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‘Harlem protests the Scottsboro verdict as a L-Y-N-C-H-I-N-G.’ Several hundred demonstrated against the death sentence of Heywood Patterson, one of the seven Scottsboro youths, on trial in Decatur, Alabama. December 2, 1933   (CSU Archives/Everett Collection)
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blondebrainpower · 2 days
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Undercover Brother, 2002
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I LIVE, KILL and DIE for my Black Queens! You are NOT a HOE, TRICK, BITCH, or SLUT. You COMPLETE the KING. Without you, there is no ME👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
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mysharona1987 · 4 months
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Well, Fire fighter dude certainly didn’t hold back on his thoughts.
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chuutoro · 6 months
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Something Good – Negro Kiss is a short film from 1898 of a couple kissing and holding hands. It is believed to depict the earliest on-screen kiss involving African Americans and is known for departing from the prevalent and purely stereotypical presentation of racist caricature in popular culture at the time it was made.
“There seemed to be something a lot more intimate and having more to do with self-presentation. And that’s unlike anything I had seen from that period when all moving picture images of African Americans were through a white lens and are distortions, misrepresentations, or pseudo anthropological. And this is none of that.”
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twitterexile · 3 months
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callese · 10 months
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thebad---catholic · 7 months
Anti-voting rhetoric will be the death of the left. Literally.
Not a single fucking Republican voted to protect roe. It was fucking overturned in the first place bc trump got three Supreme Court appointments.
Every fucking thing wrong in this country is almost certainly the result of Republicans being in power. In 2020, Texas cut half of the polling places in black neighborhoods, and doubled them in white ones, regardless of population. It was Republicans bitching about mail in voting, and constantly, constantly fearmonger about voter fraud. Literally, their platform is about making civil rights harder to practice.
Would you like to know why? It’s because Republican politicians know better than anyone that higher voter participation means higher republican loss.
But what do I see from the online left, champions of the oppressed?
“Voting doesn’t do anything, the parties are the same, the system is rigged, etc, etc”
Don’t sit here and tell me you give a fuck about marginalized people if you aren’t ready to march your ass to the voting booth and vote out the party actively stripping their rights away.
Protest, donate, community build, unionize, and vote, vote, vote.
By the time direct action is the only option, it will be too fucking late.
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mindhaste · 6 months
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happy summer to all
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pinktwingirl · 5 months
One of the most common reasons I hear for people being against abortion is because “life is sacred.”
Really? Since when? When has life ever been sacred in this country?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t have universal healthcare?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t pass comprehensive gun laws so first graders don’t get gunned down in their classrooms?
If life is sacred, why don’t we offer paid maternal leave so mothers can actually take care of the babies that you are now forcing them to have?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t bat an eye when the police murder black kids?
If life is sacred, why do we have the highest maternal death rate in the developed world, which is only going to increase now that women are being forced to give birth?
If life is sacred, why is the death penalty even still a thing?
If life is sacred, why are we still encouraging violence against the LGBTQ+ community?
Life has literally never been sacred in this country. Maybe anti-choicers like to pretend that it is because it makes them feel righteous when in reality, they’re just misogynistic pieces of shit, but it’s not. And as long as psychotic, reactionary morons continue to steal power undemocratically and make decisions that the majority of us do not want, it never will be.
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muffinlevelchicanery · 10 months
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origamihrts · 10 months
TW!! DEATH + Negligent Officers
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kirbyskisses-main · 23 days
me: namor is a representation about how white colonialism and the visceral reactions to it separate black and brown people through violence. the movie ending with a partnership between him and shuri is a symbol that, violent or not, bipoc can overcome neocolonialism and war when they work together with philosophies like Pan-Africanism and Pan-Latinism - showing each other mercy while being willing to defend each other from violent acts of white supremacy
also me: hehe… strong fishy feather man make panties go brrrrr
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