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spaghettibabie · 9 months ago
Vi Takes You on a Date: An Arcane Headcanon
Tumblr media
You’ve been crushing on Vi for a long time, like a long time.
She’s felt the same way about you too for about just as long, maybe a bit longer.
After weeks of mustering up the courage to ask her out, you finally do it,
Except she asks you out first.
You obviously say yes.
Later that night she comes to your door. She doesn’t have any flowers or anything because fancy isn’t exactly her style.
But she does greet you with a kiss on the cheek which is just as good, better even.
The undercity air isn’t the cleanest, but it’s okay because you have a mask.
Most of the date involves the both of you trying drinks at The Last Drop, but you don’t get anything too strong.
You guys joke around and flirt a lot.
It’s just a really fun time.
After that, she walks you home and holds your hand.
Her hands are warm and rough, but that’s not a complaint.
You’ve wanted to hold Vi’s hand for the longest time, so you really don’t mind how soft or rough they are.
“So... wanna do this again sometime?” she asks, almost unsure as to whether or not you enjoyed yourself as well.
With the most reassuring smile she’d ever seen, you answer, “I’d love to. I’ll see you around, Vi.”
She smiles and pulls you in for a quick kiss, leaving you awestruck at your doorstep. “See ya, cupcake,” she winks.
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tenthgrove · 9 months ago
Three Men Down
My contribution to @pillarfuckeranon's Christmas collab, for the prompt 'Sick Day'
If you were a less reasonable individual, you would probably find a way to blame yourself for this mess. It’s La Squadra di Esecuzione’s first Christmas party since you signed onto the team and it’s the most awkward, lifeless pit you’ve ever been a part of.
Of course, this would not be a reasonable assessment of things, because you are in no way to blame for the sickbug that wiped out half the team (well technically a third, and technically they’re just moderately bed-bound but that’s beside the point), and you also suppose it’s probably too early in the night to be making such a judgement. Above all else, maybe you should be putting more emphasis on the part about how this party is being run by literal assassins.
You do love these guys, really.
You give a shy smile to Pesci as he kindly refills your drink. The two of you have an unofficial alliance as the team’s newbies, firm allies in not knowing what in God’s name the others are doing half of the time. He skirts back across the room to the opposite sofa, conspicuously with no older brother to hide behind tonight. Prosciutto is upstairs with the sickness.
Next to Pesci is Ghiaccio, engaged in a heated argument with Sorbet about cake flavours while Gelato covers his mouth and snorts on the sofa perpendicular to them. With both Prosciutto and your Capo too unwell to participate in the festivities tonight, Sorbet is stepping in as your responsible adult for the evening. With how drunk Formaggio and Illuso already seem dancing in the corner, it looks like he has his work cut out for him.
Speaking of responsible, there’s one more thing that needs to be mentioned. With team medic Melone rounding off the three infected members, the title of nurse has been passed to you. So yeah, you’re somehow going to have to juggle that with the party stuff. And looking at the clock… it has been a couple of hours. You should probably go check on them.
You make your excuses and head upstairs.
Standing in front of the door to Risotto’s bedroom there is nothing to be sensed except silence and darkness. It’s good to know he’s still his normal self. You knock quietly, almost fearful of disrupting the silence too abruptly. Your capo responds horsely.
“Come in.”
You enter the room to find not the total dark abyss you expected, but Risotto’s face illuminated by the light of his laptop.
“Bastard, I told you you needed rest!” you cajole him.
“I only wished to check something,” he protests in vain as you stride over to take the computer off of him.
“It can wait, Ris, you’re sick and need to rest,” you maintain. He looks at you silently. “Listen, the more you rest, the quicker you’ll be well enough to work again.” Risotto looks to the side with a hint of shame.
“Fine,” he concedes.
“Good, glad we’re clear on that… anyway, how are you feeling?” you ask, some warmth returning to your voice.
“Honestly, pretty shit. I haven’t been this sick in years. I’m not throwing up like Pros is but I don’t think I’ve ever had a headache this bad. Honestly I just want to sleep, but I can’t when I’m this uncomfortable.”
