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Beast in the Hayloft (Male Human/Beast Man)
Tumblr media
Description: While taking a rest in the hayloft after work, Adam suddenly encounters Kul; a beast man who has chosen the barn as a refuge from hunters. Which is why they must stay quiet and avoid alerting anyone outside when things take an unexpectedly amorous turn.
Categories: M/M, Erotica, Fantasy.
Contains: Degradation, Size Difference, Nipple Licking, Rimming, Frotting, Knotting, Mild Cum Inflation.
Note: Both of the characters depicted in this story are consenting adults. Adam is 25 and Kul is 32.
*Content Warning*: The degradation aspect in this story involves Kul calling Adam “slut” and “whore”. If these words are uncomfortable or triggering to you, maybe give this one a pass.
Completion Date: September 25th, 2022
Word Count: 3198
Adam loved the smell of hay. After a hard day’s work on his father’s farm, he would often settle in the loft of the barn to relax for a while before the sheep had to be brought in for the night. It was quiet and peaceful on that particular evening. He lay against the bails, looking up at the sunlight peeking through some of the beams and absently chewing a piece of straw.
The distinct sound of boots scuffing near the barn door grabbed Adam’s attention. He moved to the edge of the loft and looked down to see his father entering. The older man regarded him with a stiff nod of his greying head.
“Done for the day, are ya?” Elias asked.
“I am,” Adam said. “Unless you need me to do anything else.”
“Nah, I’ll watch the flock. But I do expect your help getting em’ in here later.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Good lad.” Elias turned to leave but paused. “Oh, er, keep an ear out though, will ya?”
“What for?” Adam asked.
“That bastard Kul was seen near town earlier,” Elias said. “Some hunters are out after him and he mighta come this way. Could be skulking around.”
“Damn,” Adam said. “Want me to come with you, then?”
Elias shook his head. “I’ll call for ya if I see his mangy ass.”
“All right. Be careful, dad.”
Adam returned further into the loft as Elias walked back out to the pasture. His nerves weren’t too bothered by thoughts of Kul who had more of a habit of stealing livestock than hurting humans. It was still understandable for people to reach for weapons at the mere sight of a creature of his magnitude. Adam was prepared to protect his father with his life if a murderous whim struck the beast, deciding to stay alert rather than give in to daydreaming.
It was because of this that he later caught the subtle noise of something gingerly entering the barn. He thought it might be one of the sheep, but there was no sound of the bell that each member of the flock wore. He sat up slightly.
“Dad?” he called, assuming Elias had forgotten something.
There was a hefty thump as the floor of the hayloft shook. Adam startled; someone was up there with him. Before he could call out again, a massive, hairy form clambered up onto the bales in front of him. It was a dog-like beast man with a wild, dark brown mane and black horns; all terrifying features matched the accounts of Kul.
Burning red eyes found Adam instantly. He froze under them and wasn’t given the chance to scream for help. Kul lunged towards him. A large hand clamped over his mouth as he was pinned into the hay.
“I’m not here to kill you, but squeal and I’ll tear out your throat,” Kul growled lowly.
Adam breathed heavily through his nose as his heart knocked violently against his ribs. He obeyed Kul’s request (if it could be called that). There wasn’t much of a choice given that the beast didn’t remove his hand. Adam had to stay still and assume his compliance would get him out of this unharmed.
Kul kept his head raised, his long ears perked and slightly oscillating. He wasn’t even looking at Adam. His eyes scanned into the corners of the barn as his face remained drawn in a scowl. Adam realized then that Kul had chosen to hide out there and hadn’t expected a human to be in the loft. This wasn’t an attack or a kidnapping of some sort.
Adam’s vision was completely overtaken by the hulking body of his captor. He eyed the snarling snout, his wide gaze trailing down Kul’s thick neck until it was drawn to his broad chest. Even through the fur, powerful muscles were evident.
Breathing deeply in an attempt to further calm himself, Adam could smell dirt and the forest. There was something else underneath that; a heavy musk that was warm in his nose. It was inexplicably alluring. Shame washed over Adam as his heart began to pound for a different reason. He liked being pinned this way, feeling Kul’s weight bearing down on him. The heat in his face began to travel lower to his groin.
Adam tried to focus his thoughts elsewhere, but denying this bizarrely-founded interest felt more futile by the second as his fear was outmatched by lust of all things. Its tantalizing tendrils had their hold on him and he was powerless to stop it. Some starved thing buried deep inside him was all too easily crawling forth and demanding to be fed.
Kul’s state of alertness faltered, his nostrils flaring. He turned his attention to Adam. A sharp-toothed grin spread over his face.
“Aroused, are we?” he asked.
Adam’s cheeks burned as he was found out by the beast’s keen senses and he averted his gaze. It snapped back as Kul leaned into his space. The long muzzle situated itself by his ear and he shivered at the husky voice murmuring to him.
“Can you stay quiet?”
With those four simple words, there was no going back. Adam’s dick twitched at their insinuation and he instantly let go of any reservations. He nodded as best as he could under Kul’s hand and it retracted from his face. Both sets of clawed fingers took the hem of his shirt and raised it to bunch below his chin, exposing his chest to the air.
Kul’s long tongue ran hungrily over his lips before descending onto one of Adam’s nipples. He lapped at it slowly. His hot, humid breath puffed against the surrounding flesh. The bud responded by the second pass, growing hard and sensitive. An unexpected moan broke free from Adam and Kul paused, fixing him with a deadly glare.
“Quiet or I’ll stop,” he snarled.
