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thinking about libraries genuinely makes me want to cry. like that is the pinnacle of humanity right there. we love learning things for their own sake, and we want you to learn it too, in a quiet little place so you can build your own world. the only thing missing is a soup kitchen
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reader is a character on st since season one and on season 4 she is Eddies love interest and the have like a sex scene to film and after they do it both reader and Joe have like a sexual tension and something like that
(i cant describe things i’m sorry, i hope you could understand)
author's note: i'm hearing you loud and clear sweetie hehe! i tried my best to get your idea and thoughts into one bubble so please forgive me if this wasn't what you wanted - i'm not really great at writing when it comes to intercourse or explicit stuff like that haha! i really tried 
pairing: joseph quinn x gn! reader
warnings: intercourse/smut, strong language, lowercase letters, consensual s*x, fluff
summary: joseph and y/n’s character have a shagging scene but in real life there’s more into their love life.
abbrevations: y/c/n - your character’s name
Tumblr media
 you never thought you would actually start off your career with playing a beloved character in stranger things from season one until up the latest one. your character was the charismatic, enthuiastic and lovely cousin of the wheelers, (choose the first name you like for your character) wheeler. your show’s individual had lived through all the slander of upside down - the demogorgons, the mind flayer and now in season four - vecna. you had grown so much as a character and also as a person in real life. the stranger things team had given you chance to see the world and show what you love to do - enjoy your job and communicating with people.
on season four, there was a new character introduced - edward “eddie” “the freak” munson, an eccentric hawkins high school student and president of hawkins high's dungeons & dragons-themed "hellfire club" which your character was also part of. in the beginning, (y/c/n) thought it was some kind of a banter club that fancied some weird arse monsters and shite but the more you got into it, the more you started to like it. being part of that club, obviously, meant that you got to be friends with mike’s mates - dustin and lucas, and of course, eddie himself. the tension between you and eddie started to grow each year and you were pretty certain that your character had developed some other feelings towards him.
additionally, eddie and y/c/n had made it official in season four and they became love interests because the duffer brothers wanted eddie to have some fucking rest as well. they also wanted your character and joe’s role to have some intimate moments and then boom - they made you have a fucking sex scene! you had never done this before, ever during your acting career.
before the sex scene happened, you requested to have a chat with joseph himself. he nodded and you both went to his trailer. you both sat down and you took a very deep breath in and let out the heaviest sigh.
you groaned to yourself: “so, this scene…shall we talk about it?”
joe looked at you, nodding, and responding to you: “yeah, sure! i assume that’s your first time doing this kind of setting of performance?”
you crumpled your nose and look at the script. you weren’t really sure what to expect or to do. you tried your best to explain yourself and everything, not even noticing that joe was looking at you a bit worryingly. you stuttered a bit: “i guess it’s just about the consent between you and me. please forgive me if i talk shit because this is absolutely nervewrecking for me and i’m honestly losing my shit - i know it’s not like a proper shagging scene but it has to be portrayed as.”
he was looking at you in an awe, being absolutely mesmerised by your maturity. he added: “i’m definitely understanding when it comes to consent and i am giving mine to you only if you are okay with it.”
you nodded and gave your affirmation and consent to do it. your heart was throbbing way too fast and the butterflies in your stomach did not make the situation any better. but you were certain that you could feel safe and sound with and around joseph. you hugged him tenderly and told him that you were ready to make the performance happen. 
“it is what it is,” you thought to yourself. the whole world, including your parents in a different country, will be able to see your messy, but hot scene of having a shag with very handsome man who is joseph quinn. 
after the sweaty and god-damn fucking sensual takes of you and joe’s character having an intercourse, you got an outstanding applause for it for some odd fucking reason. you were some sort of glad it was finished but part of you wanted more from it. you felt like there was actual sexual tension between you and joe, the one you have never felt before. your ex never really made you feel like that and you believe joe had pushed and pressed the button in you. 
you thanked everyone on the filming spot for being supportive and not judging, giving a little bow down and wave, you made back to your trailer where you had a refreshing shower. getting out of the shower cubicle, you organised and packed your stuff for tomorrow’s shooting. the need of having your trailer organised and cleaned for the next day was a must for you. you couldn’t handle arriving to a messy work place, it was an ick for you.
whilst you were putting your personal stuff into your handbag, you heard soft rhythm knock on your trailer’s door. 
“who is it?” you asked.
“it’s joe,” he responsed in a chuckle.
