#inbox meme
goodnightmemes · 2 days ago
❛ Welcome back. I trust your ride was pleasant. ❜
❛ Try not to look too relieved. ❜
❛ I believe I’m quite content as a spectator, thank you. ❜
❛ I’d rather serve as a knight and ride to battle and glory. ❜
❛ We have royal wombs, you and I. The childbed is our battlefield. ❜
❛ Now take a bath. You stink of dragon. ❜
❛ Well, that sounds suspiciously like good news. ❜
❛ And are we meant to weep for dead pirates? ❜
❛ The crown has heard your report, and takes it under advisement. ❜
❛ You must understand that these things are mere estimations. ❜
❛ We have no way of predicting the sex of the child. ❜
❛ Court is so dreadfully boring. ❜
❛ I bought you something. ❜
❛ You’re always like this when you’re worried. ❜
❛ I want to fly with you on dragonback, see the great wonders across the Narrow Sea, and eat only cake. ❜
❛ You aren’t worried about your position? ❜
❛ I like this position. It’s quite comfortable. ❜
❛ Bad humors of the mind can adversely affect the body. ❜
❛ Cauterization would be a wise course of treatment. ❜
❛ You spend more time in that bath than I do on the throne. ❜
❛ This is the only place I can find comfort these days. ❜
❛ After this miserable pregnancy I wouldn’t be surprised if I hatched an actual dragon. ❜
❛ You do understand nothing will cause the babe to grow a cock if it does not already possess one? ❜
❛ I’m certain of it. I’ve never been more certain of anything. ❜
❛ The dream. It was clearer than a memory. ❜
❛ I know it is my duty to provide you an heir, and I’m sorry if I have failed you in that. I am. ❜
❛ Carry on. You were saying something about my impunity. ❜
❛ Making a public spectacle of wanton brutality is hardly in line with our laws. ❜
❛ Our city should be safe for all its people. ❜
❛ You know how my brother makes sport of provoking you. Must you indulge him? ❜
❛ Now, I’m fairly certain I can win these games. Having your favor would all but assure it. ❜
❛ She’s fighting with all her might, but it may not be enough. ❜
❛ And the day grows ugly. ❜
❛ These knights are as green as summer grass. None have known real war. ❜
❛ We must either act now or leave it with the gods. ❜
❛ Don’t be scared. ❜
❛ This is the last thing any of us wish to discuss at this dark hour, but I consider the matter urgent. ❜
❛ Despite how difficult this time is, Your Grace, I feel it important the succession be firmly in place for the stability of the realm. ❜
❛ What are you saying? My brother would murder me, take my crown? ❜
❛ The gods have yet to make a man who lacks the patience for absolute power. ❜
❛ My wife and son are dead! I will not sit here and suffer crows that come to feast on their corpses! ❜
❛ All I wanted was for someone to say that they were sorry for what happened to me. ❜
❛ But dream and pray as they all might, it seems I’m not so easily replaced. ❜
❛ The gods give just as the gods take away. ❜
❛ You cut the image of the conqueror. ❜
❛ We must all mourn in our own way. ❜
❛ I have only ever defended you! Yet everything I’ve given you, you’ve thrown back in my face. ❜
❛ I’ve only ever spoken the truth. ❜
❛ He doesn’t protect you. I would. ❜
❛ I have decided to name a new heir. ❜
❛ When you look at the dragons, what do you see? ❜
❛ The idea that we control the dragons is an illusion. They’re a power man should never have trifled with. ❜
❛ I’m sorry. I have wasted the years since you were born wanting for a son. ❜
❛ You are the very best of your mother. ❜
❛ Promise me this. Promise me. ❜
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phantasmalatelier · 3 months ago
How Intimidating Am I?
Send 🐹 for "You? Intimidating? Hell no.”
Send 🐰 for barely intimidating
Send 🐭 for slightly intimidating
Send 🐱 for moderately intimidating
Send 🦊 for fairly intimidating
Send 🐯 for very intimidating
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judasrpc · 5 months ago
What's the lie your character says most often?
How loosely or strictly do they use the word 'friend'?
