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urfriendlywriter · 2 days
romantic rainy day prompts:
(feel free to use<3 requested by @lifeislikeagame! yall tag meee when u write these omdss, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th and the 9th one is!!!! )
kissing under the rain!!!! in the middle of an abandoned road!!!
dancing under the rain with your arms tightly wrapped around them
sneezing and your partner clutches your cheeks and goes, "how cuteee" while completely soaked in the rain
making soups after getting drenched and cuddling in the bed while watching the rain
^ "put your arm around me-- or just hug me to sleep, come here."
dancing with your little siblings/cousins or kids with your lover in the rain!!! ughshshsh
taking a shelter under a tree because of the rain and they seductively lean towards you. =)
drying up after coming inside and they help you towel dry your hair while you sit between their legs
^ "why you do smell like my soap, love :) ?" "oh, uhm- *blushes* "
going on a drive during a drizzle while singing to Taylor Swift heheheh
getting stuck in a library while it rains outside, so you sit on the floor of an empty aisle, with your legs on your lover's lap as you read to them
"what, hey-" and they kiss you, lips barely leaving yours as they taste every rain drop mixing with the sweetest taste of you. barely leaving to mumble, "god ive wanted to do this in the rain for a while,"
proposing to them under the rain >>>
when they wrap their jacket on you and takes your hand in theirs, "are you ready to run?" "RUN??----"
"oh god- why are you half-naked?" you throw a pillow at their bare chest, "nothing you haven't seen before, love" you fumble to move away, "it's freezing, go put on a shirt-" "nah, you can warm me up." and they hug you from behind!
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When I say "I'm touch starved" what I really mean is "I want someone to pull me into a desperate and bone-crushing hug where they take shuddering breaths while gripping my head to their chest so I can hear their frantic heartbeats and their other arm tightly squeezes my shoulders as if they're afraid that even loosening their hold will make me disappear"
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akmwrites · 5 months
Soft touch prompts
Those types of touches that are feather-like and make you feel tingly in a good way. Touches like:
The soft caress of your lips after the very first kiss.
Caress to the cheek after a moment together.
Gentle wipe of your spilled tears after heavy arguments, a simple gesture that shows you how sorry they are for making you shed sad tears instead of happy ones.
Gentle wipe of dirt on your cheek after enjoying your food too much.
Chin lift to make you look directly at their eyes that just make you follow aimlessly and without much force really. (bonus if they kiss afterward)
When they hold your face in their hands and just look into your eyes and just hold the other softly.
When they lightly wipe the blood off your lip from bitting it too often and softly "kiss it better"
Helping you gently put your earring on and tuck a hair behind your ear to inspect how the accessory looks beautiful on you with or without them.
Helping you put your necklace on and sneak a quick kiss on your neck before complimenting you.
Softly pulling your hair back after being food poisoned.
Worriedly inspecting your temperature after noticing your lack of mood and giving you a chaste kiss on the forehead.
Soft hand touches with a light comforting squeeze that instantly assures you they're there.
Softly massaging your hands when you ask them politely.
Loosely holding your hand while you watch and walk around on your date.
Cradling your cut finger after an incident with the knife and tending to your wound with a kiss afterward.
Caressing the back of your hand absentmindedly.
Softly toying with your ring and wondering when they'll get to replace it with a wedding ring.
Softly running their hands on your arms and feeling how cold to the touch your skin is before wrapping you in a hug to share their warmth.
Softly pulling your wrist to pull you closer to them.
softly intertwining your fingers together to hold your hand or twirl you in the middle of the night dance session.
Edit: holy heck guys!!! Thank you all so much for the notes and reblogs!!! I didn't expect this to get this much attention!!! Love you guys!!! 🥰🥰🥰
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denofdreams-writerblr · 5 months
soft prompts to make you yearn
resting your head gently on their shoulder
them running their fingers through your hair
them gently tilting your chin
and looking into your eyes
so that your eyes lock in a deep gaze
placing a soft kiss on their forehead
interlocking your fingers while holding hands
back hugs back hugs back hugs
embracing them from a sudden hug from behind
and whispering in their ears, “i love you,”
soft kisses on both cheeks and tip of the nose.
cupping your face in their hands and them telling you, “you. you are the one i love.”
