world-of-pandora · 2 days
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nattikay · 2 days
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the sheer amount of absolute adoration Jake has for his family (based on what we’ve seen so far) is just so heckin wholesome 😭
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josru · 1 day
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New shots of Avatar the Way of Water from a Japanese Promotion/Ad 💙
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sylwanin-was-right · 3 days
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Looking at the weaving work of this hammock (likely in a new hometree!!) makes me hope we get to see more weaving and textile work the Omatikaya are known for! Maybe we get to see their giant loom as well since they would have had to make another one.
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saba-noodles · 1 day
Tsireya and neteyam
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Even though the official trailer was hella STUNNING to watch, nothing got me excited more than seeing those shots of Jake with his kids.
That scene where he was talking with Kiri:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Teaching Neteyam how to shoot an arrow when he was a kid:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Even that 'blink and you'll miss it' shot of him holding Tuktirey in his arms and she has her head on his shoulder ;-;
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pandoraheadcanons · 5 months
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Please it's so obvious they're getting yelled at
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lightsofpandora · 11 days
Na'vi language
Summary: You were the new "acquisition" of the Omaticaya clan, the tribe had found you lost in the forest (you had been separated from your group on a mission to save your life) and they decided to take you with them since they did not want to take any risks: you were human and they had to decide what to do to see if you were intended to be a threat or not. Now, you had been with the clan for a while and the Sully children were doing their best to help you learn more about their culture and even more, their language. But, not everything went the best way for two of them.
Word Count: 1591
Warning: All of them have the same age
Pairings: sully children x female!reader
A/N: Sorry if there is more than one mistake, English isn’t my first language and I am still learning it. It’s my first time writing an Avatar fanfic! However, I hope you enjoy it and have a good time, thanks for reading! (:
You two had established a good relationship since he discovered that you were not a threat, from that moment Neteyam wanted to get closer and help you understand those lands, their traditions and the history of the people, because he could see in your eyes that you were a beginner in everything related to that world of which you knew nothing; he was more than happy to give you a hand and help you in whatever was possible. At the beginning, Neteyam and you communicated through gestures, signs and short words in English that his father and brothers had taught him, but, like you, he still needed practice to be able to dominate a whole sentence in English. Neteyam had become one of your best friends in the clan, so when he found out that you were to be given lessons of Na'vi he was very excited because he knew how fast you were learning and you were going to be able to communicate in a "more natural way" soon, no more English words and phrases that he battled with constantly and struggled to understand. He was very excited to teach you.
"Look, here's the deal: I'll teach you our language and if you say one correct word after another, you'll teach me that complicated and difficult language of yours, is that okay? It'll be an easier way for us to communicate! Tsun oe ngahu niNa'vi pivängkxo a fi'u oeru plite' lu!"
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Even when he knew you were not a threat to the clan, Lo'ak took much more time to trust and start a conversation with you because you were a human and he didn't know which side you were on, he barely knew you. The stories his parents had told him all his life about the RDA made him grow up with a feeling of constant alertness to any foreign movement, especially danger. He had learned to be distant and cold to those who were not part of his people or race, just as he was doing with you. However, as time went by, you showed him that you were friendly and had spent enough time in those lands to fall in love with every aspect and detail of Pandora, constantly trying to make him understand that not all humans were the same. Little by little, Lo'ak stopped being so defensive and began to approach you slowly, with "baby steps" (as his father would say) and the same way he got closer, it didn't take him long to fall in love with you almost instantly; a feeling that scared him at first and he tried to hide it as best he could, although, when he found out that you were to be taught to speak his language, he saw an opportunity to spend more time together even with his siblings around. He simply found it hard to take his eyes off you and even harder to accept that he was in love with a human. "You're doing great, y/n. Much better than us! Now, can you say tawtute?" he kept laughing with your pronunciation and the way you quickly managed to get frustrated, he found you really adorable.
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Like Loak, Spider was hesitant to make friends with you and show you his ways because, like the others, he also thought that you were part of the RDA and that this was just part of a plan. However, time proved him wrong and besides becoming friends, Spider's heart developed something much deeper. At the arrival of these new feelings, he felt insecure and somewhat nervous, but, he thought that at least, he had a better chance than Lo'ak since the guy didn't have the least idea of how to dissimulate and didn't think he knew the meaning of the word either. When he was assigned the task of teaching you new words, Spider stayed leaning against a tree with his arms crossed watching how the others did all the work, not because he didn't want to teach you himself but because he knew that the others had more experience and knew what they were doing. Anyway, he would say phrases that always managed to make you laugh: "You said it wrong, Lo'ak! y/n, he's teaching you wrong. Don't listen to him, please!" "I'm sorry I can't teach you myself, y/n. My pronunciation is a hell of a lot better than Lo'ak's but my accent is awful." Those kind of comments always generated a friendly fight between the two brothers and some branch used to hit the head of the Na'vi.
