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Now that the year is coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to get a planner or calendar for 2023. You can find my Floriography calendars on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, Bookshop, or have your favorite indie bookstore order one in for you.
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Once again I and @chechula​ managed to make a calendar! Once again we are really late (I’m so sorry 😔). This year’s theme is Highwaymen (Loupežníci)! Anyway, the calendars are in the print right now. So, I just wanted to let you know and ask if anyone would be interested (These are very much non-binding pre-orders - just throw some message my way or on [email protected]). It’ll be an A2 poster calendar. Printed in black&white on Munken Pure ecological paper. With a colorful PF postcard as a bonus 🎄 The price is 18 USD/17 euros Shipping Europe 6,50 USD/6 euros Outside of Europe 7USD/6,50 euros _____ V rámci ČR Cena kalendáře 300 Kč Poštovné 70 Kč (osobní převzetí možné pokud se pohybujete v okolí Frýdku-Místku nebo Zlína) My apologies for the higher price this year, but (hopefully) the print and paper should be real nice 😌 Thanks, everyone!
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Man of The Month part 8: September
Series MasterlistMy Complete [email protected] Masterlist
Summary: Bruce takes a turn behind the camera. Pairing: Loki x Reader (eventually) Word Count: 2.4k Warnings: Nudity, Language,
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You were distracted today. The light coming in through the studio windows made the most amazing hues of blue and grey. You caught yourself just watching the dust motes float throughout your space. You only did this when you were tired and bombarded with work. You would shut down at the heavy load you had to carry, which made the in-surmounting task more unbearable. You were behind on your work, and this wasn’t helping.
You stayed up late most nights and barely had any time to eat or do basic things just to catch up to a more reasonable workload. Never again, you thought. I would much rather wait out, straddled on a tree branch for my mark, than do another photoshoot like this.  
The train of thought got you irate as you fantasized about ways of getting even with Tony. Maybe I can mess with his photo. No, that won’t be professional. How do I make him uncomfortable? Then suddenly, an idea hit you. “FRIDAY? Would you like to play a prank on Tony with me?”
“What did you have in mind, Miss?”
Knock. Knock. Knock.
The knock on your studio door surprised you. No one ever knocks on your door unless they had a scheduled shoot with you that day. Everyone else, Shaun or Wanda more frequently, would barge in unannounced as if it were an extension of the common room and not a professional working studio where you needed space and quiet and a Certain Level of PRIVACY FOR YOUR CLIENTS!
…deep breaths…
But you digress. The knock on your door rapt your attention once more. “It’s open, Bruce, come in,” you yelled as you tried to continue working on FRIDAY’s coding.
“Scopes?” Loki’s deep voice sent a welcome shiver throughout your body, pooling as it heated into your core. You turned to face him and smiled as he brought you a small plate of bagels slathered with cream cheese. “I figured I’d bring you your breakfast since Xu is currently discussing something lengthy with my brother. I also brought you my cardigan back. I didn’t know if you had one in here.” He started looking around. “It does get rather chili in here.”
“That’s so thoughtful. Thank you,” you said taking the plate from his hands. “You guys dote on me too much.”
“It’s not doting when I’m just being a decent person. I could be doing more. I’m just a friend, who simply wanted to ensure your well-being.” Loki smiled.
He hated the word as soon as it left his mouth. Friend. Loki wanted to be more. He wanted to be your beloved. Your lover. Yours.
You reciprocated his smile as genuinely as you could. Shaun was mean for getting your hopes up as high as they were. There was no way Loki thinks of you as anything else other than a friend. He just said so himself. “Thank you.”
“Who is scheduled for today?”
“Bruce,” you said taking a bite of your bagel. “He should be coming in any minute now.”
“Will you need any assistance? Do you mind if I stay and watch?”
“I would love some help. But it should be up to Bruce...”
“What should be up to me?” Bruce interrupted, walking into your studio.
“Bruce,” Loki nodded in greeting.
“Hey, Loki. Hey, Scopes.” Bruce said wearily.
“Hi, Bruce. You ok?” you asked, your eyebrows furrowing in concern.
“Ya…yeah I’m fine.” He didn’t look fine. He came in agitated and bewildered. “I just got a lot on my plate right now and I haven’t really slept at all. Tony’s been asking me for this prototype with MARK 44. Then he has me doing this shoot.” On cue he yawned, stretching his right hand up and arching his back.
“I’m sorry Bruce. Do you want to reschedule? I don’t mind. I can get someone else here today and you can come back when you’re better rested.”
“No, no. I’d rather do this now and get it over with so I can just go one with my li…FREAKIN’ HELL!” Bruce stubbed his toe on the corner leg of the table. He didn’t see it as he was coming forward and yawning, knocking over your bagel plate onto the floor.
“Oh my god! Are you ok?” you asked hurrying over to Bruce.
“I’m fine. I’m fine. It’s just not my day today. Awe and I ruined your bagel. I’m sorry.” He frowned as he watched Loki discard the bagel in the trash and clean up the cream cheese off the floor.
“Bruce. Let’s call it a day. Spend this time unwinding. Why don’t you join Loki and I for brunch? Would you like that?”