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novelbear · 4 months
"show, don't tell" - other ways to say "i love you"
  good morning/good night texts 
 pulling the other into a random embrace
 “this reminded me of you” 
 complimenting the features you love most about you lover
 going to hold hands in a stressful situation 
 holding their hands in general 
 “tell me about your day.” 
 saving their name as something cute in your phone
 taking pictures of each other on dates, telling the other how beautiful they are 
 “i’m here for you.” 
 doing a chore/task that you know they don’t enjoy doing
 calling just to hear their voice
 running some errands for them when they’re sick 
 bombarding them with blankets, tea, heating pads, and anything else they’d need when injured/under the weather
 knowing the medicines they’d usually take and having no problem going to get them when needed 
 getting lost in their eyes 
 reminding them how lucky you are to have them 
 peppering kisses all over
 or going in for one passionate kiss that just says it all
 cupping their cheek 
 wiping their tears when they cry  
 “you’re my everything.” 
 “let me know what you need, alright?” 
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yournewwriter · 1 month
tickling you from the back before actually hugging you
knuckles brushing against each other and person a getting shy
hesitant glances at each other in a crowd
person a helping person b through panic/anxiety attacks
one small kiss before fully devouring the other person
person a contemplating on whether to send person b a text
gentle ear rubs because person b knows person a loves them
knees touching intentionally and person a getting shy
person b complementing person a IN PUBLIC
person a shyly playing with person b's rings while cuddling
small "shh' im here" when someone else is crying
pressing your foreheads together after a kiss
TRACING PERSON B'S TATTOOS kill me kill me now
holding hands while walking in a friend group
unintentionally caressing each other
acting foolish around each other
random flirty texts or hOrNy texts too
person b trying to cook person a's fav dish
lazy kisses that dont even count as kisses but you could live in that moment forever because LOVE
person a trying to keep person b still for a picture
person b winking at person a in public whILE A GETS ALL FLUSTERED
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corvase · 7 months
falling in love prompts +
feel free to use :)
“i genuinely don’t know why my brain just goes blank when i look at you. i think i’m going a little crazy.”
the little laugh or smile a character a does in utter disbelief because character b is just so endearing and sigh
one character going “so this is really awkward cause i know i told you i wasn’t looking for love but then i kinda fell in love and i would love it if you’d take me”
“can i love you?”
“i just… adore you.”
character a noticing character b is sleepy while driving and being like “hey i can take over for you”
the classic “no i’m not in love with character a, yes thinking about hurting them makes me want to throw myself into ongoing traffic, no it doesn’t make sense to me either”
their love interest fell asleep and your main character has a blanket so they give it to them
confessions when one character thinks the other is sleeping
they kiss for the first time and one character just steps back and is like “um ok. yeah that’s not a normal kiss i def love u”
character not being able to even fathom or come close to understanding how someone can dislike such a beautiful ray of sunshine and oh yeah ok…. they’re def in love
characters who’ve been married for years falling in love all over again
exes to lovers
“i think i love you…?” “….. think?” “let’s just say a ninety-nine percent chance.” “i’ll take it.”
