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Mean Girls (2004) dir. Mark Waters
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hey @one-time-i-dreamt can you please boost to help a little bit? Hvalaaa tiii
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thanks to the kindness of oomf i was able to afford enough to get my prescriptions & eat for the next several days but umm if anyone was willing to help out a little more i'd be really really really grateful, ofc rbs are helpful too...
here's my paypal
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Not just Croatia, all the other Balkan countries also have these (can confirm, am Serbian)! They're really cost efficient. I remember being surprised when I saw a toothpaste tube in an English textbook in second grade (☉。☉)! The teacher had to explain to us that it's just a cultural difference...
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I didn't know bucket toothpaste was only a thing here!
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this is the cutest shit i've ever seen (〒﹏〒)
hyewon singing 'hawaiian couple' together by humming urban stereo, eng sub by me
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My country's not in the EU, but anyone who can, sign it!!!
COVID is slowly becoming a "third world" disease. While first world countries are hoarding vaccines, having doses for populations many times their size, third world countries can't get any because pharma companies want to sell to the first world countries first. Even then, first world countries will receive them first. While rich countries recover from COVID, they will forget about the pandemic while many other countries live the absolute worst moment of the pandemic without being able to vaccinate their population.
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These are Leigh approved from 2013 and 2012...
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Ben Barnes showing up uninvited on the set of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone, two years ago:
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You can only reblog this today.
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“Don’t call Trump supporters nazis, it hurts their feelings.”
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For everyone who don't know what is happening. Don't tell me they're just doing their job, the gonverment turned against its people and that's never gonna forgiven nor forgotten!
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SHARE, we need to raise awareness about this!
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please spread this !
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feel free to share + repost these images. stand with serbia.
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Just an experiment. Reblog if you actually give a fuck about male victims of domestic violence and rape.
Of fucking course
What sick bastard doesn’t
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George Floyd - change.org
George Floyd - amnesty.org
George Floyd - colorofchange.org
Get The Officers Charged
Charge All Four Officers
Breonna Taylor - moveon.org
Breonna Taylor - colorofchange.org
Breonna Taylor - justiceforbreonna.org
Breonna Taylor - change.org
Breonna Taylor - thepetitionsite.com
Ahmaud Arbery - change.org
Ahmaud Arbery - change.org 2
Ahmaud Arbery - change.org 3
Justice for Oluwatoyin Salau
Pass The Georgia Hate Crime Bill
Defund MPD
Life Sentence For Police Brutality
Regis Korchinski - change.org
Tete Gulley - change.org
Tony McDade - change.org
Tony McDade - actionnetwork.org
Tony McDade - thepetitionsite.com
Joao Pedro - change.org
Julius Jones - change.org
Belly Mujinga - change.org
Willie Simmons - change.org
Hands Up Act - change.org
National Action Against Police Brutality
Kyjuanzi Harris - change.org
Alejandro Vargas Martinez - change.org
Censorship Of Police Brutality In France
Sean Reed - change.org
Sean Reed - change.org 2
Kendrick Johnson - change.org
Tamir Rice - change.org
Tamir Rice - change.org 2
Fire Racist Criminal From The NYPD
Jamee Johnson - organizefor.org
Darius Stewart - change.org
Darius Stewart - moveon.org
Abolish Prison Labor
Free Siyanda - change.org
Chrystul Kizer - change.org
Chrystul Kizer - change.org 2
Andile Mchunu (Bobo) - change.org
Eric Riddick - change.org
Amiya Braxton - change.org
Emerald Black - change.org
Elijah Nichols - change.org
Zinedine Karabo Gioia - change.org
Angel Bumpass - change.org
Sheku Bayoh - change.org
Angel DeCarlo - change.org
Sandra Bland - change.org
Sherrie Walker - change.org
Darrien Hunt - change.org
Cornelius Fredericks - change.org
Elijah McClain - change.org
James Scurlock - change.org
Darren Rainey- change.org
Do something!
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Hey folks, this is not your typical post about incorrect quotes.
I want to address a serious issue today, and most of you probably know what’s been going on in the US.
The killing of George Floyd started another serious and necessary debate on Police brutality in the states. (And I think not just there. Every country is affected in some way or another.)
My heart doesn’t ache, no. My heart is bleeding and crying out of pain about what has been going on for days now. What people have been going through for years and years. This is not the first case of police brutality against POC, nor the second, and it probably isn’t the last one.
It happened so many times already that I can’t count them all. Our world has lost so many beautiful souls to this never-ending issue. Additionally to this, we lost so many brothers and sisters of color who were part of the LGBTQ+ community too. Even though it is pride month, I can’t enjoy and celebrate it as much as I want to.