“Alright,” you comfort him, touching his head. Christ, that’s what you call a fever. “If you can’t sleep, at least rest. It’s better than nothing. Is there anything I could get you?”
“You’re very kind, but I think the others need you more than me.”
“Okay, as long as you’re sure. Text if you need anything,” you tell him. Risotto nods as you head out the door. It’s true Risotto is probably the least ill out of the three of them, so you’ll need to check on the rest promptly.
“Oh, and one more thing,” Risotto requests. “Keep that laptop safe. It’s brand new and very expensive.”
“Will do!” You promise, returning to the corridor.
“Prosciutto?” you call out, knowing he likes to be given warning of when anyone is about to enter his room. “It’s me, can I come in?”
Prosciutto growls.
Prosciutto does not like being ill. Maybe it’s the discomfort itself or the embarrassment of looking weak but it sets fire to his temper. You open the door and see him rolled onto his side in bed, normally-neat hair clinging to his sweat-laced face. He looks at you indignantly.
“What time is it?”
“Eight Twenty-Five.”
“God-damn it. This shit feels like it will never end,” Prosciutto grumbles. He sits up shakily, wiping his brow. “Tempted to just knock myself out with sleeping pills and hope I’m better in the morning.”
“Could you help me with something first?” you ask. “I need to hide Risotto’s laptop so he doesn’t work himself to death.”
“Melone’s room,” he answers almost instantaneously. “Even Capo isn’t brave enough to look in there.”
“Fair enough,” you chuckle, “I’ll try that. You try and rest now.”
You swear as you leave, you hear a quiet ‘thank you’ from his mouth.
The final destination on your rounds is Melone’s room. Of the three, he’s taking the sickness the best, although physically you think he’s had it worst as he’s been in bed a couple days now. He hums warmly as you knock on the door. All things considered, he looks pretty serene.
“Ahh, you’ve come back to me my angel,” he smiles. You roll your eyes theatrically.
“And what’s all this for?” you respond, failing to hide your own smirk.
“Nothing, only I’m very happy to have you caring for me. I’m feeling a little better now, maybe I can be up by tomorrow?” he opines.
“Hopefully,” you agree, sitting at his bedside. “You were the first to catch it, so hopefully you’ll be the first out as well. We’re missing you at the party, however.”
“Ahh yes, that is a shame,” Melone says sadly. “You know how much I was looking forward to it. Any fun in my absence?”
“Here and there,” you shake your hand. “It’s definitely a bit flatter when we’re down three members, but Illuso and Formaggio are pulling their weight.”
“Save me some cake, please Tesoro.”
“You know I will.”
Remembering why you came in here, you place Risotto’s laptop on the bedside table. “Guard this for me will you? I need to stop Ris from overworking himself to death.”
9pm. You’ll admit things are starting to get better. Ghiaccio’s calmed down enough to loosen up a bit and Gelato brought everyone ice cream he made himself, so everyone’s happy now. Everyone except Risotto, who just sent you a very interesting text:
“Can you tell me why I’m being emailed flirtateous messages by myself?”
Well, you can, but does he really want to know that?
Sighing loudly, you march upstairs and snatch the laptop from Melone, who is just as you feared typing eagerly away into the laptop you left with him, and head swiftly back down to the living room. Sure enough, the offending messages are right there on the screen.
“Problem solved, Capo,” you text back.
“Many Thanks.”
Sorbet and Pesci look at you in confusion, now being seated next to each other as Ghiaccio has gotten up to go argue with Illuso.
“It’s a long story,” you tell them. Sorbet shrugs indifferently.
“I think I can put the pieces together.”
Perhaps spotting the brewing conflict between the three men in the corner, Gelato enters from the kitchen with perfect timing. He sits down between Pesci and Sorbet.
“Jackbox Part Games anyone?”
And lo, all is well.
About an hour into the games, Risotto starts texting again. You should probably chide him for not resting but you suppose if he’s been trying this long you can’t really blame him. At least Melone doesn’t seem to be up to any more trouble.
“I can hear things getting louder downstairs. I’m taking that as a good sign?” he observes. If he can hear you from his bedroom on the third floor up he must have damn good hearing, either that or you’re losing yours.
