zebrafiz · 2 days
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fable; a preset dump🍂
in honor of hitting 2k followers ive decided to make a preset dump! it contains 4 nose presets and 2 lip ones. the two lip ones are the first i’ve ever made so they won’t be perfect but!!! i like them :-) i hope u do too! thank u all for sticking around
custom thumbnail
disallowed for random
enabled for both masc & fem frames but made with the fem one
TOU: do not reupload or claim as ur own. and definitely dont put it behind a paywall of any kind
dl | sfs (always free)
buy me a coffee!
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mechtasims · 2 days
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This months set is for all the fur ball lovers! I hope you enjoy and as always, let me know if you run into any issues. ^-^ 
All functional items require Cats&Dogs Box Bed (Functional & Deco Versions) | 13 Swatches | 688 Polys Ball (Functional) | 8 SWatches | 902 Polys Couch Bed Large (Functional) | 25 Swatches | 7.9K Polys Couch Bed Small (Functional) | 25 Swatches | 7.9K Polys Cat Tunnel (Deco) | 6 Swatches | 5.7K Polys Heart Food Bowl (Functional) | 7 Swatches | 848 Polys Heart Cat Tree (Functional) | 5 Swatches | 872 Polys Paw Dish | 6 Swatches | 6.2K Polys Paw Rug | 7 Swatches Sisal Scratching Post (Functional) | 6 Swatches | 726 Polys Starlight Cat Tree (Functional) | 4 Swatches | 9.2K Polys Sweetheart Bed Large (Functional) | 16 Swatches | 532 Polys Sweetheart Bed Small (Functional) | 16 Swatches | 532 Polys Toy Bone (Functional) | 6 Swatches | 1.7K Polys
Download [Patreon - Early Access]
♥Instagram ♥ Commissions: Open♥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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buglaur-cc · 2 days
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alien antennae
it’ll match the eyes of your sim, i think it makes for some pretty cool occults!
hat category
teen to elder / both frames
1136 polys
works with face paint eyes as well as defaults
download (simfileshare)
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aashwarr · 2 days
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20+ Mods for Realistic + Aesthetic Gameplay EA ID: aashwarr
Simowa Luggage
Functional Photo Frames
The Candle
Scent to Be Oil Diffuser
Perfumery Mod
UI Cheats Extension
Sip Back And Relax Functional Bar Cart
Sponge Replacement
UI Normal Sim Pictures
Plaster Ceiling Replacement
Functional Airpods
iPhone 11 Pro Phone Replacement
Visitor Notifications
No Auto Food Grab after Cooking
Choose Who You Call to Meal
Chat Pack
Ask for Woohoo Consent
Cute Romance
Control Any Sim
Send to Bed
Bed Cuddle
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twisted-cat · 2 days
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Mirage makeup set
Mirage eyeshadow - 21 swatches
Mirage lipstick - 22 swatches
Mirage waterline eyeliner - 10 swatches
T.o.u | Twitter | Instagram
Using Halle hair by @greenllamas
❤️ Download ❤️
Early access, public release Dec. 24th
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leosims4 · 2 days
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A new gift for everyday 1 to 24
DOWNLOAD - Patreon
Below are where you can find my free cc and published early releases. Dont forget to check them regularly.
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tau1tvec · 3 days
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A little creepy, a little kooky.
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gunthermunch · 2 days
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[Transcript under the cut]
Max: SLOW DOWN Lucas: i'm afraid these brakes are broken Max: WHAT?! OH GOD YOU'RE GONNA KILL US Lucas: WEEEEEE!!!!! Lucas: kidding! aha! i fixed it's brakes last week Max: [ panting ] Lucas: Max? you can let go now, we just arrived Max: * pant * i- i'm not * pant * doing this ever again. Lucas: oh i'm so hungry i could eat a whole tree Max: hey uh. Lucas Lucas: yes? Max: i… better get going. Luna must be worried Lucas: and you care about that since when? Max: since now. Lucas: but it's getting late, are you sure? we are far from the nearest bay, i can- Max: i'll walk. Lucas: okay… just text me when you get back Max: bye, Lucas Lucas: …bye
Ulrike: well if it isn't our almighty leader Max: * sigh * can i stay with you for the night? Ulrike: i think i'd be a complete monster if i said no.
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aggressivekitty · 1 day
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Decor Essentials follows all interior design trends of 2022. Here is the Modern art painting collection for your sims home. The end of the year is coming with plenty of gifts and surprises! Don't forget to follow my instagram to keep up with upcoming Design Essential sets.
Free Download
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Christmas Advent Calendar 🎄🎁☃️
A new gift everyday until christmas! :}
Day 1: Christmas Tree Pet Bed🎄: 1 item
Day 2: Christmas Porcelain Set🎄: 4 items
Day 3: Cookies Recipe Mod🎄: 1 recipe
Day 4 & 5: Cute Reindeer Lamp + Beanbag with plushie🎄: 3 items
Gifts will be released for public by the end of the month!
Tumblr media
♥ Socials ♥  Instagram | Pinterest | Sketchfab
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hazelminesims · 2 days
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Geena Geena.
