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We hit another goal!~ Poor Eclipse, he can be a little naïve at times, He's so ticklish as a plush.~ ¬u¬
We also finally hit the final goal!! So I’m excited to finally draw that! I have a plan for another plush goal I hope people are giddy about because it’ll really drive the production of something.~ This lil guy might become the real thing.~
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Pairing: Neymar x Fem!reader
Content: After a couple weeks of hanging out Neymar finally asks you to be his girlfriend.
Warnings: Cute, Kissing, Hugging, Dating
Part 3
Tumblr media
(Not my Gif)
Reims. They were right behind us in the bracket. We had to win this game if we wanted to win the division.
We passed the ball around on the field as 5 minutes remained in the 2nd half. It was tied 2-2 with both Fazer and Folquet making a goal.
If we didn't get one more we would have to go into overtime and penalties. And our team really wanted this win.
We continued to pass around the ball trying to get an opportunity to pass through Reims.
As Fazer received the ball she was able to break through some players and we all quickly advanced with her.
She passed in a triangle with Groenem around 2 different players from the opposing team before running down the side of the field. Groenem, Folquet, and other team mates of ours ran into the box.
I slowed down and saw that the box was filled with players. The best shot I had at scoring was to wait outside the box.
I waved my arm at Fazer and we made eye contact. All she had to do was beat one more player and pass me the ball.
She did a side step move and had the opposing player take one miss step before she was able to get around them.
We made eye contact again before she passed me the ball. As one player from the other team ran at me I looked around. There was space behind the player for me to do a rainbow flick.
I practiced it enough times for it to work, I just had to hope I could score.
As the opposing player stopped in front of me I took one side step to make them step forward. I then rolled the ball up the side of my leg before jumping up and flipping it over my head.
I ran around the player as I heard the crowd get louder. As the ball was falling I saw two players running at me.
I wasn't going to have time to settle the ball and take a shot. So as the ball was falling I leaned to the side and stuck my leg out volleying the ball to the goal.
I fell to the floor as I looked up to see where the ball went. It was rising as it passed every other player who tried to defend it.
As it reached the net the keeper jumped to the side and outstretched her arm trying to stop the rising ball.
Everyone was quiet for a moment watching in anticipation as the ball flew through the air.
Then cheers were heard all over the stadium as the ball just passed the keepers glove hitting the top right of the goal net.
I got up and ran to the side of the field where Fazer was smiling with so much joy. Fazer stood near the corner flag and saw me running to her and outstretched her arms.
As I reached her I jumped into her arms cherring with her and the whole team came over yelling and cheering. The other team looked defeated but it didn't matter.
We had 1 minute left in the game and I scored the 3rd goal. We all jumped in a circle as I stood in the middle laughing.
As everyone dispersed to finish the game plus overtime Fazer, Folquet, and Groenem all hugged me again as we smiled.
They were my best friends and I'm so happy to give them the chance to win the division. But they also gave me the chance to win the division.
We all jogged back together to our starting positions before finishing the game. When it ended we all hugged each other as everyone cheered.
We spent the next hour getting pictures and metals. We also were given a big trophy and I was given the honor of raising it for our team as we were on the gigantic podium.
I was so happy, and so was the rest of my team. But I was even more excited to see Neymar. We have been hanging out for the past 2 months now and I really liked him.
We always tried to be at each others games and I loved hanging out with him. We kissed and cuddled but we aren't official.
As the team walked into the stadium off the field we could see many photographers and news reporters. We all smiled and waved telling them there would a press conference tomorrow.
They already interviewed all of us on the field after getting our metals. We all continued to walk after that and I saw some of the boys from the men's team.
There was Messi, Mbappe, Marquinhos and Hakimi. Since hanging out with Neymar I got to know them all fairly well.
I kept searching for him though, then I saw him walk out from behind his team mates. When he saw me he had the biggest smile and walked towards me outstretching his arms.
I laughed and ran into his arms jumping up wrapping my legs around his torso. We both laughed as we continued to hug.
"Parabéns Y/n! I can't believe it, you did amazing! That goal was phenomenal!" He laughed as he set me down. He gave me a kiss on the lips as I smiled into the short kiss. (Congratulations)
"Thank you. I can't believe I made that goal. And I'm so happy that Fazer and Folquet got one. I was worried for the entire game but I'm just so happy." I almost squeeled in excitement.
He laughed as his team mates joined the conversation. "Good job out there Y/n. That was an amazing goal." Messi congratulated me as the rest of him team mates did as well.
I thanked them as we all talked for a little bit. They came over to my team and congratulated them as well.
As they were all talking I felt Neymar hug me from behind. "Hey Y/n, I have a surprise for you." He spoke into my ear as I smiled and turned around to face him.
"What is it?" I questioned as I smiled at him. He grinned and shook his head side to side. "It's a surprise, that means I can't tell you." He laughed as I playfully rolled my eyes.
As we hung out with everyone for another hour everyone started to shower and change to hangout at a resturant. I rode to the stadium with Neymar so he had to wait as I finished packing everything up and changing.
As I walked out of the locker room I saw Neymar sitting on a bench on his phone. But as I looked around I realized everyone was already gone.
"Did they all head to the resturant already?" I questioned as I walked to Neymar. He picked his head up and smiled at me before talking.
"Yeah, I um actually told them to go without us. I hope that is okay with you. I wanted to show you your surprise." He said hoping I wouldn't be mad.
"Oh no that's okay. Besides I barely spent time with you today. And a surprise would be amazing right now. It'll make my day even better than it has been so far." I smiled leaning up to kiss him.
