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king and ballerina
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Ahhhh, a Revolution/Vanishshipping request from my tumblr compilation, Rough and Tumbl. This is my first time writing this ship, but I was eager to sink my teeth into some new material! (Warning: copius amounts of sassy Anzu and teasing Atem)
“Ughhhh,” Anzu groaned, flopping back dramatically on the couch.
Atem gave her an amused side-eye but moved his arm aside to let her drape her feet on his lap. His hand settled on the top of one ankle, fingers elegant, warm, dark, and firm against her pale skin.
“My feet hurt,” she whined, nudging at his hand. His thumb swiped over the joint of her ankle, and she struggled to hide the shiver that raced tickled through the skin and up her sciatic nerve.
His breath huffed through his nose in something resembling an airy chuckle, and the gust of it wafted against her leg. “I told you that you should have worn better shoes for it.”
“Shoes are for lame capitalists. I’ll keep my sandals.”
He laughed, head turning against the back of the couch to look at her. His blond hair fanned against his cheek and jaw, and his shapely lips settled into a wry but delighted grin.
Damn, why was he so pretty? It was unfair in so many ways.
“I agree that sandals are the bomb, but you should find ones with better arch support.”
“Who are you, my mother?” Anzu grumbled, and she wiggled her foot under his relaxed hand again.
She couldn’t help but laugh at his “I certainly hope not.”
“All the walking was your idea, so you should give me a foot massage.”
“I don’t follow that logic,” Atem said, but his fingertips were already dragging down the top of her foot, and his thumb stroked a firm line up the sole. Her toes curled on reflex. He leaned forward the slighted bit – blond fringe falling to obscure all but his nose and a glimpse of his chin – propped her foot up just right, and began to knead. Her foot looked so pale and delicate in his dark and, though smaller to fit his stature, undeniably masculine hands. His thumbs dug into the meat of her arch and with small, deep rubbing motions, walked his thumbs up her sole towards her toes.
When an ache in her fingertips caught her attention, she realized that her hands had begun to clench into the worn leather of the couch.
And then he firmly cupped her foot in one hand and, with the other, began to gently grind his knuckles into the tender arch. Her foot jerked reflexively – but he had her caught – and she sank her teeth into her lower lip. Damn, that kinda fucking hurt, but at the same time, it felt so good to work out all those deep aches.
She noticed movement – his head turning to catch a glance of her – and the slight curl of his lips.
The bastard was smirking!
“That’s enough,” she croaked, tugging her foot from his grasp.
Their eyes meet for a long, silent moment, and the only thing Anzu could think about was how warm and relaxed her foot was.
She sighed. “Please do the other one, too.”
He licked his lower lip to hide that damn grin. “Of course, milady.”
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Another one for the ship meme: Revolutionshipping?
Aw thanks!! You remembered them lol!
What made you ship it?
I grew up with the dub and I saw a lot of the early episodes like their “date.” She had a really obvious crush on him and I liked how awkward but gentlemanly he was toward her always.
What are your favorite things about the ship?
I like how selfless her love for him is. At the beginning of the story she does have some selfish moments, such as when she tried to lure him out by putting herself in danger that one time (not her best moment but she was a teenaged girl experiencing her first crush and she never did it again) but then throughout the story she just shows such loyalty to him, she cares enough to want to learn about his past identity, she treats him like if he’s his own person, and she is willing to let him go as long as he’s happy. He is also very encouraging and sweet to her despite not always understanding her. I like the tragedy of the ship, knowing that within the story as it was they couldn’t really be together. I also like how Atem and Anzu are very opposite personalities (he’s more ruthless and driven by ego while she is more soft-hearted and maternal) - this is shown during the scene when they’re each giving Yugi opposite advice about how to handle Kaiba when during that one duel. 
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
Hmm...well there always seems to be this running “joke” in fandom that Atem is gay and/or hates Anzu and other girls. It’s inaccurate and kind of sexist. There’s nothing to suggest he is annoyed by them and doesn’t like them. There simply aren’t many female characters in the series and romance is the last thing on his mind because he has major issues to deal with. He shows tons of respect for Anzu, doesn’t object to her touching him and in the early parts of the manga he even blushed around her. He was awkward on their date but I’m sure most people would be if they were a spirit frozen for thousands of years and suddenly thrown into such a weird situation lol. 
