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SAVE THE DATE: People Speak Out to Stop Racism, Poverty & World War III
Friday, January 13, 2023 - 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Location TBA, New York City
IN HONOR OF DR. KING’S LEGACY: We need jobs, housing, food and healthcare -- not war!
NO WAR & SANCTIONS on the people of Russia, Donbass, China, Cuba, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Philippines, Venezuela, Iran, Puerto Rico
STOP FUNDING white supremacy from Ukraine to the U.S.
SHUT DOWN NATO, the Pentagon & the CIA
STOP racism, transphobia, union busting, and attacks on women’s rights, LGBTQ+ people and immigrants
SPEAKERS (list in formation):
Rev. Annie Chambers, National Welfare Rights Union co-chair & public housing advocate;
John Parker, Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice & Socialist Unity Party, U.S. Senate candidate from California who traveled to Donbass;
Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report executive editor;
David Clennon, actor & activist;
Melinda Butterfield, Struggle-La Lucha co-editor, author of “U.S. Proxy War in Ukraine & Donbass”;
Berta Joubert, Women In Struggle / Mujeres En Lucha;
Ellie McCrow, Pratt Workers United organizing committee
SPONSORS (list in formation):
Struggle-La Lucha newspaper; Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice; CovertAction Magazine; Women In Struggle / Mujeres En Lucha; Youth Against War & Racism; Socialist Unity Party;  Peoples Power Assembly; Shut Down the Pentagon & CIA
For info or to sign on, email [email protected] or text 410-218-4836
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chuutoro · 5 months
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the onion going hard in its landing page layout again...
i felt this in my soul:
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Back in 2019 i found a guide to equipment used by protesters in Hong Kong. I think it's useful and a lot of it could be applied to protests happening in the us:
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+ goggles might be good against tear gas as well (NOT swimming goggles, they can pop your eyes out when hit)
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Something really shitty has just been passed by the UK goverment.
A new bill that is stripping out human rights has been passed and we need to fight it before it costs lives. The new Human Rights Bill has made nazi Germans esc changes that will effect you or somone you love.
The most notiable parts being:
-If you are admitted to hospital with a disability or chronic condition a doctor can put a DNR do not ressusatate on you and you can’t appeal it.
-They are stopping woman from being able to move fowards with assault charges
- They are making it impossible for victims of terrorism to get justice. They won’t let people like the victims of  the hillsborough disaster hold the people responsible
Please do your own research if you must but we can’t let this happen!
There a petition to sign that’s already half way there so please share it around and tell ppl in the UK what is happening.
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hey please for the love of god when youre hearing news about gas prices and increasing oil production:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
remember that there are people still fighting against pipelines poisoning indigenous land and water. do NOT forget about us in the midst of all this.
qadashdinesh, zisan! chin'an shida!
listen to me, stand up! thank you, friend!
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Getting Arrested 101
In light of yesterdays ruling on the Miranda rights, now that the cops don't need to read you your rights, I figure it's as good a time as any to make a crash course post on what to do if you get arrested in the US. Know your rights and how to invoke them, because cops will try and trick you into reneging on them whenever they can. Here's my bible on engaging with police, and feel free to add on if you have other tips.
If you encounter police at all, especially if it's for a protest, engage as little as possible. Protests will sometimes have police liaisons; if they do, deflect the cops onto them. They have training for this. Otherwise, say nothing to them if they don't engage first.
If they engage first, do not escalate. Cops are trained to try and escalate situations. It wins them PR, and it makes it easier for them to justify violence against you and in turn, the other protestors. I don't care how punk you think it is, do not escalate.
When they engage, if you think you're being arrested, ask them in no uncertain terms and demand a clear answer. Say "am I being arrested," and if they evade, repeat it until the answer is no or yes. If it's no, walk away and don't engage further. If it's yes, then:
Shut the fuck up. Say absolutely nothing from this point forward until you reach the station. No matter what they say, no matter how serious or casual the conversation is, you say nothing. Zip. No exceptions. This is especially important to remember because they will try and humiliate you and make the arrest process as difficult as possible to try and make you crack, so do the simplest thing and say nothing.
If you are arrested, once you make it to the station, there's a simple three step process to remember. Exact wording isn't necessary, but try and be close. Remember, you don't want to be Lawyer Dogged. Once again, be as clear as you possibly can.
"Am I being detained?" If no, leave. If yes, then say:
"I invoke my right to have a lawyer present." Any time they try and push on that, you say:
"As I am detained, I invoke my right to remain silent until my lawyer is present."
