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the-patrex · 3 days ago
Last time I got a tattoo was before the beginning of the pandemic.... the itch to get new ink... is coming back
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getoswhore · 10 months ago
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i would throw it back on his face any day, he wint even have to ask 😼☝️☝️
honey, i just *squirts*
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bamsara · 27 days ago
OoooOOoOoooo My hair is So Soft ooooooo you wanna touch it So Bad ooooooOOoOoo
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deckerstargazing · 9 months ago
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Emma Watson and Tom Felton trying to murder the fandom being the cutest best friends duo behind the scenes of Harry Potter reunion
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a-snowpoff · 5 months ago
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alicekaninchenbau · a year ago
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#My art#Skyward Sword#Legend of Zelda#Ghirahim#Yes hello hi this headcanon/theory has lived in my head rent free for a decade and I finally needed to get it out somehow#So here is a sketchy ''what if'' comic#Because I do often wonder whatever happened to Ghirahim after SS-- when he disappeared from Demise's hand did he just perish?#Did he flee? What happened? Is he out there somewhere still?#Well that's not the main point of this#The main point of this is me wondering if Ghirahim was created by Hylia#The thought brought on from minor things like Ghirahim looking like nothing else Demise spawned into existence#(Seriously even Batreaux looks more like a ''Demon Lord'' than this twink does)#Or Ghirahim knowing when and where Zelda was to bring her down to the surface#Or just me finding it unlikely Demise knew how to create a living sword and how to make it nearly identical to one that didn't exist yet#To other minor things like Hylia holding a one-sided blade in the opening cutscene as she sends Skyloft to the skies#Like sure the sword she could've been holding could be the Goddess Sword and she just somehow sent it to Skyloft after dealing with Demise#But also that one-sided sword aside from the handle does look quite a bit like Ghirahim's sword#(Also I do wonder how the Goddess Sword got to Skyloft if Hylia still had it when she was on the surface fighting Demise but okay)#Or how usually when someone gets stabbed by the Bane of Evil they die from it (like Ganondorf in TP or WW)#And yet somehow Ghirahim survived being stabbed in his heart (?) three fucking times#If the headcanon that only true evil could be hurt by the Master Sword is true then what does that say about Ghirahim#Lastly we do know that good beings can be corrupted by evil to do bad things. We see Ghirahim do this to Koloktos in the Cistern#So uh yeah#What if Hylia created Ghirahim. What if he was stolen and corrupted by Demise and thus replaced by an uncorruptable human + blade#What if he was both Hylia's sword and her original chosen hero#Is that why he knew where Zelda was and had an idea of how to track her down on surface#And... is he still out there?#While I did draw this as a ''what if'' post-SS comic I would be more interested in seeing this scenario explored in the future#As in I'd genuinely be interested in seeing a game about a Link in the distant future finding him (sleeping in his sword form)#And getting rid of Demise's corruption (if that's even possible) (Who knows) (Demise's evil runs deep. Perhaps he can't be saved)
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theladyelizabeth · 2 months ago
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Pride & Prejudice (2005) // Becoming Elizabeth (2022-)
Fitzwilliam Darcy and Robert Dudley just barely restraining themselves from kissing the women they love. 
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tacit-semantics · 4 months ago
Ok but playing nitw as someone who’s taking medical leave from college for mental health stuff is really just sitting there the whole time like
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panncakes · 7 months ago
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“People think intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you can stand in front of them bare and their response is “You’re safe with me”-- that’s intimacy.”
c taylor reid, the seven husbands of evelyn hugo
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oliveroctavius · 7 months ago
Hey could you explain a bit how NWH is ableist. Not saying it isn’t, like the way they write Norman and the greed goblin is def kinda fucked. I’m just curious on what your takes on it are cuz that’s the only ableist thing I really picked up on.
Sure thing. In a story in a visual medium, such as movies or comics, how do you represent that a character has become morally or emotionally corrupted? The clearest way is to show some sort of physical transformation, deformity, or change in mannerism once they turn Evil.
That doesn't have to be ableist; it's just a storytelling tool. What IS ableist is flipping it the other way: that the transformation or deformity made them evil, and must be fixed to allow them to be "good" again.
The Raimi movies used symbolic transformations while largely avoiding ableist implications. The Goblin could be seen as mental illness, but when Norman Osborn makes the final decision that dooms himself, he does it of his own free will as Norman. Doc Ock having four arms fused to him and hearing their voices symbolizes his downfall, but he doesn't give them up to be redeemed at the end. In fact, he uses the arms to save everyone else. Harry Osborn's face is scarred when his worldview is broken and his moral compass flips, but as a sign that he's turning towards good.
Contrast No Way Home, which takes a variety of villains with a variety of motivations and decides, without their consent, that the only way to fix their problems is to make them Normal again. Why is Doc Ock nice now? Is it because he's processed his grief, come to terms with his ego? No, it's because he "doesn't hear the voices anymore". Oh, so the voices made him evil all along. Nothing to learn about human nature there, I guess.
I hope that explains my frustration more clearly.
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batshit-birds · a month ago
someone take my hands away from me this fic has No Need to be this long. what the fuck
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ilummoss · 3 months ago
Still not one full chapter through this book and it already has so many good moments.
After the Jedi decide to take Dooku’s invite to parley, even though they all agree that it with 99,98% certainty is a trap, but still worth that 0,02% chance of ending the war earlier and saving countless lives, Yoda grumbles a bit to Mace about how it’s pretty to hard to hope that Dooku actually wants to come home, to which Mace is just so very sympathetic:
“Tough,” Mace said. “Nobody said being a Jedi Master was easy - even for you.”