“No. Let’s just get this over with,” he growled. You backed away, seeing that Bruce was starting to bulge a little and turn slightly green on his neck.
“Sure, Bruce. So, whatever you’re comfortable with,” you appeased. Loki could hear the tension in your voice. He looked over at Bruce and saw that he was agitated, to say the least. “How bout we take some pictures by the wall over here?” You pointed away from the windows and kitchen. Away from the glass and sharp objects that you could easily be thrown into in case of a breakout.
“Darling,” Loki whispered in a low voice. “Are you all right?” He entreated quietly while still watching Bruce. You nodded your head and smiled. Your eyes frantically looking to the door of the studio, signaling Loki to get out while he can. Or possibly get help.
Normally, Bruce was so even-tempered. The mild-mannered doctor was always gentle and unassuming. But that was with a good amount of sleep and no annoyances to plague his mind.
The good doctor, as of right now, was agitated, annoyed, and very much angry. You didn’t think he could handle another setback to his day.
“SCOPES!” Tony yelled as he slammed the door of your studio open. You gave an exasperated sigh at Tony barging into your work area. “What did you do?”
“Tony I’m in the middle of working here. On a project, I might add, you gave me a strict deadline for,” you snapped.
“So, I ask again. What did you do?” Tony commanded as he stepped closer to you, pointing a finger in your direction.
“To what?”
“Stark, is this really necessary?” Loki interjected, standing in between you and Tony.
“Oh, you can’t save her Rudy. I was in the middle of a meeting with Fury and some military higher-ups when I asked FRIDAY to start the demonstration. Do you know what she said to me?” he raged.
Your years of training had prepared you for this moment. This moment right here, to school your expression and feign innocence in front of a hostile interrogator.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You raised your chin and looked the other way.
“She called me daddy. DADDY! I said, ‘FRIDAY, run the simulation please.’ And she said, ‘Yes, daddy. Which range missile would you like to fire first?’ At that point I had most of the officials looking at me strangely, wondering if I actually get my AI to call me ‘daddy’ like I’m some narcissistic billionaire with A KINK.”
“Well, in due fairness…” Loki interrupted.
“Stay out of this, Loki.” Tony snapped in his direction. “Fury’s questioning whether to take me off the bill. So I looked up the last person who had access to her coding and lo-and-behold it was you. On this computer. Fess up, Tweets.”
“THAT’S ENOUGH!” The frightening growl came from Bruce. Slowly and unnoticed by everyone in the room, he had started turning and twitching. His linen shirt ripped to shreds as his hulking green muscles came out. Bruce grew taller and taller as his trousers fought to keep themselves wrapped around his waist, finally snapping and letting go, contributing to the growing dust mote population in your studio.
One final roar came out of The Hulk’s mouth announcing his presence. “NO MORE FIGHTING.” He picked up the weight bench in the work-out setup and threw it against the door of the studio, locking everyone inside.
“Someone get Nat.” You yelled.
“FRIDAY,” Tony called out.
“Yes, daddy?” She answered back. Tony sighed as his nano suit formed around him. You could see his eyes roll behind the Ironman helmet.
“Inform the team there’s a breakout in Scope’s studio.”
“Affirmative, daddy.”
“You are changing that as soon as we are done here, young lady!” Ironman pointed to you before he hovered a few feet off the floor and tried to steal The Hulk’s attention away from you.
Hulk picked up more furniture and tried to swat Ironman away. “HULK MAD. HULK FEEL LEFT OUT,” as he picked up the weights and hurled them across the room, one by one.
“Loki. Go!” You pushed him behind the kitchen counter. “Find Nat!”
“I am not leaving you!” He said with furrowed eyebrows. “Are you mad?” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, covering you, just as splinters of wood came pelting from the ceiling.
“You’re the only one that can materialize out of here. Now go! The sooner you leave, the sooner you can come back.” Loki looked into your eyes. The struggle inside him played out on his face. He did not want to leave you in danger. But he knew you were right.
“Come with me, then.” He tugged at you, ready to materialize both of you out of there.
“My computer!” You pulled away from Loki’s embrace, crawling towards your table. No sooner had you touched your laptop, than Ironman had landed right behind you. On your path back toward Loki. “Go Loki. Find her,” you commanded Loki.
He shook his head. “I am not leaving you here!”
“STOP FIGHTING.” The hulk screamed out loud, propelling something towards Loki, making him disappear in a flash of green seidr. You could only hope, Loki managed to get out into the hallway or appear wherever Nat currently is.
“Tony! Tony are you ok?” You knelt down to grab his helmet. Opening the front mask. “FRIDAY, Vitals!”
“Mr. Stark’s vitals’ are normal. He has a mild concussion. He will be ok.”
“Ok. Ok. Ok. Think Y/N. Think.”
“I-I’m sorry Hulk. You’re right. I should’ve asked you too.” You stood up trying to appease the giant behemoth in front of you. “I would completely understand if you didn’t want to be in the shoot and we can just get someone else.”
