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itsaleois · 2 days
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sibylsleaves · 3 days
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babe wake up new Ravi lore just dropped
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tyanann · 3 days
this is mY blog and I decide whether or not I should post my poorly made chainshipping animatic
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kurosmind · 2 hours
I like to think that Caleb and Essek both had every intention to do things slowly and carefully, but when they met in Eiselcross again they just looked at each other and full on launched themselves at the other because by that point the yearning was at unbearable levels.
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123itsbri · 2 days
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can’t believe tsubomi rejected denji lmao
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fell-star-if · 3 days
How you holding up in the void PK?
I’m drowning in the abyss, send halp- I’m surviving, as that’s what matters the most. I’m trying to draw art for a certain ‘monsterous’ IF, while revising a certain ‘flower’ IF while working of character sprites in pixel art for a certain project. Fell Star is still in motion. I’m just dying at the action scenes because they’re so hard to write and the different Arcane paths are kadgadkgf-
But if y’all wants some interesting outcomes and consequences of what your MC can get into...
On in particular with Iina in the Mira Route should certain things happen...
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And another with Cassiar in the Wastes Route should certain parameters and events from the player’s previous actions come together to lead to this...
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aroacekal · 2 days
love love love characters that are just a weird little guy bonus point if they have absolutely no off switch.
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I found one of my @scalygems stickers so to the water bottle it goes!
[id: Juniper holding up their coffee water bottle, which is covered in stickers, with focus on the large purple sticker with a grey brown hognose and pink flowers on it]
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puyoed · 2 days
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worlds worst pokemon trainer
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I watch Miraculous like I’m Bunnyx: Scrambling through time order and struggling to make sense of what the heck is happening.
If only I could hop in the burrow and literally shut off the unnecessary and sometimes inaccurate spoilers, too.
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strawberry-soot · 3 days
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This is not a proper ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 🏹ROOK BIRTHDAY SSR FLOWER ANALYSIS* 🏹 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ since all the pics I’ve seen of his card are too low quality for me to confidently say what his flowers are or aren’t but considering Rook holds a special space in my little heart I decided to share some first, highly un-educated guesses about his bouquet! I'll post a proper analysis once I get my hands on a better quality pic of his SSR!
Please enjoy some flower-musings!
The big white ones I assume to be marigolds. Marigolds are a symbol of the sun and represent power, strength, and light that lives inside of a person. They can also mean passion, positive energy and emotion, as well as creativity. (There’s also the expression “to be someone’s marigold” – in this case marigold is a person a person that protects and helps the other thrive, encouraging them to grow.) (However, marigolds may also symbolize a feeling of despaired love, grief, jealousy and mourning, resurrection, remembrance and honoring the dead.) Otherwise, they may be white hydrangeas which symbolize purity, grace and abundance, heartfelt emotion, gratitude for understanding, and apology, or they’re Chrysanthemums which represent loyalty, honesty, and devoted love (as well as happiness, longevity and joy). (White chrysanthemums can also represent death and are popular funeral flowers.)
The darker pink/maybe slightly purple-ish/mauve, if you will, ones could be bellflowers which symbolize affection, constancy and everlasting love, delicacy and humility, maturity and attraction, as well as gratitude, support, and romance. Or they're candytufts (iberis) which stand for joy, beauty and sweetness (as well as stoicism and indifference.) They might also be dianthus which symbolizes feminine beauty and innocence – in purple dignity and power. Lilacs could also be an option which represent purity, innocence and spirituality. (They are also symbolic of a first love.)
At one point I thought foxgloves might be in his bouquet and while I’m no longer convinced of the idea, I still don’t want to rule them out as a possibility until I’ve seen his card in better quality. Foxglove is associated with insincerity, pride, intuition, creativity, and energy, magic, ambition, productivity, communication, cooperation and confidence. In the Victorian language of flowers gifting someone foxgloves means “I am ambitious for you, rather than for myself.” (I just think they'd fit him really well other than the insincerity part. But like I said, not sure any of the flowers in his bouquet actually are foxgloves.) (There also is a folktale that picking foxgloves angers faeries so we might see them again in a Diasomnia bouquet? (foxgloves are poisonous so that belief likely is a simple tale to discourage children from plucking them.))
