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mayasaura · 3 days ago
The series has so far been consistent in presenting a merging of souls as something that can't be undone. The part of Gideon that Harrow took, I don't know if she can give it back. I don't know if Gideon would even want her to.
Maybe I'm a romantic, but the ideal ending to me, the most satisfying conclusion, would be Harrow balancing the scale by giving a piece of her own living soul to become a part of Gideon. Not Gideon's heart returned, but Harrow's heart in return. We've seen lyctorhood as a one-sided consumption, and we've seen it as a mutual consummation. We've still never seen it tried as a reciprocal exchange.
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eledsart · 8 hours ago
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spoke to her in her first language
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theriverbeyond · 2 days ago
spinning around in my head like a microwave how Harrow just spent her whole life wanting Gideon and specifically never really wanting anything from Gideon. like yeah she talked big about "duty to the Ninth" but at the end of the day she just. wanted Gideon. like i am pretty sure Gideon didn't even have a job. on the Ninth, so poor in its resources that one would assume that nothing would be wasted. but she was more or less free to run around with a sword staring mournfully at skeletal constructs reading pornographic comic books and generally having a none-to-negative impact on the Ninth House's operations.
how for Canaan House Harrow went through all the trouble of having Gideon trained with the rapier and brought her along only for her to not want Gideon to do anything!!! she was like YES you will train nonstop for 3 months and YES you will now sit silent in our joint rooms twiddling your thumbs. sir this is my emotional support Griddle. and Gideon was so bored and confused because she's a butch down to her service loving bones, but Harrow just wanted Gideon to stay safe and out of the way and stay hers. how when Gideon went and did it, sacrificed herself for Harrow, how of course Harrow didn’t want that, and of course she would then destroy herself in order to undo it. because Harrow never wanted Gideon's service or Gideon's sacrifice or anything else like that. she wanted Gideon.
and I am thinking about being butch and the specific ways our view of our self worth and value so often gets all tied up in what we can do for other people and how Harrow loves Gideon in a way that is totally outside of that framework. Harrow just wants to come home and for Gideon to be there. and Gideon just doesnt understand. because of course she doesn't. pain.
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ame-gosh · a day ago
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Another harrow bc tis the season (bone month)
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locked-tomb-shenanigans · 2 days ago
I think the single most heartbreaking thing about HtN and NtN is how Harrow and Gideon in these books mirror each other.
HtN’s Harrow is a Harrow that is stripped completely bare of any trace of Gideon including memory because Harrow wanted to save Gideon and couldn’t deal with the grief of losing her.
NtN’s Gideon is the same thing but inverted. Kiriona is a Gideon that is made up entirely of grief for Harrow because she thinks she couldn’t save her.
This becomes the most evident because of Kiriona acting most like the Gideon of the previous books when it comes to Harrow.
Her asking Nona where Harrow is, adamant that it doesn’t matter where it is because she’ll get back to her regardless. Her telling Harrow to “keep it together, idiot.” Her cussing out Alecto for daring to offer Harrow her blade when that’s Gideon’s fucking job.
But it goes beyond this. It’s in Nona seeing grief in even the way Gideon moves.
Gideon denies she’s back in Drearburh for Harrow, but regardless of original intent, when she realizes Harrow’s body is dying she becomes the only thing that matters. She kneels beside her without hesitation, and helps the people who are supposed to be her enemies take her into the tomb without a word of protest.
When they realize they need someone to die to get inside the tomb, Gideon immediately says “Kill me.” She doesn’t even think about it. She’s ready to sacrifice herself for Harrow all over again, ready to die a second, final death for the slightest chance that it might mean Harrow will be okay.
Harrow said in the second book that the whole of her always comes back to Gideon—and the opposite is just as true. Whether it’s Gideon or Kiriona, and whether she’s alive or dead, the whole of her always comes back to Harrow.
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triflingshadows · a day ago
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hole in head girl x hole in heart girl
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sublimebtine · 14 hours ago
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Second saddest girl in the universe
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frenzyarts · 2 days ago
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Nona 🌎 and Harrow 💀
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gafellique · 2 days ago
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Some old TLT art featuring the evil preps. Third House is best house, end of topic 💖〰️💖
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camilla-rekt · a day ago
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hekellion · 2 days ago
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inktober 3 : tea party
always love the scene where gideon bodies the green tea and burns the shit out of her tongue
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nonasbirthday · a day ago
I don’t think Nona’s strange eating habits are strictly due to her being an embodied planet - here’s why:
1. Throughout both GTN and HTN, Harrow is almost constantly losing blood. In addition to her near-death experiences and her brain hemorrhages, “blood sweat” is described as a relatively common effect of a necromancer exerting themself.
2. Frequent or heavy blood loss can lead to iron-deficiency anemia. Occasionally this or other nutritional deficiencies* can lead to pica, a condition that causes people to compulsively eat non-food items.
3. Things Nona, who is inhabiting Harrow’s body, has eaten in NTN or describes wanting to eat:
ice cubes
half a cigarette
marker top
4. Common non-food items that people with pica may eat:
ice cubes
clay, dirt, sand
plants, grass
the unused remainder of a cigarette
rubber bands
rocks, pebbles
5. In conclusion: Nona is eating weird shit because Harrow’s body is dealing with a severe case of ~iron deficiency~. My bby is soooo low on red blood cells, feed that girl a steak and some spinach STAT!!! She needs her MINERALS!!!
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[image ID in alt text]
*other conditions besides poor nutrition can cause pica too, you can do your own reading on that tho. i’m not a doctor
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deidameias · 2 days ago
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uh. top ten things that make you OUAGH AGH OUCH
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lockedtombmemes · 3 hours ago
y'all hated the cursed yassification so what about babyfication
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Anyone remember that line in HtN where is was said that although Harrow despises flesh magic, she had a knack for hearts? Yeah.
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cheetomanistrash · 2 days ago
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I have a slight obsession…. Sorry for the bad quality lol
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sunbites · 18 hours ago
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I know little, but I promise
There’s a slow, slow death if you want it
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