sunmoon-starfactory a day ago
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Fantasy Flavor - TSM Wild Herbs Update Sep 24. 2022
This is a minor update for the TSM WIld Herbs.
Harvests are now repositoried to the Harvest Basket inventory tool
Gathering herbs now builds FT Nature Enthusiasm IF FT is installed
Sims with the Gatherer trait have a 20% chance of getting an extra harvest (BCON-tuneable)
This update requires Smarter EP Check. REMOVE ALL PREVIOUS FILES.
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heart-forge a day ago
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Hybrid Ko-fi Early Access Release
For people who've supported me on Ko-fi (both one-off and monthly), I have the Hybrid update! Changes include:
the new progression system (removing the forward button from the body text)
new support for dual pronouns and singular he and she (for my enby hes and shes: Zed is still NB)
closed captions for the radio system (available on the radio page)
and hot new, organized code that doesn't matter and isn't visible but makes me feel good
This early access is open for about a week before I'll make it public. If you want to participate in this early access, you can donate to my Ko-fi right here, or if you aren't able to, it'll be up and available publicly in a week. To access the early access as a supporter, hit up the link at the top to get to my Ko-Fi page and then follow the instructions in the post.
Thank-you and have fun 馃挌
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strangermarvelss 2 days ago
hey guys i'm sorry i didn't post part 8 yesterday, i was out all night and it still wasn't done so i didn't want to rush anything. i'm gonna postpone it until monday because i gotta get in the right headspace for part 8, it's been a bit tricky to write.
i may release some other fic tonight that i've had sitting in my drafts to make up for it tho. gotta finish that up a bit and i'll post it, but over the next two days i'll be writing part 8 since i have a pretty chill weekend
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wilbursootzine a day ago
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We would love to be able to deliver all this wonderful merchandise to you!
You can help reach these goals by ordering the zine at our shop:聽https://analoguezine.bigcartel.com Remember that every order means more money being donated to the Cancer Research Institute!
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gallavichfanficlibrary a day ago
Hello, just wanting to let everyone know our inbox is officially closed.
We鈥檝e gotten a bit behind again, even with four total admins now, but will work through the asks we have until our inbox is empty.
Thank you for understanding - All the admins.
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elonomh 2 days ago
i have decided a keyboard smash is equivalent to punching a wall irl
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vimeddiart 2 days ago
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Another update of The Ocean Soul!
Read on main site
Tapas | Webtoon
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sunmoon-starfactory a day ago
Buzzin鈥 About - Hotfix Sep. 25 2022
The wild beehives would error out when visitors would try to steal honey. This has been corrected.
Please redownload the set or the hotfix down below. Refer to the manual for requirements and usage instructions.
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seirindono 22 hours ago
No demon au/posts this week because I recently got quite sick and I'm having a bit of a hard time recovering.
I still have one or two posts ready that I'll try to post before the end of the month but writing this already takes a lot of energy so no promise. Don't worry, it鈥檚 nothing too serious and I'll rest properly for a few more days so I can come back all better!聽 (*锟b柦锟)b On another note, I hope you had a nice week and took the time to rest as well! September was really fun for me so thanks for indulging me in my silly obsession, hehe
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signalhill-if a day ago
Update 09/24/22
I've started using Arcweave to map out the locations in Signal Hill, trying to get a solid baseline in place before I continue fleshing them out. I got Skid Row done, and made a good amount of progress on the Red Light District. Everything else is just sort of being sketched out. Hopefully I'll have the chance to work on them more when I get home.
Dark green represents potential player homes, light green represents stores, yellow represents conversations, and pink represents stories. A red line means an additional option at a different location can be unlocked by doing something in this location.
Tumblr media
How development is planned to work, I'll flesh out each area to a certain extent in the first demo, and then as time goes on new locations will be added and new content will be added to the existing locations. The goal is to progress the game with the players, meaning all of the content in the demo will be aimed at new players and new content will get more difficult/have more requirements to access it as time goes on.
Of course, this is all just a sort of rough sketch of the world. Beta testing this game is going to be very... interesting. A lot of the questions I'll ask are going to be things like "which places do you feel are the least interesting?" and "do any of the places feel less fleshed out?" and hopefully that'll help me perfect the world map.
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strangermarvelss 2 days ago
i don't even have 500 words down on part 8...kinda struggling but i'm gonna sit down and just write for the next couple of hours.
but this is my posts saying it probably won't be out at 7pm. i'm gonna probably stop saying a specific time for the fics to drop because stuff keeps getting in the way and i'm a procrastinator. but it will be out tonight!
