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I love grumpy immortal goths who use their job title as a name and their inexplicably ageless ray of sunshine counterparts that they found in a pub and definitely isn’t their best friend
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michelledixart · a day ago
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A batch of jaskier kofi requests~
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darkverrmin · 2 days ago
Imagine a young, insecure Jaskier, who spends a lot of time to look good for his current partner. And still, he never feels "good enough".
Fast forward a couple of decades.
Jaskier sits up on his bedroll, stretching with a yawn. His hair is a long, tangled mess. He's wearing a four-day stubble. He could really use a change of clothes and a bath.
He turns his head and meets the eyes of a certain Witcher. That Witcher is staring back at him like Jaskier’s the most precious and beautiful thing in the world.
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flowercrown-bard · 2 days ago
Aghast, Jaskier pressed a hand to his chest, as he stared at Geralt, who looked as if he hadn't just admitted to the most heartbreaking thing the poet had ever heard.
"But in eighty years, not even once!" he exclaimed.
Calmly, Geralt shrugged.
"Didnt think it would be such a shock to you."
"Excuse me, of course it comes as a shock to hear that one of the kindest, sweetest, most lovely -"
Feeling his cheeks warm up, Geralt let out a half-hearted warning growl, that didn't do anything to stop Jaskier.
"- genuine people I have ever met, has never received flowers from anyone."
Heartbroken didn't even come close to the look on Jaskier's face, as he took Geralt's hand.
"I don't mind," Geralt said, forgetting to put the growl into his voice, as he stared dumbly at Jaskier's thumb rubbing circles into the back of his hand.
Jaskier huffed in indignation.
"Keep saying that, if you please, but I still think it's an I justice."
Letting go of Jaskier's hand felt like leaving home, yet Geralt didn't stop the bard, as he dropped his hand.
"My duty as your best friend is to care about you and make sure you're feeling properly appreciated, so -"
Never pausing in his speech, Jaskier squinted at the grass next to the road they were walking on.
Perking up, Jaskier skipped ahead a couple of steps.
Quickly, he bent down and plucked something off the ground, immediately hiding it behind his back.
Raising an eyebrow, Geralt tried to silently ask Jaskier what he had found, but for once, Jaskier stayed silent.
Slowly, almost reverently, he waited for Geralt to catch up with him.
Then, he presented him with a bright purple flower.
Unsure what to do, Geralt only stood there dumbfounded.
"Very well," Jaskier sighed with a fond roll of his eyes, "guess I'll have to do it myself."
With that, he stepped closer, gently brushed Geralts hair behind his ear and ever so carefully tucked the flower behind it as well.
"Xeranthemum, also known as immortelles," Jaskier started to explain, caressing the blooms one last time before dropping his hand, "stand for things that are everlasting, just like us."
"You're staying with me then?" Geralt asked and even as he said it, he knew that it wasn't really a question.
"Zeugls, ghouls and selkimores combined wouldn't be able to make me leave your side," Jaskier said and slipped his hand once more into Geralt's, where it stayed for the rest of the day.
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patroclusdefencesquad · a day ago
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yennskier back summer 2023 it's true
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mischievous-thunder · a day ago
Geralt, to a bartender: I'm terrified of my husband and daughter these days.
The bartender: Do they gang up on you?
Geralt: That's the first step. Then they smell my fear and use the knowledge to their advantage for the rest of the day.
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kuwdora · 2 days ago
Witcher Commenting Event & Community Engagement
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this post that @jackironsides reblogged a few days ago about the lack of engagement with fanworks.
Comments are great. Commenting can be hard (more on that later) but receiving them is great, right? We want to support each other as a community and continue to squee about our blorbos and meow meows together.
(nostalgia time) I come from the old livejournal days where it was usual to see conversations happening in comments for days or weeks on end, even on short fics. People writing ship manifestos, fannish newsletters, community recommendations and commenting on those too. People reccing fic and meta. Things just were a little easier to find and engage with. Things didn't get so lost in tags or in a discord server you didn't know exists.