“Mostly. Illuso’s just itching to have a fight with someone but Sorbet and Gelato are doing their jobs well enough. We aren’t disturbing you are we?”
“No, don’t worry. As you know I’ve dealt with far worse.”
In front of you, Illuso suddenly throws something across the room in celebration after winning the round. Formaggio gets up to insist it should have been him.
“Uh oh, here goes,” you message Risotto. You look around for your responsible adult, but alas, Sorbet has disappeared again into the kitchen.
“You cheated!” Formaggio insists, drunkingly slamming his fist concerningly close to the wine glass right next to the laptop you’ve been charged with guarding. “You looked over my shoulder I saw you!”
“Ha, you’re just jealous of my killer humour!”
“It’s certainly killing me,” Ghiaccio says flatly.
“Listen, listen,” Illuso slurs, stumbling into the centre of the room. “All of you can relax. You’re all still ahead of Pesci.”
Pesci, to everyone’s surprise, stands up.
“Excuse ME?”
Illuso is too shocked to respond to that one.
“The LAST thing we need today is you going around being such an ass, Illuso!”
Dear god, you’ve never heard Pesci angry before but he can shout. Illuso takes a step back.
“No, don’t step away from me! I saw you cheating too, and you need to start… need to start…”
Pesci looks over to the doorway with terror and you already have a feeling what he’s looking at. The room falls silent as a heavily panting Prosciutto pulls himself into the room, eyes laced with fury.
“Pesci,” he begins. “What, in god’s name are you shouting about?!”
“Nothing, Fra,” Pesci says sheepishly, any trace of his brief moment of assertiveness seemingly gone as quickly as it came. Sorbet and Gelato have returned from the kitchen now, but even they aren’t brave enough to intervene when Prosciutto’s involved.
Prosciutto looks between the 7 of you, pointing his finger accusingly.
“I don’t want to hear another sound from you, or I’m shutting this shit down. Understood?”
Each of you nod, one by one. Prosciutto thanks you, and turns to leave. He coughs and stumbles slightly, knocking over the drinks glass seated next to you. It splashes over the laptop, and the screen goes black. The whole room gasps. Silence falls.
You get a text from Risotto.
“You’ve gone quiet all of a sudden, is everything okay?”
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brucewaynesasshair · 10 months ago
some memes they were alredy made i just added a few things😂😂😂😂
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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euphcriiias · 3 months ago
open starter ( @1642hqzstarters​ )
Tumblr media
“hello,” daniela spoke to the very first person she saw in the garden. the young princess had been admiring alll of the pretty flowers surrounding the palace gardens and had managed to get lost in them, not knowing her way back. “do you happen to know how to get back to the palace? i’m a little lost, i’m afraid.” she admitted, hoping for some guidance from whoever had been at her aide.
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afikapaus · a year ago
Tumblr media
20211001 | 🍁 Autumn Studying Challenge 🍁
feat. my new favorite study buddy ❤️
1st October - What is your favourite thing about autumn?
I honestly love so many things about autumn. I love that I can just curle up on my bed and read for hours. I love the cozy but also kinda spooky feel autumn brings. I love all of the colors. It’s just such a nice season 🍂🧡
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issamhysa · a year ago
Cuddle Me!
Pairing: Keiji Akaashi x Reader
Warnings: A probably ooc Akaashi (i think?? bruh i don't even know)
A/N: I don't even write for Akaashi but like,,,, you ever feel mega lonely at 4am and write random shit to make you feel better? Yeah, no, me neither. I based this off of a Haikyuu tik tok I saw.
Akaashi is never late for work. Even though he doesn't really clock in until nine, he'll be up at six and out the door at seven to beat morning traffic, and today is no different.
Except it is, only a little.
Keiji finds himself having a hard time getting out of bed. You’re too warm for your own good, perfectly combating the chill of the snow storm raging outside your window. However, he begrudgingly extracts himself from your arms, immediately regretting it when his bare feet meet cold wood. 
He opts to shorten his shower time to make up for the time he spent debating whether it was worth getting out of bed earlier, and makes himself a cup of coffee before coming back up to your room.
