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toshitophchan · 5 months ago
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Spoilers for The Sarah-Jane Adventures, Season 2, Episodes 5 and 6
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lurking-latinist · a month ago
Luke Smith doesn’t know how anything works at first so he learns to eat oranges from Sarah Jane and he’s just like. guess this is one of those foods where you have to get past the gross part. And then one day he eats an orange in front of his friends and they’re like ??? is this some alien thing? and he says no I learned it from mum, is this not how you eat oranges? and they show him how to peel an orange the way literally everyone except Sarah does it, and he goes ooooooh I wondered why they were so popular
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cafedeprespresso · 6 months ago
Sarah Jane Smith: I have to work alone. And I don’t plan on having children.
Child that was artificially created out of scans of 10,000 humans by aliens but was ultimately considered useless and to be discarded by said aliens:
Sarah Jane:
Sarah Jane: hello there. your name is now Luke Smith. i had mr. smith forge your adoption papers
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j-harkness · a month ago
sarah jane and luke are so lovely because its just an autistic mom adopting this autistic kid and hes like "mom how do i socialize" and shes like "fuck if i know"
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venus-thunks · 2 months ago
I think Luke Smith deserves to be included in the fictional male nerd freakazoid paranormal alien groups (dipper pines, norman babcock, wybie lovat etc)
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sarahjaneadventures · 7 months ago
hi sja tumblr just thought i should update you on this find. this is a cut line from prisoner of the judoon.
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so you understand that im feeling a little bit insane right now. bonkers if you will. going bananas so to speak.
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incorrect-sja · 7 months ago
The Doctor: I’d like to offer you moral support, but I have to tell you my morals are questionable at best
Luke: no, don't worry I know, mum told me
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skaidaive · a month ago
all I want in the next season of doctor who is for Luke Smith to come back as a companion with his husband Sanjay it would be perfect for all is sja kids who have grown up now
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differentcollectionexpert · 3 months ago
Was anyone gonna tell me that Luke Smith from the Sarah Jane Adventures was canonically gay or was I gonna have to find that out myself by randomly reading the fucking wiki page🫡
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dalekintraining · 2 months ago
Hey, doctor who fans who were kids in the late 2000s/early 2010s, we were all fans of the Sarah-Jane Adventures first right?
I certainly was, and fans my age who I've spoken all agree.
Clyde Luke and Rani are more dear to me than any single companion from the main show. Rani was my main draw for listening to Doctor who redacted.
Doctor who may be my favourite show now, but SJA will always be my first love
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the-attic-in-ealing · 7 months ago
Random SJA headcanons!
Luke missed Clyde's cooking when he was at uni so everytime he visits Clyde brings leftovers of his cooking and whenever Luke visits Clyde is in charge of cooking
Sarah Jane threatened Sanjay with her sonic lipstick when he first got with Luke
Sanjay ended up helping out with an alien the first time Sarah Jane, Sky, Rani and Clyde went to uni all together
Rani taught Sky and Clyde to do eyeliner because Sky wanted to learn and Clyde owed Rani [he was really good bc he's so precise for his art]
Skye always makes the gang watch Disney Pixar movies when they have movie nights
Luke got really into horror movies after going to university
Clyde claims he only watches animated movies and cartoons for inspiration but he really enjoys them
Clyde always made sure he had diverse characters in his comics, and he has a scientist character that is just Luke with a different name
Sarah Jane did an article of A Charitable Earth, with the hope of meeting Ace McShane (she was successful)
Luke unintentionally began working with another past companion (perhaps Liz Shaw) and didn't even realise they both knew the doctor until Sarah Jane went to visit him
Sanjay is the oldest sibling in his family and he cried watching Encanto
Luke does Sky's hair
Maria and Luke call at least once every week, she surprised him with a visit in his second year at uni
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fanonical · 3 months ago
happy pride to luke smith and luke smith only
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theteaisaddictive · a year ago
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text courtesy of @marxistgnome, character choices courtesy of me
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thedarklinkfell · 9 months ago
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The Stolen Earth
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lady-sci-fi · 11 months ago
With RTD coming back for at least a season of Doctor Who, I have one specific thing to ask of him. Of course I’ll appreciate seeing any Classic Who companion he might have return. But one thing I want?
Luke Smith, and his husband Sanjay.
He’d planned to have them be a couple on Sarah Jane Adventures. It wouldn’t be hard to work Luke into a modern-day episode.
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histrionicintrovert · 2 months ago
i remember the first time i watched the sarah jane adventures i had a crush on luke and now it's clear to me that the hot one is maria's dilf father
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sarahjaneadventures · 8 months ago
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fourth doctor & luke smith (+ a bonus k9 :D) for @lady-sci-fi as part of the dream team gift exchange (@dreamteamexchange). hope you like it!! <3
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