I have been thinking about the ways we could be social and connect to each other again and comment more. I love the Witcher Flashfic discord server because there are “Live readings” that groups of people perform on your fic while your story is under anon for the week. It’s incredibly fun to both be the author watching this anonymously while people READ YOUR STORY IN REAL TIME (or during a backread). And it is SO MUCH FUN fun to read a story together and comment WITH PEOPLE. Riffing off your squee and comments about the style, the plot, the characters in a fic. It’s like a book club! It’s so much fun.
So I got to thinking. What if we tried something something similar to discover, read, and comment on fanworks TOGETHER? I have this dream:
A Comment Crawl, a la pub crawl. Except instead of pubs, we are visiting fics and art and vids and everything else and leaving comments on it together. (Fanwork Crawl doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way, okay…!). Target all kinds of fanworks: fic with no comments, few comments or are older than 6 months. Fanart that only has reblogs but no one ever told the artist what they like about the piece, not even in tags. Etc. etc.
We could put up a list of fanworks that are recced/nominated based on a theme and give people that window of time to read and compose a comment. Then we go and drop our comments on the AO3, tumblr post/etc during a designated window of time. Build off each other’s squee in the comments like I KNOW we do in discord. Let the creators see our avalanche of love and squee together.
Commenting can be hard and stressful when you don’t know what to say or think or what the creator is looking for.
Maybe you don’t know how to comment on a fanwork you’re unfamiliar with because you’re not an artist or a vidder or cosplayer or don’t know how to show an author how much you enjoyed the story.
This can be taught! There’s even work that @longlivefeedback has done in 2018 where they created a COMMENT BUILDER TEMPLATE that we can modify for Witcher related squee. For your personalized squee. Remove that inhibition and hurdle to comment and show love for the things that you spend all that time reading, reblogging and dropping links in discord.
We can learn from writers and artists how any scrap of feedback is going to mean the WORLD to them. And we can learn how to make more technical comments on things, too!
I have created a survey to gauge interest in A Comment Crawl for Witcher fandom. Please fill it out here if this sounds like something you would like to participate in or help organizing. I would really love help on this if it’s something people want to try!!
I also have a ton of ideas about how create engagement through writing recs lists and creating fannish teams to go on treasure hunts to go together and look for fanart, fic, fandom-inspired jewelry, gifsets/etc based on a theme and then write a recs list to the public community. Link/tag the creators so they know how much their work is being loved on by other people!!
Is this reccing thing something that sounds like it might be fun for you to participate in?? @fancakeofficial is a pan-fannish reccing community that sort of inspired me in my thinking in how great it would be to have more recs in Witcher fandom in a more centralized way. They have a presence on tumblr, twitter and dreamwidth and people have been submitting themed recs for years and it's definitely a community I go to when I am looking to see what other people liked and to find something new. And sometimes my stuff gets recced a decade after I made it! It's fucking WILD and amazing feeling!! I would love to see something like this for Witcher fandom if possible..
Truly, recs are like... comments and kudos turbocharged because someone went out of their way to tell other people why your fanwork is great and get more eyes and squee on it!!
There is so much excellent rare pair fic out there in Witcher fandom. There’s amazing character-driven stories and hidden gems in the juggernaut pairings. There’s some fucking incredible femslash out there, omfgggg. So many of these stories get lost amidst the volume of fanworks and don't get comments or squee and it's can be so lonely. There is SO MUCH INCREDIBLE ART AND VIDS AND COSPLAY and gosh, so much amazing creativity out there.
*takes a deep breath*
So yeah, I would like to try to figure out a way to bring people together and comment together and squee together that can happen more outside of discord where the creators can see, squee and even participate with us!!
Anyway. This is very rambly and I am probably forgetting a million details because my brain has been on fire because of 10,000 other things. BUT I am putting it out there!! Hoping some folks would like to hear me out and try something like this.
Signal boosting is greatly appreciated!! If we build it, will you come??? Leave me your details in the survey! Let me know what you think!!
