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theresthesnitch · 2 months ago
I'm just thinking tonight about the bartender at the restaurant I used to work at who, on a slow afternoon, let a homeless man sit at the bar top and eat a bowl of soup and some bread that he didn't have the money to pay for. Soup didn't have to be pushed through the system, so he just gave it to him.
He saw me, knowing that I knew, and said that it never hurts to show someone some kindness. He said we'd probably never see that man again, but he would remember the bowl of soup. He was right. I worked there another two years after that, and I never saw the man again.
It never hurts to show kindness. You don't know what someone else's story is, or why they are where they are.
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unforgivablego · 7 months ago
I'm so sorry, but here we are. Neil, «wait and see», Gaiman. Tumblr version.
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Tumblr doesn't allow to put more, so the rest will be lower in comments.
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happyheidi · 11 days ago
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X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ♡
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thekidsfromyestergay · 29 days ago
Gerard has called the crowd beautiful every single night this tour so far.
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argiopi · a year ago
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spring will come
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raazberry · 7 days ago
thinking about troy and abed in epidemiology again. how troy spent the entire episode running away from the idea of being a "nerd" and essentially abed as well - only for them to run away from the zombies together and abed basically "sacrificing" himself just for troy to not get zombified. and troy initiating the "i love you" / "i know" scene (from star wars) as he's about to get away... like idc if im reaching but that is not only a proper confession of love in my opinion but also the moment where troy realises that if abed can literally sacrifice for him then he can at the very least embrace his nerdiness and not try to be so tough all the time, for himself and for abed!!! plus right after that scene u get the whole mamma mia sequence where troy decides to just be a nerd and ditch the sexy dracula costume to get the college back to normal.... but in the end it's abed who ends up zombifying him after troy punches and breaks his way away from everyone and him saying "abed, we're friends" in the saddest most betrayed voice ever aaaaaaaa fatal mistake sonething something romantic tragedy etc etc u get it
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vulturecarcasses · 3 months ago
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handlewithcharacter · 10 months ago
Some kind of half formed thought here but look at Michael and Athena praying together. and then in the hospital room David doesn't mention religion once and explicitly states that he has faith in science and faith in his team. And those things! Are both treated! As completely natural opinions for these characters to have! And then at the end of the day what you see are the people in the parking lot holding hands and the people in that operating room promising to stay with David no matter what. Because what really matters is the faith in other people and the connection you forge when you have faith in someone and they have faith in you! We are all connected no matter if we see each other every single day or we're strangers in a parking lot! And ain't that worth believing in!
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quinintheclouds · 5 months ago
expectation of wordgirl as a protagonist: good at everything, always understands when things aren't literal, perfect grades, and every teacher's pet.
wordgirl when asked to paint a tree for art class:
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maxsix · a year ago
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x-ladydisdain-x · 5 days ago
“When I wrote the words ‘the world is ugly but you’re beautiful to me’, I was thinking about my wife. And how ugly the world was then. And in some ways it only got uglier, but she stayed beautiful.”
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I. I need a moment.
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sotc · a month ago
It’s been a hot minute since I’ve really tried to make my birthday special for myself and I’m really, really glad I did. I went to the beach for the first time in over a decade and a half (and the first time really treating myself to go out like this esp during the pandemic). I enjoyed the waves, the sunshine on my skin and the tan I got, the good food and the time spent with my partner <3. My friends online and off, along with my family have spoiled me so much with their birthday wishes and kindness, I feel SO incredibly blessed and grateful for all of them. All of you!!!! Thank you guys for making me feel special on the one day of the year I can truly call my own. 💞
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fictionadventurer · a month ago
I am in the horrible state in which I want to write All The Stories so badly that I can write None Of The Stories.
This usually lasts 3-7 days and always stinks. Every single story idea shows up and presents itself as a vivid expansive piece that will be easy to write and should be written soon. It is a lie. My brain knows it is a lie and thus sits back and waits five minutes for me to get bored and move on to the next idea. Yet they all clamor around in the background taking up my attention span and making it impossible to focus on any one idea.
#adventures in writing#i could list the stories that have demanded brainspace but it would take too long#there are story ideas i abandoned years ago that are suddenly crawling out of the attic and demanding attention#a lot of political intrigue fairy tales#it is the time of year for violet ink and it arrived exactly on time#as if it has a yearly appt for me to brainstorm and then leaves before i can write a word#this year i've got a more grounded political intrigue angle that'd be cool if i knew any of the politics of the world#but there are so many worlds that all pretend to be more developed than they are to trick me into writing stories there#lost library came out of the woodwork and demanded some violet ink aesthetic and some fairy tales set there#this is all made worse by the fact that i just found out about roseanna m white's new imprint for publishing royal fiction#you know my very favorite cozy genre where most of my ideas live#and i have no intention of writing anything for it but it doesn't stop me from musing over my oldest and cheesiest ideas#a beautiful tomorrow would have been perfect for that imprint#and my brain keeps trying to tell me that i should write that crazy alternate history hallmark royal romance#about the princess of california (very catholic very spanish) entering into an arranged marriage with the prince of maine#it is so silly but i would take it so seriously#because fluffy royal romance deserves some more off-beat worldbuilding#but anyway yeah it's very weird in my imagination right now stop by sometime and i'll tell you about more weird story ideas
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citricacidprince · a year ago
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Kids come in here and come gets y'alls juice, I made some more Timestuck doodles darlins'!
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annyllel · a year ago
I’ve had someone ask me how I get scenery shots without excess HUD or without Link in the picture. Here’s how I do it:
First of all I make sure to have the HUD on Pro, so that the minimap, temperature gauge, runes, champion abilities and so on are not cluttering up the screen. 