“oh, come in! the door is open!” you invited him, closing your handbag’s lock.
he popped in, closing the door and gasped a bit. then he said: “listen, i know it’s coming out of nowhere and i don’t believe it myself i’m going to say it, “ you turned to him and listened him, smiling, “but ever since we met on the first day around the reading table and after in the shooting complex, i have realised that i am yearning for you every day and i have come to the terms that i have fallen for you. i know, y/n, i will certainly understand if the feeling is not mutual but-”
you shushed him hastily, not letting him finish his sentence on purpose.
“joe, i’m going to stop you right there,” you responded abruptly, joe trying to mumble the last few words from his sentence but you put your index finger on his lips. “you have no idea how much i have wanted to hear this. it has been absolutely lifting to keep this in me as well and i couldn’t be more delighted to hear this coming from you!”
you swifted your finger away from his mouth and placed your own lips on his. it was all so sudden and you felt like you were entering the heaven itself. joe grabbed your waist and nudged you to the edge of the table where all the makeup products go. he slipped his tongue on yours and let it passionately swirl with your tongue. taking off his t-shirt, he unzipped your dress that you had only put on a few minutes ago. he broke the sensual make out session and studied the beautiful figure of yours before teasing your front upper of body.
“you are so beautiful, y/n,” he whispered. his tongue did wonders around the aroused nipples of yours. you felt that you had already become pretty wet down there and you sensed that you needed to feel him inside quicker than ever before.
you relinquished him from your torso and moaned his name. “joe, i want-, i need you inside me now!” 
the devoir of love, warmth and lush inside was skyrocketing. joe nodded, unzipping his trousers. but he wanted to make sure that you were actually okay with it. you gave your premission and also said that you were on an implant, so it was go-go!
he spat on his right hand to make his shaft more wetter before inserting it through your pudenda. you were metaphorically begging on your knees for him to slide inside you so you could be at ease but it felt like it was joe’s purpose to make you more eager and built up even more lust in you both. finally, he pushed his phallus in you and joe started to thrust slowly to needle you longer. he speeds up with every movement, you holding tightly onto his arm and trying to catch a breath.
joe holds your neck with one of his arm, the other helping to pull your waist to help the sexual movement to go on. he kisses you in between the hip thrusts, not letting you go and telling sweet nothings. 
“fuck, y/n, this feels so amazing!” he moans between the words and after each word, his breathing cresendos. he felt so caring at the same time while pounding harder inside you. the pleasure you felt was something you haven’t felt for ages and you craved for love making like that. with each hard pounding inside you started to reach the very high of you. you enjoyed every second and moment of this, so did joe.
joe looked at you and moved you closer to his body. you began to feel coming to your beginning of orgasm.
“joe, i’m about to co-” you moaned and screamed powerfully.
“hold on tight, princess,” he sped up even more, banging into you even harder, making your thighs go numb from the bliss. “i’m co-o-o-m-,”
you came a bit earlier than joe but his warm liquid was filling up your down part of body and the drops of his “cum” was dripping out from your “nether yee” part. his moans were ecstatic. your whole body was shaking from the hardcore shag and orgasm which felt so euphoric to you. joe helped you clean up the mess. the felicity in him never felt better and he was certain that he wanted to take this to new level with you. he assisted with zipping back your dress behind your back and gave little kisses on your shoulders. the affection from joe endured your mood and feelings.
you said: “i want this to last forever,” you glanced at yourself and joe in the mirror, his hands around your body, his face nuzzled on your neck.
“we can make it happen if you let me take this to next stage,” he placed tiny smooches on your cheek, neck and behind the ears.
you closed your eyes to take in this moment and gently stated: “i will absolutely love that, mister quinn.”
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LaVar Burton, pilot episode of Reading Rainbow, 1983
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Cosy sunny autumn mornings in our flat 🤎
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The Esteban Echeverría Public Library
© Travefotografia
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01.03.22, tuesday
have I once again backed myself into the "u have 4 hours 'till the deadline and u haven't even started" corner? yes. yes I have. Have I lost all drops of motivation and the fucks I give ? also yes.
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By lulumoonowlbooks
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01.10.2022 It is October once more and the dark academia study aesthetic vibes are here.
