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Kimi is such a good girl
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gotta-be-yellow · 2 days ago
All Might: You ever just get a sharp stabbing pain in one of your organs and you think ah fuck its finally happening
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dogwaterdish · a day ago
All Might, skipping rocks on a lake with Midoriya: It’s such a beautiful evening.
Midoriya: Yeah, it is.
Midoriya: *whispering* Take that you fucking lake.
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thequietkid-moonie · 18 hours ago
ProHero taking custody of a reformed young villian
Tumblr media
[ PLATONIC HEADCANONS ] [ EraserHead, Fatgum, All might ]
[ My hero academia / Boku no hero academia ]
Tumblr media
Unofficial dads 😈 hehe
By young I mean their student's age
Tumblr media
Summary: After being captured for the heroes, they determinante that you are no longer a threat, and, for being so young, they put you in a reformation program under the watch of a ProHero
Tumblr media
Shota Aizawa (EraserHead)
Its not like he wanted this, but now he's trapped in this situation . He read the police report about you to know everything he need to know
Since the first moment he makes sure you understand that he is the autority and you're no free to do whatever you want
If you're the rebellious type this will annoy him for a while, becoming a constant fight with him. If you're more the quiet type then this going to be more easy, but will still be watching you. If you're more energetic he will treat you like a child
Soon you two form a dynamic to live together that work for you two, and with time you stop treating yourself as a ProHero and a ex-villian, now you start treating you like friends or even family
He's not exactly interested on heard your backstory, but if you want to share it he's open to listen. If you became a villian becouse you didn't have another option he will feel sympathy and will try to comfort you
If you show that you really want to change or even regret for what you did he will go more easy on you. Ones he notice that you're really changing he will be proud of you, also after this he will treat you different (no more wary and more like a parental figure)
We know probably some people won't be so accepting of your change, so if you have problems with others for this he will let you handle it, unless this truly affect you (like is making you feel depressed) or you're trying to solve it in violent ways (either fighting those people or letting them hurt you) he will step in
It would become a habit to eat together at least once at day and talk about your day (more like complaining)
Tumblr media
Toshinori Yagi (All Might)
When he gets the news of this mision he gets super nervous, he don't know if he will be able to take care of it
He will try and have a friendly approach when meeting you, he won't want to make you feel threatened or anything, you want to change, so he will give you a chance
If you're more the rebellious type he will gets even more nervous and will scold you in a serious manner. If you're more the quiet type he won't know how to treat you, but won't take him long to get used to
He always treat you with respect and like the young one you are!
If you show that you really want to change he will so happy and will encoure you to do so. If you feel regret about what you did as a villian he will comfort you! You're trying to change and do things better and thats what matter!
He's really interested in hearing your backstory, but won't ask you to tell him right away, he will wait all the time you need until you feel ready to tell him
If is the case that you became a villian because you didn't have another option he will feel so bad, Toshinori is a kind sould and storys like this sadden him a lot, especially seen how much affected your life (there are chances that he will even feel guilty for don't being able to help you back then)
It won't be difficult to warm up with Toshinori (even if you try to), so soon you two will ended up having a family dinamic to live together
After a while it will be noticeble the change in you, and Toshinori couldn't be more proud of you! He congratulates you and even offers to celebrate!
If you have relatives he will help you look for them if you want (unless they were abusive)
Tumblr media
Taishiro Toyomitsu (Fatgum)
If you're the rebellious type he wont mind too much, will just brush it off. If you're more the quiet type its fine with him. If you're more energetic then he will match your energy. But in neither case will he let you take advantage of it
He's convinced that you have a great potential to becoming an amazing person, so he will encoure you to try other things (more healthy and less illegal)
Taishiro always try to treat you as an equaly, as a civilian, never like a villain. He will always treat you in a friendly manner too, so won't take long to you to see him as a friend too, someone you can trust
Most of the time he ended up treating you like a child, he isn't trying to disrespect you or something, he just thinks you should live (and enjoy your life) as the kid you are. Taishiro knows pretty well that you've been through a lot and that life isn't exactly easy, so he's trying to give you the peaceful life he believes you deserve!
He's really interesed in your backstory, even ask you, but if you don't want to talk about it he won't force you
Taishiro always invite you over to eat together, and always make a friendly chat over it (don't mind if you don't talk much). Also, he has a really cheerful personality and will try to make you laugh all the time
When he notice the change in you he feels so proud of you! He will even take you to a special diner to celebrate!
Also, Taishiro will love to take you over his agency and present you to Tamaki and Kirishima!
If you ever get problems with other people talking bad about you for your past he will stand up for you
Tumblr media
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shih-coulda-had-it · 8 hours ago
Can you do a story where sorahiko gets turned into a baby similar to the one that was made for nana ?
Tumblr media
wc: 883
When Nana opens her front door, the last thing she expects to see is a teary-eyed Toshinori brandishing a tiny, chubby-faced and stubby-legged Gran Torino.
“What,” she says, staring down. “Toshinori, work ended like two hours ago!”
“I know, I know,” says Toshinori. “We were picking up dinner, and there was a burglary that no one else was dealing with, so I said that I’d deal with it, but then Gran Torino told me to pay and left on his own! I followed him, though! And--and I couldn’t stop the thief from using his Quirk.”
“Did you already hand him off to the police?”
“Where’d you get the clothes?” They are a little large on Sorahiko, but still fitted for children: a t-shirt trimmed in yellow, a pair of boxy denim shorts, and water-resistant sandals.
