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g0ldenturtle · 5 months ago
"Sometimes, I wish you exist, so you could tell me, how to properly fucked up my life."
Tumblr media
Yours truly,
Golden Turtle
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maythelordbewithyoutoo · 4 months ago
I'm a straight guy yet the amount of times I've watched Crush in a span of 2 weeks (8 and counting) cause it's my comfort film. This queer/sapphic love story is better than any straight romantic story. On God. The best RomCom imo, especially of it's genre. I'm so in love with Rowan & Auli'i,
like what Paige said "it's so straight it's almost gay"
I LOVE HER HUMOR SO MUCH. The love triangle, the art, the track, their hair and cute dimples, the eye contacts and lip bite, AND THE BATHROOM SCENE LIVES IN MY HEAD RENT FREE...MY GOD THE EYE ROLL THEY'RE SO CUTE IT'S PERFECT.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mythicalllamaxo · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy 53 year anniversary to Scooby Doo!!
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zzhangebodi · 4 months ago
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His smile brings me so much comfort
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wordsbyjenpoetry · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
When you are so used to being the strong one, that has carried everything alone, you just get on with it. As that is what you’ve always done. But when another like you arrives, with strong arms that wish to surround you, simply so you can rest yours, and to remove some of the weight off your heart. It feels just like they are wrapping a warm blanket around your soul. And finding that is truly irreplaceable.
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sevenforeverbulletproof · 3 months ago
My comfort - chapter 23: finally together & epilogue
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jin’s phone was slipping out of his hands when the door to his room was forcefully opened. 
"What the-" he started blurting out when he discovered Yoongi’s furious red face in this door frame.
They hadn’t talked in a week, only cold glares and a lot of huffs had been in the air when those two were in the same room.
Jin quickly grabbed his phone, hoping not to embarrass himself because once again, he was stalking your Instagram profile for hours. 
"Oh, it’s you."
"Yeah, hyung, you bet it’s me." Yoongi responded, voice only resembling the angry look on his face. 
"What’s going on? You’re talking to me again?"
"Yeah well, you force me to! I just came to tell you you’re an idiot!”
"Excuse me?"
Jin let his phone sink again, now actually looking shocked by Yoongi’s blatant honesty.
"Still not figuring out things with y/n? That is so stupid. Actually, the two of you are idiots! I don’t get it. Was all of this lying and the pain for nothing?"
Yoongi sounded genuinely pissed off, showing more emotion than when Jin had told him about you. 
It was confusing to Jin, more than anything else. The mood between the two young men was so heated, they didn’t even hear the pertinent ringing of the door bell.
Your index was consistently pushing the little button next to the boys’ apartment door. It had been a long time since something had felt so urgent to you. Although it wasn’t like time would take away your chance to talk to Jin, it had already felt like an infinity since you had stopped talking at all. 
Finally, after a couple of minutes of ringing and knocking, someone finally opened the door to you.
"Y/n, hi!"
Namjoon was clearly surprised to see you. Once the surprise faded, a small smile dug - dimple into his cheeks.
"So are you here for Seokjin or for Yoongi? None of my business, actually. But they’re both in there anyways."
He pointed at Jin’s room and left you to it, left you with a dozen questions when you also noticed their voices. On quiet feet, you approached the room, waiting at the corner of the door frame while you listened.
"I’m super confused now." Jin said, his voice was mellow but there was a little desperation mixed into his tone. "I thought you and her… your date…"
"Hyung!" Yoongi exclaimed out of his breath as if he had just let off a lot of steam before. "Me and her, that was off once you two decided to be more than a one night stand. Let’s face it. I don’t know what you did to her, and I pray to the gods that I’ll never get to know, but apparently you gave her something I never could. And then you just waste that potential… maybe you don’t think it was serious enough with her to even try, but it just makes me fucking furious that you guys didn’t use your chances."
With the raise of Yoongi’s voice, Jin felt something coil inside of him. And he came back at Yoongi in a tone just as infuriated as it was desperate. 
"Not serious enough? Excuse me, Yoongi but you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about."
"Then tell me."
Yoongi on the other hand knew that this was where he had to have Jin in order to push his buttons enough for him to finally take action.