P.S. If you are a rare pair writer there is another round of @witcherrarepaircommentexchange will be open for nominations again in November so PLEASE be sure to check that out!
Tagging people that I know have many more followers than I do who might have followers who could be interested...
@fangirleaconmigo @jackironsides @limerental @ghostinthelibrarywrites @bomberqueen17 @brighteyedjill @sargassostories
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ikeepwatchinghelicopters · 2 days ago
Random thought: Jaskier carefully maintains his appearence and puts lots of thought into buying fashionable, interesting clothes. However, Geralt is much more important to him than clothes, so he doesn't hesitate to ruin his clothes for Geralt (for example, using a doublet to stop a bleeding or tearing up a shirt for bandages). He always follows it up with a comment about how that particular piece of clothing was getting out of fashion and needed replacing. Geralt doesn't think too much about it, but once he does, he realises that the clothes Jaskier's sacrificing are definitely not just some old rags.
Now I need a 5+1 fic with 5 times Jaskier ruins his clothes to save Geralt and the witcher doesn't realise that Jaskier actually liked the clothes but loves Geralt more + 1 time he does.
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silvertonguelover · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello! 💖
I participated in @jaskierminibang and collaborated with writer @al-in-my-head
Here's the link to the lovely fic
Absolutely loved it! Enjoy! 💖
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my-jokes-are-my-armour · 2 days ago
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Jaskier's expressions 7/?
The smiles part 3.
Locked with mice - guilty - winking - laughing - conflicted (the cutest most terrifying thing I've ever seen) - gathering - dying inside - with the hat (rare footage) - what can I say? Just him...
(I miss him so badly, if Jaskier isn't part of what will be shown at the Tudum event, I'm gonna perish)
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filministic · a day ago
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The Witcher (2019-…)
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echo-bleu · 2 days ago
a flower by any other name
A little fic I wrote for @jaskierswolf as a live-write piece in the Passiflora Discord. Geraskier, about 1.1K, modern AU, fluff, nonbinary Jaskier using they/them (and accidentally, both Jaskier and Geralt ended up autistic). On AO3.
"Geralt Geralt Geralt!"
“Hm?" Geralt rolls around, blinking awake from his nap, only to be assaulted by flailing arms and nearly mauled by a flying laptop. He sets the laptop aside and gently catches his partner's wrists with his other hand, pressing them against his chest until they settle down. "What's going on?"
"I think I found my name!"
Geralt blinks. They've been on a name hunt for what feels like an eternity now. The last pick was Dandelion, which stuck for long enough that Geralt had started to think that it would be definitive, but his partner has been oddly resistant to sharing it with anyone but Geralt. "Hm?"
"Like the flower?"
"Yes! I was looking in the wrong language, but I know it's right, now. It's perfect. Exactly the name that fits me, can you see it?"
Geralt grunts pensively. Jaskier beams at him and claps their hands, freeing them from Geralt's grasp. They grab the laptop again and turn the screen toward Geralt, showing an overblown photograph of a buttercup.
"I like it," Geralt decides, repeating the sounds in his head. "It does fit you."
"Thank you!" Jaskier squeals. They launch themself at Geralt and the laptop almost flies across the room again. "Jaskier," they murmur in Geralt's neck.
"Jaskier," Geralt repeats. "Jaskier. It's a beautiful name."
"Do you want to tell everyone?" Geralt asks later, when he's standing in front of the stove watching over their dinner.
It's such an uncharacteristic reaction for Jaskier that Geralt whirls around to face them. They're staring at their unlit phone, deep in thought, absently playing with a fidget cube.
"Hm?" Geralt tries. Grunts are his way of communicating, not Jaskier's.
“I don't know," Jaskier mutters.
Geralt thinks it over, flipping the omelette and catching a mushroom before it falls off the pan. "Do you want them to call you Jaskier?"
"Yes," Jaskier responds immediately. But they don't add anything more, and they still look disheartened for some reason.