You want it to be 100% undeniable, in as much of the record as possible, that you were being detained, and therefor you need a lawyer. Otherwise, the cops will retroactively decide you weren't actually held there, and therefor you had no rights to invoke, so get that shit down. And once again, aside from saying #3, shut the fuck up. Same principle applies as #4 on the first list: they will do whatever they can to get you talking, and once they do, they'll say "oh, they decided to not use the lawyer after all because they started talking without one." So do. Not. Budge.
Lastly, some general pieces of advice, both for before and during the arrest process:
If you're going to a protest, the sort of thing where arrests can be planned for, there will likely be an organizer with some experience. They may be able to give you specific advice for that protest with regards to things like ID, liaisons, or any specific protocol. Check with them as well.
If you're in a situation where arrests are likely or expected, especially with a protest, plan accordingly. Power off your phone and deactivate the fingerprint or facial recognition unlock options, or leave it at home entirely. Don't bring anything you wouldn't want to be arrested with. Think carefully about leaving your ID at home, though. John Doe-ing can cause extra trouble for the cops (good), but it's also risky, since it can make it harder for you to pay for bail and can make things harder for you down the line.
Police always lie. Let me repeat. Police. Always. Lie. Again, Police. Always. Lie. This should be your fucking mantra. They will tell you you'll get out easier if you cooperate. They will tell you any information they can find about your friends and family. They will threaten you and them. This is all hollow. Your friends have rights as well. All of this is posturing to get you to talk and incriminate you and your friends. Police always lie.
Every American should know this, but it's especially important for any activist, or advocate. Knowing your rights is the only defense you have against cops, so you need to game that system to keep them from gaming it back.
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Iranian security forces has killed at least 41 people, most of them women, for protesting the opression and subjucation of women in the name of Mahsa Amini. 💔
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Bettye Lane, unknown date
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politijohn · 2 months
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Remarkable protests happening in Iran right now amongst brave women and children against a dangerous authoritative government.
The media has done a terrible job covering this pivotal moment in the Middle East
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lostinhistorypics · 1 year
Marlene Dietrich is detained at a train station in Paris in 1933 for violating the ban on women wearing trousers.
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maebymaedayidk · 5 months
I've been seeing a lot of "delete your periode tracking apps" coming up due to the recent life-ending, gut-wrenching news BUT
There IS an option. Clue is a German based tracking app and the US and NO JURISDICTION over them, which means they that can PROTECT YOUR DATA.
As someone with a shitty fucking uterus who had to spit out 500 bucks under my Canadian health care system for birth control that would finally allow me to live WITHOUT debilitating pain I know how fucking important it is to TRACK THAT SHIT.
Keep a book!! Use apps like clue that aren't based in the US!! Pen and fucking paper I don't CARE but please, uterus owners-
Birth control and the right to an abortion are basic fucking human rights and I know you are so EXHAUSTED and TERRIFIED, I am too. But please, please, please remember to take care of yourself. In all of the ways. It sucks that you have to do this but you have to adapt, you have to stay so fucking vigilant, you have to protect yourself and take care of your mind and body.
Please DO NOT neglect yourself out of fear and hopelessness because your government is neglecting you. Protect yourself, protect your body. And DO NOT STOP FIGHTING.
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If You’re Going to a Protest…
BUT it’s a cute and meme-able image of a little froggy! If you don’t have the time, patience, or attention span to read my longer post about the topic, I’ve created a handy guide for protesting that can be distributed as an image. Feel free to save the image and distribute it to friends, family, and companions.
Tumblr media
[Image ID: “If You’re About to Attend a Protest: Lenny the Frog’s Tips for a Safe & Effective Protest”
A photo of an unamused tomato frog is at the bottom left corner of the image. There are two columns of text. On the right is a red column with “Don’t” as a header. On the right is a green column with “Do” as a header.
In the red “Don’t” column is:
Have a GPS on your phone
Let someone go solo
Provoke dogs or horses
RSVP to a protest
Sign your name anywhere
Take photos of faces
Tell others how to act
Wear contacts (tear gas)
NEVER speak to law enforcement without legal counsel present.
In the green “Do” column is:
Bring extra clothes
Bring medicine
Cover scars or tattoos
Have a first air kid
Know the area
Know your rights
Record police brutality
Stand up for others
Stay together
Tell a friend you’re going
ALWAYS check on your fellow protesters to make sure they’re safe!
End of image ID.]
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my cartoon for yesterday’s @guardian
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