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Newest Chapter to my current Fanfiction, Dark Side of Dimensions 2: The Cosmic Rift.
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Shipping Wish List
{Just thought I’d drop a random ship wishlist this evening *shrugs and smiles* I’ve never done something like this before so figured 'why not?' All ships can be considered for threads either here or on discord~ ^^}}
Atem x Yami Yugi ~ Monarchshipping
Definitely want to ship~
Atem × Yugi Muto ~ Blind/Puzzleshipping
Atem x Heba ~ Lotusshipping
Atem x Thief King Bakura ~ Casteshipping
Atem x Kisara ~ Chuteshipping
Atem x Yami Bakura ~ Hateshipping
Atem x Mana ~ Vaseshipping
Maybe would consider shipping~ (with plotting)
Atem x Ryou Bakura ~ Confusionshipping
Atem x Malik Ishtar ~ Goldshipping
Atem x Priest Seto ~ Scandalshipping
Atem x Seto Kaiba ~ Prideshipping / Timeshipping?
Atem x Priest Mahad ~ Sealshipping
Atem x Anzu Mazaki ~ Vanishshipping
Won’t consider shipping~ {some mostly due to not knowing the character ^^;}
Atem x Amane Bakura ~ Sinkshipping
Yami Yugi x Leon Von Schroeder
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Tumblr media
So I started planning this back in July of 2016, three and a half years later I finally got around to finishing it 😆
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
2019 vs 2017
El cambio es bastante ♥ espero les guste la nueva versión
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fanart by me @samuraiyuvia
Rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh and reuniting with my ship 💚🙌
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sooo @blackcleo7 asked me to color the two panels.
I wanted to to that and adding a new one ^^
Hope you like guys <3
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Tumblr media
Some Farewell more.
"so, you are my sister now."
In Ancient Egypt sister meant girlfriend.
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Atem and Anzu have sex the night before the final duel. (Kinda AU because Atem has his own bod.) Atem doesn't want to wake the others which seems to be a problem because Anzu is a screamer. Can she keep quiet?
I own nothing. Please don't read unless you are of age and ok with reading such. Also, I majored in health science in high school, have a degree in nursing, and am studying a health related field. It was really hard for me to write this without being technical and, well, gross. So I'm really sorry if this is cheesy.
This was originally posted in Aug 2013 for Revolutionshipping Week. I've moved it from FFN to here to keep within FFN's policies.
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slifers-executive-writer · a year ago
This is just the upload of the prologue to set up a couple of characters before everything hits the fan. Contains Peachshipping and Revolutionshipping/Vanishshipping. Come check it out!
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Tumblr media
New lineart. Revolutionshipping, Vanishshipping
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Needy kisses for the prompt.
Hi @silverwindsblog! Thanks so much for sending plot bunnies!!! I’m sorry I couldn’t choose all of them, but this one seemed really fun. I hope this is enough in line for what you were hoping for.
(prompt: “needy kisses”)
Paying it Backward
by Atemusluckygal
Propped on a pink-covered mattress, Atem and Téa watched the Christmas Parade on the television set, with Atem’s back against the pillow, and Téa’s back to his chest. The warmth created between them was enough to comfort them against the outside chill frosting the bedroom window.
Without warning, Téa turned her head back towards him, and kissed him on the lips.
Atem smiled, and rubbed her back affectionately. “What was that for?”
She blushed. “Sorry, but… now that I can kiss you… I feel like I need to kiss you.”
He raised an eyebrow. “You aren’t obligated to.” He added with a smirk, “though I do enjoy it.”
She raised herself from the solace of his arms to turn and face him. “That’s not what I mean. Honestly—I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time, probably long before you ever wanted to kiss me.”
She leaned in and kissed him again, taking her time to release. “That was for when you first came back to us, after we thought we’d never see you again.”
Atem blinked. “You did?”