How often do they show their genuine emotions to others versus just the audience knowing?
What's a hobby they used to have that they miss?
Can they cry on command? If so, what do they think about to make it happen?
What's their favorite [insert anything] that they've never recommended to anyone before?
What would you (mun) yell in the middle of a crowd to find them? What would their best friend and/or romantic partner yell?
How loose is their use of the phrase ‘I love you’?
Do they give tough love or gentle love most often? Which do they prefer to receive?
What fact do they excitedly tell everyone about at every opportunity?
If someone was impersonating them, what would friends / family ask or do to tell the difference?
What's something that makes them laugh every single time? Be specific!
When do they fake a smile? How often?
How do they put out a candle?
What’s the most obvious difference between their behavior at home, at work, at school, with friends, and when they're alone?
What kinds of people do they have arguments with in their head?
What do they notice first in the mirror versus what most people first notice looking at them?
Who do they love truly, 100% unconditionally (if anyone)?
What would they do if stuck in a room with the person they've been avoiding?
Who do they like as a person but hate their work? Vice versa, whose work do they like but don't like the person?
What common etiquette do they disagree with? Do they still follow it?
What simple activity that most people do / can do scares your character?
What do they feel guilty for that the other person(s) doesn’t / don’t even remember?
Did they take a cookie from the cookie jar? What kind of cookie was it?
What subject / topic do they know a lot about that’s completely useless to the direct plot?
How would they respond to being fired by a good boss?
What’s the worst gift they ever received? How did they respond?
What do they tell people they want? What do they actually want?
How do they respond when someone doesn’t believe them?
When they make a mistake and feel bad, does the guilt differ when it’s personal versus when it’s professional?
When do they feel the most guilt? How do they respond to it?
If they committed one petty crime / misdemeanor, what would it be? Why?
How do they greet someone they dislike / hate?
How do they greet someone they like / love?
What is the smallest, morally questionable choice they’ve made?
Who do they keep in their life for professional gain? Is it for malicious intent?
What’s a secret they haven’t told serious romantic partners and don’t plan to tell?
What hobby are they good at in private, but bad at in front of others? Why?
Would they rather be invited to an event to feel included or be excluded from an event if they were not genuinely wanted there?
How do they respond to a loose handshake? What goes through their head?
What phrases, pronunciations, or mannerisms did they pick up from someone / somewhere else?
If invited to a TED Talk, what topic would they present on? What would the title of their presentation be?
What do they commonly misinterpret because of their own upbringing / environment / biases? How do they respond when realizing the misunderstanding?
What language would be easiest for them to learn? Why?
What’s something unimportant / frivolous that they hate passionately?
Are they a listener or a talker? If they’re a listener, what makes them talk? If they’re a talker, what makes them listen?
Who have they forgotten about that remembers them very well?
Who would they say ‘yes’ to if invited to do something they abhorred / strongly didn’t want to do?
Would they eat something they find gross to be polite?
What belief / moral / personality trait do they stand by that you (mun) personally don’t agree with?
What’s a phrase they say a lot?
Do they act on their immediate emotions, or do they wait for the facts before acting?
Who would / do they believe without question?
What’s their instinct in a fight / flight / freeze / fawn situation?
What’s something they’re expected to enjoy based on their hobbies / profession that they actually dislike / hate?
If they’re scared, who do they want comfort from? Does this answer change depending on the type of fear?
What’s a simple daily activity / motion that they mess up often?
How many hobbies have they attempted to have over their lifetime? Is there a common theme?
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supersources · 6 months ago
random (chaotic) dialogue starters.
* is that all you have to say?
* tell me you love me or something, don't just stand there!
* are you out of your fucking mind?
* it's truly a wonder that you're still alive.
* that's not my name.
* that's not my name and you know it.
* how many fingers am i holding up?
* i swear, it's my dog's fault.
* are you really going in there?
* that's how people get killed in horror movies, you know?
* if you die on me after everything i've done for you... i'll never forgive you.
* how could i ever forgive you?
* sometimes, everything shifts in the snap of a finger.
* stop yelling at me or i'll tell them!
