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immature-mel · 19 days ago
Darragh doing work experience with Gaylord & Cindy
☀️Gaylord: You’re just a school kid reciting a lesson,You don’t really know how it’s done!
🍀Darragh: I do know my stuff,Maybe even better than you,Old Man!
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lab-trash · 5 months ago
Douglas: You like him a lot, huh?
Chase: Kaz? Yeah, of course.
Chase: He's a very good friend.
Douglas: Riiiiigghtttt
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incorrect-tmnt2012-quotes · 6 months ago
Mikey: Donnie’s pranking me, right?
Mikey: Wait... He couldn’t be. He has no sense of humor.
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incorrect-horizon · a month ago
Aloy: Is this a joke? Sylens is pranking me, right?
Aloy: Wait, he couldn’t be — He has no sense of humor!
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ladymiraclewings · a month ago
[Dangers in Hexside]
Luz: The doors, quickly!
Boscha: "The doors, quickly!"
Luz: Shut up, Boscha!
Boscha: "Shut up, Boscha!" Oh...
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chasegrangerkingdom · a year ago
Beckendorf: You like her a lot, huh?
14-year-old Percy: Annabeth? Yeah, of course.
Percy: She's a very good friend.
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dcau-incorrect-quotes · 11 months ago
The Flash: Batmans pranking me, right? Wait….he couldnt be, he has no sense of humor.
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stardust948 · 7 months ago
Iroh: This will help guide you.
Iroh: *Hands Zuko a teapot*
Zuko: What am I supposed to do with this?! Make tEA?!?!?!
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sdra2-incorrect-quotes · 2 months ago
Tsurugi: Leave now, or I’m calling the police!
Tsurugi: Wait! I AM the police!
Tsurugi: GET OUT!
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sober-pepper · 19 days ago
Ace, holding a hand out: Hey, Yuu. Wanna dance with a cool guy?
Yuu: I'd love to. Where is he?
Ace (-_-) (^^,) Yuu
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addicted-to-his-knife · 8 months ago
Submitted by anon ♡
Rotti: [holding a hand out] Hey Marni, wanna dance with a cool guy?
Marni: I'd love to. Where is he?
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immature-mel · 27 days ago
~Melvin forgetting Mother’s Day~
🎨 Harold: Your mom is really amazing! Even though she’s always busy,She always manages to organise everything so well.
✨ Melvin: Do you realise Harold? I’m more than a month late for Mother’s Day! I wanted to make her something,But I barley had time to get started on it. It’s such a bummer,Today would’ve the perfect time to make it up to her…
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lab-trash · 5 months ago
Reese: Oh, how romantic. Kaz returns to save his boyfriend!
Chase, flustered: I’m not his boyfriend!
Kaz: We’ll come back to that later.
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briggycat · 11 months ago
Kai: I’m supposed to smile, but I’m also supposed to save people. This is a complicated choice.
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cyber-wildcat · a month ago
MegaMan: You like her a lot, huh?
Lan: Mayl? Yeah, of course.
Lan: She's a very good friend.
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