that moment where your character just… looks. just looks at their love interest for more than five seconds and doesn’t understand why or how this earth can exist and the sun and moon exist and the sky can be an eternal source of happiness and yet this person right here can bring so much more warmth and comfort to them with just a single glance
note confessions because yes written confessions in letters are superior
“i got you a gift. i hope you like it.” and character who receives the gift tries not to mention that any gift would mean more than the stars in the sky as long as it was from them
“do you… love me, by any chance?” “yeah, why?” “well, i’m sorry, i was just— WAIT WHAT—”
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mangocherri · 3 months
Love realization prompts:
Tumblr media
They don't smile/laugh often, but when they finally do, you feel your heart skip a beat
Waking up and finding yourself snuggled up with them on the couch, when it dawns upon you that maybe you do love them
They're doing something stupid, and somehow, you find yourself thinking that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with
They're going to go away soon. You're going through some of your old memories together, which is when the realization hits you (and you don't have much time left)
You find yourself unable to look away after seeing them in a fancy dress/suit for the first time
Reuniting after being separated for a while, realizing how much you missed their presence
Thinking about how they have all the qualities you'd like in a partner
While pretending to be in a relationship with them, you realize how much you wish it was real
Being worried that these new feelings might ruin their friendship
"I think... I'm in love with (Name)" || "Congrats on being the last one to find out"
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rosettestrash · 4 months
first kiss prompts ~
dont be shy to use!! <3 sorry these are going to be cringe LMAO
a: "you're so pretty." b: *nervous laugh* "im what?" a: "i said you're so pretty" (a then proceeds to kiss b)
a is ranting about something, and b kisses them mid sentence to calm them down
slow dancing at the prom, then getting bored and kissing in the parking lot outside of school
person a turning around to leave, then person b grabbing them by the arm, twirling them around and kissing them.
"i'm so happy i could kiss you" "thanks"
kissing in the car as the radio blares, once they get together the song that was playing became their song (you can get creative maybe despacito was playing)
your otp is sitting together in silence and the tension is so terrible b just kisses a
person a wrapping their arms around b's waist and caressing their cheek with their finger, and then leaning into person b for a kiss
person b carrying a very exhausted person a to bed, then person a sleepily grabs person b's hand and kisses them. then proceeds to fall asleep
after the kiss, person a looks away, flustered, while person b laughs and kisses them more
on the contrary the "kiss me" DHEOHFWO
if you want to request something, leave it in my asks or the comments!! ill be more than happy to write something :)
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yarrayora · 2 years
characters dynamic that's like "they weren't in a relationship but they're definitely exes now"
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Tumblr media
Sweet menace ❤️
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urfriendlywriter · 17 hours
gestures that gets me on my knees.
(feel free to use<3 the kisses ones are.. im- i-... yall better tag when u write these or else check under ur bed before sleep! :) )
lingering with your lips open, touching, but not kissing, and this one glance at their eyes and you say fuck it and pull at their collar to kiss them
heavily breathing after a kiss (damn ittitit)
gulping when they get a little too close
and not knowing how to talk or exist after they finish kissing you like they've been needing that kiss for a lifetime!!!
loosing your mind when they tilt your chin to look you in the eye
pulling them by their belt to kiss them>>
lazy kisses in the morning, that starts with a grunt as they pull you closer to them as you try to get up and lazily placing kisses all over face and ends with a hoarse whisper from them asking you to stay. fucjfuck
their mouth at your ear, whispering!!!
"give me a chance. to prove what i can make you feel." (ohmykgodks)
when they kiss you, hard, gripping, shaking breaths, fists in each other's clothes, against a wall, but they stop. and smirk, "you want that, love? i want cuddles though." and their grin is too wide, stupid and cocky and beautiful.
you're holding on by a thread and they sort of grin against your lips, mumbling, "just lose control, love."
that glance at your body with their eyes subtly widening, almost gulping as they take in your attire. fuck.
the lips are hot, soft, settling, nibbling and gasping, pulling onto each other for more and when you stop, they have their eyes closed, heavily exhaling, hair ruffled, and they look like the prettiest mess ever.
holding your hands above your head as they kiss you
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Random Ship Dynamics
Gets scared easily x “How did that make you jump??”