You opened your mouth in realization and quickly shut it afterward. “I’m so sorry Hulk. I didn’t think…”
“NO ONE THINKS OF HULK. ONLY BANNER.” Hulk swayed a little bit, his giant torso shifting until he sat down on the floor. His angry face changed into that of pain and trouble.
“Would you like to be in the Calendar, Hulk? I think we can make that happen. Think of it like a special edition. Everyone will want it because there will be only a few printed. You will be ‘special.’ Because you are special. And there is only one of you.” You said as you got closer and closer to him. You laid your hand on his giant arm.
Hulk grunted and nodded his head. “HULK SPECIAL.”
“That’s right. You are special, my friend.” You giggled.
“HULK LIKE SCOPES LAUGH.” He said as he patted you on your head gently. “WANT TO MAKE LOKI AND SCOPE KISSY FACE!” he put his fingers together in proceeded to push them against each other, motioning a kiss.
For the second time that day, you widened your eyes in surprise. “Now, now, Hulk. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.” You laughed nervously, as he continued to pat your head. Knowing Hulk, he probably did have the strength to play with the two of you like you were Barbie and Ken dolls.
Geez, even Hulk knew about your infatuation with Loki. This is getting really embarrassing. Were you that obvious?
“Anyways, let’s get you set up. Pose for me and I’ll take a couple of shots, ok?”
“OK.” Hulk stood up and posed for you under your direction. You got a couple of good shots of Hulk roaring and lifting heavy objects. When you finished, you showed him some of the results on your computer and he picked a couple that he liked.
“GOOD JOB, FRIEND. HULK HAPPY.” The blast on the door stole both of your attention as the team worked their way in trying to get to you before any more damage can occur. “BYE FRIEND.” He grunted as he held out his massive hand.
“Goodbye, my dear. I’ll see you soon. Ok?” you placed your hand against his, noting how your hand was not even a quarter as big.
Loki appeared next to you, suddenly, out of breath. His eyes darted between you and The Hulk. “Darling are you ok? I went and found Nat and the others,” he wrapped both hands around your shoulders turning you in his direction. He dutifully looked you up and down, trying to note any marks or bruises that you might’ve gotten.
“I’m fine Loki. Thank you.” you smiled. Hulk bunched his fingers again and motioned for a kissy face and laughed. He patted both of your heads, and Loki winced, preparing to be swung like a ragdoll.
Nat came around and started stroking his arm. “Hey, big guy.”
“Come on. Let’s get out of here. Somewhere bigger where we can run, huh?”
“OK.” Hulk proceeded to place Nat on his shoulders. She sat there as his hand covered her legs, securing her so she won’t fall off. Everyone watched as they both walked out of the massive hole that was once the entrance to your studio.
“Ugh…FRIDAY?” Tony said getting up from his collapsed position on the floor.
“Yes, daddy?” The AI answered. Everyone turned their heads toward Tony. Mirth and amusement on their faces.
“You’re fixing that now, Tweets!” Tony pointed to you as he ambled in the walk of shame in-between team members who were laughing. “Status report, FRIDAY.”
You bit down on your lip and smiled up at Loki. You couldn’t miss the light and adoration in his eyes at the trick you had just pulled.
Only one word popped into your head as you looked into his eyes, daddy. The following word that came into your head, broke your heart, and that was friend because that’s all he ever saw you as.
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Calendar for December 2022 featuring Gudetama the lazy egg 🥚
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December’s calendar is a very beautiful Christmas themed Kyoko and Haru! this is 2022’s last calendar! please either open the image, or go to Amano’s Twitter for better quality!
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Forgot to post the second window here! Take my headcanons Aizawa as a transboy and Mic as nonbinary! They cute little babies in this one!
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Most of these are available to buy HERE as well as the 2023 postcard calendar featuring these seasonal colour combinations.
(Sorry for reposting, the formatting was messed up!)
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View of a Singer Manufacturing Co. calendar for 1901, featuring depictions of birds. Printed on front: "American singers. Compliments of the Singer Manfg. Co. 256 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. J. Ottmann Lith. Co., N.Y." Printed on back: "The Singer, the universal sewing machine, all over the world."
Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library
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Domus home decor and furniture stores 1977
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Free 2023 Year Planner - Printable Digital Insert - 2 Pages - Landscape Orientation
Download Here
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Tell me you book journal, without telling me you book journal. I’ll go first, haha.
Anyway, here’s a few books I tabbed and my new November spread! I am loving it! (inspo from Pinterest). Also, those little dots in my calendar are my habits (the key’s covered up by the book I’m currently reading).
Current read 📕: The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe
Ps. For all my American peeps, don’t forget to vote in midterms on Tuesday, Nov 8!
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Long before internet memes, there was Morris the Cat, the advertising mascot for 9Lives brand cat food, appearing on its packaging and in many of its television commercials since the 1970s. This particular appearance was on a 1986 calendar titled “Morris, A Cat For Our Times” that featured several pieces of technology. Find out more here...
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My Melody December 2022 calendar 💖 you made to December 💖
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Miss Piggy is the most erotic of all the Muppets. (These are all officially licensed products BTW.)
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Eugène Grasset (1845-1917)
La Belle Jardiniere – November  1896
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