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Instagram credit: not.so.well.read
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Could you write a Joseph one where you are part of Stranger Things cast but unlike Joseph, you are since season 2. Then, during the production of Season 4 you started dating and plays Eddie's love interest on the show, and durings the tapings of Eddie's fate you give an emotional performance that looks like it was real, Joseph needs to comforts you. But after the episode was released, you receive a lot of praises for your perfomance and during an interview with him,Maya Joe and Natalia, you reveal the behind that scene and everyone starts to realize that there is something going on between the two of you (the only people who know about you two are the ST cast), and during the red carpet you make it official that you are together and with that breaking the internet.
sorry if it got too long and kinda complex
pairing: joseph quinn x fem!reader
author’s note: this is an amazing one! thank you for that! i think i changed it a bit because my dyslexia started to block my mind and sight a bit so there’s little alteration to the request, i’m really sorry about it! if you want me to change it, please let me know as soon as possible! other than that, please enjoy and feedback is always welcomed in my inbox (please do send some, i would appreciate it a lot)!
word count: 3K (!!)
warnings: strong language, mention of blood, death, toxic relationship, lowercase letters
please do not translate, copy/paste or take credit/ownership of any of my stories! if you do so, under the copyright law, i’m allowed to take you to the court and prosecute you.
Tumblr media
your character on stranger things, victoria wheeler, lived through another season and visit to the upside down. you were excited that your character could play for the fourth season as well. you knew that the fans adored you and your role - some of them found her as a comfort character due to her characteristics and personality, and some believed that your character had a huge role to play in the upside down world.
the new season came with new air - characters, storylines, production, relationships, deaths and many other aspects. your wheeler role had been assigned with a love interest this season - eddie munson who was played by a british actor called joseph quinn. you had met joseph before already during your lamda school days and started dating literally before the production of season 4 as you both had met during the “make up” film production where you were one of the directors and both felt like you wanted to be more than friends. seeing him playing your love interest sounded very fun, interesting and totally something new to you because you had never had to kiss someone in front of the cameras, but it did not feel weird kissing your own boyfriend which you and joe thought was funny and adorable.
as time moved on, you, joseph and other stranger things cast started to roll on with the scenes where the bunch of you had to go to the upside down to burn down vecna’s body, your wheeler character had to stay with joe and gaten’s dustin and eddie roles. victoria wheeler was devoted to saving and never giving up for eddie munson. but unfortunately, the duffer brothers wanted to kill off one of the fan's favourite characters and just go with it, although they had an idea of sparing eddie’s life although the brothers thought it was just boring. when victoria had to go and save eddie from the demobats, they were already eating his pure flesh and clothes on him which made you scream even more. although the demobats were added with technology afterwards, you still had to play it out that they were actually real and eating eddie’s skin.
you “shoot” at the invisible bats to save eddie and dustin limps around with a shiv-like knife in his hand. as the demobats out of nowhere suddenly drop to the ground, you throw away your weapon and run to hold eddie’s body that had been absolutely distorted and bitten. you ripped off a piece of clothing and wrapped it around his damaged body to stop any more blood but eddie pushed your hand away.
you were absolutely devastated and crying your eyeballs out, this was real you.
“what are you doing?” you had to act out your emotional outburst.
“it’s not going to help, v-vic,” joe’s character coughed out more blood, a tear fell down on his cheek.
“please don’t do this, eddie! p-please don’t leave me,” you shouted, placing kisses on his lips and forehead which was covered in goo and blood-like liquid. dustin was still trying to tie the ripped cloth while you were begging eddie to keep holding on and looking at her.
this scene really broke you inside even though it was all fictional but you knew that every death hit you hard. your, joe and gaten’s emotional performance made the whole production team applaud but you were still kind of living through the scene as it took more time to come back down to earth. you thanked everyone while rushing back to your trailer. you wiped your tears away with a make-up remover wipe. joseph had followed you back to your trailer as well and he wrapped his hands around your shoulder to ease your sadness and wipe away the tears. you kissed his hands and placed your head on them. then joseph turned your chair with you, seeing the shattered emotion on your face, he cupped your face into the shape of his hands. he kissed you all over your face and stated:
“it’s just acting, my darling, i’m still here and you gave such a brilliant performance! there’s nothing to cry over,” joe’s soothing voice made your heightened emotions calm down and you finally were able to look at his beautiful, brown eyes. you gave a little chuckle to him, responding:
“i guess i took your character’s death literally into my heart!” you wanted to laugh it off because you felt quite embarrassed now but joseph chuckled as well and said:
“let’s get this makeup and costume off so we can go and get something to eat. we both deserve it,” joe removed his hands from your shoulders and quickly gave a peck on your lips.
the week after you, joe and all other stranger things cast had finished shooting the scenes for season four, volumes one and two, you and joe flew back to london where first initially went back to your flat but joe initiated that you moved into his apartment which you agreed with. you were excited for this point in your lifetime because the last time you thought of moving in was with your ex but this shite never happened. you trusted joe and he had to earn your trust.