"I lost my whole heart to her! I was fucking ready to try, I was as serious as I could have been, I even dumped Yuri for her, but then you came back around and… somehow I feel like you will always be between us."
You, still lurking around the corner, felt a sting in your heart. You understood where Jin was coming from but he couldn’t have been more wrong. 
And Yoongi seemed to feel the same. Though you were sure he felt sorry for his hyung, he didn’t stop to provoke him. 
"Oh please.. I’m not the one between anybody here. You’re building up walls on your own. And that’s fucking cowardly."
"Oh shut up." Seokjin spat back. 
"It is. All of this was screaming coward to me. Not having the balls to tell me about you and y/n, not telling Yuri, but now just hiding away and sulking, that has to be the top of it all, hyung. And maybe you don’t care enough about her then."
"Fuck you, Yoongi! What the actual hell is wrong with you, coming here to fuck me over? I don’t care? I DON‘T CARE? I care too much which is why I gave her space instead of pouring my heart out to her. Because all I wanted was for y/n to be happy, even if that means I’m not. They say you should let go what you love, and that’s what I did."
"Love?" you mouthed under your breath and the pause of silence inside the room confirmed that the two young men had heard that word too. 
"Yeah, you’ve heard right. I think it could be love."
There was a creak, like Jin’s mattress was giving in. Yoongi had probably sat down next to his friend. 
"That saying about letting go… that’s not appropriate for this situation. You say you love Y/n, then what are you waiting for?"
"I can’t. I think I need to let go because she wants me to."
"That’s not true."
The strong impulse triggered by Jin’s false assumption had sent a force through you to finally enter the room and reveal yourself. 
Once Jin noticed you, his gaze changed. His eyes grew wide and round, two plump lips popped open, just for them to close again, and for his eyes to blink in disbelief.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, unsure of whether to be glad to see you or not.
“I needed to talk to you.”
"I think my job here is done." Yoongi mumbled. He gave his hyung‘s shoulder a firm squeeze and then sneaked out. All without you breaking your gaze from Jin, you took Yoongi's place. Silence took over while this little glimpse of hope flared up in Jin's heart – hope that you and him somehow managed to work things out, even after everything that had been said and after all these times you had hurt not only other people but also yourself.
At the same time, he tried to contain this hope as it had fooled him before.
“Sorry I eavesdropped.” You then began, just for him to blurt out with what didn't make sense to him.
“I thought you wanted a clear cut.”
His voice sounded so incredibly hurt that it resounded in your ears, leaving a lump in your throat.
“I know I said that. It was stupid and I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I was just so disappointed.”
“Yeah I was too. I mean, everything was going well and then you suddenly rowed back, accused me of getting back to Yuri. You didn't even hear me out. I felt so shut out all of the sudden and I just didn't get how that happened. How did we even get here?”
“It was all a big misunderstanding.”
You looked over to him, eyes had been tied to your lap before, and caught the sight of a tear running down Jin's cheek. It was like that tear spoke to you although Seokjin didn't verbally say a word.
You automatically intertwined one of your hands with his to make him look up and meet your gaze.
“What you said before about Yoongi being between us, that's not true.”
He seemed relieved for a moment, yet far from feeling genuine peace.
“Then why can't we figure things out?”
You thought, then spoke the first thing that came to your mind.
“I guess we're both not the best at saying what we feel and what we want.”
That made him laugh a little.
“Yeah, probably not.”
Finally, he was able to look you in the eyes. With that, the tiny moment of worrylessness on his features vanished and his expression became serious again.
“About Yuri...”
“I know. I talked to her. You know I really thought you went back to her and that all I was to you was a fun distraction."
"Y/n," Jin began, but your glare told him to let you speak. 
"I know this isn’t true now. I came here as fast as I could."
Carefully, Jin dared to intertwine your second pair of hands.
“I'm glad you did. Truly.”
“So what shall we do now?”
“Well, what do you want?”
Again, there was the question in the room. This time, you felt like an answer had never been easier. It had never been as obvious as then that you wanted this with him. The full on relationship, with all the laughs, all the tears, all the fights and all of the firsts that were about to happen in the future.
"I don’t want you to let go of me, Seokjin. I want you to stay," you said loud and clear, trying hard to make your voice steady while your body began to shake. “I've heard what you said before, you know... About how this could be love.”
