formulamuppet · 23 hours
**At Caco's Wedding** Carlos: Lando, this is my Family. Everyone, this is my Lando.
Carlos: wait—
Lando: no, he's right, i am his Lando
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racingseries · 3 days
i cant even begin to explain how precious Carlos and Lando's friendship is, I'm on the floor, they're literally best friends,
they are family, they're soulmates, they're the stuff people make books about
I'm sobbing
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il-predestinato · 1 day
you’re at the hungaroring in the year of our lord 2022, and i have a gun to your head and a set of hard tyres that i’m threatening to put on your car... unless you tell me the deep dark shameful epiphany you had about f1 this season.
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mxgicdave · 1 month
Tumblr media
Trick or Treat on the track tonight!!
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this feeling | c. leclerc
pairing: charles leclerc x best friend!reader word count: 2k words request: nope, at least i don’t think so. prompt: my birthday party is in full swing but it’s too much for me right now, so I grab a bottle of wine and go up to the rooftop. that’s where you find me eventually. found here! warnings: talks about anxiety, social anxiety and themes like that. also, drinking. a/n: it’s my birthday! and as a gift, for both me and you, here’s a 100% self indulgent fic. hope you like it!
my masterlist
Tumblr media
never a big fan of her birthday, it wasn’t a surprise when her surprise party turned a little too overwhelming for her. she was happy her closest friends were there, even some of her best friend’s friends, who eventually became her own.
charles had been the best friend anyone could ever ask for. having known each other since their teenage years, when he was still in f2. because of her father’s job they’d been invited to the f1 abu dhabi grand prix, and it was also the last race in his category.
whilst her father was more focused on the main event, she was interested in the junior category, too. mainly because there were less people gathered around to watch it, which helped with her anxiety when she was around big crowds.
she’d met charles after his race win, he was surrounded by his friends and family, and someone grabbed the bottle of champagne from his hand and started spraying it at him, but she was caught in the crossfire as she was walking by right at that moment. she couldn’t help but yelp, which caught their attention.
“sorry!” charles’ little brother, arthur, said as he took a step back and gave the bottle to the oldest leclerc, lorenzo.
“uhh, no worries,” she sighed, looking down at her wet jacket. it was useless to have it on to try and fight the night chilly wind, so she took it off and held it in her hand as she turned around to walk away.
“hey, wait,” someone caught up to her. she turned her head, seeing charles in front of her a shy smile on her face, “i’m so sorry about my brother, it’s just… the euphoria and all-”
“it’s okay. i saw the race, it was really good. congratulations.” she said, and at that moment a particularly cold gust of wind made her shiver, “i have to go.”
“thanks. um, here-” he zipped down his own jacket, filled with the team and sponsor’s logos. “take this, so you don’t get cold.”
“oh, uh, there’s no need, really-”
“please, i insist,” she sighed, looking down at his hand.
“okay. thank you,” she smiled, taking it and putting it on. she had to bite back the smile that was threatening to appear on her face as the warmth of his jacket enveloped her.
“i- i’m charles, by the way.” he said, extending his hand. she smiled, shaking it.
“(y/n),” she said.
and that was it. they’d ran into each other later that day, while the f1 race was going on, since everyone was gathered at the same spot to watch the race, it left the paddock free to wander around. charles called her name, and they talked the entire time, he opened up to her and she did the same, they exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch.
flash forward five years later, she hugged charles as a group of fifteen people surprised her in charles’ apartment. it was the only place she’d agree to go without being suspicious. plus, it was where she was staying for her week in monaco.
“thank you, cha,” she smiled, rising to her tiptoes to press a quick kiss to his cheek.
