cucubert · a day ago
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Spooky season is upon us! To celebrate I put together a few designs promoting books and libraries. If you like them, feel free to use them! These are five of my poster designs! Again, these posters are absolutely free for you to print and use!
Schools and public libraries are under attack and need your support. They are facing quiet defunding, book bans, and acts of hate. Please consider contacting your local representative to ask that these institutions remain funded and protected, and show your support by stopping by your local library.
For additional Halloween freebies celebrating libraries and reading, click the link here!
If you would like to see more of my library/activism designs or would like to get these designs on a T-shirt, book bag, or sticker, you can visit my shop here.
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without-ado · 2 days ago
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England's largest secondhand bookshop in Rochester
l Liam Pearson l Lea Elm
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sovietpostcards · 2 days ago
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In the library. Photo by Vsevolod Tarasevich (Leningrad, 1960s).
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librarianproblems · 21 hours ago
When *that* vendor calls again
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vintagelibraries · 2 days ago
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Biblioteca del Congreso. Un detalle de la sección Autores Generales (Library of Congress. A detail of the General Authors section), Buenos Aires, Argentina, noviembre de 1917.
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nonfiniito · 2 days ago
Geceler de,
Gündüzler de;
Bizimle güzel.
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politishaun · 18 hours ago
At a July school board meeting in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, middle school librarian Amanda Jones spoke out against book censorship. Conservatives in a neighboring town had been successful in taking away some resources for school libraries, and Jones didn’t want to see the same happen in her district.
“While book challenges are often done with the best intentions, and in the name of age appropriateness, they often target marginalized communities such as BIPOC [Black, Indigenous and people of color] and the LBGTQ community. They also target books on sexual health and reproduction,” Jones said at the meeting, according to her own transcription.
“Once you start relocating and banning one topic, it becomes a slippery slope and where does it end?”
By the next day, conservatives had decided that her quest to keep books with LGBTQ themes in the library meant that she was trying to provide sexually explicit materials to children.
Michael Lunsford, the executive director of right-wing nonprofit Citizens for a New Louisiana, and Ryan Thames, who runs a politically conservative Facebook page called Bayou State of Mind, each spoke out against Jones on Facebook. They claimed in a series of posts that Jones was advocating for libraries to contain pornography and books that teach kids how to perform sexual acts, according to court documents.
Public school educators have long faced disagreement from parents and other community members. But this type of vitriol was new to Jones, who has been a teacher for two decades and is the president of the state’s public school librarian association
“I’ve had some books questioned and challenged at my school, maybe once or twice in the 22 years I’ve been teaching,” she told HuffPost this week. “But this is personal. These people are posting online that I’m advocating for teaching anal sex to children.”
Like many other librarians across the country, Jones also received an explicit death threat via email, and her friends and family have received harassing messages as well. The email, which was sent by a man in Texas about a month after the school board meeting, accused her of indoctrinating children and being a pedophile, and it stated that the writer knew where Jones lived and worked. Jones said it ended with words meant to imitate a gun: “Click, click see you soon.” Police are trying to extradite the person who wrote the email.
In August, Jones filed a lawsuit against Lunsford and Thames, seeking damages and asking a judge to bar them from posting about her on Facebook.
“Nobody stands up to these people,” she told NBC News at the time. “They just say what they want and there are no repercussions and they ruin people’s reputations and there’s no consequences.”
But last week, Judge Erika Sledge dismissed the lawsuit, saying that Jones was a limited public figure and that the bar to meet the definition of defamation was higher. Sledge also ruled that Lunsford and Thames were merely stating their opinion.
“It’s a dangerous ruling,” Jones’ lawyer, Ellyn Clevenger, told Louisiana newspaper The Advocate. “It sets a dangerous precedent.”
The posts attacking Jones and insisting that she had a secret harmful agenda are straight out of the right-wing playbook. For the past year, conservatives have used the same rhetoric in an attempt to defund and dismantle both school and public libraries.