* would it kill you to hold my hand every now and then?
* just squeeze my ass and tell me everything will be okay.
* you're all i need right now.
* you're finally here, so i can fucking sleep.
* i told you to turn your music down!
* you're not my parent!
* i didn't steal your boyfriend, he came with me willingly.
* it's taking everything in me not to slap you in the face right now.
* you know, people can hear you.
* do you ever think before you speak? you should try it.
* i'll change your life, if you let me.
* will you go buy me tampons or not?
* please, close the door on your way out.
* keep your hands to yourself.
* what do you think they were thinking about? you know, when they died?
* do you think they know?
* it's not my fault, it's 4am and you're fucking yelling at me!
* you're a shit friend.
* you're my best friend.
* you're my only friend.
* i hope hell is nice and warm when we get there.
* tell me the truth, at least once.
* did you really cheat?
* i don't wanna know the details.
* can i have some?
* i would kill for a nice glass of wine right now.
* you brought a knife to a gun fight, baby.
* you're so stupid it kinda turns me on.
* i want you to meet my parents.
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kuzcosources · 4 months ago
Send 🫂 to just hug my muse. No reason. Hug them.
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cowboahs · 28 days ago
ways to love
feel free to adjust pronouns / names as needed ! quotes taken from random sources or otome games. i claim no ownership whatsoever.
❛   you are the first person i ever loved.  ❜  
❛   i think you will be the last person i will ever love.  ❜  
❛   i need you to be my forever.  ❜  
❛   i still can’t believe i get to take you home with me every night.  ❜  
❛   i am undeniably falling for you.  ❜  
❛   on our way to forever, together.  ❜  
❛   i just can’t believe how beautiful you are.  ❜  
❛   i have fallen deeply, madly in love with you.  ❜  
❛    even if it takes 500 years, i will prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that i loved you.  ❜  
❛   you vanished from my life before i ever told you my feelings. and i've chased your shadow ever since then.  ❜  
❛    if i can't have you, i have no reason to be alive  ❜  
❛   i've got so much more to lose without you by my side.  ❜  
❛   i never knew i could feel at ease just by someone holding me like this. ❜  
❛   i felt very comfortable walking with you. so much, that i, myself forgot to strike up conversation. ❜  
❛   surely your smile would make even the blossoming flowers blush.  ❜  
❛   in my heart, i have counted every time you have smiled at me, or spoken to me.  ❜  
❛   it doesn't matter to me who you are. right now, you are by my side. that is enough.  ❜  
❛   you make me hate myself a little less whenever i’m with you.  ❜  
❛   i will choose you, over and over again. i will always choose you.  ❜  
❛   if you remember me, then i don’t care if everyone else forgets. ❜  
❛   in case you ever foolishly forget: i am never not thinking of you.  ❜  
❛   i like myself better when i’m with you.  ❜  
❛   i love you more than i hate everyone else.  ❜  
❛   you pierce my soul. i am half agony, half hope... i have loved none but you. ❜  
❛   i wish i had done everything with you.  ❜  
❛   i wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul. ❜  
❛   you must allow me to tell you how ardently i admire and love you.  ❜  
❛   each time you happen to me all over again.  ❜  
❛   i could list a hundred things i like about you, and i still wouldn’t have said anything.  ❜  
❛   the minute i heard my first love story, i started looking for you.  ❜  
❛   i look at you and i would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.  ❜  
❛   you are my heart, my life, my one and only thought.  ❜  
❛   you might not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant.  ❜  
❛   i love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. ❜  
❛   they could offer me anything in the world, and i would ask for you.  ❜  
❛   you are the friend to whom my soul is attached as to its better half.  ❜  
❛   my affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.  ❜  
❛   if I were to live a thousand years, i would belong to you for all of them.  ❜  
❛   i do love nothing in the world so well as you — is that not strange?  ❜  
