dailydanneelackles · a day ago
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How Jensen And Danneel Ackles Really Feel About Working With Each Other On The Winchesters
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pinesource · 2 days ago
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CHRIS PINE   79th Venice International Film Festival
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disneychannelhistory · 4 months ago
Today in Disney Channel History...
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Summer vacation began for Phineas and Ferb (3 June, 2007)
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weheartchrisevans · 3 months ago
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Chris Evans attends Disney And Pixar's "Lightyear" premiere at El Capitan Theatre on June 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
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flufftober · 3 months ago
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Hello and welcome to our second annual Flufftober 🥳
We’re so excited to be back and to once again have you here!
Let’s fill the month of October with as much fluff as possible 🥰
You’ll find the entire prompt list - as well as a list of prompt substitutes! - at the end of this post so you can easily copy/paste it all. But first:
Rules & FAQ
No inc*st or p*dophilia - we can’t keep you from writing it or creating art for it but it won’t be reblogged.
No hate or ship bashing - we’re all different and we all love different things. As long as it doesn’t go against rule #1, it’s allowed.
Tag correctly! Trigger warnings (including cheating!), ships, ratings, (pure) smut, etc - it’s all fine as long as you tag it.
There’s absolutely no word count restriction, write as little or as much as you like.
In regards to art, anything goes: drawings, paintings, collages, mood boards, gifsets, videos, playlists… the sky’s the limit (though not really…)
While we can’t force you to write fluff or create fluffy art, please try to keep in mind that this is a fluff event 😉
You can start writing and/or arting as soon as you see this - but please refrain from posting before the respective day.
You can participate on as many days as you like, even if it’s just one; you can also create multiple entries for the same day.
NEW this year are our prompt substitutes! These are the five most loved prompts from the previous year, and you can use as many of them as you like instead of five prompts from the original list - or even in addition, that's completely up to you.
It’s okay to write one story/a series for all the prompts as long as it’s separated into chapters and the respective chapter/work is posted on the given day.
You do not have to stick to one ship or even one fandom - switch as often as you like to or even write for multiple ships for one day.
The ship does not have to be a romantic one! Friendship and family feels are more than welcome (but this is not a way to get around rule #1!)
This event can be combined with other events as long as the other event allows it.
Late entries are always welcome, even if it is months later.
All fandoms and ships are welcome - fanon and canon - as long as they’re of age (in case you want to add smut) and not related.
Posting to tumblr
Please use the tag #flufftober2022
Since tags are sometimes wonky, make sure to also add @flufftober in your post
We will try to catch them all, but please don't be mad if we miss a post or if it gets reblogged a bit late
If you're absolutely certain a post has slipped past us, feel free to send an ask with the link to your post
To make reblogging easier for us, make sure to add the following tags: #flufftober2022 #day [xy] #[fandom] #[ship and/or main character(s)]
If you're using a prompt substitute, instead of #day [xy] tag it as #alt 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
Posting to ao3
You can add your creation to the collection flufftober2022 or flufftober_2022 (yes, we've claimed both because so many people added to the wrong collection last year ��)
Late entries are always welcome, on tumblr as well as the ao3 collection! Neither will close - but like last year, reblogs will become less and less and further apart the more months pass...
1. Wearing Each Other’s Clothes
2. “You’ve told your parents?”
3. Thick as Thieves
4. Supporting Silly Quirks/Hobbies
5. “Oh no, you’re a Morning Person!”
6. Candles, Lanterns, Fairy Lights
7. Movie Marathon
8. Shooting Stars
9. Game Day (Sports)
10. Love Language
11. Poetry, Art, Music, Craft
12. “You kept this?”
13. Secret Family Recipe
14. Truth or Dare/20 Questions
15. Accidents don't just happen accidentally
16. “I hate you” – “I love you too”
17. Animal Shelter
18. Soulmate AU
19. Hot Chocolate
20. Bedtime Stories
21. Kiss for Good Luck
22. “Have you heard?”
23. POV Outsider
24. All the Hugs
25. First Dance
26. Blankets
27. Reunion
28. Picnic
29. Leaves
30. Dear Diary
31. A Sweet Treat
Prompt Substitutes
Last year, many of you asked for it, this year we're delivering 😊 introducing: Prompts Substitutes!
As explained in the rules, these can be used if there are prompts in the original list that you don't like for whatever reason. No need to explain or apologize for it, simply switch them with one of the five most loved prompts from last year. Or... you know... just add these five to your list of 31 prompts that want to be written 😉
Tumblr media
Alt 1: Slow Dancing
Alt 2: Caught in the Rain
Alt 3: Falling Asleep Together
Alt 4: Up Against the Wall Kiss
Alt 5: Winning a Teddy for the Other
We hope you like these lists, and now
Happy Creating 🥳
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shsl-bosozoku-mondo-oowada · 5 months ago
Event: Child
You came and visited Mondo at his workplace, but something wasn't quite right. What should have been a workshop with apprentices working was a workshop with some people panicking and a little boy with purple eyes talking with the head person there happily.
The kid turns to you and blinks a bit. "Are ya here to pick me up?"
[I haven't done an event for him in fucking ages. It feels so awkward.]
@theultimatemoralcompass @shymaru @anyone who wants to participate? I don't really remember who else I rp with anymore.
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bringbackmyteenageyears · 7 months ago
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Britney wearing Versace in 2002. 
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tomhollanddaily · 10 months ago
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Tom Holland at Ballon d'Or 2021
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stockcarpet · 23 days ago
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SHERYL LEE RALPH 74th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (2022)
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dailytaylorjoy · 7 months ago
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Anya Taylor-Joy at the Dior Fall Winter 2022 Show
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lindsayarchive · 2 days ago
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Lindsay Lohan & Perez Hilton arrive at Perez Hilton's 'Carn-Evil' 32nd birthday party at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. March 27, 2010.  
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pinesource · a month ago
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Chris Pine takes a picture of Florence Pugh on the "Don't Worry Darling" red carpet at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 05, 2022 in Venice, Italy.
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daily-tinashe · 6 months ago
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TINASHE attends the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 03, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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weheartchrisevans · 2 months ago
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Chris Evans poses on the red carpet for the premiere of Netflix’s "The Gray Man" at the Zoo Palast Cinema in Berlin on July 18th, 2022.  
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dailyhailee · a month ago
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Hailee Steinfeld attends the Apple TV Plus ‘Dickinson’ premiere in New York (2019)
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maneskinss · 10 months ago
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MTV EMAs 2021
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zedayacoleman · a year ago
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luxurylaw: The dress y’all didn’t see…..
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