funnytwittertweets · 23 hours ago
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justlgbtthings · a day ago
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s/o to @/osteology on twitter for making these sensory-friendly pride flags
you can find more alternatives here on tumblr (these are desaturated, but not darker)
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aceyspace · a day ago
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quadruple-a-battery · 2 days ago
Just realized something:
The only reason I‘ve been wanting a romantic relationship (without having a romantic relationship), is because I just want to be someones most important person.
As an autistic aro, it can be very alienating when all of my friends are in romantic relationships. I don‘t understand why they want to cancel seeing me (after a few months of no contact) because they want to meet their partner (that they‘ve been with for a week straight)
No matter how tight I feel like my relationship is with someone, as soon as they fall in love, I feel like air.
I want someone to feel that way for me, without actually having to see each other all the time, without kissing and hand holding and all that jazz.
I think what I need is a dog.
Thanks for listening to my ramble
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theaceofarrows · a day ago
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aroaceconfessions · a day ago
i just read loveless by alice oseman (a wonderful read), and it made me realize how invalidated i've felt about how deeply i love my friends. platonic love can be just as deep as romantic love, and i love my friends with all i am. i would literally do anything for them (other than have sex with them or date them, duh). i consider my two best friends to be my actual soulmates.
i've lost friendships that have left me completely heartbroken, and feel like legitimate breakups, but when i try to talk to someone about my feelings all they say is "see, boys and girls can never really be friends", or "why do you care so much? do you secretly like them? you have to admit it to yourself."
i am genuinely hurt when i have an amazing connection with a guy, but i don't like them romantically or sexually and then they just... leave. or, they make up stupid excuses about why we can't be friends, and they don't tell me how they really feel. it's traumatic. it happens over and over again. i'm constantly feeling left behind and like i'll never be good enough. i feel like i'll never be seen as a valuable friend and i'll always just be a prize to be won in the end, or a complete disappointment when i don't give them what they want.
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wildshadowtamer · a day ago
as an asexual, do i want more human characters to be confirmed ace? yes of course. but do i think its cool as fuck that i share something with Perry The Platypus? yes, yes i do
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skipitty-bop · a day ago
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asexual doc is canon trust me bro im rooster teeth
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pinkfangirl196 · 2 days ago
disabled autistic artist needs $71 for bills ASAP
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(posted on October 3, will turn off reblogs when goal is met)
so as the title says, i need $71 for bills ASAP, and at least $6 by October 4 (tomorrow!). i unfortunately can't work and selling my art is my only income. anything helps please!
PP: https://paypal.me/pinkxoxo99
CA: $pinklover186
k0-fi: https://ko-fi.com/pinkymakesstuff
chime: $cherrypink199
art shop: https://ko-fi.com/pinkymakesstuff/shop
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asexualenjolras · 2 days ago
Don't mind me, I'm just thinking about Douglas "Cash" Piggott - the asexual eshay at Hartley High School that does not care about sex in the slightest, and is even slightly repulsed and confused by it - sitting through weeks and weeks of SLT classes, learning about things that do not interest him at all and will not benefit him in the slightest all because he likes looking at Darren's face.
That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
And, yes, I know he was forced into SLT with his fellow "map bitch" victims but I still think it's nice that he attended and still listened to what was being taught. Because I, a fellow asexual person, sure as hell wouldn't have been comfortable covering those topics.
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cent-cyan · 11 hours ago
started working on it in August, finally finished 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
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milly-the-devil · 2 days ago
You see this? *BAM* You just hit with The Aroace Bat!
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eldr1tchh0und · 2 days ago
showering together but not sexually. slowly undressing each other, soft kisses left in places we're most insecure about. helping him out of his binder, having them take deep breaths, letting my fingers carefully brush over his sides. whispered reassurances. reminding them just how beautiful they are. kissing him so softly.
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
Just saw a bloody aroace book in my school library I am over the moon rn (:
The book is “Loveless” by Alice Oseman btw (:
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silver-ink-iron-words · a day ago
CW - Blood, gore
“So, [Villain],” the hero began. “About this backup you hired . . .”
“Aren’t they great?”
The hero glanced to the villain. “They’re a bit different from what I expected.”
“What, really? Why?”
“Well, um, didn’t you mention that they’re ace?”
“Yeah. And what of it?”
“Aren’t aces supposed to be, I don’t know . . . innocent?”
The hero and villain watched on as blood sprayed in the air like fountain water.
“Look, [Hero], you said you wanted someone effective. Well, you can’t get more effective than [Delinquent].”
The delinquent was completely enthralled in their work. Their joyful laughter was nearly drowned out by the screams of the hero’s and villain’s enemies.
“Where did you even find them?” the hero asked.
“Oh now that’s a funny story. You see, it all started at Chuck E Cheese – ”
The hero and villain’s conversation paused when a disembodied head flew between them. The villain raised their eyebrows; the hero leapt back and swore.
“Please try to keep things from getting too messy!” the villain called over.
“Sorry boss!” the delinquent called back.
“No worries, hun! You’re doing great!”
“[Villain], I’m really not sure about this person.”
“Hey, it’s not my fault you went making assumptions based on people’s sexualities. Really, this is on you.”
“Hey boss,” the delinquent said. “Can I disembowel them too, or are you against that?”
The villain held up a hand. “Sweetheart, you do whatever you think is best. I have complete faith in you.”
The delinquent grinned wide. “Thanks boss!”
Then they merrily returned to their hacking.
“I think I’m going to be sick,” the hero said. They hurried off in search of a bathroom.
The villain watched them go, and sighed. Some people could just never be satisfied.  
A-spec stories tag-list:
@feline17ff , @piept , @doublericenobeans , @vioqueenofmushrooms , @pigeonwhumps , @thelazywitchphotographer 
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pailettehazel · 11 hours ago
So many of the youtubers I used to watch in highschool have come out as queer now, it’s unreal. You would almost think I have a type /j
Jon Cozart from PAINT is Bisexual
Malinda Kathleen Reese from Google Translate Sings is Bisexual
Dan and Phil are both Gay
Echo Gilette is Asexual
Eugene Lee Yang of the Try Guys is Gay
AwkwardMarina is Queer (and has a whole song called Queer Girls)
(Thomas Sanders was out as Gay even back then)
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antisocial-xxxpert · a day ago
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