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danny steals someone鈥檚 summer job
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Sy & Danny 馃枻
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Hehe-Since I've said that I'd like you to meet
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Flip-A-Clip is so hard to color in.....
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nonbineraryitinerary 5 months ago
Did I never do a pantheon profile for Danny? Let me remedy this soon. You guys will love this Filipino Murderous Empath Gay BoyTM
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h2o2fanart 10 months ago
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Huevember 2021 Day 15
another spn oc
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eyesofcrows a month ago
Concept: an ordinary student from Amity Park graduates, and goes to Gotham University. It goes pretty well. She wears an anti-possession bracelet from Fentonworks, and carries a gas-mask made by Wayne Industries. She keeps a small shrine to Phantom in her dorm, and leaves regular offerings of candy on the Batman-shrine found on the roof of the Science building, and she respects the rules about going out after dark, and not straying into certain haunts territories. And then Jazz Fenton becomes a freshman at Gotham U, and her friends realize that something is going on.
Hmmm, vague enough that I don鈥檛 know the direction your heading but interesting that I would want to think of how this would go.
There鈥檚 definitely ghosts in GU. Low level but this ordinary student (let鈥檚 call her Apple for Amity Park Local) know they鈥檙e there. Just small imprints. Apple鈥檚 respectful, by all means, and avoids them. She also thinks Batman is their protector, just as Phantom was, and there are traditions to uphold.
Of course she doesn鈥檛 want to cast away Phantom, so she keeps a shrine to remember him. It鈥檚 only a metal box, constantly open, with an emblem engraved into the lid and a newspaper cutout of Phantom. There鈥檚 some trinkets too, with string lights and candles and dried flowers. Her roommates think of it as strange but as long as she doesn鈥檛 go supervillain in Gotham, they don鈥檛 mind what she does.
There isn鈥檛 a single rebellious bone in Apple鈥檚 body. There鈥檚 regulations to follow if she wants to stay alive. Never go at dark. Always carry on gas mask. Pay attention to when the temperature shifts. Never say wish. Always follow evacuations.
Again, her friends find it weird, even for Gotham. They鈥檙e used to having their lives thrown about. They sneak out to go the clubs and drag their feet at evacuations.
鈥淭he Riddler? Again? Do we really need to cancel Movie Night for this?鈥
(But they only had encounters once a week or so. Apple had to do this everyday for years. Apple had to survived things that she shouldn鈥檛 have survived in.)
When Jazz comes around, Apple鈥檚 friends notice the same patterns. The same bracelet. The same weird walking.
And when Apple sees Jazz she looks happier than ever. She actually looks close to crying. She throws herself for a hug and says the things she only ever whispered beneath her breath aloud.
鈥淭here鈥檚 ghosts here too, Jazz. And they鈥檙e so sad. Can you help them?鈥
Jazz pats her back consolidating. 鈥淥f course. I鈥檒l clean up the entire school. I鈥檓 going to study here, after all.鈥 And they almost thought that she was playing into Apple鈥檚 delusions if there wasn鈥檛 such a serious and honest face on Jazz.
Within a week the University feels lighter. Like something finally released their grip around the air itself. Apple no longer swerves around weird spots in the hallway or goes the long way to class to avoid specific buildings. They have no reason to think it was because of Apple鈥檚 talk but they can鈥檛 help but connect to it.
They follow her and Jazz鈥檚 actions more closely. Apple never lit the candle in the box, even during a blackout. They don鈥檛 know if Jazz has the same box too. But there鈥檚 the same alertness of preparation and rulekeeping. And they both leave things at the Batman shrine (the one put up as a joke but kept because it felt awful to tear down) and kept it maintained.
They don鈥檛 know why. They don鈥檛 ask why. You don鈥檛 ask why in Gotham. They鈥檇 all be insane if they did.
But they keep it in the back of their mind. Sometimes they replace the flowers in Apple鈥檚 shrine. Sometimes they leave things at the Batman shrine too. Sometimes they curve around empty space without knowing why.
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lupo-the-hellwolf a year ago
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He is so done...what happened this time?
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without coloring
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ectokelpeigh 8 months ago
Dropping a new Danny Phantom OC let's do this
It's a ghost horse and its special power is looking like a real horse. It shows up in places horses simply shouldn't be
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It doesn't seem distressed in the least but you can't just leave a horse there. So emergency services are called and there's a big to-do to get it to safety but as soon as they catch it, it vanishes.