Jin's face became bright red remembering you've heard him talk his true feelings in front of Yoongi.
“And I think I do love you already.”
“I'm actually pretty sure of it.”
“But this is not a one way street.” you interrupted him again, “It's also about what you want.”
He didn’t even think for a long moment until the answer he had waited to give you spilled out of him. 
“I want to be with you in the closest way possible. Like fully committed, fully exclusive. That's all.”
You brimmed with joy at his response, only then realizing that he had been looking at your lips with the most endearing expression of yearning you’d seen on him ever. 
A smile, then two lips nibbling on the corner of his mouth for a peck. Instantly, Jin felt shivers on his neck. 
“So this is it then? Just us finally being together?”
You nodded, smiling as you stole another kiss from his lips.
“Sounds like a pretty good end of all this drama to me. And I'm glad to finally tell you how madly I'm in love with you, Jin. So so in love.”
Jin was overwhelmed as a wave of bliss washed over him. He couldn’t do anything but kiss you, his lips captivating yours in the gentlest yet most dedicated manner possible. 
And you went all in, for the kiss, for this relationship, for whatever the future held for you. 
Epilogue – Happy Ever After
Tumblr media
“So, Y/n, we've made a final check in with sound earlier and everything for the show should be set now. The team was asking if you want us to stay longer tonight to give us a round of feedback after the show for everything that'll follow in the coming weeks, or...?”
You tapped your assistant on the shoulder, gave her a proud smile in reassurance. It was the first time you had let her manage the whole process of preparing a charity concert of HYBE's most popular groups.
She had been incredibly nervous even though you knew she had planned every detail according to plan months before the actual concert. 
“No, I don't think that's necessary. To be honest, me and Jin are going straight to the airport after their performance. I trust you completely with everything. And I'm pretty confident you'll replace me perfectly during the coming TXT tour. Don't worry too much about it, okay?”
Relieved, your assistant exhaled and allowed you to enclose her in a friendly hug.
“I really have no idea how we will cope without you.”
“You'll do great. I have no doubts. And if there's anything super urgent, just call.”
She huffed, knowing very well she won't call you during your well-deserved romantic getaway with Seokjin after almost a year of working non-stop.
“If I may protest here, please don't call.”
Jin's voice caused your heart to almost jump out. It still did after all this time. Every first time of each day when you saw him, you still felt like doing a happy dance.
You turned around to face him. His makeup and hair were already done for the show, making him look like an actual fairytale prince (although you loved the pure version of him that you got to see the most, even more).
“And you're leading my team since...?”
“Don't worry, Seokjin, I won't call. If chaos breaks out, I'll let Y/n come back and fix it.” your assistant joked and ultimately left you two to it. As everyone on the whole staff team, your assistant was undoubtedly endeared by Jin, which is why they very often joined forces to tell you you should work less and relax more.
Finally being alone among all of the other people in the room, Jin drew you towards him, looping his arms around your waist to pull you into a kiss.
“Do I have to scold you?” he then asked with a serious expression while one if his hands rested on your cheek. Your arms were knotted around his waist. “You promised me not to work during our vacation.”
“I knoooow but she's so nervous. I just wanna help.”
“She's gonna do fine. You keep saying that yourself. And the world won't end just because you're away for three weeks.”
“Hm...” you simply replied and leaned into his embrace, feeling the muscles beneath his stage outfit. “I wouldn't mind a little sweet scolding, though.”
Jin puckered up his eyebrows. You only ever said something so suggestive in the most unexpected moments when it surprised him. And he loved how your mind worked.
“If we only had a bathroom to disappear into right now... But this stage outfit is too complicated to take off.”
“I could try.” you mumbled against his neck pressing your lips onto his collar bone while his grazed over your hair.
“Later, okay? Although actually... you might be the one to scold me.”
You let go of him and crossed your arms.
He frowned and nervously scratched over his arm.
“You like my makeup today?”
“Of course I do, you look absolutely stunning as always. But what does that have to do with me scolding you?”
“Well, Yuri was in charge of it today.”
You felt something pulling on your heartstrings. Although life had been nearly perfect over this past year, you and your ex best friend hadn't spoken ever since.
“Yuri? Oh...”