He interlocked his fingers with mine as we walked out of the stadium towards his car. As we arrived at the passenger side door he opened the door for me.
I kissed his cheek saying thank you before sitting down in the seat. He shut the door and walked around to the driver's door before getting in and staring his car.
As we pulled out of the stadium we talked about the game and what plans we would do over the next week of celebrating with everyone.
He had his hand on my thigh as he drove and I rested my hand on top of his. He rubbed my thigh with his fingers as we continued talking.
As we kept driving I saw familiar buildings as we passed by. "Omg, are we going to the tree again!" I laughed getting excited and looking at him.
He laughed and nodded his head. Ever since our first date I always asked if we could come back here. He always said that we would go back soon, just not yet.
As he parked the car we both got out. I was super excited because I absolutely loved this place. He walked over to me and grabbed my hand before we started walking.
He was carrying a picnic basket he had grabbed out of the trunk. "Is this going to be like our first date?" I laughed thinking about that amazing day.
He laughed and nodded his head before speaking. "Yeah, kinda. I thought it would be cute." He said smiling at me.
I laughed feeling so joyful from today's events. As the sun started to set we had been sitting under the tree laughing and cuddling for an hour. We already ate most of the food and packed the rest of it away.
"Hey Y/n." Neymar said looking down at me as I rested between his legs with my back to his front. "Yeah." I replied looking up at him.
"Dança comigo." He spoke grabbing his phone and putting music on. (Dance with me)
I laughed as I stood up and pulled him up with me. We danced around and made each other laugh. As we slowed our dancing we looked into each others eyes.
He leaned down and our lips slightly touched. I leaned up connecting our lips fully before we kissed.
As we pulled away he looked a little scared. "Meu amor, gosto de vocé. He spoke softly holding my face in his hands. (My love, I like you.)
"Gosto de vocé as well Neymar." I spoke smiling before pecking his lips again.
"And I wanted to wait to bring you here again because I wanted it to be a special place. A place filled with good memories." He spoke as I looked at him with happiness.
"And I wanted to ask you, um...." He spoke nervously. "I wanted to ask you if you'd be my girlfriend? And if I could be your boyfriend?" He looked into my eyes as he spoke hoping I said yes.
I smiled and kissed him hard while laughing. "Of course I'll be your girlfriend Neymar. I've been waiting for you to ask." I laughed as I kissed him again.
He laughed and picked me up spinning me around. We kissed again as he held me.
I was so happy that he finally asked me. I had been hoping for 2 months that he'd ask me and he finally did.
I realized that he didn't bring me back here immediately because he wanted to make it special like the first time he brought me here.
The music was still playing as the sunset was showing. But neither of us were worried about nighfall. We just wanted to enjoy each others company. It was a beautiful memory that I would remember forever.
Part 1 Part 2
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February Monthly Checklist
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have two types of goals - non negotiable (daily goals) and add ons (monthly goals). You can see more here.
Here are my goals for this month.
Daily Goals/ Non Negotiables:
My reads for this month:
Kindle of Life
Norwegian Wood - Murakami
Working out:
20 days of working out this month.
20 days: 10 minutes consistently everyday.
Brain games (mental math)
25 days of mental math everyday.
Add Ons:
Career, Conferences and Learning :
* February 16th: virtual session with my mentor
* February 16th: a private event where a renowned speech coach is speaking
Online course
* How to read people’s faces/ facial profiling
* Donating my old clothes to charity
Uncultured Revolution:
* Creating 4 newsletters
* Remove gel manicure
* Schedule a massage
* Schedule a trim
* Join tennis
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Reason to Live #8573
  Getting hired for a job that I really want to get! – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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Finished out January on a strong note and did my 25 push-ups + another 3 sets of 25 for a total of 100. Got my 25 everyday this month, whoop whoop! Also did a 30 minute workout. Excited to report my month end morning weight check shows me up 2.2lbs which puts me close to on target to hit my +20lbs by end of September. Feeling good about my progress and like I finished January pretty strong despite sickness and setbacks. Had to celebrate with a post workout victory flex. Bring on February!!💪🏼⬆️
How’s my fellow push-up brothers feeling after month 1? @marine-corps-strong @theroadbacktoboston
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📷 samheughan IG
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♥️ February Goals ♥️
It’s a shorter month AND we’ll be on vacation for seven days. I’m simply aiming for consistency before and after our trip!
1) Measure and record my blood pressure every day (when not on vacation). It’s consistently high when I have it checked in a medical setting, so I want to get into the habit of taking it at home to see what the trend is. I’m hoping a combination of losing weight and consistent at-home tracking will help me avoid medication…but high blood pressure is also very common in my family (even my dad, who is the healthiest person in the world - it’s his personality) so it might be inevitable 🥴
2) Calorie deficit 20/28 days
3) Do a strength training workout x6
4) Alcohol-free 15/28 days
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Cardio: 2 mile run
Today was a blankly-stare-at-my-shoes-until-I-convince-myself-to-lace-up-despite-my-inner-dread kind of a day.
Tumblr media
I had a long day at work and did not want to do anything, but consistency is king! Thanks to the hard work I’ve put in all month, it was just a matter of when- not if- I’d get that run in.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was a tough one. My legs were already sore from yesterday, but it also felt good to get outside and do the work. Now I can say I’ve successfully destroyed January’s workouts. Just look at that streak! Tons of badges, too!
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This is a positive post
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There is no shame in loving with abandon. ✌️❤️
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