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There’s a new page! It has hugs!
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she’s all i wanna be
Summary: you are insecure in your relationship with Eddie
Warnings: reader has a negative body image, mean girl behavior, bullying
I have no idea why the formatting is so weird lol
Your relationship with Eddie was new. It was fun and exciting but also scary. You had never had feelings like this for anyone before. He always made time for you, recently skipping D&D or cutting band practice short so he could squeeze in more time to spend with you. Because Eddie’s world was newly revolving around your every move, his friends were getting annoyed with you and your constant presence.
You walk into the cafeteria and sit at your usual spot at the Hellfire table. You didn’t know if you should without Eddie, but he had to meet with Miss Click about his last test grade. He assured you that the boys would love to have you sit with them.
You quietly sit and greet them with a weak smile and wave.
“Oh hey y/n, where is Eddie? Gareth questioned.
“He had to meet with Miss Click to go over his last exam, hope you don’t mind me sitting here” you said as you unpacked the contents of your lunchbox.
“And you aren’t waiting outside the classroom for him to be done” Jeff let out with a weak laugh.
Your face flushed because you had actually thought of doing that.
“I don’t get how he isn’t completely tired of you always hanging around him and pulling him away from what he loves. It’s so confusing since just a few months ago he couldn’t shut up about his crush on Chrissy, and now he’s with you instead” Mike said cruelly.
Your face was still red hot and you were fighting back the tears in your eyes.
“I guess he just settled for the off brand Chrissy” Jeff said with a laugh, as the rest of the boys chucked with him.
You quickly stood up and grabbed your belongings not able to listen anymore.
“Hey, we were just joking with you!” Mike called out and you ran out.
You left the school down an old trail you and Eddie frequently took when you just needed to get away. You headed to the rusted bench to take a minute to yourself when you heard Eddie’s laugh. You peer through the bushes only to see Eddie dramatically falling onto the ground in front of the one and only Chrissy Cunningham.
She was definitely flirting with him, twisting her perfect blonde hair as she asked him about Corroded Coffin. You saw enough, taking off to head in the direction of your house.
On your way home you couldn’t help but think negatively of yourself. She was definitely prettier than you. She had a smaller waist, long blonde hair and came from money. You didn’t have anything like that to offer, you’d probably choose her too.
As you walked past the drug store, you had a moment of thinking “maybe I can look like her” as you wondered in looking for some hair dye. You decided on a box of bleach, thinking that adding some highlights could maybe help your look.
As soon as you got home you rushed to the bathroom and locked the door behind you. You pull out the instructions and read them over 3 times to ensure you know what you are doing. You decided you were ready, you started to mix the chemicals that smelt so strong you were sure you’d get high from the fumes. As neatly as you could you applied the paste to your hair and let it be for 45 minutes. You rinse the chemical off, throwing your hair up in a towel on your head as you wipe the fog off the mirror.
Then you were horrified. Once you pulled the towel off all you could feel was instant regret. Your roots were white blonde while other pieces were bright orange and another section still your original color. You were panicking trying to figure out your next move when there was a knock on the bathroom door.
“Hey y/n dad said dinner is ready” your little sister, El informed you.
You muttered some profanities before saying, “tell him I’m not hungry!”
You suddenly hear heavy footsteps approaching the bathroom door.
“None of that y/n, come on we are eating dinner” Hopper insisted.
“Sorry I can’t” you blurt out.
“Excuse me? You can’t? Open this door right now y/n”
You knew you couldn’t win. You slowly opened the door to reveal the mess you were currently dealing with.
“What the hell y/n” Hopper said as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
“I know it looks really bad -“ you start
“Really bad is an understatement” El cuts you off with a giggle. You give her a death stare and she runs down the hallway.
“I can call Joyce tomorrow to see if she can come help you fix it after school,” Hopper said, rubbing his face with his hand.
