trashedinpluto · 2 days
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pov ur boyfriend may or may not have named his cat after his favorite article of clothing
aka taoelle and bean the cat <333
[id in alt text]
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princeevan · 2 days
When Kit includes himself talking about bi representation. He feels so comfortable in this conversation. It was terrible that he was forced to out himself but maybe he’s more relaxed in not having to self-censor?
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narliesource · 1 day
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are you sure your friends are going to be okay with me being here?
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aliceoseman: The Yearbook has been out for over a month now!! As I’ve been on the Heartstopper set, I once again got to hand out some books to some of the cast members 📚 It’s been a pretty hectic time on set so I didn’t manage to get many photos (not that I’d be able to share most of them anyway) but here are some guys you might recognise! I hope everyone has been enjoying the Yearbook!!! ☀️🌨️🍂🌈
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totallynotacult · 3 days
I found it so funny that NO ONE questioned Omar Rudeberg (a feminine guy) in being unlabelled but the second Kit Connor (someone who’s more masculine) wont 100% confirm his sexuality its “oh he’s queer baiting” “hes straight and just saying he isnt!” Like damn just say you think all queer men are feminine and go
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narliesbuddie · 2 days
i will never move on from this hug. the way that nick truly is, so obviously, recharging here, while also try to pour all of his love for charlie into this hug, and also give him reassurance after overhearing the conversation in the bathroom. it just makes me want to cry
Tumblr media
his little scrunched up face bc he's snuggled so deeply into charlie's shoulder, and the way he's holding onto him so tightly, like if he loosens his grip charlie will disappear
Tumblr media
and making sure to hold onto him for long enough to make charlie feel all of the emotions and stuff
Tumblr media
he also adjusts a couple of times to snuggle in even further, which is just the cutest thing istg
Tumblr media
it's just such a beautiful hug. i just ahhh
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maiareficos · 18 hours
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@lgbtqcreators creator bingo ● adaptations
from the heartstopper comic to screen
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beck404 · 2 days
this is the most Nick and Charlie thing that’s ever happened
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My evil brain seeing this in the show for the first time
Tumblr media
and immediately thinking of this
Tumblr media
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ana-bolism · 2 days
This is such a dumb idea but fuck it. Heartstopper as MY text posts
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Ok bye
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indiansapphic · 2 days
I'm just here to say,,,the women of heartstopper.
elle is a girl who just wants to draw, watch movies with tao, stalks timothee chalamet's instagram, has other friends who are girls and loves wearing dresses.
darcy has the most chaotic good energy, loves her girlfriend to death, lovable rambling energy, is overall so supportive and emotive of her girlfriend.
tara being sweetest thing, is so open about her fears, just the best girlfriend, very supportive of darcy and gives her all the love she deserves
miss singh standing up for nick when the rugby lads were speculating his sexuality.
sarah nelson telling nick that love can't cure an illness, that charlie needs help but all that he can do is stand by him. telling her son that she loves him no matter what.
tori kicking david's phone off and calling him a pathetic little man and being the asexual icon we deserve.
I love the women of heartstopper. I love them so much.
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chaarlyex · 1 day
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🍂・゚✫ hi ~✧*🍂
Reposting it here cause I still love it
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nicxxx5 · 20 hours
finn wolfhard and kit connor are two completely different genders but i want them both
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blanchett · 21 hours
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heartstopper s1 x enchanted by taylor swift
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michelangelinden · 23 hours
Send me a number between 1 and 101 and I'll tell you what fic I would write based on the corresponding song from my Spotify Wrapped playlist!
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