one of the opening nights of the new season happened to be at leicester square in london where you and joe both were obviously invited to. you were shitting yourself because it has been a long time for you to walk on a red carpet and give interviews. your stylist had chosen out the most gorgeous floral dress and heels which you absolutely fucking hate wearing. your stylist, blake, gave you a worrying look and they knew that you hated this but they said that it will be only the red carpet and after the interviews and all kinds of shits, you could wear sneakers or something else under the dress. mr quinn could not take his eyes from you as he looked up and down at you, being in total awe. in joe’s mind and eyes, you were the star of the night. you pouted, giving him the puppy eye look and mouthing him “you’re being too cute”. you reached your arms to get joe to you but blake was quick to throw these hands away.
“aye, later! you two lovebirds can spend the time together in a moment but i want to get you done before you fly away from this room,” blake powdered the last spots on your face and added highlight on your cheeks, nose and upper lip. joe giggled, taking a seat next to you and silhouette the lines of flowers on your dress. you adored him admiring every curve and line of skin on your body, he made you feel comfortable, confident and safe. joseph could never put you through any pain or misery.
blake finally brushed their last brushes on you so they could finally look at you and take some shots for their instagram. you told them to capture some shots with joe as well. mr quinn stood up next to his breathtaking girlfriend aka you and placed his arm around your waist to hold it gently. you closed your eyes for a mere second whilst joe placed his lovely lips softly on your cheek so he wouldn’t ruin blake’s masterpiece. blake cackled, cheering “wowza”, “amazing”, “show-stopping”, “brilliant” - all the uplifting positive adjectives you can think of. when they were finally done, you and joe were ready to go downstairs. your hotel was basically next to the leicester square so you did not really have to run or rush there.
“you look absolutely heartstopping, my gorgeous lady,” joe took another glance at you, cherishing every feature of you.
“and you look doubtlessly handsome and elegant, my good-looking gentleman,” you took hold of his hand, intertwining your fingers with his, the golden minimalistic rings touching his skin.
the red carpet was full of so many individuals - fans behind the metal fence where you and joe had given quick shots; a number of photographers screaming and shouting the names of the cast, including you and joe. you knew that you and joseph weren’t really exclusive with your relationship yet but you played it off really well. multiple media sources were outpouring praise for your performance which made you a bit confused as they have not really seen everything yet, maybe bits and bobs from the trailers. anyways, you moved on. joe was motioning to you to join the interview with him, maya and natalia. the interviewer was all so smiley and cheeky which was lovely to see.
“here i am with maya hawke, natalia dyer, y/n y/l/n and our new star, joseph quinn! before we start with the interview, i just want to say how amazing and wonderful you all are and look!”
you looked at the ladies and nodded at joseph. you all answered with a unanimous thank you. the interviewer went on with her questions which seemed and sounded quite long to you. you shifted from one leg to another as your legs started to tire out from wearing the heels for way too long. furthermore, joe noticed that and looked at you, his facial expression asking if you are doing alright, you nodded affirmatively and took your glance back to the interviewer.
“we heard that victoria wheeler finally got a love interest this season which has been very prolonged by the fans,” the interviewer placed the microphone under your nose.
“oh yeah, i think the fans have been waiting for this a long time as they have been theorising for years and years but now they got a new love interest and a new character which i believe is a mega win,” you giggled, so did joe.
“and you, mister quinn, how did it feel playing the new character but then suddenly die at the end of the season?”
joe laughed, taking a quick glimpse at you:
“well, it’s been an absolute pleasure to play a character like eddie munson. unfortunately yeah, the duffer brothers made this decision and i’m not allowed to the writers’ room so i can’t do anything about it.”
“can we just talk about the absolute heartbreaking scene of y/n’s character and how she is strongly onto him not to lose him,”
“i mean, what is there to even talk about?” joe waves with his arms. “it’s an emmy award-worthy performance right there!”
you turned your head to joe again and were speechless because his praising took all your words out from you. maya took her phone out and show some exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from her phone.
