#roleplay meme
justmemethings · 3 days
Tumblr media
‘Why aren’t we interacting?’
😿 - I’m too shy to reach out 😥 - I’m a little intimidated by your writing length / style / formatting 😵 - I don’t know how to approach you ⌛️ -  You seem really busy 👥 - I don’t know which of my muses you’re interest in 📝 - It would help if you could feel my interest checker! ❓ - I’m not familiar with any of your current muses 📩 - I’ve sent you asks / written you starters, but you never replied to them 💬 - I have a plot in mind for us, but I haven’t found the right way/time to reach out 💞 - I ship our muses, but I don’t know if you’re interested ✒️ - I usually interact through memes / open starters and you don’t post a lot of them 🥇 - You followed me first and I’m waiting for you to make the first move 🥰 - I’m following you because I love your writing and content and I just want to read your stuff
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soulmemes · 13 hours
send in " take it easy. you're safe now, but you need to relax. " for the sender to greet a waking receiver after having found them badly wounded and on the brink of collapse at their doorstep.
alternatively, send in " how long was i out for? " for the sender, having woken up on the receiver's sofa/bed/spare bed, to greet the receiver after showing up on their doorstep earlier with serious injuries and in a weakened state.
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songlyricsxxx · 4 months
Send “They’re ’s a 10, but..” and fill in the rest to call out my muse!
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classsymemes · 6 months
a comprehensive list of scenarios
feel free to combine multiple prompts or add  “ + reverse ”  to switch roles !   for reference, the one sending in the prompt is the one committing the action.
1.  GUEST :  for one muse to offer the other a place to stay. 2.  STORM :  for both muses to find shelter from a severe storm. 3.  MEDIC :  for one muse to show up at the other’s doorstep injured. 4.  SURPRISE :  for one muse to come home and find the other already inside. 5.  TRIP :  for both muses to road trip or travel together. 6.  BABYSIT :  for one muse to help the other home while they’re drunk. 7.  INSOMNIA :  for one muse to find the other still awake at 3am. 8.  AMBUSH :  for both characters to come under attack by the same enemy. 9.  DANCE :  for one muse to ask the other to dance at a party. 10.  STRANDED :  for one muse to help the other who’s stranded on the road. 11.  SERVICE :  for one muse to cover the cost of something for the other. 12.  SAFEGUARD :  for one muse to save the other from being hit by a vehicle or from some other life-threatening event. 13.  DAZE :  for one muse to wake somewhere and find the other hovering over them. 14.  STOWAWAY :  for one muse to find the other hiding on the same ship. 15.  TAXI :  for both muses to share the same taxi ride. 16.  MAKEOVER :  for one muse to help the other with a new outfit or hairstyle. 17.  LIFEGUARD :  for one muse to rescue the other from drowning. 18.  DISASTER :  for both muses to work together to escape a fire, flood, or other disaster. 19.  TRANSIT :  for one muse to sit next to the other on a public transport. 20.  SPRAIN :  for one muse to carry the other after spraining their ankle. 21.  EMPLOY :  for one muse to be hired as the other’s bodyguard, tutor, assistant, etc. 22.  QUEST :  for one muse to help the other with a task in exchange for compensation. 23.  SOOTHE :  for one muse to calm the other during a panic attack. 24.  RECOVER :  for one muse to return the other’s lost belonging. 25.  UMBRELLA :  for one muse to share their umbrella with the other on a rainy day. 26.  HEAL :  for one muse to nurse the other back to health from a sickness or injury. 27.  NIGHTMARE :  for one muse to comfort the other after a nightmare. 28.  REUNION :  for one muse to run into the other again after a long time. 29.  PRIZE :  for one muse to win the other a prize at a carnival. 30.  NUDE :  for one muse to walk in on the other while they’re changing. 31.  BED :  for both muses to wake in the same bed, naked or fully clothed. 32.  TRAIL :  for one muse to notice the other has been following them. 33.  EVADE :  for one muse to pull the other into an alleyway to escape their pursuer. 34.  THIEF :  for one muse to confront the other after having something stolen by them. 35.  CAUGHT :  for one muse to walk in on the other singing / dancing. 36.  FESTIVE :  for both muses to decorate for a special occasion. 37.  PRESENT :  for one muse to give the other a  (birthday)  gift. 38.  WEARY :  for one muse to wake up after falling asleep on the other. 39.  CAPTIVE :  for one muse to hold the other against their will. 40.  SNAP :  for one muse to yell at or push the other out of frustration. 41.  SLEEPOVER :  for one muse to stay the night at the other’s place. 42.  TRESPASS :  for one muse to trespass on the other’s property. 43.  BREAK-IN :  for one muse to discover the other robbing their place. 44.  MERCY :  for both muses to come across an injured animal. 45.  UNKNOWN :  for both muses to wake and find themselves in a strange place. 46.  ACCOMPLICE :  for one muse to assist the other at the scene of a crime. 47.  ASTRAY :  for both muses to take a detour and lose their way. 48.  RELAX :  for both muses to share a hot tub or hot spring. 49.  MUSE :  for one muse to model for the other's art project. 50.  ACCOMPANY :  for one muse to give the other an extra ticket to an event. 51.  SALVAGE :  for one muse to retrieve the other's belongings from a thief. 52.  MEAL :  for both muses to prepare and share a meal together. 53.  CEMETERY :  for one muse to find the other at a gravestone. 54.  REFUGE :  for one muse to shelter the other from enemies. 55.  ARRANGED :  for both muses to date or marry out of convenience. 56.  FAVOR :  for one muse to owe the other a favor. 57.  VACATION :  for both muses to book the same hotel on vacation. 58.  DEFEND :  for one muse to save the other from one or multiple assailants. 59.  CATCH :  for one muse to return the other's pet that escaped. 60.  RESTRICTED :  for both muses to sneak into someplace they're not supposed to be.