“This time last year it was CRT,” Jones said, referring to critical race theory, the college-level academic framework that conservatives have insisted educators are teaching children in public schools. “Now, they’re insisting there’s porn in the library.”
Right-wing extremists have protested libraries over Drag Queen Story Hour events, where drag queens read to children, and parents have moved to censor LGBTQ authors. A record number of books have been challenged this year. Libraries around the country have received bomb threats, which so far have turned out to be hoaxes.
And school librarians are not the only ones facing this kind of backlash. A nationwide teacher shortage — approximately 300,000 jobs are open for educators and support staff — is partly fueled by the right’s culture war. Gay teachers have resigned, and others have retired earlier than planned.
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u-mspcoll · 2 days ago
Discovering a Forgery: Jupiter's real moons and U-M's fake Galileo manuscript
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Lower half of a one-page manuscript falsely attributed to Galileo Galilei. Allegedly, the document includes a draft letter to the Doge of Venice (1609) and Galileo's telescopic observations of the moons of Jupiter from January 7 to January 15, 1610.
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Allegedly, the document includes a draft letter to the Doge of Venice (1609) and Galileo's telescopic observations of the moons of Jupiter from January 7 to January 15, 1610.
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We are pleased to invite you to a panel regarding the discovery of the forgery of our Galileo manuscript October 6 at 7p. Hosted by the U-M Detroit Observatory in Ann Arbor, Nick Wilding (Georgia State University) and Pablo Alvarez (University of Michigan Library) will be discussing various aspects surrounding this extraordinary document, including its alleged historical significance, the fascinating process establishing it as a 20th-century fake, and the lessons that we can all learn from the unmasking of this forgery. 
Register to attend in person at the Detroit Observatory (1398 East Ann Street, entrance on Observatory St.), or register to attend virtually. 
We hope you’ll be able to join us
Read more!
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noitspronouncedgif · 2 months ago
If the Internet Archive wins this lawsuit, it could be an absolute game-changer for libraries.
Applying the first sale doctrine to digital content could enable libraries to simply buy e-books and lend them on a 1:1 basis rather than having to constantly renew their expensive contracts with vendors. Most public libraries use a huge chunk of their increasingly-limited funds on these licensing agreements, and if some of those funds are freed up they can go towards local communities. This isn’t just about keeping the Wayback Machine. This is about open access to information. This is about ending the artificial scarcity that tech monopolies have created.
Please make an account on Internet Archive, and consider donating.
Please use your local library and check out the FREE events and services they offer.
Please put pressure on the publishing houses involved in this lawsuit.
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amelielb · 8 months ago
Ok, I've seen this sentiment before, but the amount of Kindle Unlimited ads I've been seeing is forcing me to repeat it-
Kindle Unlimited is offering two free months of unlimited ebooks. As a trial. Which will then become a paid subscription.
Your local library is offering unlimited ebooks all the time. Forever. No contracts, no predatory practices, no tracking of how long you spend on each particular page in the hopes that information about your habits can be sold for a profit.
Use your library. They want so badly to give you all of the things for free.
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cucubert · 16 hours ago
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New shitpost design dropped on my store!
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mysharona1987 · 8 months ago
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librarianproblems · a day ago
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Gets me every time.
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mkvx · 3 months ago
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intothestacks · 2 days ago
Adventures in Librarian-ing
I get the feeling that one of the semi-verbal kids at my school really likes me.
She's started taking me by the hand and dragging me places while making happy chittering noises and this week during storytime with her class she wanted to sit on my lap while I read.
She really likes using the elevator, so yesterday she was passing by with her EA (who didn't have an elevator fob) and dragged me over to go on an elevator ride. Since I didn't have a class and had to go downstairs anyway I went with her and prompted her to press the necessary buttons. She was very pleased she got to do such a fun task. :)
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darkbloomiana · a month ago
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anaysa · 8 months ago
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Mary Oliver
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