❛   if you ever have need of my life, come and take it. it is yours anyways.  ❜  
❛    i’ve never had a moment’s doubt. i love you. ❜  
❛   every second with you outweighs days of life before i met you. ❜  
❛   you weren’t doing a thing that i could see, except standing there, holding the universe together. ❜  
❛   i love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.  ❜  
❛   i want to know you moved and breathed in the same world as me. ❜  
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magnolias-court · 8 months ago
Misc. Ask Meme
❣️ - What are their love languages? 🌙 - What’s their sleep schedule like? 🎁 - How do they feel about their birthday/birthdays in general? 🧑‍🦰 - Have they ever dyed their hair? Ever cut it themself? 🍷- How do they feel about alcohol? 🗣️ - How do they handle public speaking? 🎮 - What’s their favorite game? 💓 - What are some signs they’ve fallen for someone? How do they show their affection? 🤡 - What’s something dumb they’re embarrassed about? 🌱 - Do they have a green thumb or are they a plant killer? 📱 - What social media do they use the most? 👪 - What’s their relationship with their parents like? 🐒 - What’s their favorite animal? 🧳 - What countries have they been to? 🤔 - What’s something they’ll never understand? 🎨 - What’s their favorite color? ☂️ - How do they feel about rain? 🎶 - What’s a song they really like? 🖌️ - Do they have any hobbies? 💤 - What do they absolutely need to have to fall asleep? 🎢 - Do they like amusement parks? What’s their favorite ride? 🗺️ - What languages do they speak? 🍳 - How well can they cook? 🍪 - How well can they bake? 💘 - What do they find attractive about their partner(s)? 👗 - How comfortable would they be wearing a skirt or dress? 💝 - What gestures do they really appreciate? How do you get on their good side? ☕ - Coffee or tea? 💀 - How do they feel about horror movies? 🧸 - Do they have any stuffed animals? If so, are they decorative or do they sleep with them? 💖 - How and how often do they try to impress their partner(s)? How and how often do their partner(s) impress them? 🍽️ - What’s their favorite food? 🧑‍🍼 - How do they feel about kids? 🐾 - Do they have any pets? 💬 - What are some filler/buffer words they use? (Like, um, etc.) 🏳️‍🌈 - What do they identify as? What are their pronouns? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 - Do they have any siblings? 🥰 - What pet names do their partner(s) use for them? How flustered do they get by them? 🌳 - What’s their extended family like? 🎲 - Pick a random question to answer from this list.
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curiositymemes · 3 months ago
a selection of some of my favorite underrepresented lines and phrases for one of my favorite tropes! feel free to change wording and pronouns and provide context as necessary. do not add to this list.    
“let them go.” / “let me go.”
“take me.” / “take me instead.”
“don’t hurt them.” / “i’ll do anything you say.”
“what do you want with me?”
“where are you taking them?”
“what did you do to them?”
“where is receiver?”
“give them back.”
“get away from them!”
“get off them!”
“can you hear me?”
“wake up… please, wake up.”
“are you with me?”
“stay awake.” / “you have to stay awake.” / “please, stay awake… please…” / “promise me you’ll stay awake.” 
“don’t close your eyes.” / “open your eyes for me, name.”
“there you are.”
“just a little longer, okay?”
“i know it hurts, i’m sorry, it’ll be over soon.”
“shhh, it’s alright.”
“i need you.” / “i still need you.” / “i need you to be okay.”
“do you remember what happened?”
“name?! name! what happened?!”
“what did they do to you?” 
“if they lay a finger on him/her/them/you…” 
“if they touch a hair on his/her/their/your head…” 
“those bastards.” / “if i ever get my hands on them…” 
“i’m gonna get you out of here.”
“let’s get you out of here.” / “let’s get you out of this.” 
“we gotta get out of here.” / “it’s alright, name. we’re taking you home.”
“can you stand?” / “can you walk?” 
“i won’t let anything happen to you.”
“you’re safe.”
“it’s gonna be okay.” / “you’re gonna be okay, just hold on.” 
“you’re hurt.” / “did they hurt you?”
“i’ve got you.” 
“lean on me.”
“stay with me.”
“i can’t lose you.” / “i’m not losing you.”
“oh, name…” / “oh, kid…”
“receiver? receiver, it’s me. it’s sender.”
