super-ace · 2 days
Tumblr media
Never felt so seen 🖤 Wednesday is aroace in my eyes and I will not be taking any questions at this time
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spacy-snail · 3 days
“I want Wednesday to be aroace but I also want to ship Wenclair! I can’t choose which one I like more :(“
“I headcannon Wednesday as aroace OR ship Wenclair!”
“Aroace Wednesday vs Wenclair”
Aromantictivity and asexuality are spectrums, and yes some aroace people don’t want to be in those relationships, but THEY ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE
And just because someone is aroace and is in a relationship doesn’t mean that they aren’t aroace anymore. Period.
So don’t complain about choosing between the two or try and pit them against each other when you can literally have both ok bye thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
Edit: I wanted to make a small addition because I didn’t say this very well originally
It’s not like people can’t see Wednesday as being a non-relationship aroace (which is possibly what those OPs meant), but if that’s what you mean then say that. Outright say it. Just saying “aroace” and then saying that it implies non-relationship tends to come off as being uninformed about the aroace spectrum /nm
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It’s honestly shocking to me how little other queer people know about asexuality and aromanticism,,,like i went to pride this summer with a friend of a friend and she was asking me what letter i was in the lgbtq+ and when i told her im aro-ace she was super confused and asked so many questions,,,frl there’s so little visibility for us even our own people don’t know we exist fjdjsjsk
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jonessketchbook · 2 days
Im gonna loose my shit the next time i see someone say "oh i want either aroace wednesday or wednesday to date enid" LIKE YALL BOTH CAN BE CANNON AROMANTIC IS A SPECTRUM OML just goes to show how little the community knows about us and it makes me wanna cry. I know its stupid but i just for once want some decent aromantic rep so people understand us.. im. So. TIRED.
Tumblr media
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gothfatherr · 2 days
I just want to kiss someone, but what do I do if they take their clothes off? start beatboxing?
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ace-culture-is · 9 hours
(Aro)ace culture is the overwhelming urge to roll your eyes whenever you hear the sentence 'you know it when you see it ' in any context.
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queerblue · 9 hours
There are more LGBTQA+ people nowadays than there were before, but it has nothing to do with it being a "trend" or being a "choice" like homophobes/transphobes convince themselves, it's literally because of population.
In 1950 there was 2.5 Billion people in world population, we just hit 8 Billion. There's literally more of EVERYBODY now than ever because there's never been this drastic of a spike in population before.
So yes, there are more of us, but it's because of population, not because we're following some "trend".
Your child is actually non-binary.
Your child is actually asexual.
Your child is actually queer.
The easiest thing in the world should be loving and accepting your child.
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happilyghostlyarie · 2 days
You know where you're aroace but you're still trying to make yourself understand something you just can't?
I don't understand the appeal of abs. Like I know they mean strength but I really don't understand why people get aroused at the sight of them.
I remember being younger and hyping a character or a person up by talking about their abs or looking at abs and acting like I was interested cuz that was how others reacted, but I didn't understand it.
If someone gives good hugs does the rest of their anotomy matter? I don't understand the appeal of most parts of human anotomy and I'm trying to make peace with fact I probably never will.
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stacolaty · 2 days
Tumblr media
(pic not mine)
look at my silly little digital found family… i have known them for a week and a half and I would literally die for them and I know they would do the same. there are no words on this planet to describe how much i love them.
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aroace-menace · 3 days
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Aroace and aplatonic NPD culture is being unable to figure out what I want in any type of relationship. I'm either above everyone or below everyone but how do I connect with them? Can I even do that when all these humans bore me to death? If everything about their existence disgusts me besides those rare chosen few I tolerate at best?
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shyamsakhii · 16 hours
Sometimes I forget that people actually fantasise about real people
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shinekittenace · 3 days
i am so gay (aroace version)
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aroaceconfessions · 3 days
My little aroace ass figured out that yellow roses meant friendship (as opposed to red ones meaning love) a few years ago and then proceeded to say yellow roses were one of my favorite flowers and I still have a little chuckle about it now. I still haven’t come out to my extended family and I definitely don’t plan to, but I have tricked them all into giving me friendship flowers whenever the occasion arises lol
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love-too · 2 months
Tumblr media
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scarlct-vvitch · 1 month
in honor of ace week id like to shoutout every asexual who first thought they were bi/pan because they looked at all the genders and felt no difference and zero is equal to zero so they said "huh. must be bisexual" and then shoved their sexuality back under the rug for 3-5 years
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