Adam bit his lip and gave a slight jerk of his head in understanding, doing his best to plead for more with his eyes. A smirk lightened Kul’s expression as he returned to his work. The licking grew more fervent. He alternated between both nipples, leaving a mess of strangely over-slick saliva on Adam’s chest. It was warm, collecting enough to drip down his sides.
Adam trembled, feeling the increasing discomfort in his pants. His cock throbbed and pressed against the fabric. Kul hadn’t touched it and yet it was getting hard. Adam’s hips squirmed, searching for some form of friction. He couldn’t believe how needy it made him to have his nipples teased.
Just as it was getting difficult to hold back his voice, Adam felt Kul’s enthusiastic tongue leave him. A string of spit connected it to his chest as the beast fixed him with an intense look. Large, hairy hands roughly gripped the waist of his pants and began to remove them. He heard a seam pop but he couldn’t care less. His dick was freed, almost fully erect and weeping against his stomach.
“You’re already like this?” Kul teased, keeping his voice just slightly above a whisper. “Probably could’ve cum just from getting your tits sucked, couldn’t you, slut?”
He blew a slow breath over Adam’s cock, drawing a shuddering gasp from him.
Kul chuckled. “Too damn easy.”
It was mortifying to be spoken to this way. Adam felt like Kul’s plaything, but he was shocked to find himself more than content to be toyed with however the beast pleased. He forced back a moan as Kul brought his tongue to his cock; flat, wide and blanketing it entirely. A single, wet stroke up to the head had him shaking.
Adam dug his hands into the hay as Kul slowly worked him to full hardness. His body spasmed and poured sweat as he fought his cries of pleasure. It was a little hard to breathe at times. He had expected someone like Kul to be rougher; so much quicker. But he seemed set on drawing this out.
After an almost tortuously long time, Kul left Adam’s raging cock and set his sights lower.
“Open your legs,” he ordered, not waiting before reaching out and doing most of the work himself.
Adam felt Kul’s thumbs on either side of his hole moments later. The rim was prodded and teased, fixated on by beastly eyes. His pants had been gone for a while, but this somehow felt more exposing. More vulnerable. He was then spread open and a deeper heat rushed over him, every cell flushing.
The air seemed to shake with Kul’s aroused growl.
“Fuck, you’re twitching so much down here,” he said.
Adam sucked in a breath. “Don’t…say…”
“Don’t say what?” Kul asked, grinning indulgently. “That your hole is begging me to use it?”
Adam felt and saw his dick give a hard, obvious jolt. The damn thing was straining away from his body, flushed and leaking. He had never been more aroused in his life and it had taken a beast man abasing him to bring it out. He screwed his eyes shut, a tremble threatening his lips. There was no rebuttal to give; he loved this and wanted more.
His eyelids flew open as the tip of Kul’s tongue suddenly pressed against his hole. A surprised cry was punched out of him and he clapped a hand over his mouth when Kul stopped, brow furrowed. No, he internally begged. Don’t stop. His entrance was soon being lapped, pulsing against the shallow intrusion.
Kul raised his head, his breathing hard and his eyes glinting with lust.
“Touch yourself,” he said. He returned to his task, muffling his next words against Adam’s ass. “Give that attention-seeking dick of yours what it wants.”
Adam reached for his cock with his free hand. It was still slick with warm saliva which aided him as he began stroking. He kept a slower pace with Kul. Much to the chagrin of his desperation. The touch was still heaven for his unbelievably hard shaft. He enveloped the head in his fist with every upstroke, feeling precum drooling between his fingers.
Kul bobbed his head to fuck his long tongue deeper into Adam. Low groans vibrated the muscle as it delved and explored. It dug into a particularly sensitive spot that sent shocks of pleasure to the tip of his dick. Kul seemed to aim there once he had discovered it, his ravenous muzzle not letting up until Adam began to writhe.
He sat up and licked his maw as he gazed at Adam’s sweaty, panting body. It was when he situated himself between the small human’s legs that his cock finally came into view. Adam paused his stroking, awestruck at the sight.
The beast’s endowment was monstrous; long and obsidian black with a pointed, ridged head. Small, rounded protrusions ran in a vertical line on either side of the shaft. It throbbed hard in the air where it emerged from a hairy, light brown sheath.
“You like em’ big, don’t you?” Kul purred, a prideful look on his canine features. “I’m tempted to stuff this in your mouth and make sure you’re quiet. Seeing as you’re clearly having trouble not moaning like a fucking whore.”
Adam whimpered behind his palm, his eyes fixing on the massive, erect cock hovering above his own. Clear fluid welled at the tip and oozed down onto him. For all his teasing about Adam being easy to arouse, Kul was just as excited as him--and completely untouched, at that. His shaft was burning as he lowered it to rest on Adam’s. He batted the smaller hand away.
“That isn’t gonna do shit for us,” he said before taking their dicks into one of his large paws.
Kul began to move his hips. Unlike before, he didn’t take this slow; a rising need getting the better of him, perhaps. His cock dwarfed Adam’s which was helplessly pinned between its bulk and his wide, padded palm. The saliva and his excessive precum swiftly made a wet mess of them both. He growled as he gave short, quick thrusts into his hand.
Adam covered his mouth as firmly as he could. Loud moans threatened to escape him with every pass over his dick. Kul’s hold created a delicious pressure; a hot, tight squeeze that sent his back arching. He knew he could easily cum this way before long. The pleasure coupled with the thick, arousing scent continuously flooding his nose made his head spin.
Kul regarded him with a positively feral look. His maw was clamped tight. Sharp, off-white fangs glinted wetly where they were exposed by his pulled back lips. Any noises he was holding back were reduced to barely-audible rumbles in his chest.