Tumblr media
Unlike the two skxawng, Kiri was much more similar to Neteyam in many aspects; she was a very kind girl even when she was warned of your arrival, she was one of the first to defend you over the others by saying that she did not see you as a bad person. She was also very curious, so she went to meet you behind Jake and Neytiri's back to find out where you came from, who you were and what you were looking for in those lands. It didn't take long for the two of you to form a strong bond. But, at that moment, Kiri was worried because neither Lo'ak or Spider were teaching you useful words with which you could learn to communicate. All they were doing was laughing and being silly in front of you; on one hand, Spider wanted to teach you jokes and funny words so that you would "make good friends" while on the other hand, Lo'ak was determined to teach you how to say phrases like: "I love you", "Do you want to be my boyfriend?", "You are a cute boy" and some swear words; they were not teaching you anything at all. For this very reason and refusing to do nothing but watch, Kiri went looking for Jake.
"What's wrong, kiddo? is everything all okay?"
"They're not teaching her anything they should! Spider and Lo'ak are messing around and y/n is playing along with their joke simply because she doesn't understand what they're saying! She' s trying so hard to learn, but they're not helping!"
Tumblr media
Hearing her words, Jake covered his face with his hands and let out a sigh, frustrated. He knew it wasn't a good idea to put two rowdy teenagers next to y/n, the way he saw it, they looked like two monkeys trying to get attention and it was a trait that always stood out to them.
"They're flirting with her, aren't they? little bastards!"
"Spider yes but Lo'ak... he's not doing very well, he doesn't know how to dissimulate, he's terrible, daddy." answered the youngest of the family, Tuktirey, who at saying those words frowned and played with a plant, not entirely sure of the meaning of her words.
Jake was guided by his two daughters to the place and observed the two young boys with a very negative look on his face. Then, he shouted something to them in his native language so that y/n would understand perfectly and, he hoped that it would have an effect on one of them:
"Hey, both of you! Stop acting like lovesick monkeys and do what I told you! You'll have the rest of the day to teach her romantic lines and anything you want. Damn it!"
And to his good luck, they did. Both, Lo'ak and Spider turned red as a tomato and shrugged their shoulders in embarrassment, unable to look at y/n or say a word. Neteyam let out a big laugh when he saw the expression of both and then thanked his father with a nod of his head, very different from Spider and Lo'ak, who didn't know whether to murder their father or their brother first.
Kiri and her little sister returned with the others, now ready to teach y/n the right way. However, the girl didn't want to return to her lessons without giving the two of them their revenge.
"So.... lovesick monkeys?"
The laughter that followed from the three girls and Neteyam was an embarrassing blow to the naughty ones, although deep down, perhaps, they deserved it. That would be a good story to tell later, but now they had to get on with their lessons, including Spider and Lo'ak who had already had their little secret found out.
"Can you say "Jake skxawng?" were the last words Lo'ak addressed to y/n with a fake smile before remaining silent for the rest of the lesson.
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thesiren-ssong · 20 days
Can y’all start writing some avatar fanfics? Like I know the movies not out yet but there really ain’t nothing for us to preoccupy ourselves with while we wait😟 I would but the comic isn’t out in my town so I gotta wait until December 6th but please y’all I’m starving rn
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kingdomheartist · 22 days
Kxì nìmun!
Here's my profile picture! I drew this recently for selfportraitday, since eanaunil on instagram (pretty sure she has a tumblr too but idk the handle) challenged us to draw ourselves as Na'vi for it!
Tumblr media
I love the Na'vi noses so much they're so preddy
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movietimegirl · 3 months
Spider: Can I be frank with you guys?
Lo'ak: Sure, but I don’t see how changing your name is gonna help.
Neteyam: Can I still be Neteyam?
Kiri: Shh, let Frank speak
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world-of-pandora · 15 days
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The Sully Family - X
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nattikay · 1 month
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growing up among a species twice the size of your own must be weird
Tumblr media
bonus bonus:
Tumblr media
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josru · 29 days
Not to be stupid but how old are Jake and Neytiri's kids supposed to be?
I know Kiri is 14 since Sigourney said so in an interview, and Tuk is clearly the baby. It just confuses me a little that according to the wiki Neteyam is supposed to be younger than Kiri- he does not look 13 or 12 to me.
I know that Na'vi anatomy is different and all that as well, but Kiri looks the Na'vi equivalent of 14, while Neteyam and Lo'ak look like 16, 17?
Tumblr media
Is it just me who feels like they look too old to be like 12? Or maybe the wiki is wrong and there's a bigger time gap between the first movie and this one.
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hufflepotato-18 · 11 days
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saba-noodles · 15 days
Sully family flashback!
Got all the babies here!! We've already seen Neteyam in the trailer, but there's Lo'ak below him (i mean chloe coleman looks so much like britain dalton in this its insane), kiri splayed over jake and neytiri's lap, and bb tuk who looks like is being fed by neytiri. The million dollar question: whERE'S spider??? Was he not adopted yet?
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