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sweetxtartxprincess · 2 months ago
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Babygirl ♥️♥️
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elluno · 4 months ago
And what can be said
of the jewel covered lady?
When the deaf man appeared
And tore her scale for scale,
left her bloodied -
Dead -
She lived to give him sound
And she screamed until his soul bled
For mercy.
(inspired by Jibaro)
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ariellehannahhhhh · 2 months ago
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i feel like this is tumblr worthy 🥺
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horrorvrsz · 2 months ago
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Needy Jonathan.
A/N: this is straight to the point, also please ignore how rushed this is lmao, ty :)
Warnings: smut, fluff, anal, blow job, making out, kissing, sex, rubbing.
Tumblr media
(Y/N) peppered Jonathan with delicate kisses around his neck, feeling joanthans warmth on his lips. Jonathan whimpering at your kisses made you feel enlightend, and also made you hungry for him. With this new hunger, (y/n) began to rub his hand under joanthans shirt, feeling around his warm body. Jonathan winced at your cold hands interacting with his body, but got used to it, feeling you graze your cold hands on him.
"Please, keep going.." Jonathan uttered out, his breath taking control of his will to speak. You chuckled at this, seeing how needy Jonathan was becoming, just like you. You began to rub your hand all around his chest, grazing your fingers around his nipples. Jonathan whimpered softly as he felt his body be lit on fire with your touches.
"Should I keep going, Johnny?" Without thought, Jonathan nodded, his eyes hungry for you, he desired you this entire time, and he wasn't going to waste this perfect opportunity to be with you. You smiled at his answer, and got to work quickly. Beginning with taking off his shirt, then his pants, once done with that, you began to do the same with yourself, while Jonathan watched egarley.
After this, you began to crawl on top of Jonathan, placing your hands on his, pinning them on your bed, "what should we do jonathan?" (Y/N) asked softly, gripping onto jonathans hands tightly. "T-Touch me.." the boy said weakly, feeling embarrassed that he had to say it. He looked away shyly, turning his head to face the wall. You noticed all of this, of course you did. And decided to cheer him up. "Are you nervous?" (Y/n) asked. Jonathan could only mumble words softly. "Are you?" "Y-Yes.." you brushed your hand through his hair softly, trying your best to reassure him. "Hey, it's okay Jonathan, if you don't want to the-" "n-no!"
You stopped your sentence, surprised with jonathans tone. "N-No, please, just touch me.." All you could do was ablige, and begin to touch Jonathan, his neck, face, chest and abdomen, which earned you a few whimpers from the boy. Your hunger soon grew, and so did your desire. Without hesitation or warning, you slid your hands down into joanthans underwear, feeling his length. Jonathan gasped quietly, his legs now trembling with pleasure. "You like that?" Jonathan nodded frantically, his breaths becoming heavier with every stroke you did. Jonathan winced as you pulled down his underwear, revealing his length to the cold air, with his length revealed , you gave Jonathan the look, just to make sure he was ready, and he was, nodding softly as he awaited his pleasure.
You began to lick his shaft slowly, starting your pace off slowly, soon building your way up. Jonathan winced in pain as he felt your warm tounge hit his shaft, soon feeling a tingling sensation when (y/n) shoved his length down his throat. The boy whimpered pathetically as he was given immediate pleasure. You continued, earning yourself multiple breathy moans from Jonathan. His moans echoing through your bedroom. As you continued, joanthan began to grip your bed sheets tightly, "i-im cumming!" Jonathan uttered loudly, as his head rolled back, (y/n) felt warm spurts go down his mouth. Jonathan was panting heavily, still gripping the sheets. "Did you like that?" You said, wiping the cum off the side of your face. "Y-Yes, bit I still want, more."
This answer shocked you, was he this needy? "Oh, you sure?" You asked, making sure he was clear with his statement. "Y-Yes." He looked down at you and then looked at his length, his eyes focused on you. You rose up, and crawled towards him, putting your lips up to his ear, "do you want me to fuck you?" You asked, your breath going into his ear, making him blush hard. "Y-Yes~" you quickly got away from his ear and stared at Jonathan, looking in the eyes of a needy, horny boy. "Mm, okay~" you replied casually, gripping onto his twitching length, and pumping him away. This made joanthan sob softly, fighting not to moan as loud as he wanted to. This action was to just tease him, give him a little taste of what was going to happen. You gripped onto joanthans slutty hips, and aligned his throbbing hole with your length. Without hesitation, you inserted yourself into Jonathan. Jonathan sobbed softly as he felt you softly thrusting into him. Keeping up with your pace, you began thrusting into him quicker, which started to create tears into joanthans eyes. "K-Keep, going!" Jonathan uttered out, gripping onto your shoulders, digging his nails into you.