Adam was hypnotized by the movement of Kul’s hips. They were tireless in driving that huge cock into his paw. Musky fluid was milked from it, sometimes coming in spurts that collected on Adam’s chest. He felt his ass twitching as Kul unfairly fucked his own hand rather than use the hole he had rightfully claimed was begging for him.
It wasn’t much longer before Kul moved on. The corners of his mouth turned up as he backed off. His dick stood proudly, a noticeable swell beginning to round the base just beyond his sheath. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft, his other hand moving to grip the back of one of Adam’s thighs. Eyes flashing, he guided the leaking tip exactly where it needed to be.
Kul teased the spit-slick entrance, shallowly prodding it. “Let’s feed this greedy hole, hm?”
Adam contained a needy whine, nodding fervently. Intense desire came close to emptying his mind of all thoughts other than to please Kul. He barely felt like a person for a moment; he was a toy, a sleeve, a vessel for beast seed. The concept alone nearly made him cum. What was wrong with him?
The stretch was slow but sudden. Kul had begun to push inside Adam’s hole, chest surging as each inch breached the tight space. He was so big. The broad length throbbed incessantly and smeared the clinging walls with precum.
A burn briefly spread through Adam’s insides, turning pleasurable in mere moments. It felt like being hollowed out. His heart pounded, stealing his breath. He wanted to stroke his cock again. It pulsed and ached for more attention. But he couldn’t move, frozen and trembling as he lay there taking Kul’s.
It all happened in an instant. Adam jolted as that sweet spot inside of him was found. Every detail of Kul’s dick glided over it, relentlessly rubbing and digging. Adam’s balls shifted, all but shooting up to hug his shaft. His breath stuttered and he didn’t have time to register what was happening before warmth pumped up through his cock.
Cries muffled behind his hand, Adam shook in ecstasy. He was scarcely aware of his own cum splattering his chest. His hole was going wild, fluttering and squeezing around Kul. Release held him for longer than it had in a while, but dropped him hard to be replaced by a wave of embarrassment. Kul hadn’t even started thrusting yet; Adam had cum from a single penetration.
“Fucking hell. Just like that, huh?” came Kul’s smug tone.
Adam opened his eyes, a tear escaping. Kul’s face held no anger; just that same arrogant smirk that still had a strange way of stirring arousal. He was fully seated inside, raging as his half-formed knot pressed against the still-twitching entrance.
Adam removed his shaking hand from his mouth, deciding to trust his voice which managed a weak, tremulous whisper.
“P-please, Kul. More. Keep going.”
“There’s a good slut,” Kul said. He started to move, forcing Adam to physically silence himself again. “Spent but still begging for cock.”
Kul gripped Adam’s waist. His claws slightly dug into the heated flesh as he thrust faster. He let out restrained grunts, hips snapping forward but stopping just shy of allowing his knot to pop in.
“So tight,” he growled.
Adam’s body was rocked against the hay. His softening cock flopped between his legs. He tried stroking it, hoping to coax it back to that coveted hardness. But that proved too much for his senses. His hole was already endlessly throbbing as it was used, oversensitive so soon after his release. Touching himself only whited his vision.
Kul kept up a brutal rhythm. His maw was cracked open as he panted, tongue lolling slightly from the front of his jaws and dripping with saliva. He probably wouldn’t last long at his pace, but that clearly wasn’t an issue anymore; he wanted to flood Adam with cum. His brow was furrowed, ears pinned back as he pumped hard into that waiting hole.
Adam found himself cumming again. His cock only wept a few drops, but pleasure throbbed deeply in his ass and radiated to his lower extremities, making him buck and kick out his legs. It happened again. Then again. Both of his hands squeezed tightly against his mouth, only just managing to lessen his loud, mindless moans. His eyes kept rolling and he convulsed as he was wracked by several dry orgasms.
A barely-perceptible pain broke through Adam’s ecstasy as he felt Kul’s claws break the skin at his waist. The sting was sharp, but he didn’t care. He wanted more. More. More. More.
Just as Adam thought his brain might be fucked out of his ears, Kul gave one last powerful thrust. The knot entered with a mind-blowing stretch and locked him inside as he came.
“Fuck,” he cursed, though it came out as more of a choked-off, glottal click.
Hot cum rushed into Adam in rhythmic pumps. Kul’s entire body twitched with every pulse, his eyes glazed as the lids flickered over them. His jaw remained clenched shut. He still had enough of a mind to repress his moans and snarls; it was almost disappointing not to hear.
Adam laid dazed and listless as he was filled. Seed continued to flow in unbelievable quantities. He began to feel heavy with it and that should have alarmed him but he wanted every drop. When it finally abated, he stole a look down his body. His stomach was slightly distended from the sheer amount of cum and he caressed it reverently, unconsciously clenching onto the knot that was keeping it that way.
He felt different somehow; claimed by this beast, in a way. There was a connection now that he could sense. Something he knew would crave satiation many times in the future. He had certainly found himself on a slippery slope. It felt dangerous. But it felt good.
Kul sagged slightly, his tree-trunk arms stopping him from dropping down and smothering Adam in his hairy chest. He gave a low, satisfied groan before chuckling deviously to himself. Bending down, he dragged his tongue up Adam’s chest, over the rapid pulse in his neck, and to his cheek. He ran a sharp fang over the shell of Adam’s ear before he spoke.
“You’d better come visit me out in the woods. Next time, I wanna hear you scream.”
Art of Kul
Kul’s Toyhouse
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Imagine having mirror sex with your f/o. Imagine them making you maintain eye contact with them in the mirror. Imagine them purring in your ear "I want you to see how pretty you look when I'm fucking you."