“After school?! Dad no way that’s too long”
“She’s at work y/n, you’ll just have to wear a hat or something” he says as he lets out a laugh.
You continue just to give him an annoyed glare.
The next morning you tuck all of your hair into a beanie, then place the hood of your sweatshirt over top to further disguise yourself.
As you make your way downstairs for school, your father sees you and chuckles.
“I don’t know why you think this is funny” you say as you pour your bowl of cereal.
“This is one of those moments I will never let you forget,” he replies.
You just have to get through today, stay low and avoid Eddie that all you have to do. Standing at your locker you grab the books you need as you notice Eddie approaching you with a smile and wave. You took off to your class taking your seat and opening your book up as quickly as possible to bury your head in.
“Hey y/n I tried to call you last night but you didn’t answer” Eddie said as he took his seat behind you, chains hitting onto the desk.
“I was busy” you reply coldly.
“Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong?” He said leaning forward.
Thankfully the bell rang and Miss Click walked in already telling everyone to quiet down.
“Ok class today I want you to turn to page 110- yes Miss Cunningham?” Miss Click said as Chrissy raised her hand.
“I just was thinking I’m pretty sure it’s against the dress code to wear hats inside and I just don’t think it would be fair if certain people were an exception to the rules”
“Why yes that is a rule, Miss Hopper you need to remove your hood”
Your heart sunk and your face instantly got red. You sat there like a statue for a minute trying to decide what to do.
“Miss Hopper if you don’t remove the hood this instant I will have to send you to the principal's office to call you father.”
You slowly pull the hood back and stare at Miss Click.
“The beanie too dear” Miss Click said.
As you pull it off your head you can hear the whole room gasp followed by laughter.
“Oh my” is all Miss Click could get out before you grabbed your books and bolted out of the room. You faintly heard Eddie calling your name but you didn’t turn back, you headed straight home with tears running down your face.
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A new VCD update!! A familiar face appears!! 🏀 Tapas link 🏀 Webtoons link
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thanks for all your orders this weekend! I have enough arm movement at 3 weeks post op to handle the sticker mail haha, hard to reach any stock on the high shelves!
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got Hit with a community tag on my commissions post for supposedly posting "sexually themed" content.. This affects the outreach of my post, and so around 1/100th of my followers can actually get to know this: My commissions are open. I'm doing icons, tattoo designs, illustrations, etc. Anything that needs a cute character in it, I'm on it. get in touch
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Chapter Nine will be out for Patreon by the end of the week. Either on the first or the second. This puts the public release date for around the 9th. I have been adding a lot of things to the interface the last week or so, so please please please tell me if something doesn't work.
I am also discovering though that itch.io and mobile are not good friends. I am trying my hardest to make things more mobile friendly but there might not be much I can do in that arena. Hopefully, those will not be problems when I do the full release on the app store and Steam, however.
Thank you all for your patience and for all the help my discord pals have been giving me!
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AvA Secret Gift Exchange Registration Period is Over!
Alrighty! The Registration period to apply for this Gift Exchange is now over!
At it's current standing,
We have a grand total of 45 Participants!!!
That's incredible! And honestly, way more people than I was expecting! I'm so excited to start compiling everyone's requests and to start assigning them to people!
And for the next few days, I'll be doing just that!
Note: If you missed the registration deadline and you still want to join, please message me ASAP. If I haven't complied everyone's requests by the time you message me, you might still be able to join!
Tumblr media
On December 1st and 2nd, I'll be contacting everyone to assign them a person to make a gift for!
I may contact you before this date if I have any questions in regards to your requests, otherwise, I'll see you in December!