“ah, it’s nothing. only the best for the best,” he poked her sides, emitting an adorable yelp followed by giggles. she was quickly approached by her friends waiting there.
throughout their years of friendship charles insisted she visited him at least once every two months, which caused her to start getting to know people on her own and expanding her friend group in that small country.
she said hello to everyone, and felt a small pang in her chest when she received a few gifts. she didn’t like the idea of people feeling pressured or forced to spend time and money on her, but the people there made her forget about that thought for a little while.
it wasn’t until two hours later, when her shoulders started feeling tense, that she knew it was time to take a step back. she slid into the kitchen, opening the fridge door and grabbing her bottle of wine. even though charles lived a life full of luxuries, in which he could buy the most expensive things known to mankind, she always made sure to bring him down to earth. her favorite way was making him go to the grocery store and buy the cheapest bottle of wine he could find. a sweet rose that she’d grown to love throughout the years.
she slipped away unnoticed, everyone was too caught up in a story charles’ friend, pierre was saying. besides the harbor and charles’ apartment, the rooftop in his building was one of her favorite places in monte carlo. it overlooked everything, it had a 360 view of the entirety of monaco, and the night sky.
she stood by the edge, opening the bottle and taking a sip of the sweet wine. she smiled as she thought to everything they’d done that day, from a short ride on his yacht where they enjoyed breakfast, to a walk around, visiting her favorite shops and spots. and a nice dinner before making their way to her surprise party.
she was so lucky to have someone like charles as her best friend. he was so selfless, always putting people before himself, showing his love and appreciation for the people he cared about in any way he could. the monegasque was caring. there was no other way to describe him.
charles laughed as he remembered the anecdote pierre was telling, the frenchman loved having all the attention on him, and he knew how to keep a crowd entertained. charles looked to the kitchen, where he’d last spotted her, but couldn’t find her. he thought that maybe she was feeling hungry and wanted something small, so he stood up and went to the guest bedroom, knowing she didn’t like having people watching her eat. he looked for her everywhere, and looked at his watch once he realized she was gone.
it had been too long since her last alone time to recharge. he decided to wait a few minutes before going to the rooftop, wanting her to get enough time to think about her day and get ready to come back. it took him about five months to really get to know her, to understand her quirks, the things she did when she was nervous, stressed, happy. after that, he only had to look at her to know what she was feeling. he could read her like a book.
once charles decided it was time, he took the elevator up to the rooftop, she’d told him many times before that the view relaxed her, something about the way she could see everything but no one could see her.
“thief,” he called her, walking to her, “you stole my wine.”
“it’s my wine, you just bought it,” she chuckled, smiling at him. “how did you know?” she asked.
“it took you longer than i thought, i’m proud of you,” he said, throwing an arm over her shoulders.
“thanks, i think the amount of people, and the people themselves, really helped.” charles nodded, he’d been afraid that fifteen might be a lot for her, but she loved each and every one of them. “we’re improving,” she said, even though it might seem like she was the one who was improving on her social skills, this was a team effort.
“i’m happy to hear that.” he leaned in, touching her head with his. “did you enjoy your day?” he asked, a smile on his face as he waited expectantly.
“yeah, thank you so much, cha,” she looked up at him, a grin on her face. “i loved today.”
“good,” he said, nodding to himself, making a mental note of everything they’d done that day and storing it in the ‘approved’ folder in his head. “we still need to cut the cake,” he nudged her hip with his, a playful gesture that told her they still needed to go back downstairs, but whenever she felt ready.
“you got me a cake?” she asked, bringing the bottle up to her lips.
“obviously! it’s not a birthday without cake.”
“not necessarily,” she said, handing him the bottle, “this whole day felt like a birthday, a good birthday-” she pointed out, “and there was no cake involved until now,”
“so you’re saying you don’t want that red velvet beauty from that place you like?” he said after drinking some of the wine, placing the bottle on the floor. her eyes widened at his words, that was quite possibly her favorite thing on earth, besides charles.
“i’m just saying… you don’t need a birthday to enjoy some good cake, and a birthday is more than that, it’s about the people and the love.” she said, turning so her back was against the ledge.
“did you feel loved today?” he asked. charles walked in front of her, placing his hands on either side of her.