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Nothing Lasts Forever: Part 3/Finale: "Nothing Lasts Forever"
Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
Pairing: Dieter Bravo x reader 
she is implied to be an ingenue and thus younger, I will flag this as age gap just in case though I imagine she's in her twenties and am not implying she is under 21.
Rating: MATURE. Nobody under 18. None.
Word Count: 2600
Warnings: read the bit about the age gap. Drugs. Ass eating. Could read it as anal sex, could read it as regular. Cum eating. Mild....angst?
A/N: This is the end! I intended this, initially, as a one shot but then it just fell out to be 3 sections. I will get around to AO3-ing it some time. This isn't meant to be a sad ending, but it isn't necessarily the happy some of you may be rooting for. I DO THINK they could have more follow-ups, I just don't know what yet.
If you are not a Taylor Swift fan you may have missed that the whole story vibes with the song "Wildest Dreams" and listening to it before you read this section will set you on the right path.
please note this is NOT connected to the "Pi" universe
Dieter Bravo Masterlist -- Author Masterlist (tags and tip jar are on author master)
Tumblr media
Mature Content under the cut. Full spoilers not listed in warnings. Read at your own risk.
Premier night was tomorrow.
Tonight you were in Dieter’s hotel room.
The shoot had lasted about a month and since the Jeep you and Dieter had snuck around a half dozen times. He'd eaten you out in the gender neutral bathroom during the lunch break and you'd never been so grossed out and turned on and you were pretty sure no matter what else happened that was a story you could rely on always being weird and hot and very….Dieter. 
You were feeling certain ways about Dieter. 
He smelled like pot and cloves up close and you actually hated it. He also had a slight sour edge to his breath because of the types of mints he chewed. His stubble rubbed you. He was a little more paunch bellied than the version you had masturbated to and he didn't have a young man's stamina. 
But he was a generous lover, making sure you came even if he felt you were trying to fake out of a desire to speed things along. He talked too much about nothing, but he also listened really intently when he listened and was happy to lend you an ear. He couldn't cook but he always offered to order whatever you wanted. 
He wouldn't over-compliment you. There was one day you were given a horrific outfit for the press and he had been the first to confirm it was deeply unflattering.
"To be fair, Lamb Chop, we all go through it… you should've seen the shit they put me in during the early 00s." 
You had, and he was right. 
You were able to laugh about it. 
In fact, generally speaking, you were able to laugh off a lot more things these days. 
You'd been able to stand up the director on your last day of shoots and demand a re-do your way. 
Flo had even told you she liked your way better.
But right now it didn't matter. Tomorrow was the premier and tonight felt like a ….thing. 
Dieter was onto a big Hulu show and you were in the running for a Netflix miniseries. Italian Vogue was flying you in for a shoot in 2 days. You had to apartment hunt in LA now that the paychecks had cleared and more work was coming. 
Dieter hadn't ever given you his number. To be fair you hadn't seen him use the phone for anything besides deliveries and getting lectured by his agent. He wasn't a phone guy. 
But it just felt like here in the hotel was some kinda something. Things would be different after today. 
You had worn a dress that hugged your lines. He had noticed and appreciated and peeled it off of you with his mouth. 
He was high, you could tell from his eyes, and when he was high he lasted longer and was more playful. 
He took a second longer than you wanted to get hard but once he was there his focus aligned to it and it was where all his attention was. 
He bent you over the bed and pulled down your underwear, licking at your asshole and teasing it with his tongue. 
You would never ask anyone else to do this but him, it seemed like the perfect way for Dieter to earn his keep. He lapped at it with a groan and then pulled you into position and nudged his cock against you, "Say please…" 
"Please…." He thrust deeply enough that whatever else you were going to say turned into a mewl and you rocked back against him. 
“Tell me what you want—” 
He let you set the pace, even stubbornly waiting and refusing to move until you did. You had no choice but to set the beat and you loved the stretch of him inside you. You didn’t speak at first as you found the rhythm until he groaned and his hands dug into your hips as if he could not help himself, as though holding back was hurting him a little, and he bit his lip hard, “Fuck it tell me what you want– talk, dammit–”
You were quickening. 
You were chasing it.
You were close, so close and you said, “Fuck me, please…fuck me hard, please, please—I want….I want to cu—”
He cut you off by accident with the slap of his hips against yours, with the staccato of a ballsack slapping against you, the tickle of his wild bush against your skin, and he grabbed your shoulder to help him balance.
He took direction well– an actor should. 
He was going hard– fast– deep.
It was the type of orgasm that hits a little different–you don’t shutter and vibrate and drench, no, instead your insides clench up with the pressure. You came because you felt like you would explode if you didn’t. You came by force– by the command of the cock striking up relentlessly.
But Dieter was a connoisseur. There had been a lot of orgasms. He liked to get a full spread on the field. 
He pushed you further down the bed so your legs weren’t touching the ground, using the change to pull your legs past him and the change in the angle made you damn near cry it felt so good.
It felt like a bit of a punishment.
This was wrong– this older man twisting you about like a pretzel and eating your ass like it was candy– you were not a kid, sure, and you’d had some adventures of your own in bed but nothing like Dieter who had done it all and knew what he liked and no longer apologized for it. 
“Oh that’s fucking right—-”
Then he lifted under your thighs and curled you up.
Was this supposed to be a yoga class?
You wouldn’t have thought of it but oh holy hell did he know what it did. He knew what to do to make his cock do its work best. 