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leneemusing · 10 months
❝  don’t be ridiculous,  there’s enough room on this bed for both of us. ❞ 
❝  please stay.  i don’t think i can be alone tonight.  ❞
❝  i’m staying,  okay?  you don’t have to be alone tonight. ❞
❝  you shouldn’t be alone right now.  i’ll take the couch,  it’ll be fine.  ❞
❝  will you sleep with me?  i know how that sounds i just mean—  i feel safe when you’re there.  ❞
❝  i’ll be here the whole night okay?  nothing will get to you while i’m here.  ❞
❝  wait— have you been here all night?  ❞
❝  i thought you went home after i went to bed.  you didn’t have to do that— you could’ve at least joined me in bed that couch is shit for sleeping on.  ❞
❝  can i stay with you tonight?  i don’t wanna go home yet.  ❞
❝  it’s late,  you might as well just stay here.  ❞
❝  can you just...stay here?  and hold me.  ❞
❝  i know this might sound weird but,  do you wanna stay over?  i guess ‘sleepover’ sounds kind of childish but.  i think it’d be nice.  ❞
❝  i’m not expecting anything,  i just,  thought it’d be nice to keep you company tonight. ❞
❝  i don’t have nightmares when you’re there.  ❞
❝  i get you’re doing the whole protective thing— and i appreciate it.  i do,  but there’s no reason for you to stay awake all night.  might as well come to bed.  ❞
❝  thank you for staying.  it just gets so lonely at night sometimes.  ❞
❝  i don’t want you to be alone tonight and honestly,  i don’t really wanna be alone either.  ❞
❝  do you wanna stay with me tonight?  ❞
❝  stay,  please.  ❞
❝  i’ll stay.  ❞
❝  i’m staying.  ❞
❝  i’m staying.  end of discussion.  you gotta learn to let people take care of you.  ❞
❝  i’m not ready to say goodbye yet.  ❞
❝  i don’t wanna have to say goodnight.  ❞
❝  honestly i can’t sleep,  so if you wanna stay up with me?  ❞
❝  i don’t sleep a lot either these days.  we can be insomniacs together.  ❞
❝  well,  i can think of some ways to wear you out.  ❞
❝  if you can’t sleep,  there are other things we could do.  ❞
❝  i’d rather fuck than stare at the ceiling counting sheep to be honest.  ❞
❝  it doesn’t have to mean anything,  i just don’t wanna feel lonely tonight.  and i want to feel good for once.  ❞
❝  please don’t go—  i need.  i need someone—  i need you.  ❞
❝  the night doesn’t have to end here,  you know.  ❞
❝  i like it when you’re here.  so stay.  please?  ❞
❝  you’re just as lonely as i am.  might as well be lonely together.  ❞
❝  you can stay but i’m not letting you sleep on that couch.  ❞
❝  chivalry is overrated,  get in my bed.  ❞
❝  you’re clearly exhausted.  you can go in the morning.  ❞
❝  you don’t have to pretend to be fine,  if you need me to stay i will.  ❞
❝  when i said i wanted everyone to leave me alone i didn’t mean you.  i can’t handle everyone else right now but you...you’re different.  ❞
❝  you need someone right now.  and i’m the one that’s here.  let me be what you need.  ❞
[ GUARDED ]  sender insists on staying the night to keep watch over receiver who has been in some kind of danger. 
[ GUARDING ]  receiver insists on staying the night to keep watch over sender who has been in some kind of danger. 
[ UNEXPECTED ]  one muse stays the night to keep an eye on the other after something traumatic and they end up having comfort sex.
[ CONSOLE ]  sender asks receiver to stay the night because they don’t want to be alone and they end up cuddling.  
[ CONSOLED ]  receiver asks sender to stay the night because they don’t want to be alone and they end up cuddling. 
[ ACCIDENT ]  sender winds up staying at receiver’s house all night because receiver fell asleep against them/in their lap and they didn’t have the heart to wake them. 
[ UNPLANNED ]  receiver winds up staying at sender’s house all night because sender fell asleep against them/in their lap and they didn’t have the heart to wake them. 
[ STAY ]  sender is carrying receiver to bed because they fell asleep somewhere else but when they start to walk away,  receiver grabs their hand so sender joins them in bed. 
[ STAYING ]  receiver is carrying sender to bed because they fell asleep somewhere else but when they start to walk away,  sender grabs their hand so receiver joins them in bed. 
[ APPROACHED ]  sender is staying with receiver for safety and asks if they can sleep in their bed with them. 
[ APPROACH ]  receiver is staying with sender for safety and asks if they can sleep in their bed with them. 
