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melodiesforyouandme · 2 days ago
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It’s dropping to below 5 degrees Fahrenheit tonight pls help if you can even a couple dollars helps me to go inside somewhere to warm up.
Please Boost , I have been out here in the cold every night for the past few days trying to get into a shelter, it’s hard to stay in the line because my anxiety makes me leave. They can only let so many people in and the line up is so long. If anyone can spare just a couple dollars so I can go into a coffee shop and warm up. pls REBLOG anything helps please help if you can, any amount helps.
Please help a non binary person who hasn’t been able to find work and is homeless, broke and hungry. I don’t want to go back into SW to survive. I feel trapped. Winter is coming where I live and I need a coat and boots to help keep me from freezing, while I stand in line, trying to get into a shelter to sleep for the night. If you see this please REBLOG it, I am desperate. I am asking for help to anyone who might be able to spare a bit of change if you can. Please so I can at least go inside a coffee shop to warm up in the night. Please help if you can. I’m out here alone trying my best.
P @ y p @ l: [email protected]
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spectralcentroid · 2 days ago
hi again!!
my friends still are in need of survival funds asap. we are trying to reach 1.5k more by october 15th and to reach the final goal of 10k by the end of october.
as of october 3rd, we are at 7,194/8,500
cshapp, pypl, vnmo linked here
no amnt is too small to give! thank you so, so much for your help thus far!
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negreaux · 2 days ago
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It’s beg o clock!
I have the money for the phone bill
But need help with the internet and cable
Cash App
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cottagepunx · 2 days ago
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hiii, is anyone able to help me get my T prescription today? I get paid on Friday (Oct. 7th) but i am already Two Weeks late and would like to not put it off for another week if i can help it. it is super duper appreciated, thank you 🖤
c*sh*pp; $mAlexxander
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gateway-2000 · 2 days ago
hello, i feel very lost typing up this post. yesterday, my mother passed away. my sister, who was taking care of her, did not tell me until right after she signed the hospice forms, meaning she was already past the point of saving. she had been in the hospital for 2 weeks already up until this point and my sister didn't let me know of any of it until she already signed our mother's life away.
everything came as a huge shock to me and i'm struggling to process the information. my mother was not a good person, but she was still my mother and the fact that i didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to her has been messing with me. my sister was very selfish in making the decisions without even choosing to inform me of what her plans were and it has left me feeling very betrayed, and alone.
i will be up front about needing help. i am a schizophrenic dissociative cripple who is currently applying for disability. my case is in the hands of my lawyer & social security, meaning i can't "just get a job" or else it will jeopardize the case i've been fighting for for years of my life. i am currently just barely staying afloat and just barely avoiding homelessness. i recently suffered an injury that was a result of the beating my ex dealt me in May- the combination of my leg muscles being permanently damaged from the beating and my hyper mobile ehler's danlos lead my knee to dislocating and pinching my sciatic nerve. i have been able to do little else than sleep it off- i can't stand or walk for longer than a minute or 2 without severe pain and muscle stiffness. the added mental stress from this situation is going to make recovering from my injury a lot harder.
if you are interested in helping support me, i currently owe $250 in overdue utility bills and i'm not sure what i'm going to be able to do about this. i just wanted to be honest about the severity of my situation, and any help whatsoever means the world to me. i have no idea what to do and my sister hasn't been responding to my messages, so i'm basically left on my own to figure this out.i have no one in my immediate life who can really help me navigate this, so i have to ask for help.
thanks for reading, sorry this was so long. thank you for your support and patience with me. i just don't know what to do and i don't know if i have the mental fortitude to deal with things as they are right now.
cash app: glitterGraphix pay pal: [email protected]
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corgideon · a day ago
sorry abt this but i still havent made enough money for the mri/therapy so im remaking the d*nation post 0/70€‎ 2.10.22
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promptprophet · 2 days ago
Guess who is not too excited to be asking for money? Me. But my truck broke down and the $500+ fix I had to put twords it didn't fix it. So now I'm sort of screwed financially because I still need to pay bills and put more down to fix my truck. I'm also stuck 5 hours away from my college because I was visiting my hometown for the week to celebrate my birthday.
I was paid Thursday and this "fix" wiped out my entire paycheck.
Here is my PayPal for those that prefer this to GoFundMe. But either will work.
Goal: $600/$600
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car-gay · 22 hours ago
Okay, actually. I hate to make a donation post like this, but...
I’m a trans, pregnant minor in an unsupportive household. If my parents find out, they’re going to make me get an abortion. While I am definitely pro-choice, I would really love to keep this baby... As of right now, though, I don’t have a job, and I’m unsure of how I’m going to support my child or myself during pregnancy.
If anybody wouldn’t mind donating, I’d appreciate even just a dollar or two. It would help me out more than you could ever know. my cashtag is $alifer0us.
Thank you so much.
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I really really hate talking about this or asking for help but I am short on rent due in a few days. I moved out of an abusive situation a little over a year ago and I’ve been working to not have to go back. But now if I do not pay rent I will be evicted and have nowhere to go.
