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Avatar: The Last Airbender + Twitter Posts - Part 6
[Zuko][Part 5][Part 4][Part 3][Part 2][Part 1]
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dragonbonez · 2 days
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Studying hard the whole day and then gifting myself a bit of drawing time after midnight is both good and bad for my health.
Anyways, Taang is a superb ship and don't anyone on my dashboard ever forget it.
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feradami · 2 days
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“Waterbending lessons”
Some ideas for a Steven Universe x Avatar crossover 
I think Katara and Lapis Lazuli would be great friends
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illusory-torrent · 1 day
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i love when power couples protect each other. 🥺
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comradekatara · 2 days
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experiments in light & texture w my favorite girl
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b9mischief · 3 days
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idk how bending would look like if you’ve got a caribou body but i imagine it’s still just as fun
Inspired by @emkinilly ‘s ATLA centaurs! I love drawing cervids
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prodogg · 12 hours
A friend of mine had a thought:
Y‘all know how in the episode The Puppetmaster, Katara tells the story of little Nini and how she disappears and is a ghost trying to get warm. She also says that sometimes you can see the smoke coming from her house. Katara also swears that it was a real story which happened to her mom. Anyways looking at it from a perspective of mythology, couldn’t those sorts of ghost stories be the explanation that Kanna‘s generation told Kya and Hakoda‘s, to explain why so many of their people went missing during the raids, going down to the detail of fearing smoke. Furthermore right after the story, Hama appears, Hama is one of the „missing ghosts“ who is now making others disappear.
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ponytailzuko · 1 day
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[ID: Two images of Katara smiling as pixel art. One is a smaller image and the other is bigger. End ID]
so i did something new.
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muffinlance · 1 day
Scaled Over 3: The Golden-Eyed Girl
Latest chapter || Read from the beginning
The privateer had found the prize of the pile: a solid black molt, buried under the more common blues and grays of her people. He rubbed its edge between his thumb and forefinger.
“Younger than I thought, with how few of these make it to market. A teenager around the prince’s age should be shedding more. Is… he getting enough to eat? …She?”
“I’m sure they are,” Katara said, trying not to feel her own skin crawl. It wasn’t impossible to tell a dragon’s age from the thickness of their molts. Obviously. But it was a skill that required a fair bit of hands-on experience.
Story Summary:
At thirteen, Zuko knelt on the Agni Kai field and proclaimed himself his father's loyal son. But when fire touched his face, his dragon form begged to differ.
Dragon!Zuko AU.
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kayray-art · 2 days
why does this look like a zutara wedding
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sokkastyles · 2 days
Consider, though: Zuko is not surprised when he sees Katara bloodbend. Growing up in the Fire Nation, with its fair share of tropical storms, he's always known about the destructive power of water. What water does to fire, especially, was a major part in the propaganda used to justify the genocide of waterbenders. His reaction to seeing Katara bloodbend is not surprise, but shock at the knowledge that there was actually some truth to those stories that told about how scary waterbenders are.
What he is truly surprised by is when Katara offers to use her bending to heal his scar. That this thing he's always been taught to fear and hate can be used for healing. That's why he's so skeptical when Katara offers to heal him. He's a little frightened, too, not sure what will happen when she touches his face, but he decides to trust her anyway, that little voice in the back of his mind saying that maybe his father was wrong about everything growing a little louder.
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panackerman · 15 hours
im in my confident adult fire lord zuko phase
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bernard-the-rabbit · 3 days
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if Sokka is kinda like a prince then Katara is sort of like a princess
closeups down below
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stardust948 · 3 days
Zuko and Katara are both Sunshine and Midnight Rain
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zukoisneverhappy · 2 days
haters: who even ships
it’s me, hi! i’m the
zutaraian it’s me!
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theowritesfiction · 18 hours
The Final Chapter of The White Lotus Gambit has been posted!
In this chapter... eh, do I really have to say anything? This final chapter is all about fluff and saying farewells to the story and our beloved characters. <3 It's been a pleasure, guys. <3
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