You didn't mind her doing Jin's makeup. Not at all. It was more of the fact that you missed her that made you feel sentimental. Jin noticed the sad glow in your eyes and immediately came to hug you again.
“How is she?”
“She says hi. I actually don't think she's mad anymore.”
“Yeah. She told me about some guys she was dating and she actually asked how you are.”
“Oh well, that's nice.”
“Right? I thought so too.”
“Oh my god, you two are really glued together when you're in one room, aren't you?”
It was Jungkook who interrupted your conversation. The boys had just entered the backstage room a few moments after Jin had. 
“Jealous?” Jin asked in response. Everyone knew he loved to show off you and your relationship. That's also why the boys gave him plenty of opportunities to do exactly that. And it was always Yoongi who teased their oldest hyung in return.
“Nah, had that. Been there.”
You never really know if it bugged Jin for Yoongi to say such things, but if it did, he did a great job not showing it. And it was also obvious that Yoongi wasn't being snappy for any specific reason other than he liked to tease. He had actually come to terms with you and Jin quite quickly after your official relationship announcement.
“Oh and hyung, when we give our ending mends today, could you please restrain from making it all about Y/n like last time?” Namjoon added fuel to his friends' bickering.
“Can't promise that.” Jin shrugged and you hugged him even tighter.
“I thought it was cute.”
“And I meant every word.”
A kiss flew and landed on the tip of your nose, making you giggle in the aftermath.
“That sound is so addicting, you've got no idea.”
The rasp in Jin's voice mirrored the weakness he felt when his legs were turning to jelly.
“Well, I hope it is because you're gonna hear a lot more of it for the rest of your life.”
“The rest of my life? Are you sure about that?”
You united your hands in his neck to pull him onto your lips once again.
“Not a single doubt.”
my comfort - masterlist
a/n: and this is FINALLY the last chapter of my comfort. I decided to add the epilogue right to it so you don't have to wait another 5 years hahaha. I hope you like it, I can only say I'm happy with it :3
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goblingender-art · 4 months ago
Catching up on campaign 2 after not watching it for a while and omg this is so cozy 💖 the mighty nein are some of my favorite characters in the history of ever
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clovdyriye · 5 months ago
thank you, Yuzuru Hanyu
"Don't give up"
No matter how painful the future will be
Your life will shine brightly
One flower stands in the wind
We can become flowers, too
cr. Yonkaiten Pixel
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lenimirroh · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dulceamar · a year ago
welcome to dulceamar’s cottage ! <3
amy — xx — latina — uni student — cst — kpop recs — prev. tenderfrailty
Tumblr media
the dulceamar cottage was once only a library for a lonely owl, who found her refuge in reading all types of things, until she stumbled into a whole different world in the cottage in which the library was. now, what you'll find here are her collections of words that have brought her comfort, tears, and joy, and a bunch of others that she has yet to read. my sweet butterfly, welcome to my home.
Tumblr media
╰ find here my personal favorites and my precious flowers. oh! also, here are my lovely neighbors!
╰ find here my current reads and what I’ll be reading next.
╰ here you’ll find various reads that I take with me to the lake, like those that are comforting like a hug, sad like letting someone you love go, or sweet like the after taste that one kiss leaves behind…
╰ perched on the library’s balcony, I keep what I prefer to read while drinking a warm cup of coffee in the morning, or for when I stay up late until past midnight. oh, and I keep a special shelf just for what I read throughout the year, too!
╰ find here readings that friends of mine have written for collabs that I’ve hosted!
╰ escaped thoughts, wandering loves.
me thinks
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wiirocku · a year ago
Tumblr media
Psalm 119:50 (ESV) - This is my comfort in my affliction,    that Your promise gives me life.
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lilchibi-chan · a year ago
Y’all my brain is on a Corpse roll, so here’s another imagine/scenario and yes it’s more cuddles 🥰
Tumblr media
(art in header by mediocreghost on Twitter)
Imagine you’re with Corpse at his apartment and he’s been really cuddly lately,which you don’t mind one bit.
You’ve been sleeping over for a couple of days and today when you got dressed, you decide to wear an oversized sweatshirt and some thigh high socks.