Moving on to the dusty pink/lighter pink ones: baronesse garden roses symbolize achievement, completion and perfection, and are, as all roses are, a universal symbol of love, desire, and beauty. Another possible rose variation is the hybrid musk rose (rosa moschata) which represents charm. They could also be begonias which represent love, romance and affection, or caution and consideration, as well as good communication between different parties.
Or they are (tower chamois) China asters which stand for love, wisdom, and faith, as well as daintiness. Technically pink carnations are also an option but personally I think they’re too small for that. Either way, pink carnations symbolize gratitude and are generally used as Mother’s Day flowers. Another maybe, more likely not are freesias which symbolize joy, renewal, and friendship.
Onto the more peachy ones: hibiscus flowers’ meanings include ephemeral beauty, romantic love and passion, friendship, hospitality, and joy, as well as happiness, sunshine, and good luck.
At the top left he has what I think are amaryllis which mean pride, strength and determination.
The green ones I believe to be gerbera daisies - a symbol of innocence (of children’s hearts), happiness and gratefulness for the life you've been given. Basically, they are a vibrant celebration of life in fragrant flower form. Or they might be zinnias which represents love that is growing or being renewed (as well as good wishes to someone who’s building and hoping to grow a business – so good luck for financial endeavors)
He has little wheat looking things which may or may not hold any meaning. They might be foxtails, which commonly symbolize financial difficulty and economic change, but they are also believed to be a sign of protection.
One of December’s birth flowers is narcissus which might also be in his bouquet but I can’t say for sure yet. If they are though, they represent creativity, inspiration, awareness and inner reflection, forgiveness, and vitality. (You may give someone narcissi to let them know they’re ‘the only one’ for you.)
These’re all of my personal thoughts/predictions on what Rook’s bouquet might consist of that I'm only sharing because I feel like there's a big lack of Rook brainrot-flower-analysis on my dash. Again, I’m not a flower connoisseur and the pictures I’ve seen of his SSR have been horribly blurry so basically I’ve been going “and this mass of yet-undefined shapes and color that might be purple or pink or mauve or something in between could be that flower :o” and hoping for the best. But as promised, I’ll make a proper post with more accurate (and maybe more detailed) flower-thoughts soon. Until then, that's all I have but please feel free to let me know if I missed or wrongly idenitfied any flowers!
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melancholy-smile · 3 months
What if Morpheus’ eyes did the star thing anytime he was in a dark room. (There may have been a post already like this idk. Also Ik it doesn’t really fit in with the show let me have fun). Like they’re stars but from a distance it’s like an animal’s eyes reflecting in the dark.
Image he and Hob in a dark room.
“So yeah let me get the- what the fuck.”
“Is there a cat? Wait Is that you??…500 years and I learn you have like, animal eyes.”
“They’re stars.”
“They’re fucking what.”
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ofalltheginjoints · 4 months
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Metallica and Joseph Quinn @ Lollapalooza 
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paintedhen · 1 year
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*fnaf 2 ambience*
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broosepayne · 8 months
Bruce shuffles out of bed at Alfred's behest and tries to make himself presentable. He's got a meeting later with some of the board to help with the Flood Relief Fund and Alfred will yell at him if he tries to hide on the roof again.
Sighing, he opens his laptop to check his work email when he remembers: Today is May 1st. It's the premiere of The Gray Ghost reboot. Hands shaking, he pulls up the streaming platform it'll be on. This is the first Gray Ghost content they've gotten in over fifteen years. His childhood and teen years had been devoted to the show; Gray had gotten him through so many rough patches. He has every single line of dialogue memorized. Every single comic and tie-in book and t-shirt and action figure are in his Gray Ghost room. He sees episode one pop up and presses play.
They better not mess this up.
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Part 2
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