“i’m here.” / “i’m here. i promise.”
"...where am i...?"
“what happened…?”
“i’m with you.”
“it hurts.” / “make it stop.”
“you came for me…” / “you came back…”
“you found me…”
“where were you…?”
“i’m sorry…”
“i was so scared.”
“i thought you’d never find me…”
“what are you doing here?”
“just go. you can still make it. don’t worry about me.”
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rpmemesiwanttosee · 4 months ago
Send 😶 + a really uncomfortable question and my muse has to answer it
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marxsources · 5 months ago
Tell my muse why you care about them. Really hit them in their weak spots!
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marichive · a year ago
An Extremely Self-Indulgent Meme
Physical prompts based around some of my favorite tropes / physical actions in threads. Send this   + reverse   to change which muse does which action.
tw for implied violence in some
❰❰ PIN ❱❱ sender pins receiver during a fight/training
❰❰ HURT ❱❱ sender is hurt protecting receiver
❰❰ CARRY ❱❱ sender carries receiver bridal style
❰❰ LIFT ❱❱ sender carries receiver over their shoulder
❰❰ MEDIC ❱❱ sender bandages receiver's wounds
❰❰ SUPPORT ❱❱ sender comforts receiver after a loss / traumatic event
❰❰ THREAT ❱❱ sender holds a weapon up to receiver as a threat
❰❰ SAVE ❱❱ sender saves receiver's life
❰❰ CRY ❱❱ sender cries in front of receiver
❰❰ DANCE ❱❱ sender invites receiver to slow dance
❰❰ HAND KISS ❱❱ sender kisses receiver on the hand or wrist
❰❰ CHEEK KISS ❱❱ sender kisses receiver on the cheek
❰❰ HEAD KISS ❱❱ sender kisses receiver on the forehead
❰❰ EMBRACE ❱❱ sender embraces receiver
❰❰ HANDS ❱❱ sender's fingers graze the receiver's fingers
❰❰ CUDDLE ❱❱ our muses cuddle
❰❰ BED ❱❱ our muses share a bed
❰❰ BRUSH ❱❱ sender plays with / brushes receiver's hair
❰❰ GAZE ❱❱ our muses make extended eye contact
❰❰ ALMOST ❱❱ our muses almost kiss but don't or are interrupted before they do
❰❰ ARGUE ❱❱ sender ends an argument with receiver with a kiss
❰❰ ARM ❱❱ sender puts their arm around receiver
❰❰ PULL ❱❱ sender pulls receiver close to them
❰❰ BACK ❱❱ sender touches receiver on the back
❰❰ SHOULDER ❱❱ sender touches receiver on the shoulder
❰❰ LEAN ❱❱ sender leans against receiver
❰❰ CARESS ❱❱ sender caresses the receiver's cheek
❰❰ HAIR ❱❱ sender pushes receiver’s hair away from their face
❰❰ TILT ❱❱ sender tilts the receiver's chin with their hand
❰❰ CHIN ❱❱ sender tilts the receiver's chin with their weapon
❰❰ LEG ❱❱ sender's leg touches the receiver's leg under the table
❰❰ FOOD ❱❱ sender feeds the receiver
❰❰ WALL ❱❱ sender pushes the receiver against a wall
❰❰ FREE ❱❱ sender frees the receiver from restraints
❰❰ TACKLE ❱❱ sender hugs the receiver so hard they almost fall over / do fall over
❰❰ DYING ❱❱ sender finds the receiver near death
❰❰ PANIC ❱❱ sender comforts the receiver as they have a panic attack or get overstimulated
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moosings · 3 months ago
as always, some triggering content may be present! change any pronouns to better suit your muse(s) needs!
why is it always my fault?
why do people call you that?
do you know anyone here?
how’s your wound?
are you worth a second chance?
after all we’ve been through, why?
when are you going to apologize to me?
you did this? for me?
will you promise me?
can’t you be on my side, just once?
what exactly do you do for a living?
do you even hear yourself?
sorry, what did you say?
did you mean what you said?
can i kiss you?
truth or dare?
are you comfortable?
what were they like?