[ SHARE ]  sender is unexpectedly staying with receiver overnight,  receiver insisted sender sleep on the bed while they take the floor but sender winds up insisting they join them in bed. 
[ SHARED ]  receiver is unexpectedly staying with sender overnight,  sender insisted receiver sleep on the bed while they take the floor but receiver winds up insisting they join them in bed. 
[ FOUND ]  sender is staying with receiver who had them take the bed while receiver takes the couch.  in the middle of the night,  sender goes out to join receiver on the couch because they don’t want to sleep alone. 
[ FIND ]  receiver is staying with sender who had them take the bed while sender takes the couch.  in the middle of the night,  receiver goes out to join sender on the couch because they don’t want to sleep alone. 
[ DISCOVERED ]  receiver wakes up in the morning to find sender asleep on their couch because sender was watching over them. 
[ HAVEN ]  receiver wakes up in the morning to find sender asleep on their couch because sender felt safer with them. 
[ WEARY ]  sender cries themselves to sleep in receiver’s arms. 
[ TIRED ]  receiver cries themselves to sleep in sender’s arms. 
[ PROPOSITION ]  one or both muse(s) are having trouble sleeping so they have sex to pass the time. 
[ PURPOSE ]  one muse can’t sleep so the other initiates sex to wear them out. 
[ TRAPPED ]  one muse ends up staying the night with the other due to a storm. 
[ KEEP ]  sender fell asleep on receiver and when receiver tries to get up,  sender whines so they stay put.  
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memesomething · 4 months
Bruises and Bruising
“Where did you get those?”
“Is that.... somebody’s hand?”
“Is that... a bootprint?”
“It’ll look worse before it looks better.”
“Come on. Let’s get it wrapped up.”
“Do you want some painkillers?”
“Let me guess, I should ‘see the other guy’?”
“How’d you get a black eye?”
“I know you don’t do it on purpose, but I wish you’d stop coming home bruised.”
“I like the new look. It suits you.”
“Ouch, that looks like it hurts.”
“Talk to me.”
“You shouldn’t end up with bruises because you disagree with them. You know that, right?”
“Will you tell me how it happened?”
“Come and sit with me.”
(send ‘+reverse’ to reverse the roles, or specify which muse is which!)
[sit] -- sender comes and sits next to a bruised receiver. no words, just warmth.
[care] -- sender provides physical care for receiver’s bruises (ice pack, wrapping them up, etc)
[shower] -- sender takes one look at a bruised and bloody receiver, and goes to run them a shower. hot showers fix everything.
[offer] -- sender has something they know receiver will want, and because receiver has had a bad enough day as it is, sender gives it to them. it’s the little things.
[stay] -- sender offers receiver a place to stay, so that -- wherever they got these bruises -- they don’t have to go back.
[concussion] -- sender checks receiver for a concussion, because it’s very possible receiver has one.
[home] -- sender has no physical way of helping receiver out of this situation, but they offer out their hand anyway. just to hold onto (and to not let go).
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soulprompts · 10 months
okay so i got like, three books delivered this week, and in anticipation i reread another book that i had, and lads, let me tell ye, it was like quicksand. so now i have a list, some from my head, many from my wonderful friends’ heads, of prompts that basically made us all very soft or very “pleasantly scandalized rich lady from the sixties who just found out a juicy bit of goss about the new neighbor”. i hope ye like them! (DO NOT ADD TO THE LIST. I WILL MAKE A PART TWO. AND THREE. AND FOUR. MANY MANY PARTS. EVENTUALLY. )
[ HAIR ]:          sender slowly reaches out to catch a loose strand of the receiver’s hair and tuck it gently and securely back behind their ear, letting their touch linger afterwards. (if the receiver has short hair, then the sender reaches out and gently runs their fingers through their hair to smooth it back.)
[ CLOSE ]:          while standing remarkably close to one another, the sender is unable to stop themselves from running their gaze across the receiver’s body, lingering for a moment on their lips, before returning to initiate prolonged, intense eye contact.
[ CHIN ]:          as they stand close to one another, the sender hooks a finger and tenderly lifts the receiver’s chin, tilting it up so that they can look at one another, and running a thumb across their skin lightly.
[ THUMB ]:          while cupping the receiver’s cheek in their hand, the sender slowly glides their thumb across their cheekbone in a tender, sweeping caress.
[ WOUND ]:          upon noticing a recent injury on the receiver’s person, the sender carefully moves closer, running a thumb (or hand) across the wound in a gentle, troubled manner.
[ INHALE ]:          while standing in very close quarters to the receiver, the sender shakily inhales with desire/anticipation as they realize how intimately close they are to one another.
[ DANCE ]:          when alone together (e.g. the bedroom, the kitchen, literally anywhere once they’re alone) the sender takes the receiver’s hand, and pulls them into a graceful yet intimate dance as a spontaneous act.
[ BARE ]:          as they get undressed, the sender gently places a soft, tender kiss against the receiver’s bare shoulder.
[ SCAR ]:          noticing a scar on the receiver’s skin, the sender tentatively stops them from covering it up, and rests a gentle, soft kiss over it.
[ FOREHEAD ]:          placing a hand on the back of the receiver’s neck, the sender guides them close and rests their foreheads together.