"Are you scared of how they'll react?"
"No! Yes. No. I don't know. I know they're fine with... me," they make a vague gesture toward their body, "and they gender me right and everything but..."
"But what?" Geralt prompts when Jaskier trails off.
"What if they don't like it?"
Geralt stays stumped for a moment, realizing that Jaskier had no such fear with him. As far as he can tell, they told him straight away. His chest aches with love.
He pulls the pan off the fire, transferring the omelette onto a plate, and he moves over to wrap his arms around Jaskier from behind.
"Do you want me to tell them?" he asks.
Jaskier breathes out slowly, releasing their pent-up energy into the hug. They bring an arm up to squeeze Geralt's hand just the way he likes it. "Would you?"
"For you? I'd do anything."
It takes Geralt about an hour to figure out how he wants to do it, which is far too long when he knows that Jaskier is anxiously waiting and trying to keep it all in. Finally, with a muttered "fuck it", he does something that he would never normally do: he lifts his phone and takes a selfie of both of them, hugging in front of his sloppy omelette.
Bon appétit from Jaskier and me, he captions the photo, adding the only buttercup sticker he can find in the app, and he sends it to the group chat.
Jaskier is the one who normally sends everyone random pictures through the day -- in fact, they created the group chat. It's made up of mostly Geralt's family (Ciri, of course, Ciri's mother Yennefer, Geralt's brothers and Vesemir) plus Jaskier's best friend Essi, since they don't talk to their own family. It's full of banter and encouragements, bits of recorded songs from Jaskier and Essi's band, regular kitty photo battles between Ciri and Lambert, with the occasional baby goat interruption thanks to Eskel, Vesemir's homecooking and Yen's fancy restaurant dishes. Geralt rarely participates properly, uncomfortable with the group setting. He knows Jaskier mainly created it for him, during the worst of his struggles with depression and PTSD, but he's content with opening the app a few times a day and reading through the messages, feeling the love.
OMFG IT'S SUCH A PRETTY NAME 🥺 is Ciri's immediate response. Then, I'm jealous now. Of course she'd be the one to get it first.
Congratulations Jaskier!! comes Yennefer's reaction. Jaskier and her have had a tumultous relationship, mostly owing to Geralt's own issues with her between their divorce and the moment he started dating Jaskier, but the hardships of the last couple years have brought them together in ways Geralt couldn't have imagined.
JASKIER!! so lovely 😭 comes from Essi. Geralt hears Jaskier's phone buzz one more time, and he knows she wrote them privately as well.
"She's asking if I'm only trying it out or if it's time to throw me a name reveal party," Jaskier laughs tearily.
"What do you think?" Geralt asks, finally digging into the omelette, one arm still around Jaskier's shoulders. It's almost cold, but he doesn't mind.
"I know it's the right one. I'm not sure about a party."
"You love parties."
More congratulations are coming from Eskel and Lambert, both enthusiastic and friendly but devoid of the usual level of banter -- they're both unsure how much joking is okay on the subject of Jaskier's gender, Geralt knows. Lambert has put his foot in his mouth more than once before he learned to navigate some of the finer points.
Jaskier stays silent for a beat more. "I don't know," they murmur.
Geralt's phone beeps again. Vesemir. Jakie piękne imię. Geralt squints at it, needing a second to understand, and he feels Jaskier melt against him. They let out a small sob and turn to bury their face in Geralt's neck.
Of course. Of course Jaskier was waiting for Vesemir's approval. Vesemir has been nothing but welcoming to them, if a little awkward and confused with pronouns on occasions, but Jaskier's overall experience with parental figure is less than stellar. Choosing a name in Vesemir's own mother tongue, announcing it, must have been nerve-wracking for them.
Geralt hugs them tightly, giving up on his omelette, and lets them sob into his shoulder. It's good crying. “I'll take the party," they laugh through their tears, sending dziękuję bardzo 💙 in response to Vesemir's message and an assortment of emojis to the others -- which goes to show how emotional they are, as they normally never shut up even in texts.