“i did, yeah.” she nodded, a soft smile on her lips. charles grinned, too, and noticed her eyes flicking down to his lips. “and i loved spending most of the day with you, and everything you did for me. it really made me feel… loved.” she’d paused a little before saying the last word, the tone in her voice changed, it was lower… shy.
it took charles a few seconds to try and recognize what she was feeling, but he’d never seen her like this before. this was new, it was… vulnerable, open.
“you are. so loved. by me and everyone downstairs, and many more.” she gave him a tight lipped smile, nodding.
“i know, it just… nevermind, i’m not making any sense because of the booze and the sleep,” she chuckled, trying to move, escape his caging arms, but he didn’t budge. “let’s go back downstairs, i’m sure now that we’re both gone they’ll notice.”
“okay, but- we’re having this conversation later,” he said.
“sure,” she smiled, placing her hands on his shoulders. she stood up on her tiptoes and again, pressed a kiss to his cheek. “we should go back now,” she said, but felt charles’ hands on her waist.
“wait. just… i can’t read you.” he confessed.
“what?” she frowned.
“what is going on in your mind? i- i don’t… i’ve never seen this look in your face. what are you feeling?” she felt her throat closing, she was aware of how much charles knew her, but him admitting that just by looking at her he could tell what she was feeling… it brought a chill down her back.
“i don’t- don’t really know.” she admitted. “i just know that i’ve never felt anything like this before.”
she paused, staring into charles’ eyes, which seemed to shine like the stars lighting up the sky behind him.
“well… make sure to tell me once you figure it out.” he pleaded.
“is… it’s really that important? what if i don’t feel like this ever again?”
“then we’ll have to work on it. try everything so you have this same look on your face again.” he said, sounding completely serious. she wanted to laugh, it was almost funny how wrapped up in this mystery he was.
“okay. deal.” she agreed, for him.
“good.” he nodded, dropping his hands from her waist, reaching for her hands. “we really should go down now,” he started walking backwards, leading her to the elevator.
“you’re gonna fall,” she laughed, grabbing his elbows to help support him.
“you’ve gotta catch me, then,” he smiled, leaning against the wall as they waited for the elevator.
“fine. deal.”
charles looked at everyone, as they sang happy birthday and she smiled. she was feeling uncomfortable with so many eyes on her but they were all good people, people she trusted and loved. her eyes met charles’, an amused smile on his face as everybody gave their best performance of the simple song.
she raised his eyebrows, an action she’d picked up from him, in a way that said ‘it’s not fancy, but it’s what i have and i wouldn’t change it’.
he just smiled, and kept staring at her even after she looked away. there it was. that same look in her eyes. what was it?
as the song came to an end, it was time to make a wish. she thought hard about it. as she looked around the room, and met charles’ eyes briefly, she knew.
i wish to know what i’m feeling.
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lizablackthorn · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
my ray of sunshine my happiness aka charles leclerc boyfriend material
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paddockbunny · 1 month
I’ve just had surgery and could I request something fluffy? Max, Daniel or Pierre please x
"Maybe a peek...'cause your hot"
Summary : A bit load of sugary fluff of Daniel picking you up after you have wisdom tooth removal surgery. Rating : 16 Pairing : Daniel Ricciardo x Reader Word Count : 809 blurb Trigger Warnings : Post surgery discussion, language, teeth discussion (cause I know some people are triggered by that)
💞Authors Note: I hope you’re feeling better, there is nothing worse than being post surgery. I hope your recovery goes well and this little blurb is ok ☺️
Tumblr media
Daniel genuinely didn’t know what to expect when he came to pick you up after your wisdom tooth extraction. He had seen all the funny videos that circulated around online but those were of teenagers, you were a full-grown woman. Surely, the drugs wouldn’t affect you THAT much?
But as soon as the nurse pulled a face when she opened the door to show him into room, he realised what he was going to be in for.
You had some contraption around your head with ice packs built in to keep the swelling down. But it was the fact your head was sort of lolling around while you spoke nonsensical words that made him crack up.