When you join him back in his room, his head turns toward the door and he smiles at you. He sits up and you stand between his legs. He hugs your waist and you smile while massaging his head.
While still being held by him, he pulls you in the bed with him and you end up laying on top of him.
You sit up, straddling his waist and stare at him for a moment.
“You okay,” you ask curiously
“Yeah, I’m good,” he says, not really giving you eye contact
“You sure”
“Yeah, just my symptoms are starting flare up kinda bad,” he says
You come off of his lap and kneel on the bed next to him.
You caress his cheek and kiss his forehead,then lay next to him, nuzzling your face into his neck.
“Thank you,” he says lowly
“For what,” you ask confused
“For being here and for caring about me.”
You let out a small laugh
“Of course,” you say with a smile
He turns, so that he’s facing you, kisses your forehead and pulls you closer to him. He starts massaging the back of your head which causes you to feel sleepy and the fact that you took a warm shower didn’t help.
You both fall asleep for a couple of hours and when you finally wake up, you decide to go in the kitchen and cook for you and Corpse. You let him sleep until you finish up.
When you wake him, he groggily moans.
“I made food,” you say with a small laugh
“It smells good,” he says, still trying to wake up
“Yeah, I didn’t burn it this time,” you say causing him to giggle
“5 more minutes,” he says
“Okay,” you say then leave the room
You decide to wash the dishes that are in the sink and after you finish, you plate what you cooked for the both of you. As you’re doing that, you feel arms around your waist and a head rest on your shoulder,
“Good morning, sunshine”
He giggles in response
You hand him his plate and he takes it and sits on the couch, then turns on the tv. You join him on the couch and you bothe eat together, spending the rest of the night watching tv.
Tumblr media
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bwonugyul · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
he just.. always knows when I need him the most;;💛
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steakrogers · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
a very soft takumi sweater i saw at work <3
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yanderestevenuniverse · a year ago
Howdy! Thank you for the head canons. I was wondering what you think the worst poly relationship for a darling to be in? Meaning bad for the darling. Like Jasper and Aquamarine. The best type of poly I can think would be something Pink Pearl and Blue Pearl because total babies. So what I'm asking is what yandere poly would you like to be in, and not want to be in. Thank you again!
howdy agein partner great questions ill ansaer the best i can
alright so in my dear old slly opinion i think that the absolute worst poly that a darling could possibly be in would be lapis and jasper for two reasons 1 becuse they would both completely hate having to have to share them and would likly fight quite a bit with the darling always geting caught up in the middle of their fights and the 2nd reason is becuse as i have stated in my head canons and in the fics ive written they are both very sadistic they live off and crave their darlings fear screams and cries of pain it would be like a drug to them 
and now as for you second question thats a hard one but i think the poly that i would like to be in would be with pearl and volly ball i love the idea of the idea of pearl being uber protective and possesive of me while vollyball spoils me i also like the idea of them sadwiching me inbetween them running their fingers through my hair saying that i dont need to worry about anything anymore they will protect me they will look after me. i dont know i just want alot of cuddles is that too much to ask for?
any way thanks for the questions have a good day/night and remember stay tuned 
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wordsbyjenpoetry · a year ago
Some people collide into us, unexpectedly, and with maximum impact. In a short amount of time, you can weave a deep connection together. A soul connection that goes beyond understanding, spans any time and distance, and is valued beyond measure.
When you arrived, I understood the true meaning of the word “Irreplaceable” And I hope you know, that’s what you will always be to me.
Click to hear me speak 🗣
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sevenforeverbulletproof · 4 months ago
my comfort - chapter 22: The Truth.
a/n: eeeeeh yeah hi! after such a long time, here is chapter number 22 FINALLY if someone still cares 😅
Tumblr media
Yoongi greeted you with a brief kiss on your cheek. A gesture that would have once caused the heat in your cheeks to rise now was barely noticeable as too many thoughts about someone else circled in your mind.
But you managed to bring forth a silent "hey."
Yoongi made a pause as if he waited for you to say something else but you had no idea what you were supposed to talk about.
“You look beautiful as ever.“ he then said sweetly.
No girly giggles, no tingles in your stomach, not even a smile made its way onto your features.
A date with Yoongi had been what you had dreamed of weeks ago - a new chance, fresh start, but even if you tried to focus on him - who you’d once loved with all your heart - your thoughts kept drifting away the whole evening. 