“if you look closely, you can actually see how much energy, emotion and passion y/n put in there,” maya commented while holding her phone tightly so it wouldn’t fall on the carpet. you couldn’t really hear anything that was coming out from the speaker but you had memorised everything from that specific scene. as the clip ended, the interviewer could not stop clapping her hands. you bowed down gracefully and were blushing with all the praise and appreciation you were getting from joe and the other castmates. you really did not think it was any award-worthy because you were just doing your job and you can the best performance you could.
the interviewer added:
“i could see and feel some loving unity in this scene between you two and more than something else,” she was pointing at you and joe. you did not think this would be the realisation point to someone that you and joseph were together. maybe it was for the best. you didn’t really give a shit about the media outbursts or what fans would think even if their support meant a lot to you but it was your and joe’s personal space and it needed to be respected. you and joe both studied each other’s looks and came on terms that you both have to agree on doing this and be alright with it. joe’s physical touch on your back was his assurance and yours was holding his hand in the back.
“yes, we do have an actual undividedness between us and it has been going out for a while. we will appreciate all the support and respect but everything negative will be upheld and dealt with,” you maturely handled this successfully and joe’s dimples appeared out with his adorable smile.
“that’s very wonderful and i wish you both all the best,” she said nicely. maya and natalia were clapping like little children because they had been knowing this for ages as well but both of them were really grateful and happy for you. you thanked the interviewer by shaking her and said goodbye to her. you, joe, maya and natalia made your way inside the odeon building in the square. you quickly changed your shoes from the feet-crushing heels to slip-on vans your manager had taken out for you. you blew a kiss at her and skipped your way smoothly back to joe’s side.
“y/n, i love you dearly so much. you handed this absolutely perfect!” joe held onto your hand, french kissing it gently.
“joseph, you mean the world to me, even the stars, moon, sky, other planets and galaxies that are out there - my love for you is endless!” you were finally able to kiss him on the lips, not caring about what other people think around you. all other stranger things cast members were aware of your and joe’s relationship, it was not something new to them.
“i really don’t want to rip off this dress, but it is coming off later on when we are back,” joe smirked, giving you the idea of what was on his mind. you nudged with your finger on his upper arm, as your response to this.
“joseph quinn, you silly twat,” you laughed, quickly shushed by your manager as there were people on the stage already. “i will throw that suit of yours off from you when we get back.”
“it’s a deal, mi’lady.”
after the premiere and whatever happened in the hotel during the night, your phone was just buzzing with notification sounds. it was like mayhem was about to start. you looked at it and the majority of the text messages were from your manager, the cast members' group chat and your parents.
manager: “looks like someone is up for an emmy! also, way to go with your announcement!”
the cast members group chat: “you all looked amazing tonight!”, “oh my god, i’m so drunk”, “bitch better have my money”, “hallelujah, look at those headlines: stranger things cast y/n y/l/n is the ultimate star of this scene!”, “what the fuck is going on guys? where are you?”, “why is london so big”, “aye look the lovebirds came out in the news whey whey!!!”, “y/n and joe must be in the bed already doing some adult stuff or they just really already sleep idk”, “i’m telling you all, london is fucking brilliant! i wish i could live here! probably need to ask y/n or joe if i can move into their house!”, “jesus christ, my mum said that millie and his boyfriend looked lovely like everyone else”, “[a video of noah dancing]”
and you could imagine what else was in this chat. the cast members pretty much got shitfaced last night after the premiere. you and joe were honestly exhausted.
your parents’ text messages were pretty much the same but the different language gave other vibes:
“y/n, a lot of congratulations from me and [your stepdad’s name]! your brothers watched all of the interviews as well and i’m glad they had subtitles on because it helps them to learn english quicker and better! if you have time or wake up, give us a little video call! we love you very much!” your mum’s message was something you loved reading because you were terrified she will put off the relationship thing.
your dad’s message was a bit shorter:
“well done, y/n! Glad you’re doing well. Would love to talk with the guy, Joe was his name, right? Talk to you later.”
in some way, you dreaded the way what connotations and feelings your dad gave off because he never understood why you had to go to the uk and live there but you knew that he felt proudness at the same time.
and you didn’t even bother with the headlines because you received them from your manager if they started to appear in the news outlets. you had only one thing that your manager knew you hated and it was “the sun” newspaper. she had made a pact and given a promise she will never send, read and/or interact with that outlet. anything that was right-wing-related, it was completely off the charts.
your manager had messaged one headline already and it was from the guardian which was a review of the season:
“stranger things season 4 finale review - powerful, emotional, yet a bit rushed at the end by the writers. we would have wanted more.” and at the end, four stars. the manager had made a brief summary about it - it praised your and joe’s chemistry in the show, talking about the last scene and how it was emotionally connected between you two. in the end, they had hinted you both were indeed together as well and it was a very well-played scene by both of you and gaten. they were hoping to get more films and shows from you both.
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