[ PALM ]:          taking the receiver’s hand, the sender brings it to their mouth, and places a tender kiss against the receiver’s palm.
[ LINGER ]:          taking the receiver’s hand, the sender lifts it to their lips, and gently kisses their knuckles, lingering for a moment before withdrawing.
[ BEHIND ]:         upon entering the same room as the receiver, the sender steps behind them, and winds their arms around the receiver’s waist, drawing them close against them.
[ WAIT ]:          realizing the receiver is about to leave the room, the sender hastily reaches out and catches their wrist, preventing them from continuing their departure.
[ ARM ]:          after holding their hand, the sender releases the receiver, but slowly glides their hand up the full length of their arm, lingering on the upper arm, then the shoulder, then resting their touch against the side of their neck.
[ HOLD ]:          while close to the receiver, the sender wordlessly takes a hold of their hand, for no other purpose than to be holding it.
[ PLAY ]:          while sitting together, the sender absently lifts the receiver’s hand, idly running their fingertips across the lines of their palms, mapping out every inch of their hand with slow, lazy touches.
[ GUIDE ]:          in the process of guiding the receiver through a crowded place, the sender’s hand protectively grazes against the small of their back
[ TOUCH ]:          while touching the receiver’s waist, the sender’s hand briefly dips beneath the hem of their shirt, skimming briefly across the bare skin of their waist.
[ CUP ]:           bringing both hands up to cup the receiver’s face, the sender draws them in closer to them in order to get a better look at their face.
[ TUG ]:          the sender tugs the receiver close against them by resting a hand against the small of their back, pulling them flush against their body.
[ HUSH ]:          while standing close to one another and hiding from pursuers, the sender reaches up and places a finger against the receiver’s lips to prevent them from speaking and revealing their location.
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rpclefairy · 7 months
" am i not good enough? "  
" you've been so quiet. what's on your mind? "  
" why did you help me? "  
" who do you fight for? "  
" why do you hate me? "  
" have you come to laugh at me in my miserable state? "  
" you're not dating anyone, are you? "  
" i've got your back, okay? "  
" where do you think you're going? "  
" how long have i been asleep? "  
" are you going to kill me? "  
" why can't i come with you? "  
" we all have secrets, don't we? "  
" did you want to be alone? "  
" why should i trust you? "  
" wait. did you hear that? "  
" promise me? "  
" why are you talking like we'll never see each other again? "  
" do you remember anything at all? "  
" what? no witty remark? nothing clever to say? "  
" you wanna know what your problem is? "  
" may i have this dance? "  
" can i ask... what happened? "  
" how many people have you killed? how many? "  
" do you ever hear yourself? "  
" would you run away with me? "  
" could you be happy here with me? "  
" you can't or you won't? "  
" you slept with them, didn't you? "  
" well, how do i look? "  
" after all you've done how can i possibly trust you? "  
" why can't you let me in? what are you so afraid of? "  
" what did they do to you? "  
" so why's it so important anyway? "  
" where have you been? "  
" why are you looking at me like that? "  
" why did you come? "  
" what are you doing out here by yourself? "  
" is... that my shirt you're wearing? "  
" you... don't like me very much, do you? "  
" why does it always have to be a fight with you? "
" why can't you look me in the eye? "  
" can you forgive me? "  
" what if i never see you again? "  
" you were going to leave without saying goodbye? "  
" how about a little midnight snack? "  
" are you... smelling me? "  
" how did you get this scar? "  
" what do you want in exchange for it? "  
" what did you want to tell me? "  
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rubymemes · 4 months
𝐓𝐔𝐌𝐁𝐋𝐑 𝐓𝐄𝐗𝐓 𝐏𝐎𝐒𝐓𝐒 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐓𝐒 𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 (a collection of prompts from text posts I saved. Feel free to adjust phrasing and gendered terms as necessary)
Tumblr media
“You’re such an idiot. I will literally kiss you on the mouth.”
“Not evil anymore, I want to be loved now.”
“Babygirl, you are awkward and do not understand social cues.”
“Sorry about being mentally ill, the sex will be bomb though.”
“What if my best self is a cunt that can’t wake up before noon?”
“They’ve got something gay going on.”
“I’m the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person I know.”
“I couldn’t fix him. But I could fuck him.”
“I am a generator of hate, and my rage is a renewable resource, like sunshine.”
“If you ever feel stupid or weak or powerless, just remember that I, am not."
“I’m not interested in being polite or heterosexual.”
“You’re talking mad shit for a guy within kissing distance.”
“I’m sorry I’m hot and funny. Are you mad at me?”
“You make a lot of threats for someone who is short and can’t even do a push-up.”
“My fear of abandonment is so strong, because if I could I would abandon myself too.”
“Your first kill together as a couple is an important relationship milestone.”
“My kink? Knowing all the information.”
“I think Aristotle said that.”
“The Universe has a sense of humor and I can respect the commitment to the bit but, girl, please.”
“Vulnerability is so hard. If I told you anything sappy know that I had a hand to hand combat with seven layers of embarrassment and repression.”
“Please don’t say mean things to me.”
“My hobbies include knowing and being right.”
“I told you a joke and you’re laughing. I love you.”
“I’m covered in blood for sexy reasons. Also I just got stabbed.”