He did all the talking. Which also wasn’t natural, but again, you were too mentally occupied to bother. You didn’t even remember how you got to the restaurant or which part of the city you were in. And the first time, Yoongi really caught your attention was when his cold hand touched yours on the restaurant table.
You jumped a little, then realized that a waiter was standing at your table, probably eager to know what you wanted to order. If only you had read the menu.
“Pasta for you? Your favorite?“ Yoongi tried his best to assist you.
“Uhm. Yeah, sure, I’ll take that. Thanks.“
It wasn’t like you were particularly hungry anyways.
“Alright, I’ll be back with your dishes in a few.“ The waiter collected the menus and left you two alone again, leaving you under Yoongi’s critical stare. It was a look on him you couldn’t bear.
“I’m sorry. I’m a bit rattled today. I took some antihistamines against hay fever and they’re always making me a bit dizzy.“
“It’s October, Y/n. And you’re allergic to spring trees.“
Shit. He’d caught you there, but it was also a really dumb lie.
“Good point. Maybe I should stop taking them then.“
Yoongi leaned back in his chair, drove his hand over his hair that he’d styled back from his forehead. A few months ago, that simple motion would have made your knees go to jelly. And you kind of wished it would still have the same effect. Although things used to be shit when Yoongi and you ended, it seemed easier than what you were feeling now.
“So when are you gonna tell me what’s really going on?“
His eyes had this way of seeing through you, through everything you wanted to conceal, so you did your best to lie. But your best was fairly very pathetic.
“I’m just tired. You know, after touring for such a long time, it takes a while to adjust.“
“Alright, yeah I get that.“
Already, the waiter was back with your food. And you could barely believe that Yoongi had bought your excuse.
You felt a slight sense of relief, enough to make you pick up your spoon and consider eating a few bites. It would have been the first proper meal for you that day.
But then Yoongi added “And when were you about to tell me about you and Jin’s liaison?“
There was a loud ching when your spoon dropped on your plate.
And even though you were in shock, you also felt more stir inside of you than you had since the last show.
“I- wh- You.. He…- How do you…“
“He told me.“
Tumblr media
When Jin entered Yoongi‘s room, the younger man was occupied with his own reflection, trying with the utmost effort to part his black hair in the way it looked best.
Although people used to think Yoongi didn’t care much about those things, he really could spend hours with his appearance when it was an important occasion.
Immediately, Jin‘s guilty conscience took the best of him. But he knew there was no turning around, no hesitating and no more pretending. That was the moment to just be honest with his friend. It was the last chance to tell the truth before he’d lose him, if it wasn’t too late already.
He knocked his fist softly against the door frame so Yoongi would take notice, just to be confronted with a warm smile that made his deepest core ache.
"Hey hyung, what’s up?"
Jin couldn’t even look at him, knowing that this open smile would turn into devastation in a minute. And rightfully so.
He had to sit down on Yoongi‘s chair, otherwise his knees would have given in.
Yoongi sensed his hyung‘s gloom. It was hard not to feel or see it. He let his comb sink and turned around to grant Seokjin his full attention.
"What’s wrong?"
"I need to talk to you about something."
“Given that you sound quite serious, can it wait until after my date with Y/n or do I need to sit down for this right now?“
“It’s um…“ Seokjin’s throat felt tight all of the sudden. “It’s actually about Y/n.“
“Okay… Now you got me hooked. What about her?“
Jin rubbed his sweaty hands against one another, fighting for words.
“Okay, but before I tell you, let me just say that we never meant to hurt you and that we didn’t plan to go as far as we did. It just kind of happened.“
“Yeah, now let me know what it is, otherwise you’re not making sense at all.“
“Okay, so I guess the best way is just to rip off the band aid. So Y/n and I - we had something. And I don’t talk about a one time thing, not even a two or three time thing… We’ve had a thing going on during tour.“
Jin noticed Yoongi’s grip tighten around the comb he was holding.
“A thing as in sex.“ he said bitterly.
“Yes. That’s how it started but then… We caught feelings, Yoongi. Well, I don’t know if she really did, but I sure did. And I’m sorry.“
Yoongi hesitated for a moment, perhaps thinking about how to react. And the fact that he remained relatively calm and cool was frightening.
