emiraee · 2 days
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can wait to watch their love story unfold on screen
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minuiko · 8 hours
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Taking this train and running with it
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sandersgrey · 2 days
"Nico solo book should be a tragedy" disagree.
Nico was Rick Riordan's first canonically queer character, and the first book queer character a lot of my generation knew about as kids- it would be a huge slap on the face of his audience if his story ended as a tragedy, and Riordan knows that. Thats why solangelo has such a solid, healthy dynamic in the background of toa.
Of now, he's also one of very few pjo-verse characters to be basically confirmed mentally ill, and he's also really disabled in the text, whether its said or not.
Nico is a queer orphan who's entire storyline til toa was just tragedy after tragedy after goddamn tragedy, and who has JUST begun to heal. He deserves a happy ending.
More importantly, the audience- the queer, disabled, mentally ill kids who see themselves in him- deserve to see him be happy at the end.
To make his story a tragedy would be to validate Nico's (and Hades') belief that kids like him don't get a happy ending. That all we're made for is tragedy.
Rick Riordan first wrote The Lightning Thief so his adhd son could finally see himself in a hero. He keeps writing after his son is grown because he knows how much other kids need those stories- his students, even. He knows.
It's even in the narrative itself: it tells us upfront that Percy's mother called him Perseus because he was the only greek hero who got a happy ending.
Nico is the queer kid's original Perseus.
The reasoning follows that he must be happy.
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ethannku · 2 days
plot twist nico says #OnBrand because leo taught it to him
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allarica · 2 days
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"Wisdom's daughter walks alone, the Mark of Athena burns through Rome.”
Tactician Annabeth as 
Part 12 of my Ancient Greek Fantasy RPG  AU
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thaliasthunder · 2 days
i fucking HOPE that rick gave us some new flashback of nico & jason being best buddies in the solangelo book bc im still furious about how robbed of that friendship i was
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diangelosarmy · 2 days
Ever since Apollo had been restored to God status, he’d been visiting camp more. Sometimes even spending the night in his own cabin, in the bunk that belonged to Lester. This was such a time, but there always came a point he had to leave. Still, the Apollo cabin always seemed in good spirits when he came to stay, even if it was sometimes embarrassing. Apollo was bidding each of his children a farewell on the porch of cabin 7. Nico di Angelo was also sitting lounged against a support beam. He was a little nervous to hang around the first few times Apollo had visited, but the god didn’t seem to mind his presence and that was enough for Nico.
“Oh Will, I almost forgot!” Apollo beamed, literally. “I’m just doing you a favor, so know that I mean nothing else by it alright?” Will’s expression quickly shifted to confusion but before he could ask, his father had turned away from him and in a single long stride landed in front of Nico. “What-“ Nico started, but he didn’t get a chance to finish either. In one surprisingly fluid motion the God had grabbed Nico by his shirt, hauled the demigod to his feet, and firmly pressed his lips against Nicos. Nico’s eyes went wide and his hands reached out in vain to push Apollo off of him, but he couldn’t pry himself away until the God dropped him. He failed like a wet cat and fell backwards. Will and Nico both flushed deep red. It was Will that managed to find his voice first. “Dad, what the fu-“ Apollo cut him off again “Ah, Ah, watch the language around your father” he winked as he said it. “Take a look” he gestured toward Nico.
For the first time attention turned off Apollo and toward Nico, who was still sprawled out on the ground. “What?” He demanded “What is it?” Starting from his face Nicos skin slowly darkened from the pale white it had slowly become to the Olive tan it had once been. Freckles dotted his nose and cheeks. His hair lightened from black to a dark chestnut. Even his eyes had lightened and seemed to take on golden flecks in the center. “You’re…tan” Kayla offered. Nico looked down at his hands and noticed the difference. He hadn’t been this shade since he was a child, spending his summers in the Italian sun. Not even when the Argo II had circled the African coast. He figured he’d spent too much time underground , or absorbed too much darkness to allow that anymore. “How did…” he trailed off and looked up at Apollo. Apollo winked again and did a little two finger salute “Sun kissed” He said nonchalantly “Mortals do pick up on some things. Don’t worry” he said clapping Will on the back “He’s all yours, just thought you might appreciate a little reset” Will just looked between his boyfriend and father, still too stunned to speak. “Anyway, Love you guys! Gotta run!” He exclaimed and burst into a nearly blinding flash of pure light before disappearing completely. The remaining Apollo cabin as well as Nico stayed in silence for a few long, long minutes. “Will?” Nico eventually managed as he picked himself up off the ground. Will looked at him for a long moment. “You look good. Don’t ever do that again”
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bluheaven-adw · 3 days
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I commissioned the super talented @deyablossom for this gorgeous art of Jim with my Dark Excalibur!! Give them some love!
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yonemurishiroku · 2 days
It went from Jason’s ghost is the 3rd quester and then Jason’s ghost watching over Nico and Will being the only one who knows to Jason possessing Will and Nico kissed him. And in short, I’m questioning how we even ended up here.
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perca-bi-th · 2 days
au where everything is the same except percy gets braces
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spicassis · 1 day
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sunshine !!! i miss him so much !!!
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lubble-underscore · 3 days
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been drawing this mf so much lately
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thatdamseries · 2 days
The first thing Apollo does when he becomes a god again:
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I like calling spherus magna "the Unified planet" because in more ways than one it is.
For one, it's been literally Unified (or reunified?) by Mata Nui
Secondly, everyone that lives on it is Unified. They've all been through so much, the glatorian thousands of years of a harsh wasteland and the matoran universe inhabitants through... well... everything that they went through.
The planet is Unified... in more ways than one
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skeletal-kittens · 2 days
I think it’s hilarious when couples break up after an intense argument and when they start to walk away they have to walk in the same direction for a minute even if they’re going to different places. It’s so awkward it’s hilarious. And I’m not gonna lie I kinda hope this happens to solangelo at least once it would be even funnier if it happens 2 or 3 times tho.
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shadowfae1878 · 2 days
y’know what, i hope that TSATS is as cringy and cheesy as possible, cause i know that there is gonna be so much angst and sadness that i want the sappiness and the love to be everywhere else. i want it all
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