Consistently cold x A very cuddly person who just happens to be warm
Sweetheart x “You’re so kind that it’s making me sick”
Doesn’t like PDA x Has to hold back from smothering them when they’re out on a date
Carefree and kind of reckless x Stern and is always (affectionately) scolding them
Famous singer x Their average partner who is the loudest in the crowd when they go see their concerts
Fascinated by everything x Thinks their partner’s fascination is fascinating
Tall x “How’s the weather up there?”
Short x Bends down to talk to their partner because they know it pisses them off
Two teachers whose classrooms are in the same hallway so they always visit each other during lunches
Very physically affectionate x Didn’t realize how touch starved they were until they met their partner
Cries very easily x “Stop crying or I’m gonna cry.."
“Fuck you.” x “Fuck ME???” [winks]
Very good dancer x Can’t dance for their life but still gets dragged onto the dance floor by their partner
Does embarrassing things on purpose x Pretends to be embarrassed so they can laugh at their partner
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promptful · 8 months
105 Comfort Prompts
As usual, my requests and asks are open! if you do request, no smut please :)
“Hey, tell me what’s wrong?”  
“I’m here for you.”
“It’s going to be okay.” 
“Are you all right?” 
“You’ll be okay, I promise.” 
“What’s going on?” 
“Come here, let me hold you.” 
“Please, don’t cry.” 
“I have you.” 
“Take a deep breath.” 
“Tell me what you’re feeling.” 
“I’ll take care of it, don’t worry.” 
“I won’t leave.” 
“Why don’t we go on a drive?” 
“Let it out.” 
“Everybody makes mistakes.” 
“You’re all right.” 
“Shh, shh, it’s okay.” 
“Can I hold you?” 
“Do you-- can I-- do you want to be held?” 
“Do you want solutions, or comfort?” 
“I have chocolate/flowers?” 
“Do you want to watch a movie with me?” 
“Tell me what I can do for you.” 
“...Who do I need to punch?”
 “Come on, breathe with me.”
“You don’t have to be perfect.”
“You’re perfect just the way you are.”
“How can I help you?”
“Can I touch you?”
“Where does it hurt?”
“You’re allowed to be weak, you know.”
“You have this.”
“You’re never a burden.”
“You aren’t weak.”
“We’ll get through this.”
“Relax, I got you.”
“Please, just open up. I don’t want to leave you alone.” 
“They’re not going to get to you, I promise.” 
“Follow my breaths.” 
“This is stupid--I’m stupid.”
“‘M so weak.”
“I’m sorry I’m not strong enough.”
“I’m a burden, aren’t I?”
“I-- please, help.”
“I can’t breathe, I don’t know what to do-- I can’t--“
“I feel lightheaded.”
“I’m sorry. We were supposed to have fun today.”
“I’m getting your shirt wet...”
“Are you sure this is okay?”
“I should be stronger.”
“I don’t want to get out of bed today.”
“Hold me, please.”
“Why won’t you let me apologize?”
“Thank you for this.”
“I feel safe with you.”
“...You bought me chocolate/flowers?”
“Did you really drive all this way just for me? It’s two in the morning.”
“Is that my comfort movie?”
“You came all this way? For me? 
“I’m not worth the time you spent coming over here.” 
“Please, leave. I’m--” 
“...Why are you here?” 
“My problems are mine, I don’t want to be a burden on you.”  
“You’re too nice to me.”
“I’m a mess…” 
“I’m broken, don’t you understand?” 
“It’s raining. You should be inside. I’m fine.” 
"I'm sorry."
"Why can't you understand? You're too good for me!"
"I can't do this. I can't-- I can't-- I can't--"
"Just shut up! I'm not as good as you say I am!"
"Why do you care so much?"
"Am I really worth it?"
"Thank you for being here."
"I thought I'd be alone today after what happened... thank you."
"You don't know how much I appreciate you."
"Do I really mean that much to you?"
"Stop banging on my door!"
"I love you."
Your lover isn't feeling well, and even though it's probably dangerous to drive this late at night, you have to make sure they're all right.