“I don’t identify as “male” or “female”, I identify as a warning.”
“I’ve made a huge mistake.”
“First of all, I didn’t “miss” the red flags. I looked at them and thought: yeah, that’s sexy.”
“I could recognize him by tits alone.”
“I hate when people ask me what sign I am. Like, bitch, I am a sign from God. Start running.”
“Can someone please be proud of me? Like fuck, I’m trying.”
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metalprompts · 3 months
*      ―    ﴾  𝚗𝚜𝚏𝚠  𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚝𝚜  ﴿   :    𝐋𝐄𝐒𝐒  𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐘  𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍.
personally ,   i’m  tired  of  the  secondhand  embarrassment.   so  here’s  a  random  assortment  of  nsfw  actions  and  dialogue  prompts  that  don’t  feel  too  over  the  top.   (  don’t  forget  to  add  [ reverse ]  if  you’d  like  to  see  the  receiver  perform  the  action.  )
[ PULL ]:  sender  pulls  receivers  hair.
[ HICKEY ]:  sender  gives  receiver  a  hickey.
[ TRAIL ]:  sender  leaves  a  trail  of  kisses  down  receivers  stomach.
[ HIPS ]:  sender  pulls  receiver  in  closer  by  the  hips.
[ KNEES ]:  sender  lowers  themselves  to  their  knees.
[ STRIPTEASE ]:  sender  teasingly  strips  their  clothes.
[ STRIP ]:  sender  undresses  sender.
[ GRIND ]:  sender  grinds  on  receivers  thigh.
[ ORAL ]:  sender  goes  down  on  receiver.
[ PASSENGER ]:  sender  touches  receiver  while  sender  is  driving.
[ DRIVER ]:  sender  goes  down  on  /  touches  receiver  while  receiver  is  driving.
[ OVERSTIMULATED ]:  sender  repeatedly  making  receiver  orgasm.
[ PUBLIC ]:  sender  and  receiver  have  sex  somewhere  public.
[ CAR ]:  sender  and  receiver  have  sex  in  a  car.
[ CONTROL ]:  sender  is  riding  receiver  and  receiver  takes  control  by  guiding  their  hips.
[ SHY ]:  sender  covers  their  face  and  receiver  moves  their  hands  away.
[ EYES ]:  sender  makes  receiver  look  them  in  the  eyes.
[ BEG ]:  sender  begs  receiver  to  touch  /  fuck  them.
[ MORNING ]:  sender  wakes  receiver  up  with  sex.
[ STRADDLE ]:  sender  sits  in  receivers  lap  to  tease  them.
[ CAMERA ]:  sender  records  receiver.
[ RECORD ]:  sender  is  recorded  by  receiver.
[ MOUTH ]:  sender  puts  their  fingers  into  receivers  mouth.
[ LOVE ]:  sender  tells  receiver  they  love  them  during.
[ PUSH ]:  sender  pushes  receiver  onto  bed.
“ you  look  so  pretty  like  this.  “
“ i  want  to  spend  all  night  learning  every  sound  you  make. “
“ let  me  take  care  of  you. “
“ i’m  not  wearing  any  underwear  right  now. “
“ you’re  really  good  at  that. “
“ god,  you’re  so  wet  /  hard  .... “
“ i  think  about  you  when  i  touch  myself. “
“ tell  me  what  you  want. “
“ please  touch  /  fuck  me. “
“ i  love  teasing  you. “
“ touch  yourself  for  me. “
“ i  get  so  wet  /  hard  around  you. “
“ get  on  your  knees. “
“ you’re  such  a  tease. “
“ tell  me  you’re  mine. “
“ i’m  yours. “
“ i  want  you  to  cum  for  me. “
“ i  want  you  to  cum  in  me. “
“ i’ll  be  good,  i  promise. “
“ you’re  doing  so  good  for  me. “
“ you  feel  so  good. “
“ you  sound  so  pretty  when  you  moan. “
“ i  could  be  your  toy. “
“ fuck  me  like  you  love  me. “
“ i’m  gonna  cum- “
“ i  just  want  to  feel  something. “
“ i  wanna  be  on  top  this  time. “
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poohsources · 2 months
❛  are we actually doing the right thing?  ❜ ❛  are you bleeding?  ❜ ❛  are you even sorry?  ❜ ❛  are you still mad at me?  ❜ ❛  are you sure you’re gonna be okay on your own?  ❜ ❛  can’t we just be friends again?  ❜ ❛  can we pretend this never happened?  ❜ ❛  can you help me with this?  ❜ ❛  didn’t you listen to what i just said?  ❜ ❛  did you ever even love me?  ❜ ❛  don’t you believe me?  ❜ ❛  do you trust me?  ❜ ❛  do you understand what that means?  ❜ ❛  do you want to talk about it?  ❜ ❛  haven’t you heard the news?  ❜ ❛  have you ever cared about anyone other than yourself?  ❜ ❛  how did you do that?  ❜ ❛  how will i ever be able to repay you?  ❜ ❛  is it my fault?  ❜ ❛  is there anything i can do for you?  ❜ ❛  was all of this just a lie?  ❜ ❛  we’re gonna survive this, right?  ❜ ❛  what are you doing here?  ❜ ❛  what do you want from me?  ❜ ❛  what have you done to them?  ❜ ❛  what makes you think i’m going to help you?  ❜ ❛  when was the last time you ate something?  ❜ ❛  when will it stop?  ❜ ❛  when will you ever grow up?  ❜ ❛  where were you last night?  ❜ ❛  who did this to you?  ❜ ❛  who the hell are you?  ❜ ❛  why can’t you just let it go?  ❜ ❛  why didn’t you tell me sooner?  ❜ ❛  why did you leave me?  ❜ ❛  why don’t you come home with me?  ❜ ❛  why would you do something like that?  ❜ ❛  will you call me when you got there safely?  ❜ ❛  will you please tell me what happened?  ❜ ❛  will you stop doing that?  ❜
Tumblr media
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contrafictory · 9 months
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soulmemes · 2 months
as requested by a very wonderful, very dear, very lovely friend! i hope you all enjoy using these as much as i enjoyed writing them! i honestly found these so nice and therapeutic to write tho like oml i cannot get over it! DO NOT ADD TO THIS LIST PLEASE! 
