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This Room and Everything In It, Li-Young Lee // Deathless, Catherynne M. Valente.
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‘As broad as some of the human elements of the film Avatar were, what really resonated with me was that the term of affection for them is, “I see you.” And there’s no greater expression of affection. That’s how Will felt with Hannibal — he felt seen.’ ~ Bryan Fuller
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people who were there when mizumono aired deserve lifelong free therapy for waiting for a YEAR to find out if they actually killed off half of the main characters in a span of 15 minutes of the season final
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Posting Hannibal related memes until they save Hannibal, day 510.
“Memes are supposed to be funny” I SAID WE CRY TODAY.
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"II. My longing for you - / too strong to keep within bounds / At least no one can blame me / when I go to you at night along the road of dreams. / III. The cicadas sing in the twilight / of my mountain village - / tonight, no one / will visit save the wind. / IV. Awake tonight with loneliness, / I cannot keep myself from longing / for the handsome moon. / V. This heart, / longing for you / breaks to a thousand pieces - / I wouldn't lose one." — Ono no Komachi, from The Ink Dark Moon (tr. Jane Hirshfield and Mariko Aratani)
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HANNIBAL + Text Posts 5/∞
for ♡ lectercunt ♡ insp.
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slashers x child!reader who likes to take apart their toys to make little inventions/new toys
*dies* I didn't add Billy and stu because I'm so tired and have no inspiration
Slashers x child! Reader who rips other toys to built new ones.
You probably got old dolls from a few decades ago from Judith's old toys she had when she was a child or his.
Michael didn't care that much that you were destroying the toys until he saw you either only ripped a limb or a head.
He then came and saw you with a toy he never saw before when he recognised some parts and realised you built a new toy out of different toys.
He'll admire it like how he'll admire his "art works" after killing someone. The more weirder and creepier the more he'll like it. although he'll like any kind of invention you make.
When you ran out of toys he broke in a toy shop once and got as many as he could and gave them to you.
You got a whole shelf of your little inventions and he stares at it whenever you're gone and he has nothing to do.
Sinclair brothers
They got you either old toys of theirs (I hv no idea if they had toys as children) or toys around the town.
Bo was like 'why??' when you took apart your toys parts but when he saw you building a new one he thought 'wait that's kinda cool actually' he thinks of it like repairing or building a car so when he actually is repairing a car he'd like it if you were also building something so that you can both look like father and daughter doing similar things. When you finished a piece and showed it to him he probably petted your head and said "good job", what he really wanted to say was 'oh my god, oh my god holy shit it's beautiful you built something in so proud of you'. Got one or two of yours as a gift to him and he keeps it extra safe.
Vincent was ecstatic when you showed him your new toy and told him your little hobby, now you both can make art! He could be painting or wax sculpturing and you could be building with him. He's so proud of you whenever you managed to fully make a toy he howls a bit in delight and gives you two thumbs up and he probably sketches your toys because he thinks they're so interesting. He'll be a bit sad when he sees his childhood toys broken though he thinks your new ones are totally worth it. He sometimes likes you watch you do your thing and helps you if you can't figure out what to make.
Lester was also whying when he saw you taking apart the toys, did you hate it that much? But he went wowing when he saw what you were actually doing and totally watches you make your new toys. He will say so many praises when you finish it, will talk about it to his brothers and bo acts annoyed but he secretly wants to hear all about it too. Wants to learn how to build too, it gets boring having nothing to do driving around all day you know. except when tourists are here but scratch that the twins will sometimes find you both together on Lester's trunk on a challenge to see who can build faster and better, its a tie everytime. Jonesy would be there to watch you two (everyone's watching) if you run out of toys then he'll bring you abandoned cheaper ones.
I think it all started when he brought you expensive nice ones and you took one look at it and then ripped it. He almost choked on air when he saw that.
"y/n.. Why did you do that if you didn't like it you could've just told me..."
When you told him about your intentions he replied with,
"I wish you could've told me that sooner, I could've brought cheaper ones." he pinches the bridge of his nose.
And he did. And he watches with great interest on how your little invention will turn out and smiles and praises you when you show him your art piece. Also like Michael he had shelf/shelves full of your works. Informs Will about this too this is how it goes.
Will, Will look what y/n made.
Hannibal it's 2 am.
He's a happy little cat when you talk to him about your toys and he's just glad he adopted you. Like Vincent you both can do your little art things.
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Hannibal Season 1 and 2
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I miss Hannibal so much.  More of my art: [here] Want me to draw for you? [link]​
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world famous baby girl
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‘…when we feel a connection to another human being who seems to understand us in a way that we are not often understood, it’s such a beautiful expression of connection.’ ~ Bryan Fuller
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