You winced In pain as you felt jonathans nails, practally stabbing you. The pain soon got to you, feeling joanthans insides wrapping around your length. Then came the pleasure, which started when you made eye contact with Jonathan, his eyes covered with tears. "C-Cumming, Cu-Cumming~" Jonathan managed to mutter, closing his eyes as he released on himself. You would soon follow after him, releasing inside of Jonathan.
Jonathan panted heavily as he tried to catch his breath from the climax, you did the same, taking yourself out of him and laying beside him. All you could see was jonthans cute face, his hair a mess, and his face a mess, coveted with tears and blush. "I love you." Jonathan said softly in a breathy tone.
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babe-97 · 2 months ago
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“She’s a riot”🥀
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shahednasser · 7 months ago
If you like to play games and want to learn or practice programming languages, here are 4 games that can help you do that 🎮
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pocketfulloftangerine · a month ago
ascendant astrology observations pt.1 <3
just some little notes and observations on diff placements based off of people i know! vv mad as i typed up a whole detailed post and it didn’t save </3 i’m litro heart broken :’) so here’s a more simple one bc i’m currently up at 4am rewriting something to post lols :D
these are just my opinions and are based off of friends and people i know personally; please don’t plagiarise any of my work <3
Tumblr media
aries ascendants tend to be very impulsive people. they usually come across as intimidating people when in reality they’re usually the sweetest under the independent and confident mask they wear.
aries risings are usually very bossy and get frustrated when things don’t go their way. they’re usually very organised and work well alone as they’re very independent, ambitious and determined. my mum has this placement paired with a capricorn sun and is the biggest workaholic; she’s so ambitious and always wants to be the best. these people like to make everything a competition. sometimes they can rub people the wrong way by competing with everything.
cancer risings are so deceiving, arguably the most deceiving rising sign in my opinion. they come across as so sweet and caring when in reality they can be the most manipulative people. from experience they end up being a lot less sweet and cute than what they initially come across as. just the facts...
similarly, scorpio ascendants have a pretty intense mask: these people can come across as unlikeable and unreadable. however, unlike cancer risings, what’s underneath the mask is usually a lot kinder than what they outwardly present themselves as.
unpopular opinion but i dislike leo risings - one of the most stuck up placements. the leo risings i know put themselves on a pedestal and love to look down on others. they’re the type to act shocked that your good at something. they’re the ones who are always like ‘omg, that was actually soooo good!’ as if they didn’t expect you to be lmaoo
virgo risings just always seem so put together it’s not fair :’)
sag risings are usually funny. usually. i’ve met a few that try too hard to be funny and end up failing - probs due to aspects but i’m not going to go into that now xox they’re normally extroverted and friendly though, one of my fave rising signs
capricorn risings are very stubborn and persistent. you can easily spot them, idk just the aura they give off - you can tell a capricorn ascendant just by looking: they’re usually slim, with a bony structure and very serious eyes. they just look put-together. think dark academia, sophisticated vibes, no matter what aesthetic the person has they still give off those vibes
hope you enjoyed! this is so much shorter and wayyyyyy less detailed than what i originally wrote but oh well <3
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pesto-patrol · 5 months ago
writeblrs + indie authors please interact!
i have no idea how to start making friends here (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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farzettki · a year ago
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xiacodes · 5 months ago
Calling all computer science/programming blogs!
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Hello everyone! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
I have been getting dms of people wanting to follow other blogs like mine where I post my progress with programming / experimenting with different programming languages / tips and tricks / resources etc but they can't find them easily soooo I am making a post to reach the blogs these people want to find!
If you post about anything in the list belong, please reblog or comment your blog's @ so the right people can reach your blog:
programming a language
computer science
relevant memes
general talk about either subject
provide resources
student in any of the subjects
do challenges with computer science e.g. 100 days of Code
I just want this to reach as many people so our lil community within Tumblr can grow! Have a lovely day!
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sweetxtartxprincess · 2 months ago
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Just a reminder that I’m a human being as well and I’m not made to be readily available to whoever decides to jump in my inbox and grab my attention. I’m working. I’m a mom. I’m just trying to give you guys some fun stuff to look at and if we can chat as well, great!l
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nicoletuchak · 5 months ago
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Well ok, Jacquemus is my favorite designer
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luna-angel333 · 28 days ago
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c0smicrainbow · 7 days ago
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babe-97 · 2 months ago
scrivo ai cuori <3 (promesso u.u)
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certifiedghostmoment · a month ago
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New blog <33
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juicylewdpeach · a month ago
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Hey! This is my back up blog from LewdnPeachyy, my goal is to get everyone here since I’m marked as explicit on my original. I’ll keep you all updated, as always. Love, Peachy 🍑💜
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