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yesimwriting a day ago
upcoming scream fics (+ summaries) bc i really wanted to finish one today but my lot essay took up most of today and now i鈥檓 kinda bummed lol:
(these aren鈥檛 in any particular order)
1. Final Girl Chapter 5 - Just as Y/n鈥檚 trying to figure some personal thoughts out, Stu and Billy blow her off for a party that鈥檚 basically couples only. Lucky for her, a boy from her English class asks her out and Gloria left behind some cute going out outfits. What could go wrong?
2. Request drabble/fic - Y/n has her little rituals and small moments with Billy and Stu, even if her boys are making her mad lol. Basically a bunch of barely connection cute moments that take over the course of the weekend. A pinch of toxicity bc what do you expect, but pretty cute if i do say so myself (pretty close to being done actually!!)
3. Hair dye fic - Billy and Stu stop by to see Y/n, but she鈥檚 covered in red/pink dye that looks so much like blood. It gives the two some ideas 馃憖 lol
4. Y/n is assigned to work on a project with a boy that鈥檚 known for playing girls. Y/n seems oblivious, Billy and Stu do a bit of date stalking lmao
honorable mention:
more of an underdeveloped idea bc i haven鈥檛 written anything for it,, i was just thinning about it. I think an 鈥榦n the run鈥 fic could be fun, would probably stray from canon a bit more than usual and Y/n would have to become really chill about a lot of stuff quickly lol,, but like being alone together,, everyone鈥檚 emotions are heightened,, billy and stu are having a moment bc she really did pick them
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kellysketches 6 hours ago
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鈾 Read this page | Archive | Read first page 鈾
The gang's all here!
What is Vainglorious?
When the young dragon Rei challenges his Queen for the throne, he doesn鈥檛 expect to get exiled and cursed into human form. Now he鈥檚 left to explore a world much bigger than expected, making friends, discoveries and headaches along the way. Teen up // Comedy Adventure // Updates Mondays
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shera-dnd a day ago
Good news, my dad just came back from surgery and he's doing fine. Recovery is gonna be a slow process, but the surgery seems to have gone pretty well for him and things are healing fine.
Bad news, that means that for the next 60 days it's all on me to keep this family afloat, so please I am asking for all the help I can get for what is gonna be this family's roughest couple of months.
I'd usually use my cute fursona and make a big deal about all the cool shit I can write for you guys, but right now I wanna have a more straightforward conversation.
I'll get back to making this a fun little fundraiser later, because I really don't like making things too bleak.
This blog has been my job for the past 3 years. It has paid the bills, paid for my meds, paid for my therapy, and for the past 3 years I've been a net 0 for my family. Sure I didn't bring much money to the table, but I wasn't costing them anything either.
And that was fine. My family was more than happy with that arrangement and so was I. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of you who have helped this be possible. I'm literally making my country's minimum wage by writing fanfiction on the internet, and that's a real blessing.
The thing is. My dad will spend the next 60 days recovering. He is self employed and he and my mom work together making furniture. Which means that if he can't work, she can't work, and if neither of them can work, then I am the only source of income for this household
For the next 2 months I'm gonna have to sustain four people all on my own. That means rent, bills, meds, therapy, all that stuff. We do have some money saved up, but I'm hoping we get to keep that and only use it for groceries or some emergency at the worst.
I did some math and that should add up to around a thousand dollars total (god bless dollar to reais conversion rates). But making a thousand dollars right at the end of those 2 months isn't gonna help anyone. Bills need to be paid and those have due times, and it would be very difficult for me to even access that money if my internet got cancelled by the end of those months.
So we're doing 250 dollars every two weeks. Seems pretty doable, right? Well today is the final day for the first 250 dollar goal, which will be used to pay for power, water, and internet bills this week, as well as the pain meds my dad has to take now that he's recovering.
We got 156 dollars down, which is pretty good actually, but it's not enough quite yet. I know it's a lot to ask for, but I really could use as much help as I can get right now.
I'm not expecting someone to swoop in heroically and drop 100 dollars on me right now. Honestly I don't want anyone to invest so much money on me on their own.
What I need is for a handful of people to throw some spare change my way. There are nearly three thousand people following this blog, so even if less than 1% of you guys see this message and toss me like 3 dollars at the most, it's still gonna add up FAST.
And if you can't do that then reblog this, boost it, send it to friends, give this enough reach that eventually someone will see it and will choose to help my family, even if it's with little more than pocket change.
Because when I say "any donation can make a world of difference" I MEAN IT WITH FULL HONESTY
The Emergency in the title of the "Weasel Den Emergency Fund" is not a joke, even if the cute little weasel makes it seem less urgent.
Her name is Snori btw. Blame @midnightechoes for that name.
Anyways. I think that's all I have to say in this little honest heart to heart.
I think tomorrow I'll get back to hyping up all the fics I can write and share the cute pics of Snori being adorable
Thank you all for your attention, as well as any reblogs and donations.
Hope y'all have a nice weekend
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