It wasn’t that you were super serious but out of the pair of you he was certainly the goofy, silly one so this was incredibly amusing for him
“There he is!” Your arms stretched out toward him and he held back laughter when he saw the padding poking out of your mouth. You were cute even if you were high as fuck.
Daniel leaned in and stopped before kissing you on your dry cracked lips and instead placed a quick, gentle kiss on your forehead and you feigned shock. “My doctor will kick your ass for that.”
Daniel pulled back and couldn’t help but laugh as you start babbling to the nurses about the doctor saying you needed lots and lots of kisses to feel better. If you had been fully aware of what was going on he would have claimed to feel ganged up on but clearly you were on another planet from the painkillers they had given you as you came around from surgery.
And then, as the nurses handed him a bag full of the things you needed for recovery and helped you into his car, it dawned on him he was in charge of you and he hoped and prayed he would be able to do a good job.
During that car journey Daniel listened as you spoke mindlessly, most of it not making a single bit of sense. You kept calling him handsome which he liked, and then when he had to break heavily for a car ahead slamming on their breaks, you called him a bad driver he didn’t like. He tried to plead his case and said he was the last of the late breakers and he physically couldn’t be a bad driver when he’s one of the best in the world but you just kept shushing him and calling him pretty.
Finally, after getting back to his, Daniel helped you out of the car and into the house. He managed to get you to the bedroom and you only groaned once from twinges of pain.
“It’s alright baby, let's get you into bed and I’ll get you some ice chips.” He said as he sat you down on the edge of the bed and got on his knees to take your trainers off. While he did that your hand reached out and stroked his curls like he was a little pet. He couldn’t help but smile because he wondered what your mind was thinking of as he glanced to see you content.
“Gentle, gentle….” Daniel said calmly when he helped you out of your zip up top and you whipped your arms out of the sleeves rather quickly for his liking. He was worried that you would hurt yourself, burst stitches or something. He wanted to protect you and take care of you like he knew you would if it had been him and roles were reversed.
Daniel tenderly went to the hem of your t-shirt and started pulling it, almost getting it over your head – even with the funny head bandage ice pack thing – and you stopped him and dramatically clutched the top at your chest.
“Uh!” You yelped and he pulled back immediately, scared he had hurt you, “I have a boyfriend.” You wag your finger at him playfully.
“I know you do.” He held back his laughter and bit his bottom lip to avoid cracking when you added; “You can’t see my boobs because I have a boyfriend.” And he almost lost it at that. He felt himself fall even more in love with you in that moment because you simply looked so cute – and it was clear how much you needed him to look after you while you were out of your mind on prescription drugs
“Ok well, maybe a peek…cause your hot but don’t tell him…shh….” And as you flashed him quickly Daniel sat back on his knees and put his hands over his face to hide the fact he had tears streaming down his face from laughter but then played along
“I know for a fact he loves your boobs…and when you get better he will show you how much.”   
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zoomsies · 26 days
Tumblr media
Had to resist the urge of making Seb every your dad category.
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catleclerc · 2 months
Tumblr media
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lewisdidthat · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Drivers as tweets (part 6 of ?)
its been too long, it was time for another
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formulamuppet · 23 hours
[in the cool down room]
Charles: *sweating & shirtless* do you want some water?
Max: *whispering* i’m so gay
Charles: what?
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lickitandsendit3 · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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every time f1 goes on a break after a triple or double header im like. finally. peace. i am away from the madness, the anxiety, the toxicity. 
and not 24 hrs later im back on tumblr.com having mental breakdowns over my favs and rioting over the lack of new content. 
god i hate this place i couldnt live without it
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beparwah96 · 5 months
I said this on twitter but AlphaTauri should do a cooking content video in France where Yuki sits on Pierre’s shoulders and controls him like live-action Ratatouille.
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red-prince · 4 months
can i say something…?