"I love you," Geralt whispers, already wondering where he can find bouquets of buttercup in the middle of the winter.
The Polish phrases translate to "what a beautiful name" and "thank you so much", huge thanks to Niko for helping me with that.
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fangirleaconmigo · 2 days ago
Oh Des, what is your opinion on this moment? Because it’s a wonderful moment.
Ahhh yes! The “take my coat while I bathe in my pants and boots then walk for miles soggy and wet” moment. 😂😂😂😂😆😆. Poor bard just wanted to show off his new titties and then the next thing you know he’s got chafing. CHAFING I tell you.
Ha. I loved it. Because he just piles his coat onto Geralt without asking and I subsist entirely on little body language things like that showing comfort and familiarity between them.
Like for example my favorite moment between them S1 isn’t the bath. It’s when Jaskier is in that tavern taking his lil notes and the guy is like AND THEN HE DIED. And Jaskier is like
Eeeehhhh he’s fine
Culminating in my absolute favorite moment of all, when Geralt walks in and Jaskier throws his head back and laughs the most wonderful laugh. It’s knowing. It’s fond. It’s gleeful. It shows familiarity and emotional intimacy between them in a way the other scenes don’t. At least not in a way I recognize and not to that extent.
And while in S2 yes they got a hug, it didn’t have that level of intimacy and casual comfort with each other. Because they didn’t talk about it. Jaskier tried and Geralt’s like (husky Geralt voice, puppy eyes) I need your help. And Jaskier folded like a sad soggy cardboard box. And the way Joey played that DEFINITELY did that justice. He looks like he’s in pain. His expression is almost hollow though there is also relief and love there.
So we don’t get the ease and intimacy necessarily because we’re still angsting there.
But that scene, the “treat your witcher like a clothes rack because god knows my leather duster cannot touch the ground” moment is how I recognize very close relationships. It’s an unspoken physical intimacy that is really fun to see. Geralt looks like a put upon husband in a department store.
And Jaskier is like babe I’ve been working out while you’ve been gone. See??? That’s how much I didn’t need you. Also I have not been having mental breakdowns and dissociating every night singing vindictive songs about you. Pls do not look to deeply into that. Just look at my rack.
😂😭 I can respect it. Not the song. But the tits.
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darkverrmin · 2 days ago
Geralt: I hate compliments. I'm very annoyed when people compliment me.
Jaskier: How's my handsome and gorgeous man doing today?
Geralt: *heart eyes, blushing internally* I'm good
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“Ladies and gentlemen…” Jaskier croons, “you are in for a treat tonight!” 
The crowd tonight is drunk and rough and loud, and Geralt is wondering if it’s going to end up in another night kicked from his only chance at a hot meal and a warm bath. It’s far too crowded in here for Geralt’s taste, the stench of people everywhere, but he knows the more people, the more coin Jaskier will end the night with. And if all things go well, then maybe it’ll be a warm bath and two meals. 
Geralt keeps his interest on his glass, his head turned down. He usually makes sure he’s locked away in his room for Jaskier’s “shows” but it’s worth sticking around to find out if the townspeople are going to kick them out or not. It has nothing to do with the way he flicks his eyes up to look at Jaskier from under the hair that’s fallen in his face. 
“In your very presence,” Jaskier begins, strumming his lute with anticipatory notes, and crouching in towards those he passes as though he’s telling them the most important secret of their lives, “resides a Witcher.”
Geralt snorts into his mug of ale at the murmurs from the crowd it elicits. It’s very clear where the Witcher resides currently, he can feel all the eyes that turn his way. Perhaps staying for the show was a bad idea after all. 
This notion is doubled down when a cry of, “filthy witcher!” is hurled from the crowd. 
Jaskier stops strumming and stands up, “who said that?”
Geralt rolls his eyes. Definitely a bad idea.
“I’ll have you know that it was this Witcher that stared down the Cockatirce that has been plaguing your town and stealing your folk in the night,” Jaskier says proudly and Geralt watches him curiously. 
