prozdvoices · a day ago
open verse challenge
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for-lovely-things · 2 days ago
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I made this lil prompt list to celebrate our lil V's! Don't bother with order or with completing it strictly over the spawn of October, it's maximum lazy list.
If you make anything tag this account and I'll reblog! Have fun!
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malorymzkmelliloquent · a day ago
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moonlightmidtone · 2 days ago
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I forgot to post this on tumblr 😩
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muriti · 19 hours ago
Челленж инктобер, тема: горгулья.
Challenge inktober, theme: gargoyle.
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ianandmickeygallavich · a day ago
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Gallatober: A Challenge
This is a challenge for myself but it is totally open to anyone else who wants to take part! Everyday in October I will be sharing a fic or art rec based on either something kinky (for Kinktober) or something spooky/Halloween themed (for Spooktober) or autumn/fall themed (because it’s that time of year!).
So it will be 31 days of Gallavich recs - I’m going to share some of my all time favourites but also try and find some new favourites by searching ao3 and tumblr for Gallavich creations which are kinky, spooky, Halloween or autumn/fall themed.
If anyone else wants to take part, please do! Feel free to use the above banner if you like or get in touch and I’ll make you one! This is totally casual so if you don’t feel like you can share 31 recs but still want to share a few, please do!
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rosiesworkshop · 2 hours ago
Hey angels, quick announcement:
I'll be making an official "the void" google document, it will guarantee, you're enter to the void, if you follow all the steps (this is important!! follow the steps!) <3.
I will make all affirmation tapes tomorrow or the day after loves <3
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wecandoit · 2 days ago
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#readingwithlunlun day four:
—what is your favourite genre and trope to read?
contemporary fiction :)
pages read: 80 pc: Breasts and Eggs by Meiko Kawakami, pp. 249. p.s: extremely sorry for being irregular with these posts i just felt uncomfortable posting on days that i haven't actually read anything, hope you don't mind
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an-experienced-gentleman · 2 days ago
You won't get away so easily.
Six Sexy Words
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its-me-bitch69 · a day ago
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Hmm too go to work or not go to work…
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axelmedellin · 2 days ago
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Daily drawing 29 sep 2022
Autumn, from @karolinepietrowski dtiys challente
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blvdcharms · 15 hours ago
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First day of AzzyTober!!! The lil goat boi from Undertale ^^
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senoleaf · 3 months ago
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this is my entry for @narsh-poptarts 's dtiys!! congrats for 1.5 k followers! :)
i couldn't decide on one filter, so here's my three favorites!
here's the original by narsh!
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ruubesz-draws · 5 months ago
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It was fun challenge back in 2020
Tumblr media
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kaportka · 6 months ago
Today, become somebody else.
Just for one day, become whoever you want to be.
Think new thoughts. Speak different words. Act in a new way.
Just one day.
When you change your habits, you change your personality.
When you change your personality, your whole life shifts.
One day. You can do this.
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kaayxshay · a month ago
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So i just came up with this challenge bc i’ve seen so many people making challenges like 48 hr challenge, 24 hrs challenge and ofc the 3 day challenge.
so i said why not make a challenge where u manifest your desires instantly instead of 24 hrs or 3 days.
so with this challenge all you have to do is affirm you get your desire instantly, ima give y’all affirmations but you can also just use your own and ofc change them to fit you.
i have all of my desires right now
i have everything i want right now
i manifest anything i want instantly
and you can add “because i said so” at the end i if you want to, adding this at the end makes the affirmation feel even more powerful.
i like blanket affirmations better but if you want ofc u can say specific affirmations like “i have my desired nose instantly or this instant” whatever fits you.
1. Persist!!!, no matter what the 3D shows, u need to continue to persist in your affirmations, and your circumstances don’t matter.
2. Don’t check confirmation in the 3D, the 3D cannot change unless you change your mindset. so whenever u get the urge to react or start doubting because you don’t see any movement in the 3D or the 3D shows the opposite, PERSIST with your affirmations.
3. DO NOT GIVE UP, it’s crazy that some of you guys actually give up in law of assumption but just know you’re always manifesting just on autopilot and if you continue to think those same usual thoughts then your reality will never change, so why not consciously manifest instead of just letting your mind think whatever it wants.
4. Mental diet, keep your thoughts in check all day, yes it’s ok to go back to the old story sumtimes we’re human but don’t dwell in it. revise that you didn’t or just affirm the new story. your dominant thought should be of you having your desire. so flip those negative thoughts as much as you can.
If you do this challenge pls send your results i would love to hear your success stories.
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2soulscollide · 2 months ago
hey! today i bring you guys a kinda hard challenge. so, how does it work? idk
basically, all you have to do is to follow the grid (each square corresponds to a day), and by the end of it you have written about 11k words of your new novel. sounds fun, right? oh, exhausting, too...
the main goal is to speed up a little and help you get started on your new book (like when you have an idea and reallyyy want to start developing it but have zero motivation).
if you want to share daily (or once in a while) updates about how this challenge is working for you, feel free to use #30soulscollide or tag me in your post! i'd love to hear some feedback from you guys about this and please let me know if you'd like something like this in the future! <3
the challenge (image):
maybe you want a list? here you go:
write a summary of your novel / idea
draft the main character(s)
write a paragraph about each relationship
draft the side characters
brainstorm dramatic events and plot twists
define the narrator & tense
draft the world / environment
create a playlist (now we're done with the plot)
write a summary of act 1
write a summary of act 2
revise your characters & settings
write a summary of act 3
list all the events in your story (in order)
write a paragraph for each chapter (act 1)
write a paragraph for each chapter (act 2)
write a paragraph for each chapter (act 3)
write 800 words
write 900 words
write 700 words
write 1k words
write 800 words
write 500 words
write 1k words
write 700 words
write 900 words
write 1k words
write 600 words
write 800 words
write 1k words
write 900 words
i really hope you like this challenge and that you find it useful. also, i am working on a new notion template (i might post it by the end of this week or next week!) stay tuned <3
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