#black lives matter
All bigotry is inherently linked I look at racist Jews, antisemitic black people, transphobic lesbians and see only people furthering white supremacy. You see it in how te/rfs and sw/erfs side with a fascist like Matt Walsh over their own communities. There is no way to only be oppressive towards one group. White supremacists will shoot you in the back the minute they’re done with you. Each minorities’ struggles are linked and we can’t separate them. No one is free until we are all free
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Companies are trying really hard to create face recognition that can see through any feature-distorting makeup and partially covering features, and the internet being as gullible it is, you're freely giving their AI test data to do this by doing these dumb trends.
So, let's say... hypothetically... you were at a protest or something... and wanted to hide your face... this is all hypothetical...
Cover your entire face. Black unidentifiable mask for the bottom of your face and plain black unidentifiable sunglasses (or tinted goggles) for the top half. Give them NO FEATURES to work with
IR LED lights. They're small, inconspicuous, can be used in broad daylight, and blind the camera to your facial features (Here's a link to a practical example)
IR Lenses to reflect infrared lights to hide your eyes from IR technology (This site is an add but this explains the general concept.)
If were to hypothetically wanting to wear a face shield to a protest... because we are in a pandemic... hypothetically...
(Don't buy anything that can be tracked. I know the sites that I shared are selling products, but like the government is going to try to track it. I shared those sites to share the science behind it. Do your research. For most of the things you need could probably be bought at your local hardware store... )
This is hypothetical... after all, there's questionable legality here. This is all hypothetical. I'm not saying you do it.
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We are extremely happy . Now stop texting me!
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Emergency 🆘
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Something Good – Negro Kiss is a short film from 1898 of a couple kissing and holding hands. It is believed to depict the earliest on-screen kiss involving African Americans and is known for departing from the prevalent and purely stereotypical presentation of racist caricature in popular culture at the time it was made.
“There seemed to be something a lot more intimate and having more to do with self-presentation. And that’s unlike anything I had seen from that period when all moving picture images of African Americans were through a white lens and are distortions, misrepresentations, or pseudo anthropological. And this is none of that.”
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me: namor is a representation about how white colonialism and the visceral reactions to it separate black and brown people through violence. the movie ending with a partnership between him and shuri is a symbol that, violent or not, bipoc can overcome neocolonialism and war when they work together with philosophies like Pan-Africanism and Pan-Latinism - showing each other mercy while being willing to defend each other from violent acts of white supremacy
also me: hehe… strong fishy feather man make panties go brrrrr
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Boost the hell out of this. Liking is good. Reblogging is better.
I think a lot of people understand why this is bad, but in case some don't let me explain.
The nation was horrified by the recording of George Floyd being murdered. But what if it had never been recorded? Would Derek Chauvin still be out? Would they have tossed the case due to insufficient evidence?
Look, the 2020 protests resulted in laws being passed to hold police accountable. Were they fully successful? No. Does more need to be done? Yes. But there was more being done than I've ever seen.
Now, in the space of a few months we have
The SCOTUS ruling prisoners don't have the right to an appeal.
The SCOTUS ruling that cops can't be sued for failing to Mirandize people.
The SCOTUS rule the government can charge nonIndigenous people for commiting crimes on tribal land, stripping Native Americans of tribal sovereignty.
And in Arizona, people can't record cops within 8 feet of an arrest.
This is not an accident or a coincidence. Conservatives are sending a message that no matter what cops do, they will back cops up. They are saying that they don't like cops being held accountable. These rulings should be taken as retaliation for any policy passed that protects BIPOC and holds police accountable.
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happy summer to all
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One of the most common reasons I hear for people being against abortion is because “life is sacred.”
Really? Since when? When has life ever been sacred in this country?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t have universal healthcare?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t pass comprehensive gun laws so first graders don’t get gunned down in their classrooms?
If life is sacred, why don’t we offer paid maternal leave so mothers can actually take care of the babies that you are now forcing them to have?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t bat an eye when the police murder black kids?
If life is sacred, why do we have the highest maternal death rate in the developed world, which is only going to increase now that women are being forced to give birth?
If life is sacred, why is the death penalty even still a thing?
If life is sacred, why are we still encouraging violence against the LGBTQ+ community?
Life has literally never been sacred in this country. Maybe anti-choicers like to pretend that it is because it makes them feel righteous when in reality, they’re just misogynistic pieces of shit, but it’s not. And as long as psychotic, reactionary morons continue to steal power undemocratically and make decisions that the majority of us do not want, it never will be.
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I want black girls and women to be safe.
I want black girls and women to be happy.
I want black girls and women to be protected.
I want black girls and women to be loved.
I want all the best things for black girls and women.
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TW!! DEATH + Negligent Officers
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