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splatoonreblogger · 9 hours ago
SRL evolutionary biologist here. We do REAL science, like studying the Big Run phenomenon. Our research indicates that these frightening migrations can happen every few months. We hope our findings will help you protect your precious battle stages from Salmonid invasion...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
To: You
From: Grizzco
RE: Big Run
Attention, employees! The first Big Run will take place from 4PM on 12/9 to 4PM on 12/11. Be careful! We are predicting an invasion at Wahoo World and must protect our p̶r̶o̶f̶i̶t̶s̶ people and way of life from the Salmonids. Do your part!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
To: You
From: Grizzco
RE: Big Run
Mandatory follow-up! Your participation in the Big Run will be rewarded. Stop the Salmonids. Collect Golden Eggs. You will receive a special decoration—the strongest performers will receive an extra-special decoration! Do not fail us now.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aka-indulgence · 52 minutes ago
It was another ordinary day for Sans. A miserable day, but that's everyday in this hell of an underground.
He was expecting it to become a slightly better day when he noticed that his traps got activated- that him and Papyrus was going to get fed today.
Instead getting excited to haul his prey home, he found his soul thrumming for the little human that he found in his trap.
 i need to protect her. you have to STAY.
(So. I found this fic while looking at my old stuff the other day, and I found THIS GIANT ONESHOT of ht sans underground with you (reader) and I wanna post it because.. well I wanna post it. I hope it’s enjoyable aghejwjdhjkd)
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|Page 120|
Being ABLE to change shape doesn’t mean it’s something you WANT to do. My Love in Stitches now has a mirror on Tapas! If you use the platform, please drop by and subscribe to help the comic find more readers! Check it out here!
Like the comic? Why not leave a Tip?
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humansbgone · 2 days ago
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(This is content for Humans-B-Gone!, an animated sci-fi series about a giant praying mantis who works in pest control--those pests including humans. Watch it on YouTube here: https://youtube.com/c/humansbgone )
The past week was mostly a break week to cool down from the latest episode. However, I did write the script for the new episode! I'm not entirely pleased with it, so this may not be final. However, I am pleased with what I managed to fit in.
Nonetheless, a rough recording and music have been set up! Accordingly, parts might need to be re-recorded with any script changes, but it should remain unchanged enough to be mostly kept.
The beginning parts will probably stay, so I also started on some storyboarding!
Finally, model fixes are done! Not a whole lot of them this time, though they needed to be done across various characters, so that was an accomplishment!
Next up, more storyboarding! Script and audio changes may also be incoming. Then, I can start on staging! That should be the lineup for next week.
Staging could take two weeks after that. Then, a week to finalize the main backgrounds, and another week to paint and model backgrounds for Gregorsa's most ambitious lecture yet. A week for prop and Geometry Nodes setup, three weeks for animation, another week for Gregorsa himself and his notes...looking like a little over two months again! There may be some slowdown due to extra non-HBG work I have to do, however. Until next time!
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arcanetoymakerau · 2 days ago
Just so you all know, these are the current written chapters for act 2
Tumblr media
We probably will reach 30 chapters, we will see...
It's three chapters per document because I like to write one event in one shot, then I got splitting into smaller chapters. Me and @beanswithbones decided to split the events into smaller chapters, because: one, it makes the waiting between chapters shorter, so the positing of new content is more frequent and two, with shorter chapters it's easier to work in editing.
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rockybloo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
THE FINAL UPDATE (for now) FOR GLITTER AND GUILT IS UP WITH 2 NEW PAGES OVER ON COMICFURY but like...there's no way for me to show an update pic for it and not spoil anything so here's Sweetheart
much older than the last time you saw her.
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ask-violinsunrise · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Commission work for @merpaint
Thanks for commissioning me, really hope you like it!!!
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timelesswomen · 22 hours ago
Blog Update
Previously went by WLW vintage but now I've decided to dedicate my blog to all kinds of inspirational women of the past which will of course be including sapphic women.
I hope you continue to enjoy future content posted here!
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Update- Please read
Due to a sudden and unexpected event within our family, Kamaryn and I will be taking a break from Tumblr and this blog for an unspecified amount of time.
We are spending this time to be with our family. We appreciate your understanding.
Thank you
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