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4 . 1 6  ➼  O N  T H E  H E A D  O F  A  P I N
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Cas, drunkenly sobbing: and I keep trying to make Dean understand that I’m in love with him but he’s so oblivious and never understands it
Dean: when did you meet someone else named Dean?
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jack and claire have a movie night together one night, and when they’re channel surfing and it’s 2am, they find ‘the parent trap’ playing. claire suddenly gets a sneaky idea and she turns and grins at jack and is like, “take notes, because it’s now operation parent trap time” and by the end of the movie jack asks “who are we parent trapping?” and then suddenly he goes “oh, I get it,” as he grins at claire. “I’ll get dean if you get cas,” claire says, holding out her hand for jack to shake on the deal. two weeks later, dean is standing across from cas at a very romantic dinner table set for two. dean glances around, catching a swish of long blonde hair and the hint of a nephilim’s laugh, and he turns to cas and says, “I think we’ve just been parent trapped.” cas squints in confusion for a second, before a shy smile tugs at his lips. “I think you’re right,” and then he gestures at the table and quietly says “join me for dinner?” and dean laughs as he tugs cas down to sit next to him. in the background, jack reaches up a hand to high five claire, “mission accomplished” jack says and claire rolls her eyes fondly and guides jack away back towards the ice cream parlor they saw earlier as she says, “c’mon, before they start being gross and making out”
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then i went to sleep in shreveport
for the wanted man challenge! the separate frames can be found below the cut.
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So when it comes to werewolves, I'm not entirely ignorant. 
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at least 80% of Jack's problems can be attributed to the fact he's an iPad baby and Dean can't seem to open his mouth without unintentionally hurting the kids feelings. so I'd like us all to imagine a scenario where in a desperate bid to connect Dean ends up turning into one of those dumb-but-well-meaning parents who lowkey catfish their kids. on every single post Jack makes hyping him up and giving advice but then irl he can barely make eye contact over dinner without feeling guilty. you know it's on brand for him
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Now would you look at that fruity booty 🍌🍑🍌🍑🍌
Have some Destiel cuddles in a grassy summer field! :D 📣Consider supporting me on Patreon!
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"This life... hunting, monsters... there's no joy in it."
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dean winchester // something's coming (from west side story)
watch on youtube
cw flashing, road accidents and death
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DEAN + cleaning weapons
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Be careful who you trust, remember, the devil was once an angel.
Dean Winchester
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Being a hunter at a young age was not easy. Your family had died in a tragic accident due to home invaders, which well, were actually demons. But at 8 years old you didn’t really know that.
All through childhood, teenage years and now adult years you had been staying with Ellen and Jo. Ellen was pretty much your new mom, and Jo was the closest thing you had to a best friend, but she was also your sister.
You were coming back from the store as you were grabbing supplies for the bar, mainly food and other drinks you guys were low on, when you walked past a strange, nice looking car out the front of the bar. Being a little nosy you looked through the window and checked out the gorgeous Chevy. Raising your eyebrows to say “whoever owns this has great taste.” You walk into the bar with the shopping bags in your hands.
Not paying attention to your surroundings, as you usually didn’t at the bar, you walk behind the main bar and start putting stuff away.
“Hey mom, did you see that gorgeous impala put the front?” You told Ellen as you continued to put things away, not even noticing the two brothers sitting at the bar. Ellen tapped your shoulder as you turned around. She didn’t say a word but pointed towards to two boys, who were looking at you from were they sat.
“Baby’s gorgeous isn’t she?” One of them said. You felt an instant heat over you. For one you were embarrassed for not noticing them, but two he was gorgeous. The man he was with was cute too, just not the same. His dark green eyes immediately drew you in. You walk up to the bar and you shake his and the other boys hand.
“Yes, it’s a beautiful car. Is it yours or his?” You say looking over to his brother. His brother cracked a smile like you were telling a joke, but you were completely serious.
“No one else drives baby but me.” Dean said stubbornly, you give him a smile as you raise your eyebrows. He was a cocky and stubborn one.
Ellen served the two boys a drink before she went out back to go check on something leaving you and the two boys. You had worked at this bar ever since they took you in, though these men were different, she still trusted you to be with them.
“I’m Dean Winchester. This is my brother Sammy.” He said, catching your attention once again.
“As in, Winchester, Winchester?” You frowned at both of the boys. Them not exactly understanding what you meant. You went onto explain how you even knew John. Ellen tried to keep the Winchester story quiet, but unfortunately nothing got past your teenage self.
“I’m Y/n.” You said as the boys nodded at the same time.
While the bar was quiet you grabbed a table and sat with the boys. You were nervous, and Dean knew. It was the subtle things he was doing that was driving you crazy. Running his hand through his hair, looking at your lips and then back at your eyes, smirking. All that drove you absolutely crazy. But both Jo and Ellen would kill you if you fell for a Winchester, so you hid it.
“So how long you been here sweetheart?” Dean asks you as he takes a sip of his whisky.
“A long time. Family died when I was young. Ellen become my new mom and… I guess the rest is history.” You smiled as you hid behind your glass. You continued talking to them about your family and they even shared about theirs. Then the conversation shifted to hunting. You had only done a little, Ellen become too protective of you once she saw you as her own, and you weren’t really allowed too. But other hunters that John new, you gave them cases without Ellen’s approval. But what she didn’t know didn’t hurt.
Sam went off to talk to Ellen which just left you and Dean. Your heart was starting to pound in your chest, as you drank the last part of your drink, forcing it down.
“Your mom would kill us you know.” Dean says putting his glass down, slightly licking the rest of the alcohol off his lips and looking at you. Understanding what he meant, you knew you were obvious but you chose to play dumb.
“Don’t know what you’re talking about” you said as you started to play with your glass on the table. Dean chuckled.
“Sweetheart from the moment you saw me in here, your cheeks have been tomatoes. And you’re trembling. Do I make you nervous sweetheart?” Dean smirked as he looked at you, taking another sip of his drink, his eyes not leaving you. You stared into your glass, you didn’t know how to respond. But a sigh of relief slipped from your mouth as soon as Sam came back over, he saw the tension between you two right away.
“Oh hey Sammy.” Dean said looking at him, like as if nothing had ever happened. You muttered “bastard” under your breath which causes both of the boys to turn and look at you. You get up, take their glasses and leave the table, leaving the two to talk about cases.
“You be careful around that one.” Ellen told you as you started to wash out the glasses.
“Nothing was happening mom.” You said as you nervously rolled your eyes, your hands shaking while you were scrubbing.
“That Dean Winchester is dangerous. You get under his arm, and I’ll kill you.” Ellen told you as she walked off to serve another table, you rolled your eyes as you started wiping the glasses as you stared at Dean from a distance. Who got up and walked towards you. Trying to hard to reset your face you greeted him with little confidence. He placed some money on the bar in front of you and winked.
“See you next time sweetheart. Maybe next time I can really make that body of yours tremble.” He said smirking, a slight chuckle leaving his lips, as he turned around to follow his brothers calling. Leaving you standing there with only that on your mind for the rest of the day.
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Crisscross applesauce
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Supernatural Make Me Choose: anonymous asked Sam's "Maybe I could be saved" moment in 2x13 or Dean's confrontation with Chuck in 11x21?
But, uh, you know, that just clouded my judgment, and you're right. I mean, we've gotta go with what we know, with what we can see, with what's right there in front of our own two eyes.
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