“And you’re telling me this now right before I have a date with her because what? You expect me to break all of this off again?“
“No.“ Jin rushed to say. Although a part of him of course wanted Yoongi not to go on a date with you. But he had no right to ask for that. “I’m telling you because you deserve to know.“
Nodding, Yoongi turned back around to focus on his hair again, barely noticeable that his hand around the comb was a little firmer than before.
“I’m really, really sorry, Yoongi. Honestly, the first time it happened, we were just both so hurt. And we swore it wouldn’t happen again.“
“But it did.“
“Okay. Something else?“
Jin sighed. Obviously, this couldn’t be the end of the conversation, but it was strange. He didn’t know what he had expected: Yoongi to burst out in anger? To maybe even hit him? Well, frankly, he would have preferred that over this contained, passive aggressive ignorance Yoongi was confronting him with.
“Well, isn’t there something you wanna ask me, or something I can do to show you how sorry I am?“
The younger man finally put away the comb and faced his friend, nothing but cold disappointment in his eyes.
“What should I ask you? How it felt knowing this the whole time while I was busy pondering about my feelings for Y/n? It didn’t seem to feel that bad for you, considering that you’re only telling me now. Do you even regret it?“
Jin remained silent, causing Yoongi to let out an indignant laugh.
“Wow. Okay, you don’t regret it.“
“No, Yoongi, I regret lying to you, obviously. You’re one of my best friends. But if you’re asking whether I regret getting close to Y/n, I can’t say I do.“
Yoongi took a moment to just punish Seokjin with a long stare.
“You’re in love with her.“ he ultimately pointed out what Jin had not phrased but felt this whole time.
Yoongi took a deep, mind-clearing breath and it made Jin hope for some kind of empathy. That hope vanished when Yoongi took his phone and jacket from the surface of his bed.
“I’m still going on that date. It’s on Y/n to decide whom she wants or not.“
That was fair. Jin hadn’t expected Yoongi to drop you out of pure friendship reasons. After all, he hadn’t been following the basic rules of friendship at all over these past few months.
“That’s fair. But where does that leave us?“
Yoongi’s frown following Jin’s question made him feel dumb for asking at all.
“You don’t expect me to forgive you right away, do you?“
“Of course not… But-“
“Good.“ Yoongi cut him off, “Because I won’t. I’m fucking disappointed in you. The only reason why I’m not freaking out is because I want to go on that date and I hope I still stand a chance against you.“
It sounded brutal but Jin also figured that was what he deserved. So he just waited until Yoongi had left, just for Namjoon to wait for him outside Yoongi’s room with a bag of crisps and a bottle of soju.
Tumblr media
“You did plan on telling me, or didn’t you?“
“Well yeah… Eventually. But it wasn’t easy, I…“
Your ears felt hot and your stomach was even more queasy than it had been before.
“I can imagine. But to be fair, it also was kind of obvious that you’re not into me anymore, so at least you didn’t pretend.“
Yoongi sounded hurt and that made something inside of you crack and shatter. You had been in love with Yoongi for so long and you’d always care for him, so knowing that you caused him pain was a terrible feeling.
“Yoongi… It’s not like that. It’s not like I’m not into you anymore.“
“Oh please, Y/n… You haven’t been looking at me or listening to me all evening. That glow in your eyes when you used to look at me is gone and every time you smiled at me today, it seemed like you were in utter pain. It couldn’t be more obvious. So you’re into my hyung now. And that’s fine.“
You sighed. Obviously, this whole secret thing was about to blow up eventually. But now that it happened, there was no resolution. You felt a big, fat lump in your throat.
“We broke up. I was devastated. And so was Jin. We just meant to distract each other, to numb each other’s pain. I know this is not an excuse, Yoongi. I’m sorry.“
Yoongi uttered a huffed laugh.
“Y/n. I’m not mad. Not really. And gosh, you don’t have to justify anything in front of me. After all, I was the one breaking up. I just wish you had told me in time.“
Not mad. Somehow that made it even harder to cope with being the liar in this relationship. No matter if broken up or not, Yoongi was so damn pure that it ripped you apart.