I have a place I can go in November so this is truly the last time I will need help BUT I still have to come up with rent for the month of October
It would mean everything to me if you could help out by donating and/or reblogging! Please please please anything helps!!
V*nmo: addiec1
Ca$h*pp: $ascgrl
P*yPal: @ascgrl
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cydonian-mystery · 2 days ago
I'm very sorry to do this again, but I have no choice. The brakes and rotor on my family's truck are worn completely down, and we have to get replacements. This will cost about $140 for the cheapest parts that we could find.
Our town has no public transportation, so our truck is the only way we have to get around. And it just isn't safe to drive with a damaged rotor and completely worn down pads.
Please consider helping us out, or boosting if you can't.
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nocturan · 2 days ago
Hello everyone 🤍
I have safely moved into my new place in Texas, and I finally have appointments to continue treatment for the growths in my spinal cord and development of a surgical plan to correct the hardware in my cervical vertebrae. My doctor has ordered a litany of new imaging to keep track of new growth and misalignment, which is going to require out of pocket payments that I could desperately use some assistance with. I have gotten a new job, but seeing as how I started on the 19th of this month, I will not get my first paycheck until the 17th of October. Anything helps, from reblogs to $1 donations. Thank you all for your continued support through these difficult times. I cannot tell you enough that it is literally keeping me alive 🤍
GoFundMe PayPal
Cash App Venmo
@pancakeke @that-twink-over-there @were--ralph @my-gender-is @akashicrecord @hotvampireadjacent
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shinyswablu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He went missing from the Munson/Chardon area in Geauga County, Ohio sometime last night (October 1). He currently is struggling with mental issues and Parkinson's, causing him to be paranoid and hallucinate. These photos aren’t super recent, he’s lost a lot of weight but still looks very much like this. Not sure what he was wearing since he left when everyone was asleep. Has a tattoo of a scythe on his upper arm. He left on foot so couldn’t be too far.
I don’t know if this will reach anyone in the area but I figured it couldn’t hurt. He’s not dangerous, just, very, very confused. 
(OK/Encouraged to RB)
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clarascottage · a day ago
Hey everyone, I don't really know how to make a post like this but my family and I could really use some help.
I'm unable to work, and can barely pay for my medication, medical fees and therapy. My mother can't work due to chronic illness. We're barely scraping by. On top of this we've just lost 3 of our 4 beloved bunnies, Toast, Loki and Augustus, to a terrible sudden illness. The vet bills are enormous, we simply dont have enough to pay for them. Our vet is a saint and is giving us a few weeks to pay them off but my dad just doesn't make enough. We've had to borrow money from family for rent. We're at a loss, please help if you can ❤
This is my ko-fi, anything helps.
(If you would like proof of vet bills please DM me)
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hamptercatapult · 2 days ago
hey lol its me again ♡
this is embarrassing as fuck but i actually miscalculated my earnings and am another $100 short for rent this month. i have a grace period of a day or two but this is quite urgent now. im sorry to ask for even more but im in need. thanks ♡
ca: jellybeanDAEMON
pp: Jenna939
vm: hamstercatapult
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nolvien · 2 days ago
im incredibly tired of ebegging but my mother has entirely fucked me over. she borrowed $100 from me last week and said she would give me back $275 so i could cover rent. she's not answering my calls now and rent is due tomorrow (oct 1st.) it's a $50 fee every day its late.
Tumblr media
i need $275 CAD to cover this by midnight october 1st. it's currently 9pm friday sept 30th 2022 as im posting this.
my p4yp4l
i take commissions too if you want some art instead
$0 / $275 CAD
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applesdotexe · 2 days ago
hi i hate to ask this but im between paychecks as my newest job is still figuring out payroll (it is a local startup) and my other job only schedules me one or two days a week. i currently need money to attend out of town doctors appointments and afford the gas/grocery cost.
if its anything -- i am a physically/mentally disabled nonbinary system for whom work has broken their body (walking is pretty damn hard on me), so while i work much easier physically jobs now, i am short money-wise. anything helps me. ive barely eaten for a few days on account of not having money for groceries or food otherwise.
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nrgrandromantic · 14 hours ago
Hey look, sanrio!
Tumblr media
Now that you've seen the baby, listen. I hate myself every time, but surprise, I'm not a quirky white gay who wants to live in a tree house or whatever, so my gofundme never got funded. So yes, I'm still stuck in a horrible abusive situation. I can't focus on escape right now, I need to focus on surviving the next two weeks till i get paid. I am dead broke because of my mother, and I can't afford to eat or get to work these next two weeks without dipping into what little i have of savings... Savings that are supposed to help get me out. I've pretty much lost all hope, but I still need to get to work. Please help me if you can. And if you can't, please share.
My gay lil links
💖My Kofi💖
💚My Cashapp💚
And ya know just in case
❤My Gofundme❤
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