Head between their knees, your lover has their back against the wall, and you're by their side, and trying to help them through whatever is troubling them.
Your best friend's lover broke up with them, and despite having no idea, you supply them with snacks and horrendous movies. At least they smiled at the end of it all.
Trying to keep a smile on your face through the weight of the world to not worry your lover. They figure it out anyway.
Standing in front of a mirror, hands against the counter, with tears dripping down your cheeks, struggling to get everything under control. Everything’s going well until your lover cracks the door open and asks if everything’s okay. It isn’t.
Seeing your lover break down over work/school/family, and trying to comfort them to the best of your abilities, heart breaking with every sob out of their lips. 
Struggling to sleep in you and your lover’s shared bed because they’re working in the living room/kitchen/their office and the bed feels far too cold and empty. Seeking their comfort, you curl up on their lap/beside them/around them. 
Knowing from the moment they said good morning that something was wrong, and trying to schedule your day to spend the most time with them; arms around their neck, waist, shoulders, to provide comfort.
Your lover’s back against your chest, you curled around them. Every agitated breath and erratic heartbeat pulsing through your skin, but slowly, it starts to fall over time. 
Your back against your lover’s chest, their slow heartbeat stark against your stressed one. Gently, the rise and fall of their chest lull you back to safety. 
Sitting in the car, your head against the headrest and mind spinning, but your lover’s hand firm against your thigh keeps you grounded to reality. 
Your ex is trying to embarrass you in public, but your lover steps in as a shield, eyes ablaze in a fury.
Your head against your lover's chest, tears drenching their shirt, they don't care about the wet fabric and just rub your back.
Lungs squeezed to death, you try to breathe through the overwhelming suffocation on your shoulders. Patiently, your lover holds your hands and squeezes them in time with their breaths, eyes gentle.
Your lover made a small/big mistake and they can’t get it out of their head. To everyone else, it was just a small mishap, so you spend a few minutes/an hour/the rest of the night holding and comforting them.
Done with the feeling of being an burden, you try to push away from your lover's comfort, only for them to drag you back into a firm hold.
Something horrible happened, but your lover won't answer the phone/any texts. Standing outside of your door, you threaten to start throwing rocks at their windows/slamming on their door if they don't give any proof that they're all right.
You found your lover on a cold metal bench, hair and clothing drenched, tears pooling down their cheeks. Instead of asking what's wrong, you put your jacket over their shoulders and open up an umbrella.
Your lover's burning up and for some reason keeps bursting into tears at the smallest things. You're a little bewildered, but stay near them all the same.
After an all-nighter, your lover's brain is scrambled, and they keep shedding tears when they think nobody's looking. After coaxing them into your arms, you curl into one another on the couch.
Your lover wakes up to you gasping for air, eyes wide as you just saw horrors beyond your own comprehension. They sling an arm around your waist and pull you close, face tucked against your neck. 
Underneath the blankets, you refuse to get out of bed. Despite feeling horrible about yourself, your lover refuses to leave you be and makes you breakfast, all with a gentle smile.
Your best friend's spouse cheated on them right before valentines day, so as their best friend, you spend the rest of the night trash-talking over bad rom-coms.
Your lover right beside you, comforting you as you weren't able to get the job you wanted/into the university you applied to. Their encouragement makes one more attempt seem not so bad.
Your best friend's drunk and wailing, and you're trying to both comfort them and stop them from climbing into the washing machine.
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denofdreams-writerblr · 10 months
soft prompts for couples who aren’t together yet
hugs that last a little longer than they should
immediately looking at the other after telling/doing something funny in hope to see their smile
making playlists and mood boards for the other
trying to learn about the others interests
continuously denying others who think they are together
“no we are not together!! … at least not yet…”
finding similar fictional characters who shares the other one’s MBTI and enneagram type
trying to know little things about them by observing
always giving the utmost attention to the other if they are in a crowd
associating random things with them
getting matching key rings
hanging out together often
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