He looped his sway more circular for a minute and then used the little momentum to step up on the bed frame and put your legs around his neck.
The noise he let out was only typically heard from fat, lazy lions who knew they’d fucked the whole pride pregnant.
He was starting to lose his measured control, starting to thrust erratically. 
You were putty and were only to happy to tighten your legs until you damn near strangled him. You felt so fucked out and content. 
He tightened his hands on you, “Where do you want it?”
He tripled the rhythm, but not for long, and you could hear him hiss through the release inside of you.
"You lay back…" he gently turned you onto the mattress, spread your legs and guided them back over his shoulders, "I'm not done." 
He drove his mouth into you. He was almost punishing– his stubble was going to give you rug burn but you couldn't bring yourself to care because Dieter liked all sides of a cunt. He liked the lips and nibbling on them, he liked delving his tongue inside, he liked swirling it wetly around your clit. 
He liked the taste of you, and of himself. He liked knowing what he crafted. He didn’t watch his own movies but he did eat his own cum from you like it was its own sort of award. He wanted to feel you on his tongue and he would dive it all the way into you as you cried out. Kissed your thighs as you came down from the high.
Then turned to the side table and grabbed his vape. Hit it up.
Offered it to you– this time you declined.
He laid next to you, distractedly staring at the ceiling of the room. 
You weren’t tempted to cuddle up to him– you just laid there and enjoyed the sensations, “How many hours until heartache then?”
“About nine-ish.” He said without breaking eye contact with the ceiling.
It had now been far longer than the nine hours that Dieter had promised you that you were safe.
It was premier night.
You were not slated to arrive in the same limo and it didn’t shock you when you emerged from the six hours of prep to find that Dieter was already there– and that Flo was too. They were the main draws and you understood they were supposed to be first. 
Then you watched the two of them.
His mouth sealed over Florence's and you saw him slip her the same tongue that had made you scream last night. 
Then he turned and winked at you. Waving, even, waggling those big fingers at you like he was making sure you saw him from your seat on the carousel.  
You were already on the carpet so you had to swallow it and deal later.
            “Dieter! How’s it been working with such lovely ladies?”
“I think you mean such talented ladies– honestly, I know the film will show what I’ve seen all along, I’m just here to be the pretty face and hold their purses. You guys will be blown away.”
For a moment you were paralyzed and didn’t know where to go.
There were flashbulbs.
People saying your name.
There was a moment of panic and you wanted to run.
Then you heard the cough of someone who still couldn’t smoke a cigar well after four decades of trying.
“Babydoll you look amazing!” He was approaching you.
You shook your head at him, very clearly.
He feigned a wounded expression.
“Not now dad, please.” You delicately walked down the carpet– nobody needed to hear the Babycakes, Babydoll, Babykins act. You didn’t want daddy to come and drape his arm over you and give them the ol’ ain’t she pretty, this is my girl, you all better play nice.
They didn’t have to play nice.
It wasn’t a nice industry.
And daddy didn’t have to be your fucked up Kevlar. 
You didn’t want that.
And you didn’t want to run away.
So you took a breath and got your face to neutral, then to smiling. 
You strolled right up next to Dieter and Florence and he opened up his hips to give you room on camera, watching for the train of your dress, making sure he didn’t get in the way. 
“There she is!” His voice was friendly, bombastic. 
“Did you like working with her?”
“Tremendously– she’s going places. People should be lining up now while there’s room on the dance card.”
You snorted a laugh at him, “You’re overselling me.”
“Well I’m not.” Flo said, reaching behind Dieter to give you a friendly little pinch on the elbow, “And I’d work with you again any day of the week.”
Flo turned to the cameras, “She was a really supportive scene partner, I really appreciated her.”
The cameras turned to you.
“This is your first large-scale project– can you give us some insight into what it was like working with these two?”
You had choices.
You could call them out.
You could invoke your dad.
You could cry or scream or let a nip slip.
“Intimidating– if I’m being honest.” You said with a gentle laugh, “But this industry…you see it from different sides, different angles. You have to keep learning how to get your footing in each new setting. This project was a bit like being thrown off the cliff to learn to fly but I have to say…the fear doesn’t last, and you do learn to find your wings.”
Dieter reached out a hand and gently patted your back, “She’s being modest– she found her footing quick and was making it look easy.”
“So no pep talks from the Bravo Master himself?”
“I’m not a great choice for role model.”
“You are an Oscar winning actor….”
“Yeah but you don’t get there by copying other people. You gotta learn to be comfortable doing it your own way. If I did anything, I hope I just did that.” He shrugged, “I thought she was great, I was constantly going over on set on my off days to watch her work.”
And he was telling the truth.
It was true. 
You weren't mad, you were free. Free from checking with someone or yelling or wondering why….free to feel it whatever way you wanted. Your dad couldn't make Dieter come to heel for you. He couldn't. This was a mess you had to deal with for yourself and that was….fucking liberating. 
Did you want Dieter Bravo to come to heel?
Did you want a forty-something (was he in his forties? Suddenly you couldn’t recall) drug addict to be your problem or did you want to just live?
This was not the man you needed to come home to at night…but he was the man you needed to show you had to get out of the holding pattern you were stuck in.
Your dad was eyeing Dieter and you from further down the press line with a confused expression.
The premier was a huge success. 
When the movie started Dieter got up and left the theater. You and Flo stayed, even sharing a few giggles and glances.
“Why doesn’t he stay?” You asked her, “That was fun!”
She had a distant sort of look, “Some people can’t look…they can’t take the risk that they don’t recognize the person on the screen. I think he’s one of them.”
You were confused, “What do you mean?”