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softerhaze · 2 days
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shoobysims · 2 days
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Tiny Living Glasses Override
I’ve always loved the Tiny Living glasses but hated the frosted lenses. This overrides the existing glasses to give them a set of nice base game clear lenses.
It’s an override, so you need tiny living.
download: sfs
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buzzardly28 · 1 day
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Weekend number 1 of December - Qi’ra Hair
This is the ponytail Qi’ra has in the Star Wars film Solo. The actual ponytail itself took quite a while to perfect but I’m really proud of how it turned out 😁
Come back next weekend for more festive gifts that aren’t festive in the slightest!
TOU: Feel free to recolour or edit to your hearts content, just don’t make people pay for it. (full tou here)
Download (sfs)
@mmfinds @mmoutfitters
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mousysims · 2 days
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mousy save; hold onto your hats
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i started with my go-to simlicy save, so most of the residential lots and many of the community lots are by simlicy. i agonized over lot placement and number of each type of lot; i only ever play one family so it makes sense for me to have fewer residential lots and tons of community lots. i'm missing a lot of packs so this is pretty carefully curated to fit with what i do have (i'm used to replacing wallpaper and some furniture for most gallery builds but if it's missing much more than that I try a different lot). i love community lots that a) have things for sims to do and b) look pretty. all of these fit and i highly recommend every single one!!
willow creek
strip mall by simlicy
blue velvet by simlicy
rosado lounge by bottsbotts (it's turned the wrong way in the screenshot lmfao i've since turned it the right way)
summer lane vinyl by pixelddump (cc required)
umbrage manor by simlicy
sushi bar by therealpraline
acadia springs park by silrosse
honeydew coffee shop by ratboysims
oasis springs
thriftea mirage by ratboysims
rock n roller diner by amy_alston93
calico community pool by silrosse
house of mango by silrosse
desert bloom by wafl
llama lanes by simlicy
magnolia promenade
l'heure de the by e-aplouf
magnolia complex by simlicy
simazon bookstore by irrelephant7
ice cream shop by anadius
newcrest mall by plasma-janes (cc required)
greasy goods by littledica (cc required)
monsun noodles by ratboysims
rollin park by ratboysims
george's brewpub by silrosse
solcaf by silrosse
rise and grind cafe by littledica (cc required)
industrial plant cafe by therealpraline
the forgotten by bottsbotts
les boules du lhama by e-aplouf
kids center by anadius
health and fitness center by jessiejessan
planete popemiel by e-aplouf
bamboo wok by silrosse
plant shop by simlicy
island bluffs by wafl
thriftea by kateemerald
old quad restaurant by simlicy
old town bridal by simlicy
old town center by simlicy
the new old quarter inn by simlicy
bathe de rill by simlicy
ocean crown by ratboysims
discotheque pan europa by moonbearsim
patisserie by stjernesky
san myshuno
planet honey pop! by allisas
culpepper heights by bottsbotts
the naked gnome by bottsbotts
casbah gallery by pictureamoebae (cc required)
stargazer lounge by ratboysims
skye gym by ratboysims (converted to a library in my save)
myshuno meadows by simlicy
brindleton bay
pupperstone park by thaisvolpe
vet clinic by simlicy
yacht club by simlicy
grimalkin kitchen and tap by quiecence90
cat cafe by therealpraline
bedlington boathouse by simlicy
deadgrass discoveries by simlicy
del sol valley
hotel by simlicy
studio pbp by roxxysims
ward park and cafe by pinneaple8904
orchid a go go by whyeverr
newcrest cinema and arcade by silrossse (renovated to fit into del valley in my save)
starbucks and gym by simlicy
pride music festival by kriint (i placed on a bigger lot and expanded on the existing one)
laguna mermaid beach by feliciabrenning
sapphire shores by kwizz66
sulani juice bar by simcubeez
ohan'ali beach by simlicy
hang loose hangout by vulpeculai
evergreen harbor
quarry building by marie-lennie-joe
utopia cafe by silrosse
warehouse nightclub by simlicy
the waterfront by luckyheather
sprucewood pool by ratboysims
mt. komorebi
matsu no yu by tamo-sim
komorebi onsen by tksims__0oy
senbamachi market by diviniityx
hanamigawa koen by kaledz
izakaya ippai x2 by mariakarita
restaurant and karaoke bar by bottsbotts
romantic woodland wedding by riemunen
granite lake by wafl (renovated to fit into henford-on-bagley in my save)
finchwick village hall by thesimline
the gnome's arms by yuliana_fib
high school by aharris00britney
auditorium by luzy_lou_77
thriftea by luzy_lou_77
lakeview park by tinynezumi
mt komorebi cafe by pchrseen
teddy’s pizza and arcade by ratboysims
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goodchillsstudio · 3 days
GCS - December's CC 2022
Tumblr media
Maxis match dress💫
🟣 18 swatches 🟣 base game compatible 🟣 all LOD's 🟣 new mesh
download: patreon (public release 24.12.2022)
@simbfinds @emilyccfinds @wcifsareclosed @faaeish @sssvitlanz
📸 CC-simstagram 💌 SimsFinds 🎴 Pinterest
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