Every time it comes back, officials are hesitant to bother circling the wagons. But what if it's a real horse somehow (and some ghost keeps appearing/disappearing it to wreak havoc)? They can't leave a horse stranded, that's terrible.
Horse owners in and around Amity Park are out on an emergency contact list. Every time there鈥檚 a suspicious horse, authorities ask them if any horses are unaccounted for, or is it that fucking ghost horse again
The ghost horse also seems to just know when Phantom isn't available to expedite the 鈥渞escue鈥 (he鈥檚 strong enough to carry it, can turn things intangible, etc.).
Anyway, people take to calling it Cotton Eyed Foal because they're always left wondering:
Where did it come from?
Where did it go?
EDIT: This is a fic now because I am a fool
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phandomfic a month ago
Causally forgets tumblr is a thing鈥ops.
Anyway here it is: the first in the Phantom Elf Au i have planned.
The Fae Scientist
The Justice league was reaching the end of their hope.
Six months ago, the Green Lanterns sent word that the Xelgaki, who lost their world two years ago, have fallen to their desperation. No longer were they trying to peacefully search for a new planet to colonise, instead, the Xelgaki have decided to simply choose a planet with conditions that meet their needs and then kill off the top species and take its place.
They choose Earth.
The warning, however, was too late and Earth鈥檚 defence system was not prepared for how they鈥檇 attack.
Biological warfare.
A disease that is highly contagious and starts off mild so that it will be overlooked until it has infected the greatest amount of people. Killing the largest chunk of the population it can and making it easy to kill off the rest afterwards.
鈥淪tatus?鈥 Batman grunted. His voice was rougher than usual and Clark couldn鈥檛 be sure if it was due to the sickness or due to the fact that he hasn鈥檛 been sleeping since Jason, the last of his family awake, fell into a coma like so many others.
鈥淒r Fate and Captain Marvel are searching the multiverse to see if any of them have come up with an antidote but鈥︹ John sighed and tapped his unlit cigarette on the table, 鈥 the Xelgaki made this disease completely harmless to them so they never made one. Fate and Marvel haven't found a universe where we鈥檝e survived through the use of a cure, the only ones we survived, we ended up fleeing before we got infected or it never managed to hit us in the first place.鈥
The comment brought a round of angry grunts, sighs, and swears from those still present.
Most of the human heroes, who aren鈥檛 actively magic users, fell to the disease first. Metas got affected even faster than the regular humans. Batman was the last, non magic, human hero standing.
鈥淲e鈥檙e short on time.鈥 A fact that Bruce, not Batman, needed to address to those he knew were going to survive longer than he was. Clark, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, John Constantine, and Zatanna flinched. They knew they weren鈥檛 fully included in that 鈥渨e鈥.
鈥淎quaman and I will not surrender this planet to them.鈥 Wonder Woman had a look of pure rage that called for blood in her eyes. 鈥淭he Xelgaki will not live past the fear they鈥檒l feel when their limbs greet Earth and meet our armies.鈥
There was no rebuke for her threats of total annihilation. The Xelgaki were already in the process of genociding the human race and Clark knew that even Batman agreed his ideals didn鈥檛 matter as he watched his kids slowly die.
Aquaman is currently quarantining the Atlantians under the sea since they were lucky enough to not to be affected by the airborne disease when it hit Earth and even luckier that the Justice League managed to notify them fast enough that they stayed put.
Aquaman had already sent word that if he comes to the surface and isn鈥檛 greeted by mortal humans then he鈥檒l make sure the Xelgaki become an endangered species before chasing them from the planet. Clark knew he would help the Atlantians if he鈥檚 still around
鈥淚 need you all to come with me to visit Central City鈥檚 Star Lab,鈥 Batman continued, ignoring the threats in favour of getting to then point, 鈥渋f the scientists fall it will be your job to get their notes to Aquaman鈥檚 people.鈥
Grim nods followed. Clark could only hope that his friend would hold out until a cure is found.
That hope was nothing but desperation and Clark knew that in roughly two days time the first of those asleep would start dying off. Tim being one of them.
The time it took to travel to the lab was quiet and sombre. The streets of Central City reflected that.
However, when the last standing of the Justice League made it to Star Labs they were met with a鈥 unique? sight.
