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piedpip3rrr 2 days ago
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Complete god swap designs and au notes :)
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timhex 2 days ago
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Metalhead!Nico and his loving bf馃き
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jason "bark bark grr" grace <3
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Omg guys it's Jason
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Discord shenanigans with your local catboy and dogboy
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pipsmclean 2 days ago
friendly reminder that piper cut her hair at the end of the burning maze, because she is grieving over jason's death. it is a common native american practice to cut off ones hair as an outer representation of inner grief.
i wanna see fanarts of short haired piper 馃槱
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deithe a day ago
ideal nico book b-plot is leo coming out as gay in like a single sentence, and at the end of the book, jason, after nico summons him for a final goodbye, tells nico that he's pretty sure he was in love with leo. nico relays this information to leo, who promptly walks away without saying a single word. leo's never seen again.
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houseofthe-rrverse 2 days ago
The Solangelo Book Cover is Out and You Get to See Me Try to Guess the Entire Dam Plot
Less than an hour ago from the time I'm writing this, the cover was released. So first, let's take a good look at it:
Tumblr media
Nico and Will in the depths Tartarus, in front of what seems to be the Mansion of Night. Now, according to my memory, Annabeth and Percy passed through the Mansion of Night (MoT) before reaching the Doors of Death, where they left Bob/Iapetus.
The premise is that Nico hears a voice calling from Tartarus, who he thinks is Bob. Rachel's latest prophecy tells that Nico will have to "leave something of equal value behind". Nico and Will head to Tartarus to save Bob, who could be in trouble.
Ohhhh shit.
That image is them looking for Bob, by heading to the last place he was: near the Doors of Death. Problem is, you get there by passing through Nyx's domain, where the MoT is.
Nico is holding Will's hand, desperate, pointing to the MoT. It's implied here that Nico is convincing Will to go to the MoT, although it doesn't look like Will is sold out on the idea.
"Leave something of equal value"? Nico is saving Bob, taking him away from Tartarus. He must leave something EQUAL to Bob behind, for an equal exchange. Let's not forget, Nico was the one who helped Bob and cared for him. Bob is important to Nico.
It's obvious he wouldn't leave Will behind. He wouldn't even think of it. He has to leave something IMPORTANT. So:
Nico chooses to sacrifice himself. Will probably has a mental breakdown. Fits Nico's character. Or...
Will sacrifices himself, and Nico is gonna go absolutely CRAZY. Plus a mental breakdown. Fits Will's character.
(Extra Pain) Nico tries to sacrifice himself, but Will becomes the sacrifice instead somehow, through choosing to sacrifice himself. Extra points if they have a whole fight about it and Nico is left absolutely broken after Will's sacrifice.
Also, what the hell is this "sacrifice"?
Since Bob probably died, and his voice is the regenerated version of himself, I think the sacrifice is DEATH. A soul for a soul.
Where am I going with this? Well, people have been speculating that this story will be a parallel to the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.
TLDR: they were married, Eurydice died, Orpheus bargained with Hades so her spirit would follow behind him to the surface to the living world, but he could never glance at her before they reached the surface or she'd stay dead forever. In his love, he failed to do so, causing her to stay dead permanently. A very sad tragedy.
See where I'm going? Will dies. Nico goes to the Underworld, bargains with Hades, Hades ends up giving the same conditions as Orpheus had. However, this could be the other way round. Orpheus was wonderful at music, close to Apollo too. It could be Will saving Nico.
One thing to note is that Eurydice was bitten by a venomous snake, causing her death. Maybe Nico sacrifices himself and Will feels quilty not being able to save him. As we know, Will takes pride in healing and saving others.
BUT- I think Will dying is more likely.
This winds back to the title. "The Sun and The Star"...a perfect metaphor for not only the 2 boys, but also for that theory! Solace, a name close to words related to the sun. Nico is a star.
"Nico di Angelo has been through so much. But there聽is聽a ray of sunshine in his life鈥搇iterally: his boyfriend, Will Solace, the son of Apollo." A clue from the blog post.