But now is the time to act. Now more than ever! We all have a voice, and I’m sure as hell using mine. And I want you to do the same.
40 Ways you can help right now shows you different techniques and approaches to support the #blacklivesmatter movement in various forms.
Everyone’s able to do something. Even if you don’t have the money to donate, or you’re not from the US, share articles, draw attention to it in some way. Being silent about this puts you on the side of the offenders.
I understand that I will never understand. However, I stand with all of you!!! Credit goes to @sfbucketlist on instagram for these 40 ways you can help right now.
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List of Slavic Gods & Goddesses
Rod / Deivos - Primordial god of the universe and of all other gods. Supreme creator of all things and kins and their power of generation. 
Belobog & Chernobog- Literally, respectively, “White God"  and “Black God” . They represent the op-positional and complementary duality which inheres reality, expressed for instance as light and darkness, day and night, male and female.
Svarog - God of Military, Smithery, and with Fire, both that of the household and that of the sun. He is the power which makes everything bright and virile.
Perun - God of Thunder, Lightning, Air and War. He is the personification of the active, masculine force of nature, and all the bright gods are regarded as his aspects.
Svetovid - Four-headed god of war, light and power.
Ognebog / Svarozhich - His name  literally means “Fire God”, and is the  personification of both the celestial and terrestrial fire, and of the sacrificial flame.
Dazhbog  - God of the Sun, son of Svarog, winner of darkness, war-ranter of justice and well being.
Jutrobog  - God of the Moon, but also the moon light at daybreak. He is regarded as the dispenser of abundance and health, worshiped through round dances, and in some traditions considered the progenitor of mankind.
Devana - Goddess of Hunting, Wilderness, Fertility and Infancy.
Perperuna / Dodola - Goddess of Rain and wife of Perun.
Kupala - Goddess representing the sun at the summer solstice.
Lada - Goddess of Love,  Harmony, Joy, Youth, Summertime, Beauty and Fertility.
Marena - Goddess who grows sprouts, but at the same time goddess of Winter and Death.
Mokosh - Great Goddess who personifies the Earth and it’s fertility, associated with the Harvest, Weaving, Maternity and the Home.
Chislobog - Goddess of time calculation, of the lunar month and of the moon’s influences.
Karna - Goddess of the funerals, personifying tears.
Lelia -  Goddess of Mercy, daughter of Lada.
Matergabia - Goddess of the Hearth Fire.
Ognyena - Sister of Perun. Goddess associated with celestial fire.
Ozwiena - Goddess of the Echo,Voice and Oral Communication.
Uroda - Goddess of ploughed land.
Ursula - Goddess asciated with the constellation Ursa Minor.
Veliona - Goddess of Death and warden of the souls of the ancestors.
Vesna - Goddess of Spring.
Chur - God of Boundaries and of the delimitation of properties.
Dogoda - God of the West Wind.
Ipabog - God of Hunting.
Koliada - God representing the young, winter sun returning after the solstice.
Morskoy Tsar - God of the Seas and Oceans.
Nemiza - God who cuts the thread of life, sometimes represented as a male with four beams around his head, one wing, and on his chest a dove with outstretched wings, and sometimes represented as a naked female with an eagle by her side gazing up to her.
Ny - The god of the underworld who acts as psycho pomp.
Posvist - God of the Winds.
Radegast - God of honor, strength and hospitality.
Stribog - God of Winds and Storms.
Veles - Horned God of the Earth. Rules over the Underworld, Waters, Fertility, Trickery, Cattle, Pastures, Wild Animals, Medicine, Music, and Magic.
Yarilo - God of Vegetation, Springtime, Sexuality, Fertility and Peace.He is also regarded as a warrior god and was also connected with death and resurrection.
Zorya Utrennyaya - Goddess of the Morning Star.
Zorya Vechernyaya - Goddess of the Evening Star.
Zorya Polunochnaya - Goddess of the Midnight Star.
Bereginia - Goddess of waters and riverbanks.
Vodianoy -  A minor god of waters. He is represented as an old man with a high cap of reeds on his head and a belt of rushes around his waist.
Boginka -  Tutelary deities of waters.
Leshy- God of Forests.
Moroz- God of the Cold and Frost.
Polevoy - Tutelary deity of fields.
Dugnay - Deity of Baking and Bread.
Krugis- God of Blacksmiths and Pets.
Podago - God of Hunting and Fishing.
Kirnis - Deity associated with Cherries.
Kremara - God of Pigs.
Kurwaichin - God of young lambs.
Pesseias - God of Pets.
Ratainitsa - Deity of Horses.
Zosim-Deity of Bees.
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