Then I position Link in a spot, like behind a tree, rock or other obstacle, or have him hang onto a wall or off the side of a cliff. It’s also possible to summon your own obstacle in the form of metal boxes from the guardian amiibo, or to carry them with you from somewhere else. 
Then I just move the camera around so that Link disappears from view. This is because the camera is too close to him for him to show up and thus you can get really nice shots like these!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hopefully with both a visual aid and my explanation that makes sense. This is a wonderful trick I learned from my friend Lyra back on Miiverse. Thank you, Lyra! This has been most useful!
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asleepinawell · 18 days ago
since I've gotten an influx of ffxiv followers lately I just wanted to once again recommend the machineries of empire series by yoon ha lee
if depressed, nuanced, and weirdly compelling war criminals are your thing then this series is for you. everyone in the series needs a hug and a copy of the geneva convention. 10/10
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jemmo · 8 months ago
choosing to believe they're doing a fake-breakup. it wouldnt make sense for their characters but neither does a real one so
ok anon after sleeping on it and finally doing my rewatch (which hurt A LOT, just as much as the first time), ive gotta say i rlly dont know. the preview leaves a lot to be interpreted. everything could be taken at face value and equally be explained away so its a preview i cant really dig into bc i feel like its intention is to send us spiralling into madness.
what i can do is try and gauge the story they're trying to tell knowing now what we got from ep 11 and certain things that'll be said and things we'll see in ep 12. my instant response to that preview upon first watch was what?? no?? thats not it, its not happening, it cant be real. this is all a ruse, its a joke, its fake. but upon my rewatch, contextualising everything through a new lens knowing whats in that preview, i can see the narrative threads coming together. i dont exactly know how to put it into words at the moment bc its all still v fresh and raw, but its like... i see both resignation and defiance if that makes sense??? i see an acknowledgement and acceptance of all the facts plain and simple, both those that are wonderful and beautiful and those that are unfair and hurtful. them running away was always a break to process, never a solution, and thats what they have to do. they have to take it all in and slowly over the ep i do see a coming to terms. but they also come to terms with the extent of their love and commitment.
i've watched some scenes a couple of times, mainly the kiss and the scenes in the bed (not to objectify but bc i think they're honestly beautiful and resonated with me a lot), and upon multiple watches i saw them differently every time. i see it first as what it is simply, an act to reaffirm and express their love. but then i see it as a stolen moment to be that close before everything is torn away. then i see it as as an act of defiance, as in no matter what the world tries to take from them they cant change the fact they've had that, been that close, been together. then i see it as vulnerability, them being in a place, an environment that feels safe for them, being with a person they can trust whole heartedly to bare their soul to. and its a lot more things and i dont know what it meant to them, if it was none of these or all of these, but i guess what im trying to say is that this ep wasn't simply an ode to a relationship destined to be lost. in bittersweetness there's also kind of rebellion, bc bittersweet moments are made when you know you shouldnt do something but do it anyway. in this ep in all its emotional moments i see unbreakable and unparalleled strength. and you can predict from that what you like. you can believe that means they will not break up, they have a plan, they will not let the world separate them again. or you can believe that they break up but that strength will live on and be the life force that pulls them towards the inevitability of them coming back together. im not in the headspace for prediction, but the fact i can see that strength still is enough for me.
and to get back to your ask, i think i ultimately dont know what i 'choose' to believe. a fake break up almost feels too much like a punch in the face, like i dont want this to be solved with more lies and deceit, especially not from pat and pran who have always had that forced on them and vehemently tried to reject it. and it feels like a cop out to have such an emotionally heavy ep and leave us with those crumbs to have it be fake. i know they like to mislead and play us with previews sometimes, but we're at a place where i don't want to play games, not with this much at stake. so i believe its real, bc as much as that hurts, i can see it. i said before id accept a break up if it made narrative sense. and after ep 10 it didnt make narrative sense to me, but i think that was my optimism talking. i believed in that moment that these two boys wanted to take on the world and fight it, but the enemy has always felt too big. its like they saw the monster in the distance and felt strong enough to fight it, but when you're right in front of it and its 10x bigger than you and you're faced with something that feels insurmountable, i just... i dont want them to be blamed for being weak. not everyone can take everything on. theyve both had the weight of the world thrust upon their shoulders for too long and being together only makes the weight heavier in some ways, bc you want to carry it for that other person even if it crushes you. thats a horrid truth, and at some point exhaustion kicks in and you just have to remove yourself. you have to see the world beyond those two houses on that street and realise yes there's places we could be together but that life is more complicated than that, and beyond those houses is also university and work and friends and family and everything else.
thats the thing about love, and specifically pat and pran's love. its always been so self contained for them, and that amplifies that feeling of it being the be all and end all, the feeling its the most important feeling in the world. but from the outside you can never know what its like on the inside. you look at other's love as something simple, small, just another facet of life. we've been allowed inside and we see it for how huge it feels for them, and thats why its hard for us to reconcile with the fact that now they're letting it go for something else. happiness should not have to come at the expense of pain, but sometimes it does, so what do you do?? what do you do when all options lead to hurt?? when the world feels so hostile to everything you are and wanna be, whats the step forward?? whats the sacrifice you have to make?? i think that sacrifice is time. they dont want to sacrifice people, their families or each other, so they sacrifice time, with a belief that time is enough to fix, time can mend, time can reunite as it has before and when it comes, that the best way to defy the world is to not look back on the time lost, but the time you have ahead, where finally the brightness of the future can shine.
(sos this was soooo ranty but this is the first times im putting my thoughts into words and theyre very messy and emotionally charged and my head and heart are fistfighting but yeah... its a lot)
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