Téa nodded, and smiled. “Yes.” She kissed him again, dragging it out, savoring the taste of his mouth as if she’d never be able to again. “That was for when you walked through that portal. I even started to run to you, thinking maybe I could get you to stay… but Joey held me back.”
“I didn’t know about that,” he responded.
“I’m going to give you a kiss for times I wanted to kiss you in the past, but couldn’t,” she declared. “I need to.”
She waited for his consent in the form of a single nod before she kissed him again, short and sweet. “That was for when I was in your and Yugi’s room on the ship in Egypt. You never came out. Maybe that was a good thing, considering the circumstances.”
Again. “For when we were in the hallway on the blimp, on your way to your semi-final duel with Kaiba.”
Again. “For when you found out you were a pharaoh for the first time. You looked so elated, and curious, but stressed out. That was a big day for you.” Téa suddenly paused her onslaught, apprehensively looking off to the side. 
Atem furrowed his brow. “Is something wrong?”
A small, sheepish smile crossed her lips as she looked up at him with her large blue eyes. “Too intense?”
To her surprise, Atem laughed. “Not at all.”
She giggled in relief and gently placed her lips on his, and wound her arms around her neck. She pressed headily against him, moreso as he reciprocated her passion.
“What was that one for?” Atem asked curiously.
Téa grinned and tapped his nose with the tip of hers. “We were at Domino Pier, right after you watched me dance for the first time.”
Atem smiled lovingly back at her, and reached up to comb his fingers through her hair. Before he could say anything, the sound of Mrs. Gardner’s footfalls ascending on the wooden staircase entered their ears, and Téa urgently leapt out of his lap to sit at the foot of the bed, feigning innocence as best as she could.
Three knocks rapped on the door. “Téa? Yugi? Can I come in?”
“Sure, Mom!” Téa answered back, smirking at Atem as he lowered himself to the floor.
The door opened, and Mrs. Gardner stepped halfway into the room. If she suspected the teenagers were up to something indecent, she did not show it.
“I’m going to the market, do either of you need anything?” the woman asked.
Both teens shook their heads. “Nope.”
“No thank you, Mrs. Gardner.”
She nodded, bowed, and closed the door behind her. Téa and Atem listened quietly as the sound of her footsteps receded, and they resumed their earlier positions in eager haste.
This time, to Téa’s surprise, Atem was the one to initiate the next kiss. “For Domino Pier, as well,” he clarified, staring deeply into her eyes with a tender gaze, “when you told me you believed in me, and you’d stick by me no matter where my journey took me.”
Her mouth fell open in shock. “Really?”
He nodded, and stole another kiss from her still-parted lips. “For the moment you jumped off the platform after your dance duel with Johnny Steps.”
Another. “When I helped you stand, after you woke up atop the Duel Tower.”
Another. “When you held me back after my duel with Weevil on the train to Florida.”
Another. “When we awoke, in the safety of Ironheart’s home, after that very train derailed.”
Another. “At the spring near the train tracks, while we were backtracking to find Joey and Tristan. You were cooling your feet, I was cleaning off the dust on my cards from the fall.”
Atem paused to smile before the next one. “When I saw you again, after coming back from the Afterlife.” In similar fashion to Téa’s earlier hesitation, he paused, and leaned back. “Too much?”
Téa smiled and shook her head. “No way. This is amazing. Who knew there were so many moments we could’ve kissed each other?”
He shrugged. “It’s understandable. We were preoccupied with other pressing matters. But now…” He secured his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her in for one last kiss, warm and gentle. Téa waited for an elaboration, but she got contained giggling as an answer instead.
“What was that one for?” she inquired.
Atem laughed softly before answering. “For while your mother was talking to you a few minutes ago.”
Hope you enjoyed!
xo ALG
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Tumblr media
Yu-Gi-Oh/Leverage AU Mastermind- Seto Kaiba (Takeshi Kaneshiro) Grifter- Atemu (Rami Malek) Thief- Anzu Mazaki (Rila Fukushima) Hacker- Rebecca Hawkins (Amanda Seyfried) Hitter- Joey Wheeler (Alex Pettyfer)
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The kittygate.
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