skeletoninthemelonland · a day ago
Mr Springtrap rabbit man, do you have a wife.
Tumblr media
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jasontoddsguns · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
POV: I mention that I’m a happy cheerful woman to any of my followers.
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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charnelhouse · 2 days ago
Me seeing ppl all 😍 about Ghost calling Red “duchess”:
Lloyd said it to 33 first
Also Will Miller said it to Faire in WYS
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how do i find a replacement stim for running around the house because i constantly wake everyone up with that and i would like to stim without doing that lol
Hi there,
I found a helpful article from Medical News Today that explains different types of stimming. I’ll share some that the article listed:
Auditory stimming
Auditory stimming uses the person’s sense of hearing and sound. It may include behaviors such as:
vocal sounds, such as humming
tapping on objects or ears, covering and uncovering ears, and finger-snapping
repetitive speech
Tactile stimming
Tactile stimming uses the person’s sense of touch. It may include behaviors such as:
skin-rubbing or scratching with the hands or objects
hand movements, such as opening and closing one’s fists
Visual stimming
Visual stimming uses a person’s sense of sight. It may include repetitive behaviors such as:
staring or gazing at objects, such as ceiling fans or lights
repetitive blinking or turning lights on and off
moving fingers in front of the eyes
eye tracking or peering from the corners of the eyes
object placement, such as lining up objects
Vestibular stimming
Vestibular stimming uses a person’s sense of movement and balance. It may include repetitive behaviors such as:
rocking front to back or side to side
Olfactory or taste stimming
Olfactory and taste stimming use a person’s sense of smell and taste. They may include repetitive behaviors such as:
sniffing or smelling people or objects
tasting objects by placing them in the mouth
The link to this article will here if you’d like to read it entirely.
Thanks for the inbox. I hope you have a great day/night. ❤️
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jack-o-phantom · 2 days ago
Just wanted to say you are so big brain for having the DAs have part of each other’s color pallet. Shit is so pleasing to look at
I am so glad I did the redesign, so thank you!! Gotta love complementary colours with these two
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starshinerush · 2 days ago
can i ask for some of your fave f1 blogs?
ooh okay so i admittedly don't follow a lot of people and just look through driver tags like they're the morning paper to keep my tl readable so i'll be missing a lot of names, BUT from those who i do follow⤵
(i don't know if the tags work? if they do hope you guys don't mind the tags!)
f1 stats, info, etc, all in one, very very handy blog saved me a lot lol @race-week
for really cute, doodle-y fanart with soft colours @storm3326, @chewispodium, @nikitajelawat
mainly-charles-but-also-some-others blogs (some rpf and edits mixed in there too)! @leqclerc, @mssr-monagato, @finalgirlcharlesleclerc, @c2stan
<3 yuki <3 @tsuchansworld, @yukeycardtsunoda
lewis blogs! @l8tof1, @wejustvibing
edits @sebastidanforever
for fics if you're into that (plus they're genuinely really funny and sweet. i enjoy seeing whoever i follow on my tl but these are special) @kodzubear, @lightsoutsainz, @micks-afterglow, @dankeseb-2022 (previously meteor-lights, i think.), @f1letters, @sainzfilm
(please do note i'm anti rbr so these blogs will more often than not share the same sentiment)
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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heavens-siren · 2 days ago
My dude pulling up one day like
Tumblr media Tumblr media
totally dude
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Idk if anyone remembers a couple years ago but a candle at target went viral bc it smelled like Harry styles cologne. that same candle brand I think, it’s called threshold or something like that, had this amber and bergamot candle that I imagine smells just like Minho. That brand has just about all of the pack’s scents maybe except for noona and Chan I’m not sure
Omg I totally remember that. Holy shit. I forgot about that. XD
You're the best.
Here's some links to various candles I found that seem the closest to some of the scents! <3
Wisteria and Pine
Petrichor (2)
Vanilla Bergamot
Amber Bergamot
Wood Smoke
Citron Honey
Lemon Loaf
Citrus Grove
Vanilla Buttercream
Fresh Laundry
Clean Linen
Tangerine Ginger
BigLots Ginger and Citrus
Cinnamon Beignet
Warm Bread
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theresacorpseinthisbed · a day ago
wish u would stop spreading transgenderism. it is a mental illness. /srs (in case u need tone indicators)
i will continue spreading transgenderism like i spread my cheeks for trans dick. hope this helps!
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artemispt · a day ago
kinda feel like carlos following lando.jpg is him being like 'if he posts us i wanna know asap' but also i imagine lando shows him all the photos he's taken before he posts them and now they're not in the same place as much, following lando.jpg let's him see the photos as if they were together??
I just have one thing to say about your theory:
“following lando.jpg let's him see the photos as if they were together” 😭 Him sitting on his sofa scrolling through lando.jpg guffawing with the “he got moves ya know” (and Pierre pic 😅).
Does Carlos miss Lando over the winter? Absolutely 🥺
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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itsalola07 · 2 days ago
Ok, but if Jer and Sal were Pokemon trainers, their mains would be Gengar and Crefable.
Absolutely. I mean .. it's perfect.
Tumblr media
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skeletoninthemelonland · a day ago
Ballora, but in your Springdad style??
what about all the Funtimes in the au's style?
Tumblr media
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jasontoddsguns · 2 days ago
Why do you think Dick gets so much more sexualized than other characters?
DC forgets that over-sexualizing men is just as bad as over-sexualizing women.
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charnelhouse · 11 hours ago
charnie i got inspired by your ghost tat fic so i drew him w my oc
her code name is snowflake
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shes a lil crybaby 😭😭😭😭😭😭❄️❄️❄️❄️
Omg this is incredible!! I’m speechless. You are so SO talented.
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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To all who want get a diagnosis for autism. I suggest to go to a psychologist and ask for the battery of tests. It’s called the Minnesota multi-phasic something, can’t remember off hand, but the letters are MMPI, the tests lasts several hours, usually broken in to several sessions. They will write a report on their findings. In it there will be the testers observations and various other things. Good luck
Good suggestion @adhd-autism
I appreciate this advice and I’ll post this so others can see. Thanks again. Have a lovely day/night❤️
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sldghmmr · 2 months ago
you are a disgusting little whore for objectifying and sexualising hardworking athletic men like you do, go to hell
daily affirmations
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