“Bullocks!” The man shouts again and he’s stood up, well standing is giving him a bit more credit than he deserves, based off the way he sways in place, “everyone knows a Cockatrices’ stare turns you to stone.”
“Yes, you’re right good sir, but a Witcher is no man…” there’s more murmuring and Geralt watches as Jaskier finds his gaze amongst the crowd easily, meeting his gaze and giving him a sharp wink that catches Geralt by surprise, sloshshing a bit of ale on his thigh.
“-ould you be so inclined folks, I could tell you about this horrible beast with the power to turn a man to stone,” it never ceases to fascinate Geralt, how easily Jaksier can gather a crowd’s attention, “and I could tell you, if you like, about the Witcher that slayed it this very day.”
Geralt almost jumps when Jaskier’s eyes find him again, he’s grinning like a devil, smile meeting his eyes blindingly. And Geralt knows that the energy of the crowd breathes life into Jaskier, the rush of all their attention focused on his every word makes something come alight in Jaskier’s eyes. But Geralt can’t help himself, with the way they shine now, staring into Geralt with such primed focus, thinking that out of all these people, it’s Geralt who Jaskier is delighting in performing for. 
There’s cheering and the sound of coins tinkling at Jaksier’s feet, “Thank you all, you have been a lovely audience but I must take my leave.” 
Jeers and requests follow but Jaskier does take his leave, making his way through the crowd toward Geralt. It makes something possessive clench in his chest.
“Well?” Jaskier asks when he reaches his table. His face is flushed from the exertion and the hair on the nape of his neck has grown damp, making it curl in the cool, night air.
“Hm?” Geralt grunts, finding interest in his ale.
“The new song!”
“Was one new?” Geralt lies through his teeth.
Jaskier flings himself dramatically into the booth, his knee knocking against Geralt’s and Geralt flinches, pulling his knee away.
“Miss! An ale please,” Jaskier requests, winking at the barmaid who’s passing by. She does a strange giggle and runs off. “Geralt! That had to be the most popular song of the evening! I only wrote it this afternoon, while you were washing Cockatrice guts off your boots.”
Jaskier rolls his eyes, slumping further into the booth. Geralt feels antsy, his leg’s thrumming with his quickened pulse, it makes him want to make a run for it. He tries to ignore it. “She didn’t look it in the eyes,” he says into his mug as he brings it to his lips.
Jaskier bolts uptight, delight evident on being acknowledged. He throws a finger in Geralt’s face and shakes it feverntly, “No, no, no, don’t you start! I was there! She looked it dead in the eyes!” 
“You had your eyes closed the whole time,” a smile twists at Geralt’s lips, he hides it in his mug as he takes another long sip.
An affronted look takes over Jaskier’s face, but then it falls away, “I saw her, Geralt. There was something in her eyes, something I’d never seen before.”
Geralt feels lost at Jaskier’s uncharacteristic seriousness. “Cockatrices’ gaze turns you to stone,” Geralt says with finality. 
Jaskier rolls his eyes in exasperation. “Maybe…” he says, leaning in towards Geralt and making him tense up, “some things can’t be explained.” 
His eyes are cornflower blue, so horribly, terribly blue, “Hm.”
Jaskier laughs, shaking his head. And thanks the barmaid when she arrives with his drink. Geralt watches his fingers as they trace the condensation on the glass.
“I said when are we leaving this town? I’d like to get in another show.”
“First light,” Geralt grunts, standing from the table.
Jaskier calls after him, “Be better be leaving at nine Geralt! I don’t wake before seven!” Geralt can hear Jaskier continue even after he’s well out of normal earshot, “Eleven months on the road together and he still treats me like this, can you believe it?”
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patroclusdefencesquad · 5 hours ago
i think if jaskier has to get a disguise at any point then it should be a blond ringlet wig and a shitty feather hat as a nod to the books and also because i think it will be hilarious to see joey batey in it
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mischievous-thunder · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Not a grumpy himbo anymore
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