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kropotkindersurprise · 15 hours ago
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September 2022 - Clashes broke out all over Iran between protesters and police, after religious “morality” police killed Jina Mahsa Amini, a 22-year old Kurdish woman for not wearing her headscarf correctly in their eyes.
People have risen up in anger against police brutality and religious oppression, with many women taking off or burning their hijabs, and people burning down police stations, government buildings, banks and symbols of the theocratic government, and battling police in the streets. At least thirty-five protesters have been killed so far. [video]/[video]/[video]/[video]
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without-ado · 2 days ago
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Mahsa Amini (22) fell into a coma and died last week, hours after the morality police held her for allegedly breaking hijab rules. According to witnesses, she was beaten while inside a police van that took her to a detention center. Protests have broken out in over 20 cities in Iran.
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azural-83 · 2 days ago
My god, the way some people actually managed to make iran's problems about themselves is outstanding.
I'm sorry that women in the west face harassment for hijab. But this has nothing to do with iran, our issues are actually going viral and they just..discuss a different topic? Many women were beaten,killed,jailed for not wanting to wear something that was forced on them 40 years ago and so many people including children were murdered for fighting against it and you just bring up women's struggles in first world countries?! I'm not saying that we shouldn't talk about them,every single issue deserves to be acknowledged; but we should NOT compare these two things at all,they're completely different
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intensepokerface · 23 hours ago
Tomorrow, September 25th is an important day in the Shia Islamic culture. It is the anniversary of the death of both the prophet and Imam Hassan.
Tomorrow is also a week after Mahsa Amini’s passing. In Muslim and Iranian culture, the friends and the family of the departed gather together again a week after their passing.
The people of Iran are no doubt going to protest tomorrow. They are going to mourn the loss of Mahsa and the many lives lost during this past week.
The government will try to derail this again. They will burn copies pf the Quran, and the Iranian flag and they will yell disrespectful things about Islam and then they will claim that all of that was done by protesters. They have done this before. About 13 years ago, after a long period of protests against the government, when they where unable to stop people, the government burned copies of flags with Imam Hossein’s name during the month of Moharram. They said that the protestors had disrespected Islam and so they used that as an excuse to slaughter people. They killed them in most violent ways. Mass slaughter. The protests stopped immediately.
Don’t let this happen again please. Do not they believe the shit they will inevitably feed you. Stand by Iranians. Know that standing by Iraninas will in no way mean that you are standing against Islam or any religion for that matter.
Iranians are not against Islam. Iranians are against the Islamic Republic government.
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aftabkaran · a day ago
Another Mahsa falls victim. This is Mahsa Mogouei
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She was murdered by the police because she was protesting the murder of Mahsa Amini. She was 18.
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menalez · 2 days ago
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two more women murdered in iran by the iranian regime, this time for protesting. some reports say that so far, 20 people have been murdered by the police in total.
don't forget about iran. keep spreading the word. keep speaking against the iranian regime.
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luminalunii97 · a day ago
Iranian people are going through a traumatic event, risking their lives, and losing their lives to overthrow 44 years of dictatorship. so the most decent thing you can do is to not abuse Iran's current situation to fuel your islamophobia or guard against us because you think it's islamophobia!
the protest that is going on in Iran is not a new thing. once upon a time Iranians wanted a true democratic republic and we almost had it when Mosadegh got elected as prime minister. that ship sailed very fast because he wanted to take the oil industry back from Britain and it didn't sit well with the old fox. so MI6 with help of the CIA orchestrated a coup against that government (it's not a conspiracy theory, the CIA admitted to it and then apologized for what they did in the 1950s. look into 1953 Iranian coup d'état on Wikipedia)
that failed government slowly lead to the 1970s revolution to bring today's Islamic republic of Iran government as a lousy substitute for what we lost. but guess what, this revolution which was corrupted from the beginning got worse and worse throughout the years and ended up in the disaster we have today.
today's protests started by the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini and the misogynistic act of violence added enough anger to all the other previously done f up sh**. this government had been failing for more than 40 years. this government is a circus of lies and oppression and theft and embezzlement. this was never what our fathers and mothers intended to have. this government put a religious front but religion is just a tool of oppression and control. They don't believe a thing they force on people.
just three years ago there was another mass protest in Iran that ended up in a massacre. they shut down the internet completely for over a week (in some states for a month) and then killed approximately 1500 people in like 3 days. because it happened so suddenly, no one was prepared for such violence and our voice didn't have a chance to reach the world. that's why we're so afraid of the internet being cut down today.
to wrap it up whether you're Muslim or not, just being a human is enough for you to be on our side in this fight. it's a fight against misogyny, patriarchy, racism (look into IR vs Kurds), dictatorship, terrorism (IR has a long history of doing terroristic attacks all over the world), and basic human rights (no minority is safe in Iran, from religious minorities to ethnical minorities to queer folks). so raise your voice in our defense.
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kum-mer · a day ago
Saint Petersburg
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theivorybilledwoodpecker · 23 hours ago
While Iranian security forces say Amini died of a heart attack and was never mistreated, CNN reported that her father, Amjad Amini, has accused officials of lying about her death and refusing to allow him to see her body or her autopsy report. Amini, a Kurdish woman from the northwestern city of Saqez, died in a Tehran hospital.
Amjad told BBC Persian that Mahsa’s 17-year-old brother was with her when she was detained, and that witnesses told the sibling she had been beaten. “My son begged them not to take her, but he was beaten too, his clothes were ripped off,” Amjad said, adding, “I asked them to show me the body-cameras of the security officers, they told me the cameras were out of battery."
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zahrabasiri · 23 hours ago
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chaddavisphotography · 3 hours ago
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Street art on a building on the 3500 block of Chicago Ave in Minneapolis.
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callese · a day ago
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theconcealedweapon · 3 months ago
If sexual activity between same-gender people became illegal, the police would be the ones enforcing those laws.
That's why police are not welcome at Pride. Pride is for unconditional supporters, not for those who would become enemies as soon as they're ordered to.
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intensepokerface · 22 hours ago
A city in the north west of Iran has ran all their police force out of yown. All the millitary and government forces have also left. The people are running it now. But they don’t have internet connection. No phone lines are working. No one knows what is going on there.
If the government gets back its power, and if the world is unaware of this tiny city in the north west of Iran, they may kill everyone who lives there.
Please don’t stay quiet. Please help inform everyone so that the government can’t keep doing whatever they please.
Please help us save Oshnavieh.
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aftabkaran · 16 hours ago
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Iranian Kurdish woman takes a walk in the street without hijab while wearing Kurdish traditional clothes. For years the islamic republic has stifled Kurdish people and prevented them from speaking their own language and carrying out their customs.
Today the rest of Iran has risen up in protest to the death of a Kurdish women named Mahsa Amini in police custody. She was arrested for the “crime” of improper hijab. In reaction the government has shut down the internet and killed many of the protesters. Thousands are arrested. Don’t let them stifle our voice. Spread the news.
Here is Mahsa dancing with the Kurdish clothes before her death
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Be our voice.
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flipocrite · 2 months ago
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muffinlevelchicanery · 7 months ago
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