“Who did you see up there?”
You had really enjoyed watching it because it was you. You actually delivering. You believed the praise Dieter had heaped on you and actually felt, for the first time, that you had pulled it off.
“That’s good for you.” Flo gave you a little side hug, “Don’t let anyone take that from you.”
You promised her you wouldn’t.
After all…you had just been given it, and you had no intention of giving it back. 
When you saw Dieter and Flo the next day she was off to find coffee and he lowered his sunglasses to get a good look at you, "So?" 
"You were right." 
He seemed nervous, "About which part?"
"It wasn't nine hours. It was closer to fifteen." You smirked. 
He nodded, "I will admit that I didn't remember the start time correctly and if it makes you feel better I was wearing very pinchy shoes for hours longer than necessary and I think I have a blister forming." 
You snorted, "Kinda does." 
He heard your tone, understood, "Well I better caffeinate before they send me out for interviews are we…good?" 
You nodded with more confidence than you felt but as he turned to go you grabbed his hand and he turned, waiting for you to talk.
“I….get it.”
“I thought you might…this isn’t a place where you should get used to someone else holding you up. You gotta swing from one monkey bar to the next.”
“Yeah…and not be afraid.”
“Are you?”
“No…no, not anymore.” You sighed and looked down, a little bit of the vulnerability still there, "Will you….even remember it? Think about me?" 
He brushed a kiss over the back of your hand with a deep chuckle, "Only every time I see lamb chops on the menu." 
Say you’ll remember me
Standing in a nice dress
Staring at the sunset, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
Even if it's just in your wildest dreams
A/N:I can see doing recs with Dieter and Lamb Chop but it’s meant to be a temporary sort of growing up experience for her. Again, I do not envision, nor imply, that she is under 21. I would think she’s like 25. 
Which is still an age gap, so hence the warning up top.
Not Beta Read
Dieter Tags
@jamandtoast86​ __________________ PedroBoys
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rphunter · 16 hours ago
20+ she/her looking for short-term spicy threads on discord (unless we vibe and you wanna make it a long-term thing) like basically I wanna write a fanfic one shot with you. I wanna play the below characters against your F!OC, self inserts and Mary sues are fine. open to doubling if you want. AUs and stuff wonderful. your kinks welcome. no pregnancy. short posts because it's fun.
(fandom) I PLAY
* means I'm willing to try and write other M!Canons if you ask
(Criminal Minds) Spencer Reid *
(Harry Potter) Sirius Black or Severus Snape (will play Wolfstar)
(My Hero Academia) Shoto Todoroki *
(Overwatch) Hanzo Shimada
(Supernatural) Dean or Sam Winchester
(Stranger Things) Eddie Munson
(TMNT) Raphael *
like, reblog, comment and I'll message you my discord name
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citrustsuki · 2 months ago
the thought of ass man katsuki smacking ur butt when you don’t have pants on>>>
Tumblr media
"bro get the fuck out."
"no. i told you to get up like 15 minutes ago and you're still here." katsuki argued. he stood firmly in front of your bed with his arms crossed.
"and stop calling me 'bro' we're fucking dating."
you laughed from under your covers, "okay 1. 'bro' will never leave my vocabulary and 2. it's only been 2 months since you asked me out so technically, you're still a bro."
katsuki just rolls his eyes and huffs a sigh, "okay, what the fuck ever, just GET UP." he tries to yank the covers away from you.
"STOP I DON'T HAVE PANTS ON!" you yell, turning on to your stomach to wrap yourself further in the blanket. you got too hot in your sweatpants last night, so you took them off, leaving you in a tank top and underwear.
"you should've thought about that when you decided to lay here after i told you to get the fuck up, so" while he's saying this, katsuki rips the blanket from under you and land a spank to your bare ass cheek. "put some clothes on!"
you look at him in bewilderment. why tf was he so goddamn hot???
"okay, just so you know, if i fuck the shit out of you it's your fault." you said, staring at him over your shoulder. he turns to hide his red face and stomps out of the door.
"clothes. NOW."
Tumblr media
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persnickety-doodles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not all mornings are evil 🤭
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treescantjump · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
nasty boy collage (full 🔞 version here)
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corrupt-fvcker · 6 months ago
Their Unexpected Turn-Ons…
Tumblr media
Their Unexpected Turn-Ons (AoT x GN!reader )
Characters: Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, Reiner Braun, Zeke Jaeger, Jean Kirstein, Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Connie Springer, Hange Zoë
Warnings: semi-NSFW, sexual themes, modern!au, stupidity bc it’s a shitpost, character slander (my usual), GN!reader, THIS IS A JOKE PLEASE DON’T COME FOR ME
Author’s Note: not me ending my hiatus with shitposting my garbage thoughts. idk i thought this was funny but it didn’t turn out the way i thought it was gonna lol.
Tumblr media
Levi Ackerman: when you’re competent? Good lord, yes please. Levi needs more of that in his life.
Erwin Smith: …did you just roast him? And why does he have a boner??
Reiner Braun: the first time you cooked Reiner a homemade meal, you didn’t make it to dessert. He can’t help himself, he just finds it so sweet and endearing. And (for some reason) it really gets him riled up.
Zeke Jaeger: he will never understand why watching you win makes him so fucking horny. Even if it means he has to lose, it still gets to him. Neither of you were expecting him to pitch a tent in his pants when you won at Scrabble.
Jean Kirstein: your unabashed and vulgar road rage is kinda hot if you ask Jean. Flipping off some dude in a Jeep? Where’d Jean’s clothes go??