“ oh, i knew you could do it! i’m so proud of you! “
“ i’m thinking of doing a movie/game night at my place, if you wanna join in? “
“ how many mugs of coffee have you had today?! that’s enough, now, you go take a nap before you buzz through the ceiling! “
“ i’ll send you the recipe, if you like! but, in the same breath, you should know that i really don’t mind continuing to cook this for you; it’s no trouble at all, really! “
“ are you sure there isn’t anything i can do to help you in the kitchen? “
“ come on in! take a seat! i’ll fix you up a plate, there’s more than enough to go around! “
“ why don’t you spend the night here? really, it’s no trouble to fix up the guest room, and we have plenty of spare pajamas and toiletries if that’s what’s bothering you! “
“ look, i get the whole lone wolf thing, trust me, i do. but... you do understand that there’ll always be a place here for you, don’t you? that door is always open to you, no matter what. that’s a promise. “
“ why don’t i make you a cup of tea, and you can tell me all about it? “
“ [NAME]? hey, hey, hey, what’s the matter? are you okay? what’s wrong? oh, come here... “
“ jeez, i don’t even wanna know how you got that battle wound there; sit down and let me fix it up, won’t you? “
“ hey, stranger! it’s been a minute, huh? what’ve you been up to? how have you been? hell, where have you been? “
“ now, now, don’t be silly; put that wallet away. i invited you out for dinner, so i’ll pay the bill, right? you can get the next one! “
“ hey, you didn’t order anything! don’t worry about it, huh? here, take half my sandwich; i can never finish the damn thing, anyway, you’re really doing me the favor! and there’s coffee in that flask, so help yourself to that, too! i’ve been trying to cut back, anyhow. “
“ hey, i know it’s really late, but... i didn’t know who else to call. “
“ everything’s gonna be okay, i promise. just tell me where you are, okay? and i’ll come and get you right this second. “
“ well, we have to celebrate your good news! what’s your favorite dinner? oh, and cake! we can’t have a decent celebration without cake, right? “
“ hey, hey, it’s okay, relax. i’m not about to nag you for skipping out on curfew, alright? have you eaten anything? because i saved you a plate, and it’s in the oven if you want it. “
“ now, now, none of that self-hate talk! we all have bad days, right? we all mess up sometimes and make silly mistakes. but it doesn’t matter at the end of the day; it just makes the good days all the better! “
“ guess who has an extra ticket for the concert this weekend! wanna come with me? they’re practically front row! “
“ you’re still coming over for dinner tonight, right? “
“ hey! what are your plans for the holidays? because, if you didn’t have any, i have an offer for you! or an open invitation! “
“ did you do something different with your hair? it looks amazing! “
“ oh my god, where have you been?! i was so worried about you! are you okay? did you get hurt?! “
“ we should go out tonight! come on, you can ransack my wardrobe if you like! i have a friend who’s the bouncer at that new night club, they can get us in for free! “
“ i made you some breakfast, if you’re hungry? it’s your favorite! unless you’ve got a new favorite, in which case... “
“ don’t forget to take an umbrella! “
“ let me know when you get there so i know you’re safe, okay? “
“ i watched that show you recommended last week! it was so good! can you believe that season finale, though? “
“ rough night, huh? i know that feeling. here, help yourself; the coffee is fresh, and the waffles are pretty damn good today, if i do say so myself! “
“ i knew you’d forget yours, so i brought extra. go ahead, help yourself! “
“ you’re welcome to stay for as long as you like. what’s mine is yours, okay? you don’t need to ask permission, just take whatever you want. “
“ you should get some sleep, okay? my room is just down the hall if you need anything. “
“ you don’t need to be so polite around here, you know! help yourself; i don’t bite! “
“ hey now, never apologize for feeling emotions, okay? humans are meant to feel all this stuff, no matter how good or bad the feelings are. besides; shoulders are built to be cried on! “
“ you should keep that sweater! it looks much better on you than it does on me; brings out your eyes! “
“ i never realized you could cook! the apron suits you very nicely! “
“ if you don’t have any plans this weekend, we should do something together! “
“ remember, if you want to leave early, just call me and i’ll come get you, okay? “
“ would you come on in inside out of that rain?! you’ll catch your death! “
“ don’t worry about it, okay? no apologies necessary; just breathe, everything’s good. “
“ it’s okay! no use crying over spilt milk, am i right? fetch me that mop and i’ll clean it up; you should find a clean shirt in the third drawer in my room, too! “