what time do you want me to pick you up?
how can you say that to me?
how could you possibly think that was a good idea?
did you enjoy yourself?
why don’t you stay over?
why hire someone, when you can just do it yourself?
out of everything you could’ve said, why that?
do i know you?
you love me?
how old do you think i am?
why do they treat me like that?
have i ever given you bad advice?
do you want some company?
do you think last night was a mistake?
what are you in the mood for?
do i remind you of anyone?
where were you?
who did this to you?
can i have some cash?
tell me why i should believe a thing you say?
sorry, do you have the time?
why don’t you find out for yourself?
where do you think you’re going?
do you want one?
when am i ever wrong?
who do you think you are?
where are you going to go?
run that by me again?
i don’t know what to say?
can you kill?
why is it never your fault?
would you kill for it?
why did you do this to me?
can you be quiet?
what’s so funny?
why don’t you want to go home?
how are you so calm?
have we met before?
what was it like?
are you seriously asking me that right now?
what’s with the third degree?
you want me?
can you help me?
would you care for a dance?
are you sure you want to spend another night alone?
why do i have to apologize?
what am i supposed to do if you’re not here?
why would they do that?
do you want me to grab dinner?
can you help me bring these in?
how annoying can you be?
how do you think that makes me feel?
why didn’t you fight back?
what are you so afraid of?
can you tell me what happened?
you did this all by yourself?
how can i help you?
how do you sleep at night?
you’re sorry?
how do you keep a secret like that?
what’s going on?
we’re friends, right?
how about i take you home?
why won’t you just listen to me?
you wanna mess around?
what does that eleven mean?
when will you learn?
how could you even ask me something like that?
does it hurt?
why did you do it?
can you hear me?
do you have a ride home?
you’re afraid of the dark?
would you like to try?
why did you do that for me?
you really think i'm beautiful?
is it noticeable?
where did you get all that money?
where did you get this?
do you know what i did?
where did you go?
like what you see?
can i touch you? here?
how many people have you killed?
can i borrow your phone?
can you keep a secret?
do you want us to stop?
where have you been?
another round?
when’s the last time you had a full night’s rest?
do you really think that’s a good idea?
what does that have to do with anything?
have you eaten anything today?
why do you think you feel that way?
what happened to them?
what’s your problem?
you didn’t really think you were safe, did you?
have you come to apologize?
do you know who i am?
do you want to be alone?
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kingsmemes · 9 months ago
「   RP MEME :    RELUCTANT ALLIES .   」 * change pronouns as needed .
' don’t get in my way. ’
‘ being assigned to the same mission doesn’t make us friends. ’
‘ don’t play friendly with me. ’
‘ i work alone. ’
‘ try to keep up. ’
‘ do what you want. i’m not going to babysit you. ’
‘ it’s my mission, i’m in charge. ’
‘ follow my lead. ’
‘ i’m following you. ’
‘ i have never heard such a stupid plan. ’
‘ great. you’re going to get us all killed. ’
‘ thanks for the advice. ’
‘ watch yourself! ’
‘ got your six. ’
‘ i’ve got your back. ’
‘ try not to die! or do, i don’t care. ’
‘ don’t get blood on my floor. ’
‘ can you attract any more attention to us!? ’
‘ this was supposed to be a stealth mission. ’
‘ they didn’t tell me i’d be working with an idiot. ’
‘ i hate this just as much as you, but we have to see this through. ’
‘ i’m not doing this for you. ’
‘ i’m just following orders. ’
‘ stay with me! ’
‘ let’s not make a habit of this. ’
‘ you could’ve gotten yourself killed. ’
‘ pay attention. ’
‘ if it comes between you or the mission, i’m choosing the mission. without question. ’
‘ i will leave you behind. ’
‘ i’m not leaving you behind. ’
‘ you started this thing with me, you’re ending it with me. ’
‘ we make a pretty good team. ’
‘ maybe we should do this more often. ’
‘ when this mission started, i didn’t like you... still don’t. ’
‘ you’re not so bad yourself. ’
‘ try me. ’
‘ don’t push my buttons. ’
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