Eren Jaeger: yes, he did yell at you when you slapped his butt as hard as you were physically capable off. And yes, you did tease the fuck out of him for popping a boner.
Mikasa Ackerman: public dancing… don’t ask cause she has no fucking idea why either.
Connie Springer: if you find yourself struggling and need jsome help, Connie’s your guy. And he definitely can’t help how his ego swells by the fact that you need him. Feel free to tease him about the tent in his pants when he helps you grab the tupperware from the top shelf that you could t reach.
Hange Zoë: actually, the exact opposite of Connie… if you notice Hange struggling and take the time and patience to help? Hange has never felt so hot and bothered before.
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projectdemonlibrary · a month ago
He Accidentally Pins You Down - Obey Me! x Reader
“While I didn’t mean for it to turn out this way... seeing you under me like this...” You squirm as Lucifer smirks, his crimson eyes darkening as he looks at you, clearly enjoying the situation more than he should.  
“Lucifer, come on,” you complain, making as if to get up, only for the demon to settle his hands on your wrists rather than on either side of you. You can feel your face flaming. 
“You know,” he says, his smile widening as he leans his face closer to yours. “It’s been a while since we had time to ourselves. All I would have to do is lock the door...” You hesitate. He is right, after all. It was hard to find time to be with Lucifer when you were both so busy...
“I want lots of kisses.” Lucifer chuckles. 
“Of course,” he promises before he leans in close to your ear. “And I want you." 
The white-haired demon’s cheeks turn dark with blush as he strangles out an apology. To your alarm, his nose starts to bleed, and you quickly ask if he’s okay. 
“I’m fine! I’m fine!” he hisses, his flush darkening even further. “I didn’ hurtcha or anything, right?” 
“Well, the couch is pretty cushiony, so...” 
“Ah, shit,” Mammon swears under his breath, and he jumps off you as he runs for a tissue to nurse his nosebleed. 
“Mammon? Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine!” he calls back, and you can see his ears are glowing. “Holy crap, I think I know what Asmo meant when he said that...” 
“Are you turned on?” You let a teasing note enter your voice. 
“That’s not it!” he blusters back. “I’m tellin’ ya, that’s not it, so don’t go gettin’ any weird ideas!” 
The purple-haired otaku is frozen on top of you, his eyes wide and still processing where he is. As the instants slip by, his entire face turns red as a cherry, and he scrambles off you as quickly as he can to hide in the corner, curling into a ball and covering his face while his ears peek out like red lights. 
“Levi, don’t you want your DVD back?” you ask, crouching in front of him, and he shakes his head, mute. “Come on, don’t hide like that.” 
“This is so embarrassing!” he complains. “Let me die! Let me crawl into a hole and die!” 
“Levi, you’re being ridiculous...” 
“I’m the most cringe of cringe!” You sigh and give Levi a hug, feeling the warmth of his face seep into your shoulder as you assure him that he’s just fine. 
“Well,” Satan clears his throat. “This is awkward, isn’t it?” He nervously laughs. 
“A little,” you agree, although you’re not particularly opposed to the situation you’ve found yourself in with the blond. 
“Let me help you up,” he says, as if just realizing he can get off you, and he pulls you up with his offered hand. “There we go. Sorry about that.” He smiles, although the blush on his face hasn’t disappeared as he rubs the back of his neck. “Should we, ah, keep looking for that book I was going to show you?” 
“Please.” Satan nods and picks his way through his mess of books, stepping past you for the novel he’d told you about earlier. “And... since you haven’t read it, would you mind if we read it together?” 
“I wouldn’t mind that at all.” He widely smiles as he says this, clearly happy about the suggestion. 
“Can I sit in your lap too?” Satan’s blush renews itself, even as he slaps a hand over his face, muttering a curse under his breath.
“...Oi, oi, come on now... you know I can’t say no when you ask like that...”
“Hehe~ Whoops~” Asmo hums, and you can feel the brush of his scarf. “Clumsy me. You’re not hurt, are you~?”
“...no,” you reply after some time, having to restrain yourself from admiring his beautiful face as he looks down at you, his orange eyes swimming with a playful lust, even as he pouts a little. 
“Oh, shame! I messed up your pretty hair,” he complains, and you nervously laugh. Your hair is the least of your concerns, considering the fact that he’s so close he can kiss you. In fact, he does kiss you. “What do you think? Does your lipstick look good on me? Of course it does, right?” 
“It does,” you confirm, and that’s the truth. He happily simpers at you. 
“I knew it! Thank you~” Asmo kisses your cheek. “To make up for your hair, why don’t I make your skin pretty with this lipstick~?” 
“Ah... sorry.” Although Beel is apologizing, all you can think of is how much bigger he is than you. He could have squashed you. “I didn’t mean to fall down like that... it’s just... I was so hungry, I think my legs gave out...” 
“It’s fine,” you say, your mouth going dry as he struggles in vain to get back up again. 
“I feel so weak...” he groans, and shaking yourself free of your astonishment, you rifle around in your pocket to give Beel the emergency granola bar you keep with you especially for him. “Oh, thank you so much! You’re my savior!” he cries in joy as he eats the granola bar whole, wrapper and all, before he finally rolls off you. “So... like I was saying, do you want to eat together?” 
“Like I’d ever say no,” you chuckle, even as Beel practically lifts you up from the ground, and you can feel your stomach flutter as he does so with a huge smile on his face before he hugs you tight. 
“Of course. Thank you.” 
“So sleepy,” he mumbles, his purple eyes lowered with the weight of his drowsiness. He yawns. “It’s such a pain to keep myself up like this...” 