“ here, grab a plate; i made your favorite, and there’s more than enough for you to have seconds and take home a tonne of leftovers, too! “
“ would you mind setting the table for me while i finish up in the kitchen? “
“ you want some hot cocoa before you go to bed? i’m more than happy to have one with you; not to praise myself or anything, but my hot cocoa is the best in town! “
“ you did it! oh, congratulations! quick, i’m gonna fetch the sparkling cider, and then i’ll book a table somewhere fancy; we’re going to celebrate in style! “
“ oh god, you’re burning up a fever, you poor thing! here, lie down, let’s get you some water and a nice cool cloth, huh? “
“ how are you feeling? i thought you might be hungry, so i made some tea and toast. “
“ i thought i might find you out here... this must be your favorite spot, huh? it’s nice! “
“ how are you? and be real with me, now; i can tell when you’re not being honest with me. you’ve got a tell. “
“ figured you might be needing an extra blanket in this weather. you mind if i sit with you for a while? “
“ let’s go for a walk, huh? i know this place that does the best coffee you’ll ever have! “
“ i can’t believe you’ve never seen this movie before! we have to fix this immediately; you get the popcorn, i’ll order in the pizza and get the tv set up. “
“ wow... that pun was so awful, it actually became good again. nicely done! “
“ i know you have that meeting today, so i thought i’d come wish you luck. and give you my lucky socks! “
“ hey! i hope you’re hungry, i spared you some waffles and pancakes from breakfast this morning! “
“ maybe you’re not ready to talk just now. but i want you to know that, whenever you are, my door is always open to you. understand? “
“ i’m not here to say i told you so, don’t worry. i’m not that cruel. i’m just here to comfort my friend. “
“ you’re here so often, i figured it was about time you had your very own mug! “
“ do you mind if i put you down as my emergency contact? “
“ you should move in with me! i have a spare room, the rent is cheap, it’s closer to work... i mean, only if you want to, but i’m very much in favor of this! “
“ i know that things haven’t been easy for you lately, so... i was thinking, maybe we could plan a little vacation together? “
“ pull the car over, alright? you can get some sleep in the back seat, and i’ll take over the driving. “
“ woah, woah, woah... slow it down a few miles, huh? what’s going on? where’s the fire? “
“ do you want a hug? i give some really good hugs; i nearly got voted the best hug-giver in the continent, once! come on, you know you want to! “
“ hey! so i’m after having a really crappy day. you wanna get take-out and watch a movie at my place tonight? “
“ i remember you saying you didn’t like this ingredient last time, so i fixed you up something else. “
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magnolias-court · 9 months
Misc. Ask Meme
❣️ - What are their love languages? 🌙 - What’s their sleep schedule like? 🎁 - How do they feel about their birthday/birthdays in general? 🧑‍🦰 - Have they ever dyed their hair? Ever cut it themself? 🍷- How do they feel about alcohol? 🗣️ - How do they handle public speaking? 🎮 - What’s their favorite game? 💓 - What are some signs they’ve fallen for someone? How do they show their affection? 🤡 - What’s something dumb they’re embarrassed about? 🌱 - Do they have a green thumb or are they a plant killer? 📱 - What social media do they use the most? 👪 - What’s their relationship with their parents like? 🐒 - What’s their favorite animal? 🧳 - What countries have they been to? 🤔 - What’s something they’ll never understand? 🎨 - What’s their favorite color? ☂️ - How do they feel about rain? 🎶 - What’s a song they really like? 🖌️ - Do they have any hobbies? 💤 - What do they absolutely need to have to fall asleep? 🎢 - Do they like amusement parks? What’s their favorite ride? 🗺️ - What languages do they speak? 🍳 - How well can they cook? 🍪 - How well can they bake? 💘 - What do they find attractive about their partner(s)? 👗 - How comfortable would they be wearing a skirt or dress? 💝 - What gestures do they really appreciate? How do you get on their good side? ☕ - Coffee or tea? 💀 - How do they feel about horror movies? 🧸 - Do they have any stuffed animals? If so, are they decorative or do they sleep with them? 💖 - How and how often do they try to impress their partner(s)? How and how often do their partner(s) impress them? 🍽️ - What’s their favorite food? 🧑‍🍼 - How do they feel about kids? 🐾 - Do they have any pets? 💬 - What are some filler/buffer words they use? (Like, um, etc.) 🏳️‍🌈 - What do they identify as? What are their pronouns? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 - Do they have any siblings? 🥰 - What pet names do their partner(s) use for them? How flustered do they get by them? 🌳 - What’s their extended family like? 🎲 - Pick a random question to answer from this list.