Zatanna and John froze. A choking noise came from one of them while the other gasp
鈥淚s that an elf????鈥
In the middle of the lab, the most ethereal creature Clark has ever seen sat in a rolling chair wearing a pristine white lab coat.
It was also halfway through shoving a six inch bun full of plain mushrooms into its mouth as if it was the most delicious thing it has ever come across and completely defying what Clark knows of human anatomy.
It all started with a mistake.
Well, not really a mistake but more like a series of mistakes made while sleep deprived and sick.
Mil contemplates as they shove the entire鈥 veggie burger? Maybe. Doesn鈥檛 matter, it's food and free.
An awed gasp is barely audible as Mil continues to shake the carbon mixture they finally got balanced. The gasp was probably due to how much food they could shove into their face without choking since a mixture as basic as the one in their hand wouldn鈥檛 gain such a reaction.
Or maybe it would? Who knows maybe the rest of these poor saps were just as sleep deprived and sick as the poor dude Mil鈥檚 covering for.
The thought brings Mil back to how they managed to get stuck in this situation in the first place.
Mil had been enjoying their month-long vacation away from Amity Park. It had been a good 40 years since they鈥檇 last visited the outside cities and frankly the quiet and peacefulness of places that weren鈥檛 wrapped up in ghost fights and undead and immortal politics was a great break.
Though it WAS a lot quieter than they remember it being.
On their walk through a quaint little city called Central City, Mil knew they were reaching the end of how long they could be away from Amity without feeling the effects of Ecto-withdrawal. They had about a week before it started to kick in. They could, of course, use the Ecto-booster that they bought to extend that time but wanted to keep it in case an emergency situation popped up that forcefully extended the time they were out of Amity.
So, thinking about the drive back to Amity that Mil was going to have to start, they may have completely failed to notice the zombie-like scientist that stumbled towards them in the empty street.
鈥淵oU!鈥 The scientist yelled, though the word came out like it had been through a blender due to how sore his throat sounded, as he stumbled his way over. Mil could tell this man had maybe like three hours of sleep and it didn鈥檛 help that he looked sick as death. 鈥淵ou look like me, are you a chemist? please tell me you're a scientist of something at least, you look like me,鈥 he basically sobbed as he got close to where Mil had stopped.
Mil did not, in fact, look anything like the dude other than having the same hair colour. Sure they had roughly the same body type but Mil鈥檚 body was built more for speed from 245 years of running and was a lot more slim than the obviously sick and sleep deprived scientist.
Ignoring the pointed ears and slight fangs of course, ecto-contamination at its finest.
They also weren鈥檛 quite sure why looking like him was a requirement to being a scientist and they can鈥檛 help but honestly wonder if it was just a desperate guess or if someone 鈥渓ook-like-me鈥 means there is a higher percentage chance of the other person having at least a similar job.
Since the poor dude was correct on the scientist part.
Definitely a theory Mil wants to look into on their free time.
Regardless, Mil remembers the days of sleepless all-nighters and the barely comprehensible babble that lab work brought with it. They definitely remember the logic that comes to a scientist when one hasn鈥檛 seen a bed in over 72 hours. Mil can definitely relate.
鈥淚鈥檓 not a chemist, but I am an epidemiologist with some experience with lab work. I specialise in breaking down a disease into its most basic form and creating direct counters.鈥
鈥淪o lab scientist?鈥 Mil sighed, the dude was definitely on the end of his rope if he only caught that much of their response.
鈥淵es I鈥檓 a scientist and can work in a lab.鈥
The relief that hit the dude was visible to anyone bothering to watch but before Mil could even ask why this was important, the guy shoved a Star Labs chemist ID into their hands and had his bag off his shoulder and offered out to Mil.
鈥淭he labs at the end of this street. I made sandwiches and you can have all the food if you help cause I can鈥檛 no more.鈥
Mil had a week before they absolutely had to leave. Preferably leaving in three days to get back before the worst of the Ecto-Withdrawal hit if they weren鈥檛 leaving immediately.
So, helping a fellow scientist (Jack Whitemen if the ID is to be believed) out and acquiring free food while doing so or start the long ass drive back to Amity?