Yoda grunted, glaring around at the Temple. “Pfeh.” All too wise you have become. Better before it was, when only Yoda was wise!” He glanced over at Mace and snickered.
Look at this cute moment with these two teasing each other and everything is nice and-
Mace would have laughed, too, if somewhere in the ring on Geonosis he hadn’t lost the knack.
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onyxflowers · 2 months ago
fuck.. ah, the thought of you pinning me down and playing with my body has me dripping already... make me wet so fast that you can slip inside easily and fill me all the way
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queerdraws · a year ago
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okay bear with me, I’ve formulated a way that Kim and Cuno could get along
part 1/? (part 2) (part 3) (joke extra)
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cedobols · 4 months ago
does… does anyone else think it looks a lot like seb teased some skin there? to mark? its.. he… i think he
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slushedpuppys · 2 months ago
weird that the shape of love is two beating hearts glued together and not two hands holding each other
#well technically it comes from the shape of two hearts sewn together but i dont know how that translates to romance.. literally its kinda#disturbing but symbolically i guess it is kind of sweet#my friend and i were talking and she said something about someone saying a lover cant just be a friend you can kiss but i think i disagree#i kind of think the point of a lover IS a friend you can kiss because like it must get exhausting having to convince yourself you can only#feel romantic things towards your lover right? i mean i dont know if my feelings are shaped like anyone else's so maybe its more of a case#by case basis. for me id like someone whose hand i can hold and i can make pancakes for them and maybe kiss but like not strictly romantic#and not strictly platonic. and my feelings are all over the place because one day ill be really into someone i like and another day ill be#really chill about it. so its hard to say what i feel for someone if its always changing#maybe thats why i think lovers should be friends you can kiss because its coming from my way of feeling? hmmm#like i want to be able to say i love you and mean it romantically one day and then say love you in a platonic way the next day and itd be#ok?? does that make sense??? like i know its the same phrase but its like the feeling i put with it is different each time. idk#its why i find dating someone hard because its constantly going up and down and its never balanced. itd probably really confusing unless i#were to date someone whose feelings works the same way. just some food for thought i guess but then again every relationship needs work#im not sure if that fits into the category of work though.. i cant tell myself what im going to feel#it just happens and theres not much i can really do about it except tell that person what im feeling. hnnnnnhhgh#maybe its better if i just stick to watching fictional couples work it out lmao#yapping#txt
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moth-time · 5 months ago
You know what I love? That pretty much any constellation of Greed Lives AUs is going to be absolutely hilarious. A fucking riot. A blast. Shenanigans central.
1. Greed lives, remains hitched to Ling's body.
They now both have to deal with the fact that they quite like each other, actually, and also that Greed tried to die for Ling. Ling is mad. Greed is having an identity crisis. They have to sort their shit out while sharing a braincell AND get their asses back to Xing AND not get assassinated on the way there. Priceless.
Also, once they sort each other out, the absolute comedic chaos of having an Emperor of Xing who is quite literally being possessed by a demon? Amazing. Everybody hates it, except Greed and Ling who are having the time of their life. Greed and Ling work together quite beautifully when it comes to politics, kind of a good cop/bad cop vibe going. They also bicker like an old married couple. The palace staff is terrified of getting eaten until they eventually figure out that the demon is the nicer one of the two, actually. Sometimes Greed gets bored of politics and kidnaps the Emperor. Everyone can always tell which of them is in control until they can't, bc hitchhiking inside a body for long enough gives you a very good grip of your buddy's mannerism. Lan Fan starts going grey at like, nineteen.
2. Greed lives, gets his original body back.
A lot of yelling at first, Ling is mad and now he can actually give Greed the silent treatment. Both of them cope very poorly with not having someone on the backburner at all times. Greed is having an identity crisis (bis). They eventually work it out, possibly with some help from Lan Fan who is already Done with their shit after the first hour.
And then, you know. They make up, make out, go to Xing, shenanigans ensue. Again, the Xingese court has no idea how to deal with this random foreigner the new Emperor brought with him. They have absolutely no concept of physical boundaries between the two of them bc they were literally sharing a body for a good long while, and are all over each other all the time and don't fucking seem to realize. Like, the Emperor (whom no one else is allowed to approach unless they want Lan Fan's knife in their guts) just holds court with this Amestrian monster draped halfway across his lap, making disparaging comments about his ministers. Greed loudly declares that he owns the Emperor and thus the entire Empire and does not get executed for it. Everyone assumes they are boning, which is funny if they are and even funnier if they aren't. Sometimes Greed gets bored and kidnaps the Emperor. Lan Fan goes grey even earlier.
3. Greed lives, gets a duplicate of Ling's body.
Same as above but with added ridiculousness, and bonus everyone can tell which is which until they can't, because again, sharing a body for long enough gives you an uncanny grip on your better worse half's body language and mannerism. Ling grows like 5cm taller than Greed bc he wasn't done growing when they got merged and he's catching up. Greed is extremely pissed about it. Greed does all of Ling's accounting work because it turns out he really loves numbers and Ling hates it. Ling does all the diplomatic shit unless subtlety won't cut it anymore in which case Greed takes over. The rumor mill outside the palace cannot decide whether the Emperor is possessed, has a secret twin, a demonic double, or some really strange mood swings. This is not helped by the fact that Greed sometimes kidnaps the Emperor to go get piss-drunk in the city. They still have no boundaries between the two of them and it weirds everyone out. Lan Fan is So Done.
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