Ever since you two started living together, it became customary of Akaashi to press a kiss to your forehead and tell you he loves you, even though, most of the time, you’re knocked out cold. Despite that, he can’t ever leave the house without doing it, and on the strange occasions he does, he’ll always come running back to do it before leaving.
As he's throwing his coat on to leave, you sit up with a little groan and the sleepiest expression Akaashi has ever seen. You rub at your eyes with the sleeves of his old high school hoodie and stretch your arms out, making grabby hands at him.
"Kei... Cuddle me…" You're whining with your bottom lip tucked into a pout, and Akaashi all but melts at the sight.
Oh, he’s definitely gonna be late for work now.
"What?" Akaashi asks. He heard you the first time, but he just needs to hear it again, because you sound so damn cute when all you want to do is go back to bed with him in your arms.
"Cuddle..." You say a bit louder, interrupted by the yawn that leaves your lips. Your eyelids are drooping, telling Keiji you're only a couple of moments from falling asleep. But you refuse to do so, not unless he gets back in bed with you.
You’ve always been stubborn like that.
And Keiji is dying inside.
"You wanna cuddle?" He asks quietly, his voice carrying a little playful lilt to it. He’s already stripping off his coat and ridding himself of his shoes. By the time you nod and let out another tiny whine, he's back in bed, pulling you close so you can tuck your face into the crook of his neck, just how he knows you like it.
"Okay," he whispers, pressing his lips to the crown of your head and smiling against your warm skin. Slowly, he lets his eyelids close, letting the sound of your content breathing lull him back to sleep.
There was no way he’d be able to drive in all that snow, anyway.
Tumblr media
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autistichwsamerica · a year ago
Day 1 - Language
Ship: ThaiPhil
Word Count: 360
It was getting late, and moonlight was starting to stream through Thailand’s apartment window.  Thailand had spent the day showing Philippines around his capital, and now he was tired--they had another day of touring Bangkok ahead of them tomorrow. 
“Prasong!” Philippines said, taking a seat next to Thailand on the sofa. “Got any plans for tonight, mahal?”
Thailand looked at him; given that they were able to communicate with the universal tongue that all personifications intrinsically knew, it wasn’t super often that either of them used their native languages when it was just the two of them.  Except perhaps when they got intimate.
“I didn’t have anything in mind, Jaime,” Thailand said, not quite sure of where this was going--and with his boyfriend, it could be anywhere.  Though he didn’t really mind that much--Philippines’s spontaneity was one of things Thailand loved about him.
“What?” Philippines said, grinning slightly. “I know I taught you some of the languages from my place. Don’t tell me you forgot?”
“No, of course I haven’t,” Thailand said.  “And you haven’t forgotten Thai, have you, thirak?”
Philippines’s face flushed slightly, but he leaned closer.
“Come on, I didn’t spend that much time with you learning your language just to forget it, dear,” he said, saying the term of endearment in English.
“If I recall correctly, you were more interested in cuddling, thirak,” Thailand said, though his smile remained on his face to show he was teasing.
“Aw, come on, Prasong,” Philippines said, pouting. “I just wanted to spend time with you. And of course I wanted to learn your language. It’s yours, waan jai.”
Thailand swallowed and he was most definitely not blushing; he did not blush.
Thailand reached up and cupped Philippines’s face.
“So you do remember,” he said.  “I remember yours, too, mahal,” Thailand said.  And to prove he hadn’t forgotten the other language Philippines had taught him, he added, this time in English, “I love you.”
“Phom rak khun,” Philippines whispered, and he closed the distance between them.
Thailand returned the kiss; if this was what Philippines had had in mind when he’d asked what they were doing tonight, he really couldn’t complain.
Mahal - Love (Tagalog)
Thirak - My love (Thai)
Waan Jai - Sweetheart (Thai)
Phom rak khun - I love you (Thai)
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damselisms · 11 months ago
*    ✰    ˚    𝒄𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒅     𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒆𝒓    /    @trulydevicus​​​​​​​   .