Let's see what Riordan had to say about the title:
"I have to credit Mark with the title! They have a lot more poetry in their soul than I do. It is not a title I would ever have come up with by myself, but I鈥檓 very grateful because it is absolutely perfect."
This final clue that really sold me on my final theory of Nico-saves-Will is the fact that Oshiro is more poetic. The title is meant to be symbolic of the 2...you know the metaphor of the North Star? That star was used by explorers as a navigation symbol. It was a fixed point of reference, a way you could use to find your way home.
Will is the Sun, Nico is the North Star.
The Sun shines on, the beam of light that shines on in the darkness. But it cannot shine forever. In the depths of hell, the North Star guides him back home.
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godsdamahalfblood 2 days ago
Piper: I'm feeling strangely talkative
Piper: not like verbally tho
Piper: in my head
Will: that's called conscious thought
Will: and yeah mood
Leo: imagine thinking
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yonemurishiroku 2 days ago
Jasico toxic relationship in which Jason loves Nico because he has abandonment issue and he knows Nico wouldn鈥檛 leave once he loves somebody whereas Nico just wants to be loved and Jason happens to be the only one capable of loving all his edges.
It鈥檚 purely unhealthy dependance.
And I regret nothing.
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brigwife 2 days ago
I haven't read ToA yet (it's on the way) but my general impression by the end of HOO was that Rick invented Solangelo because he was too much of a coward to recognise the build up of Jasico's relationship and make it canon
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sodamnbored 2 days ago
Jupiter: As a child, you had everything -
Jason, under his breath: Except love.
Jupiter, frowning: Of course you had love.
Jason, surprised: *perking up*
Jupiter, dismissively: Your mother loved you very much.
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readwithlivvy a day ago
grover underwood would adopt a stray cat that he finds in an alleyway no questions asked
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purpleshadow-star a day ago
Alright new The Sun and the Star theory: They meet up with Jason's ghost/ spirit on the way to Tartarus and in the end Jason trades himself for Bob to be able to escape.
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phthalomars 4 hours ago
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Happy spooky season ghoulies馃拃馃挄
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iamaweirdbeing 17 hours ago
Random pjo opinions/headcanons of mine (I鈥檓 happy to elaborate on any if humans are interested)
- The version of Artemis in featured in the series is one of the most manipulative and selfish gods we see in any of the books
- Luke can be blamed for a lot of things but starting a child army is not one of them, he didn鈥檛 create a child army he stole Chiron鈥檚
- on that note Chiron sucks
- his favoritism and him ignoring the mental health of the campers is why the second titan war got as bad as it did
- It鈥檚 also the reason that Nico suffered as much as he did
- By contrast I think that Mr. D is one of the most caring of the gods and the way he acts towards the campers is his loophole around Zeus鈥檚 rules
- Like he acts as a therapist for Nico and it鈥檚 implied that he does the same for other campers, he does care for them
- Percy鈥檚 hatred of Luke is something I have a lot of thoughts on
- I think it shapes a lot of his opinions of people and makes him oblivious to how similar he and Luke are/how much logic they share
- Like I think Thalia and Percy getting along is entirely dependent on Percy ignoring how intertwined Luke and Thalia鈥檚 lives were
- I don鈥檛 think Percy understands anyone grieving Luke and the only person he tries to be empathetic towards in regards to that grief is Annabeth
- I don鈥檛 think it makes sense for Thalia as a character to stay a hunter after she learned Jason was alive
- I think a majority of camp half blood campers (like those who aren鈥檛 his friends) are afraid of Percy
- Will Solace hates Percy Jackson and you cannot convince me otherwise
- Cabin 11 never recovers from the second titan war and it is Hermes fault, Luke hurt them, Hermes鈥檚 actions made it so they would never recover
- I do not think a single child of Hermes likes their father, there will never not be resentment there
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thinkingjasico 2 days ago
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I Nico, take thee Jason
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