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classsymemes · 6 months
starter call ,     feel  free  to  combine  multiple  prompts !
send  😊  for  a  happy  starter .
send  🙁  for  a  sad  starter .
send  🙌  for  an  excited  starter .
send  💢  for  an  angry  starter .
send  🌷  for  a  soft  starter .
send  😝  for  a  silly  starter .
send  💬  for  an  angsty  starter .
send  💀  for  a  violent  starter .
send  🌹  for  a  romantic  starter .
send  🔞  for  a  sexual  starter .
send  👼  for  a  comforting  starter .
send  👿  for  a  threatening  starter .
send  💥  for  an  argumentative  starter .
send  ⚔️  for  an  action  starter .
send  💋  for  a  flirty  starter .
send  ❤️  for  a  loving  starter .
send  🔪  for  a  hostile  starter .
send  👁️  for  an  envious  starter .
send  ❗  for  a  frightened  starter .
send  🩹  for  an  injured  /  sick  starter .
send  ⚠️  for  an  urgent  starter .
send  🥂  for  a  celebratory  starter .
send  👫  for  a  reunion  starter .
send  💤  for  a  lazy  starter .
send  🛡️  for  a  protective  starter .
send  🏠  for  a  domestic  starter .
send  🔥  for  an  intimate  starter .
send  ☂️  for  a  weather  based  starter .
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leneemusing · 9 months
❝  you need someone.  let me be that person.  let me be what you need.  ❞
❝  look,  i dunno if i’m the kind of person you need or even want right now.  but i’m looking around and i’m the only one who’s here.  ❞
❝  i never realized how much i needed you until you were the one person who wasn’t there.  ❞
❝  you asked me once,  if i would ever take a chance on us...maybe that ship sailed.  but.  ask me again?  sometime— doesn’t have to be today.  maybe tomorrow just.  ask me again.  ❞
❝  i know i can’t protect you from everything,  but i wish you’d let me protect you from the things i can control.  ❞
❝  i used to have so much faith.  maybe not in deities or something but,  in the world.  the universe.  i believed their was a purpose to it all.  i’m not sure when i lost that.  ❞
❝  have you ever had something...missing?  like something just doesn’t feel right inside you but you don’t know what it is.  ❞
❝  sometimes,  i just need the world to be beautiful.  i know how dark and ugly it can be but i just want to see something good and focus only on it for a few minutes.  ❞
❝  i was sort’ve hoping you needed me.  is that selfish?  ❞
❝  people need someone to see them for what they are and not just see it but accept it.  i want to be that person for anyone i can...but it can be so suffocating to be that person and also remain unseen.  ❞
❝  sometimes i feel i’m being crushed under the weight of everything i’ll never be.  ❞
❝  you’re looking at me but you’re not seeing me.  do you know how that feels?  just see me.  please.  ❞
❝  i want to deserve you.  i’m trying to deserve you.  ❞
❝  i know i fucked up.  i know i did but don’t shut me out anymore.  let me in.  please let in.  ❞
❝  every time you smile at me,  i memorize it.  i remember each moment that i get to be the one to bring out that light inside you.  no matter what happens between us,  that’s what i’ll remember.   ❞
❝  i can’t help but think there’s got to be something out there for me,  somewhere.  just some place where i actually feel like i belong.  ❞ 
❝  the world is so big.  why do i never feel like i fit into it?  ❞
❝  when i’m with you i feel like myself.  i feel like every side of me is present and accepted.  and i feel good about it—  i feel good about who i am when i’m with you.  ❞
❝  do you like me?  i know you love me.  i know you care about me but.  do you like who i am?  ❞
❝  i want to look in the mirror one day and not feel uncomfortable with my own reflection.  ❞
❝  just take my hand and close your eyes.  pretend we’re anywhere else but here.  ❞
❝  so,  what would you be?  if you had to power to change all the things making you unhappy,  what would your life look like?  ❞
❝  do you even know what it does to me?  every time i see you cry,  any time you’re hurt even the smallest bit it just— do you realize how deeply you’ve imbedded yourself into my heart?  ❞
❝  i don’t feel like a whole person without you anymore.  i don’t fucking care if anyone else would say about that.  you’re part of who i am now.  the most important piece of me.  ❞
❝  every time you walk away you take another piece of me with you.  ❞
❝  i’m only really living in the moments when we’re together.  the rest is just existing until you look at me again.  ❞
❝  it feels like there’s a string around my heart and it’s connected to you.  everywhere you go you’re just tugging me behind,  pulling me towards you.  ❞
❝  you’ve got me in the palm of your hands.  you could crush me and i would still thank you for touching me at all.  ❞
❝  i no longer know where i end and you begin.  you’ve wound yourself around my soul so tightly,  you’re all i feel anymore.  ❞
❝  you’ve stolen my heart,  the least you could do is tell me what you intend to do with it.  ❞
❝  i don’t have perfect words.  i’m not the kind of person who knows how to sound poetic and shit.  so all i know what to tell you is that i belong to you.  i don’t know if you want me.  but i’m yours.  and at this point however it is you need me,  i’m here.  ❞
❝  you’re the only thing that matters anymore.  i can’t eat,  i can’t sleep—  all the goddamn cliches from every stupid movie and song.  you’re all i think about.  i’m useless except when i’m yours.  ❞
❝  i haven’t stopped thinking about the way you laugh.  i’m hoping i’ll get to hear it again.  ❞
❝  when your eyes are on me,  i feel like something worth seeing.  ❞
❝  just let me look at you for a little bit.  ❞
❝  i would do anything for you.  all my lines and rules.  they mean nothing when it comes to you.  it’d cross and break them all just to make you happy.  ❞
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