Tumblr media
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crazy | c. leclerc
pairing: charles leclerc x reader word count: 2.7k words request: yes/no by an anon: "could you write something where y/n is charles’ media aid? like the person that walks around with them? and he’s madly in love with her." warnings: kinga angsty? language, i wrote part of his on my phone so i'm sorry for any mistakes. also, not proofread, i wrote this in the spur of the moment after sharl's magnificent win. a/n: not me posting at 3am again.
my masterlist
Tumblr media
as the laps and time were ticking down, your foot started tapping incessantly against the floor. even though he had a significant advantage over the runner-up, anything could happen.
a deep, long sigh left your lungs as you watched charles cross the line for the last lap of the race. you'd been a little nervous when he was asking to go for the fastest lap, but xavi reassured him he was safe, and charles decided to keep going.
you had your phone and recorder in hand, ready to leave the garage the second charles crossed the finish line.
"first grand slam in a long time," xavi told you, a satisfied smile on his face. your eyes widened, a big grin spreading on your face at the realization. what a weekend. "go," he pointed with his head, you noticed the rest of the team running toward the pit fence to cheer charles on as he only had one more corner to go before crossing the line, claiming his second win of the year.
you did, squeezing past everyone, being pressed against the wall. but it was worth it. seeing charles cross the line, the cheer of the crowd and the adrenaline that was palpable in the atmosphere around the track was a feeling that you couldn't explain, that you wouldn't trade for the world.
after that, you ran to where the podium celebration would take place, both because you wanted to congratulate him, and because it was your job to be with him for the press obligations after.
it was thrilling, as well, to keep your relationship a secret from everyone. it was such a natural transition from coworkers to lovers, that not much had changed since the beginning of your relationship. you being his media officer certainly did make it easier for you two to spend time together, you had the advantage that people were already so used to seeing you walking side by side, to you being one of the first people to be there for him after a race, but no one knew about the hidden reason why.
seeing charles jump out of the car, raising his fist in celebration, was something you didn't think you could ever get tired of. you smiled and cheered and clapped with the rest of the team around you, grinning so hard that your cheeks were starting to hurt. charles finally made his way toward you, letting himself receive pats on the back from everyone as his blushed cheeks and shy eyes looked around him.
he’d gotten used to having you by his side immediately after the race. he longed for the feeling of having you enveloped in his arms. it didn’t take too long for that to happen, he spotted you and quickly, but still wary of not being too obvious, he pulled you close to him, the barrier separating you both from the waist down.
“you freaking did it again, champ!” you yelled, not being sure if he was able to hear you, but you couldn’t keep it in much longer. “you just got a grand slam!” you patted his helmet, watching his eyes crinkling as he smiled harder.
your interaction didn’t last as long as you wanted it to, he had to be interviewed in just a few minutes, and he still had to recompose himself and drink some water to recover from the intense almost two hours. you watched him walk away, but he turned around, giving you a wink. you chuckled, ever since you started dating, you’d tease him endlessly about his poor attempts at winking, and after that, he started practicing more and more, but even now after almost three years, he was still struggling, which made him all more adorable.
the other two podium finishers went up, you clapped for them as well, but all your excitement, and support, went to the monegasque driver. you allowed yourself to let loose a little, screaming the italian anthem at the top of your lungs alongside your coworkers, your celebration grew once he was handed the trophy. he looked directly at you, winking one more time. you could already see all the posts on social media about his little action, gushing about how adorable he looked, how he could not be stopped.
once the music died down, you put yourself in work mode, slipping past the barriers, you made your way around the paddock quickly to lead charles to the media pen. as you waited for him, you grabbed your phone and checked the order in which he was to go and talk to the interviewers. you looked up, seeing charles already walking your way.
you gave him another hug, a shorter one this time.
“charles leclerc, what a race,” you smiled, seeing his red cheeks up close was a privilege you felt thankful for having.
“merci, mon amour,” he replied, and you wanted nothing but to grab his face in your hands and kiss him until you were both breathless.