“An officer with a son the same age was called in to bring some clothes, because the alternative was to just, um, cover Torino-sensei in his cape.” 
“How long will he be…?”
Toshinori looks queasy at the question, so Nana lets it drift into contemplative silence, which is then broken by a childish yawn from the young Torino Sorahiko. A round fist scrubs ineffectively at the scrunched-up eyes, and then it pauses. Blearily, Sorahiko peers at Nana.
She realizes then that Toshinori’s grasp on his deaged mentor is decidedly not a cradle; Toshinori thrusts his arms out, and the stubby legs instinctively kick out with audible weak puffs of Jet.
“Nana!” Sorahiko yelps. The pipsqueaky voice is nothing like his adult-self’s gravelly tones; she’s somewhat shocked at the sound of it, honestly. “Nana, help!”
“Yeah, yep, I got you, I got him,” Nana babbles, retrieving Sorahiko from the awkward hold. She gets an arm under him to support his legs, and gingerly stabilizes him by the shoulder. Wow. He’s actually a little bigger than Kotarou had been at the nebulous age of four (that had been Jet, right?), but Nana’s still thinking of him in the future. “Ah. Sorahiko, you recognize me?”
He rears back, huffy, and plants his palm at her jaw, right over her mole. “You’re Nana. Just. Older. Right?”
“... Yeah,” she says, and backs up a step to gesture Toshinori inside. Gratefully, he enters her apartment. Her successor’s shoulders slump; the relief at being able to hand over the problem of Gran ‘Quirk Bait’ Torino to Nana must be hitting him hard.
“Oh, and we ate dinner at the station, oshishou.”
“What a shame,” Nana responds, not hiding her amusement. “I guess I’ll have to eat my thrice-crispy nikudon all-l-l-l by myself.” Toshinori mouths ‘thrice-crispy’ to himself but fails to hide the horror in his face.
Understandably, of course. It takes an iron stomach like Nana’s to digest the char-grilled slices of thin pork, and she’d pan-fried her two-day old rice too.
Sorahiko squirms in her arms. “Nana, lemme down,” he demands, and when she obliges, he kicks off his sandals and looks around. “Where’s the kitchen?”
“Just ate, huh?”
“T-Torino-kun, don’t you remember we had dinner…?”
The scowl on Sorahiko’s round face is incredible. He looks hilariously pissed-off at Toshinori for daring to withhold a direct answer, and Toshinori looks terrified. “The kitchen,” he repeats.
“That way, Sorahiko,” Nana intervenes, pointing down one end of her hallway. The other side leads to her bedroom and bathroom. Sorahiko mutters a cursory thanks, sends one more glare at Toshinori, and stomps away.
“Man.” Toshinori blows out a long breath and leans back against the door. “I’m glad he still respects you, oshishou.”
“We’ll see how long that lasts. C’mon, let’s make sure he’s not raiding the cabinets for snacks.”
Toshinori blanches at the thought of a pre-schooler Sorahiko running on a sugar-high and bolts; Nana leisurely makes sure her door is locked and latched, then follows, already anticipating--she laughs out loud.
Clutched tight to Sorahiko’s chest is a box of frozen taiyaki. Her freezer is, coincidentally, not shut all the way, like it’d taken everything in Sorahiko’s Jet to yank it open. He’s locked into a staring contest with Toshinori.
Sorahiko breaks eye-contact first, only to establish it with Nana. His eyes go round and shiny, and his frown lightens into a pleading pout. It is super-effective against her first instinct to deny a child dessert after nine o’clock.
“[Jesus],” says Toshinori in English.
She crosses her arms. “That’s all you want?” she checks. “No ice cream, or hot cocoa?”
An eager nod. Sorahiko’s practically vibrating where he stands, and tongue-tied in spite of that. He holds up the box with unspoken trust.
“Okay,” Nana sighs. “Let’s have dessert. Toshinori, go ahead and close the freezer, please.”
Toshinori complies without complaint, even as Sorahiko lets out a happy shriek of, “Taiyaki!”, and starts bouncing on his heels by the microwave. 
With a voice low enough to be hidden by the microwave’s humming, Toshinori murmurs, “The Quirk lasts until he goes to sleep. I really thought he’d gotten to that point at the station, but then, well, they kicked us out. And Torino-sensei is… a huge brat. So that’s why I came here.”
“It’s good that you did,” she assures him. “Even if the taiyaki gives him a hyperactive boost, it won’t be long before he passes out.”
“Ah, I’ll pass out before that point…”
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deepherofanaticism · 9 months ago
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Life purpose fulfilled.
Part 1 | Part 2
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Seems like a relevant time to share my wife’s meme:
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purplecarseat · a year ago
Just thinking about sad All Might. Someone please laugh at his dad joke lol
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Balance restored
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stormcallart · 11 days ago
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smite tossing a baby izuku in the air at the park and izuku having the time of his little life as the public looks on in horror.
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uravity-the-infinity-girl · 2 months ago
bnha as text posts
this is my first time making these and i’ve always wanted to!! it was really fun
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iarts165 · 3 months ago
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story-kat · 8 months ago
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Tomura tries to copy Eraserhead's style and inadvertently ends up looking like Nana
Art by Trevoshere
Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)
Part 1      Part 2
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amaranthdahlia · 3 months ago
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am + bkdk trio >>>
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All Might bashing continues to vex me
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Decided to color this manga panel for fun. Might do the one after, I don't know yet.
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Stop it, Inko!! He’s already dead!
Part 1 | Part 2!
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