Mil chuckled as they added the infected blood sample into the nicely shaken carbon mixture. They can鈥檛 believe that Jack鈥檚 plan to introduce themself as him to get into the lab worked. Although, considering the fact that the lab had an active count down timer, Mil couldn鈥檛 really blame them for not noticing. Everyone in the building looked run down to some degree and it was probably due to some stuck up prick CEO who threatened to cut their funding if they didn鈥檛 get this project done before the clock ran out. The prick was probably hoping to get the finished product without paying the scientists who slaved away to make it.
Not on Mil鈥檚 watch.
Sure, Mil MIGHT be projecting just a little but not a single person has corrected their angry mutterings about stupid deadlines made by stupid fucking stick-up-their-asses pricks who deserve to be wiped off the face of all existence.
In fact, all Mil has received are nods and grunts of agreement so they reserve the right to say their 鈥榩rojections鈥 are correct anyways.
The solution on the stand in front of Mil finally turned a lovely shade of red and with it came a complete pin-drop silence.
This was definitely a hard task to complete for that stupid time limit the staff were given, but luckily for them Mil worked on the ecto-nerve-flu of 2153 which looked very similar to the blood samples Mil had been given. They remembered how a vaccine derived from pinapple juice saved the city from taking a stupidly long nap and it was all because someone accidentally spilt their breakfast on one of the samples. (Ecto-diseases are just weird.)
Frankly it didn鈥檛 hurt to try it out and see if the vaccine for E.N.F. would work for this too.
Which it apparently does.
Of course it鈥檚 not the full E.N.F. vaccine but Mil did their best with the lack of ectoplasm and simply stuck the pseudo vaccine in the microwave to get effect close enough to what they were aiming for.
The cheering and sobbing finally started up and Mil took that as their cue to leave. That and the fact that the Ecto-Withdrawal was hitting earlier than expected if the hallucinations of cosplayers standing in the corner were anything to go by.
As Mil slips through the crowd of cheering and crying scientists they glance at the clock that still has 50 hours left before it runs out and smiles.
All in three days work.
This will definitely make for an amusing story to tell their coworkers when they get back home.
A week after the Justice League witnessed the creation of a life saving cure that shocked and rattled the world, they still have no fucking clue who and what had created it.
The camera footage of the time is gone as if it never existed.
Zatanna and John could only tell it wasn鈥檛 human.
The scientists refuse to admit it wasn鈥檛 Jack because 鈥渨e aren鈥檛 stupid enough to piss of the 鈥榮cientist鈥 who made the cure鈥.
Jack Whitemen admits his last memory before he lost consciousness from the disease was of him bribing a fae-like-creature with a sandwich.
They know nothing.
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sporesgalaxy 6 days ago
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Ghost King had a Knight why the FUCK not a court jester.
edit: adding that other post for more context and putting this in the main tag for once. lol
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bus stop
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Sy & Danny (my ocs) for a sketch request the other day!
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an exercise in bad luck
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Sunday drawing dump!
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impyssadobsessions a month ago
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Some fake kiddos for Jazz pairings. Jason and Jazz's daughter would be spoiled and lazy XD with a rebellious streak. Only thing u can really get her to do, without trying to pawn it on someone else, is to figure out how NOT to do something. Also Jaylyn pretends Batman's her favorite hero, one to butter up grandpa B and two to tick her dad off. She's a handful but sometimes that makes life exciting... as if Jazz and Jason need more XD. Her fave hero is her dad though, she only SOMETIMES let him know. Can't be too sappy though, what's fun in that....? (Totally a daddy's girl though) Her and Jazz argue as she aged. Rebellious stages are like that though. but Lynn does come to her mom first ... ok lie she goes to her uncles and then her mom when shit goes down. Except girl talk then its mommy. More so to avoid being lectured. Danny relates. (Also named her jaylyn to keep a theme (Ja theme plus cute to be name similar to dad).. but she goes by Lyn or Lynni spelled with an i to match Dani.)
Now Jazz and Dick's daughter @aryaokayfriend helped find a name, her's Marigold. She's cheerful and chatty, and naive. She very sweet and energetic. Loves to give Jazz a heart attack because she's a natural born flyer... without wings. Dick is proud of his little acrobat. She loves animals and to draw, Damian being her favorite uncle. The only one that can keep her from bouncing off the walls. She would be the type to befriend a random rogue after getting lost and then help them find their way... as if she was never lost to begin with. Everyone has to keep a heavy watch on this one.
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Doodle piss man.
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