Tumblr media
kate knew she was in new york, but she didn’t know where the hell havenfall was. she’d never once heard of it in thirty one years of life. she felt on edge in the town, with no way of contacting any of the people she cared about. kate tended to keep to herself, she avoided her home as much as she possibly could, not wanting to speak to any of the complete strangers she’d been forced to live with. they weren’t her friends, and she didn’t know if she could trust them, either. she was off duty that day, and found herself venturing into the woods, hoping some solitude would give her some comfort. it didn’t take her long to sense that she wasn’t exactly alone out there, she quickly turned around to focus on the unfamiliar presence, gaze refusing to leave the stranger. “ who are you ? what brings you out into these woods ? ”
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yes-hi-its-ur-mum · 6 months ago
I too, want more mutual interaction and I too, no nothing about One Direction but I’ll try….
So when do you think they’ll (googles real quick) come back together?
wait I do remember that much my sister cried lol.
also I listen to like three or four Harry Styles songs and he was in it
The only things I know about One Direction, was that Harry Styles was in it, and they all had those really bad side-swept 2010 teenage boy haircuts lmfaooo
They will get back togetherrrr (circles hands around glowing orb) in three years, on the 29th of February, 2025. They will send out a tweet at exactly 11:62 in the morning and the entire world will literally explode. Does that answer you're question?
Thanks for the ask, have a nice day 🥰🥰
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dreamingmaria · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm having a Columbo marathon tonight, so I thought a Columbo aesthetic board was in order 🔍
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year3-simp · a year ago
honestly it's so funny that Overwatch takes place in the future bc that means the popular songs rn are considered throwbacks for them
like imagine lúcio throwing a party for everyone and is like "time for some classics!" and starts playing Rain On Me by Lady Gaga
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sadbeautifutragic · a year ago
since today is wednesday i guess you could say "on a wednesday in washington i watched it begin again"
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abyssalmermaiden · a year ago
What does a dark knight use to keep the hems of their clothes from unraveling?
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drcylwis · 11 months ago
                                     @griim​​   //     sc
             she knew she should’ve closed the store during the recent kids’ class she was running, but the teachers had reassured her that it would be fine until one of the children nearly set fire to the whole kitchen with a tray of cupcakes, thankfully it was easily contained before getting thrown in the trash outside. needing a break from it, darcy decided it was her turn to man the front, she noticed a woman by the counter and smiled, not having time to clean up the now slightly sooty apron she was wearing. ‘ hey, sorry about all of that —school field trip and baking class don’t always work out. ’ she chuckled lightly. ‘ we also do coffee if you’re not too fond of cupcakes. ’ 
Tumblr media
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hisfasttemper · a year ago
@victorious-muses - liked x for a starter :
Tumblr media
"thor...?" his LEAST encountered avenger was now the one he was expected to TEAM up with. a warning would have sufficed from fury. then again, when was it ever in fury's nature to give his team a warning about...ANYTHING?
now, the speedster stood practically UNDER the god which towered in stature compared to him. the awkwardness had already began to creep between the two of them. If only they had the chance to have some quality time together before now. thor is practically no better than a STRANGER to pietro.
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cecaeliana · a year ago
@constylations hit the heart!! 
        “ let me do that. ” speaking to sailors on the docks, it’s clear to anyone that this is her natural element, that she carries herself with a confidence exuded by very few around these parts. the job in question; lifting a crate. she wiggles her fingers under the ropes and hefts it with no hint of discomfort for her small size, despite the two men who had been struggling moments before. she carries it up the gangplank and onto the ship, not her ship, but someone’s, and sets it down on the deck with a thump. 
         people are looking and she smiles to herself, that should make anyone think twice about trying anything while she’s here. she moves to head back off the ship, and onto the rest of her day.
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tyrpsy · a year ago
braid salon | ri + ty
tyler didn’t hesitate to quickly leave his house after receiving a text with the location of rihanna’s place. the drive was a short one and it wasn’t long before tyler found himself parking his car before locking it behind him  and walking up toward her front door. he gave it a few knocks before leaning against the frame awaiting for her to answer. @rihcnncfenty​
Tumblr media
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