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a little glimpse at jewish rome
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I saw this extremely wide frog plushie at Krogers in the valentines section and instantly fell in love 💖🐸 please help name this large lad!
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2022.Dec. M町公園にて
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Installing some old classics on my new retro-battlestation, a Pentium II 233Mhz save from the trash last week (More pics to come)
Do you remember the Origin self extractor's music 🤣 ? I'll try to record it later.
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Color my life with the chaos of trouble
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Stole this pullover from my dad and ima keep
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Greek Pyxis
* Athens
* 440-430 BCE
* Eretria Painter
* British Museum
London, July 2022
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9 years of saving for a Wagon
1 year of searching for the right Wagon
3 years of paying off the Wagon
I’m incredibly happy to announce this big yellow bitch is paid off and all mine.
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Welcome to my first study log update of the year! The year is still fresh and I'm happy to report that my motivation is still high. I find that making these study logs to track my progress I can maintain my motivation throughout the year, even during times where life and work get really busy and I think I won't have as much time for study. So, let's start this off!
My 2023 Goals Progress
I laid out some broad goals for my Japanese study in my 2023 Japanese Language Goals post. This is my first report on the progress I've made on these goals during the month of January!
1. Read one page a day of 日本の歴史366 (にほんのれきし366) everyday in 2023.
Since it's only a page to read, and the subject is history, I make time to read the page (and look up the vocabulary I don't know ^^) every day.
2. Finish 日本語総まとめ N3 (にほんごそうまとめ N3) workbooks.
The JLPT N3 workbooks I am using are a bit more involved, so I can't do the work daily, but when I do have the time (about once a week or so) I sit down and go through the Vocabulary, Kanji, Grammar, and Listening workbooks all at once.
3. Review and learn the first 6 levels of the 常用漢字 (じょうようかんじ), specifically the 教育漢字 (きょういくかんじ) up to grade 6.
Lately, I have been focusing more on new kanji rather than kanji review of the 常用漢字, but in February I will return my focus to the grade 2 kanji I was reviewing previously.
4. Read at least one book every two months.
I think I might have taken on too much in January, as I have been trying to finish up a book I started in December, then I picked up a new book and a new manga in the beginning of this year. I am going through the new book page-by-page and recording any words or I don't know, which is taking up a lot of time. I doubt I will finish it this month, but once I am done with it I think I will have learned a lot of new vocabulary.
5. Improve my speaking and writing by finding a tutor.
I have put this goal on hold because of work, but when things calm down in April I plan to search for a tutor and make a weekly tutoring schedule. I plan to use italki because it is the most popular platform.
6. Study Japanese for at least 10 minutes a day.
This goal has been a habit of mine since the beginning of 2022, and I am glad to see that I have been keeping up with it so far in 2023. I have a basic tracker set up in Notion, and this inspires me to do something every day so that I have something to record. I've also picked up a heat map tracker from No zero days in 2023 langblr challenge which provides another visual method for tracking my daily study.
These methods help me to be very mindful with my studying, which is what 2023 is all about for me!
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January Study Log
Reading - I have started off strong with reading, although I've probably taken on more reading material than I have time for. Books I am currently reading:
コンビニ人間 - finishing from December (22% done)
満月珈琲店の星詠み - started Jan. 1st (15% done)
花野井くんと恋の病 (manga) - started Jan. 1st (30% done)
Vocabulary & Kanji - A lot of my vocab & kanji comes from my reading and making a vocab/kanji list from the 満月珈琲店 book I'm reading, but I also try to do vocabulary & kanji flash cards on a daily basis.
Vocabulary & Kanji flash cards (renshuu.org)
言葉で遊ぼう (Japanese wordle)
Listening - Primarily conversational listening with family and friends, or TV/movies, but with some 総まとめ workbook listening sprinkled in. I'd like to do some focused JLPT listening practice soon!
Grammar - Grammar videos are one of the best ways for me to study since they are about 15 minutes each and I take hand-written notes. This month I finished up the Nihongo no Mori JLPT N3 grammar videos!
日本語の森 N3
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Going Forward in February
I would like to build upon the momentum I created this month, and while I'd like to continue with the routine I have right now, I would like to add in a few other things to try to mix things up and keep studying interesting.
Continue with the six primary goals I made at the beginning of 2023
Try focusing on a different skill category each month (January has been focused primarily on Reading - I'd like to focus on Listening in February)
Try out a new app - I've downloaded a few different apps that I would like to try out in some detail
Refocus my kanji study on 常用漢字
I hope your language learning journey in 2023 is everything you want it to be! Best of luck everyone ^.^
皆さん、2023年の勉強を努力しましょうね!とても生産的な一年になりますように ^.^
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I'm really looking forward to the Resident evil 4 remake, I'm really looking forward to the bonus scenes.
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