“But what was I supposed to tell you? That I have an affair with your best friend but I still have feelings for you so I set myself up for disaster?“
“For example.“ Yoongi confirmed. You just snorted, unable to believe he was being serious.
“You know, I was coming here tonight, hoping that you had something inside your heart left for me. Something more than friendship…“ he added when you were about to protest. At the same time, he took your hand and started to play with it like it was the most interesting and precious thing he’d ever touched. “You know I would have accepted it, right? Being second choice?“
You frowned.
“Second choice? Yoongi, I know I’m not in the position to complain or anything, but you broke up with me. I wasn’t under the impression you wanted to be an option at all.“
He laughed, and it confused you even more than it upset you.
“What’s there to laugh about?“
“You really haven’t realized that was a bullshit excuse.“
“Wh-at?“ you stuttered.
He pushed the sleeve of your shirt up a little to reveal your wrist and the little, tiny scar on it and stroked over the faded line.
“Remember you got this the day before I broke up?“
You shrugged.
“Yeah. The paparazzi mob at the restaurant. But please don’t change the topic.“
Wrinkles of worry appeared on Yoongi’s forehead. His features became serious and substantially broken.
“You got injured. Because of being with me. I couldn’t let that happen again.“
You began to understand. That was the real reason for the breakup.
You withdrew your hand, rubbing away a tear from your cheek with the back of it.
“You’re not serious, Min Yoongi. You didn’t break up because of one dumb mob incident at a restaurant.“
“I knew you wouldn’t understand. That’s why I haven’t told you. But for me, that was major. I mean, what if it hadn’t been a restaurant, what if it had been an award show, a church after our wedding, or a hospital after you found out you’re pregnant…I would have never been able to forgive myself.”
His voice shattered and you felt more tears coming to surface. You wiped those away in an instant.
“God Yoongi… If I had known…“
“Yeah but it doesn’t matter anymore now, does it? Cause you’re in love with Jin.“
You sighed, pointlessly stirring around your pasta.
“You’re not even denying it.“ Yoongi almost sounded amused, and that was confusing and frustrating for you.
“Well, no. But does it really matter? It’s not like it matters to him since he’s back to mingling with Yuri anyway. And I’m not someone to mess that up for them.“
“Yuri? You think that… Oh you know what, that’s none of my business. You and him, you guys have to get your shit together on your own.“
You understood that he wouldn’t get involved. It was probably better this way.
“But do you plan on telling Yuri, by the way?“
“Well, if he doesn’t, I guess I have to.“
“You do. You owe her that. And from my experience, I can only tell you that it hurts more the longer you wait.“
You nodded, aware that he allured to himself being hurt. Although he didn’t appear to be.
“Why don’t you even seem mad about all of this?“
Yoongi shrugged, taking a bite from his steak while he was coming up with an answer.
“I was mad. Especially when Jin told me earlier. But I guess seeing how shitty both of you feel about all of this makes me feel better. And it’s not like I’ve been the perfect person to you either, so… It’s truce.“
You tilted your head, pouting. 
“Truce is a horrible way to express it.“
“Maybe. But the point is, I decided to be the greater person and not be sulky with you. I will sulk in private, in my studio and produce a few masterpieces while doing that.“
You rolled your eyes, although he was probably right.
“So are you gonna stir through your pasta for another hour while we sit in silence or should I walk you home?“
Tumblr media
Yoongi came back home from his date with you and walked straight past Jin and Namjoon in the living room. And the rollercoaster of thoughts in Jin’s mind started rolling.
How had the date been? It was a good sign that Yoongi had come home alone. But he also didn’t seem particularly troubled… which he would have been if you told him that it was over. Wasn’t it so?
Not knowing just drove Jin crazy.
And knowing that he also couldn’t just ask Yoongi was what drove him entirely nuts.
“Why don’t you just pick up your phone and ask her yourself?“ Namjoon suggested, able to read Jin’s mind by the way he had looked after Yoongi.
Jin puckered his lips, shaking his head.
“I can’t do that.“
“And why not?“
That was lame reasoning and Namjoon didn’t need to point that out. It was just lover’s pride, stubbornness and insecurity holding Jin (or you) back from communicating properly. But as Yoongi had told you, that was on you and Jin, no one else.
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