“how does it feel to extend your championship lead?” you asked, grabbing his forearm and leading him to the right direction, walking past people that were in your way.
“ah, i don’t want to jinx anything, but… you know. i have a good feeling,” he admitted, you raised an eyebrow at him.
“it’s not jinxing, it’s manifesting,” you laughed, turning your head to see charles rolling his eyes jokingly as he drank from his water bottle.
“okay, we’re manifesting a world championship,” he kept going, you nodded at him.
“that’s what i like to hear,” you could hear the rumble of the people in and around the media pen.
“you know… when i saw you from up there in the podium, i really wanted nothing more than to have you by my side.” his words take you by surprise. of course you’d talked about going public, but you were both equally as devoted to each other without the need to have millions of prying eyes analyzing every single moment of your relationship. plus, that also meant that you had to come clean to the team as well, and that was something you were putting off for as long as you could.
“hmm… maybe next time you win you can ask to have your hardworking public relationships officer up there with you,” you spoke as you were nearing the entrance to the pen, you took your phone and started scanning through the interviewers, spotting where charles was supposed to go to first.
“maybe i will,” his words caught you by surprise, but you couldn’t reply because as soon as he got near his first interview spot, he got caught in the routine of retelling his race and how he was feeling at that moment.
you loved your job, you truly did, but you just could not concentrate after what charles had just said. you trusted that he wasn’t telling anything he shouldn’t because otherwise both of you would be in trouble. but your mind was elsewhere. maybe you were just overthinking.
“yeah, it was very fun to be up there again, the car was feeling amazing all weekend, and the team, really did a good job. everyone in the team deserves a chance to be up in the podium, so we will have to keep working hard to make sure the team gets the recognition they deserve,” that part you did hear. and it made your breath hitch. you were 100% sure that he really was serious about having you up there with him.
once he wrapped up the interview, you walked him to the next one, and you gasped, again, when you felt his fingers brushing against the back of your hand.
“charles,” you warned him, but he gave you a sheepish smile before he was, once again, caught up with another interview.
“yes, like i told my beautiful media officer here, i do not want to jinx anything, but she says we’re manifesting, so, maybe i will have to look more into that and see if we can manifest a championship this year,” those words were what made your face warm-up, you shook your head slightly, smiling at charles and the interviewer, who was now paying more attention to you.
“are you crazy?” you whispered as you waited for the driver who was currently speaking to your next interviewer to wrap up.
“for you,” he answered shortly after, this time brushing a strand of hair away from your face.
“will you please stop? i don’t want to get fired,” you whispered again, fearing that someone might hear you.
“you won’t. if anything, now they have another reason not to fire you. i’ll leave if you leave,”
“you don’t mean that,” you said.
“but i do. and it’s true. if you’re out, i’m out.”
“but i don’t want you intervening in my work, i don’t-”
“it won’t. i promise.”
the first round of interviews was over, and as you walked to the room where the press conference would take place, you spoke.
“do you want to go public?” you asked, he turned to look at you.
“do you?”
“i don’t know. it’s just… i don’t think i’ve ever seen you this vocal about or work relationship, now i’m not too sure how the public will react,”
“i want nothing more than to kiss you at the end of every race, i feel fortunate enough to be able to be with you almost every day, and i do not take that for granted. i don’t want to hide something that makes me so happy, something that makes me get out of bed each morning and work my ass off so i can be the best version of myself. for you.”
you didn’t expect his sudden speech, you listened, not a word leaving your lips.
“i will not pressure you into doing something you don’t want or are not ready for. i just don’t want to hide my love for you. you and i deserve better than that,” he finished, his fingers grazing yours for one second before he was ushered into his chair, the other two podium finishers already sitting there, waiting for him so they could start.
there were a couple of things that you felt like you could do all day, everyday, and never get tired of it. one of them was hearing charles speak. there was something in his voice that told you that everything he said was true, and that he meant it. as you heard him recap his race in just a few short sentences, you allowed yourself to think about what he told you before he sat down on that chair in the middle of the other two drivers.
the walk back to the motorhome was an interrupted one, everyone wanted a picture with charles, and he didn’t deny it to anyone. he didn’t have anything urgent to do, so he took the time to thank the fans for their support. you and charles didn’t get to talk much for the rest of the walk, you really didn’t want this fantastic day to end on a sad note.
you parted ways in the motorhome, you had to hand out the recorder to the media supervisor, and charles had to clean himself up a little, take a quick shower in the bathroom. minutes later, after filling in your supervisor about what had been said, and listening to suggestions about charles’ media posts, you stepped out of the small office. you had a weird feeling as you walked past charles’ private room, you needed to speak to him. you needed to make up your mind. you needed to do what was best for your relationship.
you glanced around you, seeing that the coast was clear, you snuck into his driver’s room, closing the door and locking it, you leaned your forehead against the door, taking a deep breath. at least now you had time to think whilst charles was gone.
“mon ange?” his voice startled you. you turned around with slightly wide eyes.
“i- i didn’t think you’d be here,” you said, taking slow steps toward him. the top part of his race suit was gone, hanging from his hips.
“oh,” was all he said.
“i haven’t kissed you,” you realized, thinking out loud, charles nodded.
“i know,”
“i want to kiss you,” you said.
“do it,”
“i-i want to kiss you. you just got a grand slam and won your second race so far, i’m so fucking proud of you that i want to tell everyone i know that i was right, that i knew you have what it takes to become a world champion. i want to scream at the top of my lungs how happy i am every time you cross that finish line, no matter the result, i want to be the first person to congratulate you, or comfort you, or just stand next to you if that is what you need. i want to do that,” you blurted out, the sentences leaving your lips quickly, the words coming out without you thinking twice.
“you-we don’t have to-”
“but i want to, i do. i really do. i want to show you off and tell everyone who dreams about having a chance with you to fuck off because you’re mine, and you have been for a long time now. fuck, i love you so much that it drives me insane,”
“you’re crazy,” he smiled, shaking his head as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you up and twirling you around. you placed your hands on his neck, fingers slipping through his hair. you both laughed.
“i’m crazy for you,” you admitted, calling back to what he had previously said. “i love you,”
“i love you too.”
finally, after what seemed like an eternity, your lips met in a wild embrace. you poured all the pent-up emotions into it, matching his fierce kiss with as much intensity. you groaned as you felt his hands drop to your waist, squeezing possessively.
it’s a tradition that after every race, you post something in support of your drivers. later that night, as you lie on your bed, that you had to sleep alone in, since charles slept in his own hotel room, you scroll through the pictures that the team photographer sent out. you select a few typing a couple sentences where you explained how happy and proud you were of your team.
then, you started preparing a different post.
one minute before the clock hit midnight, you got a text.
‘no backing out now.’
‘we’ve been together for almost three years, charles. i’m not going anywhere.’
you waited until the time changed, tapping the blue post text at the top of your screen.
the same picture made its way into the timeline of both your followers and also charles’, with a different caption. a picture of you two hugging after the race, the barrier separating your lower halves, but you were as close as you could.
‘for the past three years i’ve gotten to witness the real and genuine talent you possess. i’m lucky enough to call you an inspiration, a friend, and a lover. i know this is just getting started, and i can’t wait to be with you every step of the way. love you, champ.’
you smiled to yourself, clicking on charles’ profile to read what he had written.
‘there is nothing like a hug from your number one supporter after a fun race. thank you for all you do for me, you save my life in more ways than one, each day. the future looks is bright for us. crazy for you, today and forever. my angel.’
you felt tears in your eyes as you took a deep breath in as you scanned his words. it took you one second to slip your feet into your slippers and rush to your door, grabbing your key, you opened the door.
you barely took one step out the room when you heard the elevator ding, the doors opening to reveal charles, rushing out of there. a smile made its way onto his face as he ran to you, leading you back into your room, you were ready for a sleepless night with your champion.
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