“No, wait, don’t relax! Belphie!?” You can feel yourself burning up as the demon lets the weight of his body settle partially on top of you, his head practically next to yours as he cuddles you. He’s smiling as you try to draw him back out of NREM-1. “Come on, don’t sleep on me!” you protest, but as if to go against your wishes, he curls closer to you, his light snores echoing in your ear. 
You groan, bringing one hand up to your face as the youngest brother sleeps on top of you. Well, it wasn’t as if this was particularly uncomfortable, in any case. You suppose that you can enjoy the afternoon nap along with him...
Diavolo seems a little startled at the sight below him, as if he hasn’t realized he’s just bowled you over during your game of tag. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to knock you down like that. Are you alright?” You try your best not to ogle the muscles in his chest peering through his uniform and ignore the fact that his leg is wedged between yours. 
“...Fine,” you reply faintly. You can smell his rich cologne, and you’re suddenly aware that you’re on the floor, in his castle, with his pale yellow eyes glittering down at you...and Barbatos wasn’t in the room. 
“Ah, that’s a relief,” he sighed before he smiled, pulling his arm underneath your back to bring you to sit up with him. “I was worried I got a little too aggressive with you.” As he says this, you swear you can see a playful light in his eyes, as if he knows exactly what was on your mind...or maybe he’d been thinking about it on his own. 
You clear your throat and say, “I think you should be disqualified.” 
“Eh? Why? I caught you fair and square.” He pouts. 
“You pounced on me.” 
“And I’d do it again.” He grins, and you can feel your heart burst. This man will be the death of you!
“My deepest apologies.” Barbatos sighs and offers you a contrite look. “I’ve made myself quite ungraceful today... Not only do I waste your tea, but I also fall on top of you... I’m quite ashamed of myself as a butler...” 
“Barb, don’t be so hard on yourself,” you try, your heart jumping in your mouth as he picks both of you up and deposits you into the chair you’d knocked over when he pinned you down. He immediately sets himself to cleaning up the tea he brought you. “You’re not perfect.” He chuckles. 
“Thank you for going to the trouble of consoling me.”
“It’s no trouble!” you retort. “Here, let me help!” 
“You’re too kind,” he says, but he at least accepts your help as you clean up the spilled tea together. 
“If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t mind,” you assure him, and when he glances at you, a little surprised, you find yourself second-guessing if you should have said that. Still, when he smiles, you decide it’s fine. 
You find yourself looking at each other wide-eyed, Simeon’s hands on either side of you, his angel cape strewn across your body. Simeon is the first one to break the silence when he gives you a helpless expression and laughs. 
“Oops?” he says with a cute tilt of his head. You laugh along with him, although for not the first time, you find yourself incredibly tempted to investigate the muscles Simeon so generously put on display. 
“That’s the best you’ve got?” you chuckle, even as you both get off his bed, and the angel fixes your hair. 
“It was a little messy,” he explains, and you give him a quick thank you. You must admit that you feel a little abashed that you were thinking some very inappropriate things while Simeon was nothing but sweet, completely oblivious to the situation. His hand lingers in your hair, and you can feel the warmth of his palm at your cheek.
“Ah, I’m sorry; I was entranced for a moment,” he replied, and you saw he was looking at your lips as he retracted his hand.  
Maybe... not entirely oblivious.
Solomon is laughing to himself, practically losing it in the midst of your situation. “Well, this is a situation, isn’t it?” It certainly is. The two of you became tied together by magic, since the sorcerer had been attempting to experiment with a new spell he found, only to discover that the spell wasn’t as straightforward as he might have assumed. 
Just a few moments ago, he had tripped, sending you both tumbling to the floor, scattered with his numerous research papers, and now you find yourselves with a new problem—getting back up again. Your hands are glued to his, and he’s struggling to reach the spellbook where he found the magic in the first place so that he can at least start to reverse what he’s done, but you have to move in tandem if either of you want to get anywhere. 
“This is so awkward,” you mumble, following the movements of Solomon’s knees as well as you can, practically crab walking. 
“But it’s quite fun, don’t you think?” You can only shake your head as he leans over you to read the book. 
“You have strange tastes, Sol.” 
“Really? Ah, so all I have to do is...! There!” With a flash, both of you are unbound, and Solomon smiles down at you. All you can think of is that Solomon must have planned this mishap so that he could flirt with you.  
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ash-rigby · 11 months ago
you wouldn’t believe the day I’ve had *rests my head on your bulge*
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psychicskulldamage · a month ago
Tumblr media
Made something spicy for Harringrove week! I combined the prompts Heatwave + Bomb pop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Full version ✨Here✨!!
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mooncreates · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
kiss me [alhaitham/reader]
based off of that moment in the archon quest. wc 2.8k, fluff, spicy/suggestive. warnings: kissing, it gets heated, there is a bed. also kabedons. MINORS DNI please.
It all started when he asked you to follow him to a more secluded location to continue your conversation.
Alhaitham isn’t exactly nondescript. With a lean, muscular and tall stature, a head of gray hair that you wanted to touch as soon as you saw it, and an outfit that verges on dramatic, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that anyone who laid eyes on him would forget it quickly. Sure, he wears the colors of the Akademiya, but you don’t think that’s why you felt numerous pairs of eyes watching when you greeted him at Wikala Funduq.
This makes it all the more intriguing when you realize that this man is no ordinary scholar, Vision aside. He has a tendency to only answer questions he likes, he can intimidate troublemakers with a few words, and he holds his cards very close to his chest.
“Listen, you don’t need to tell me your secrets if you don’t want to. But I think I have an offer you’d regret refusing.”
He raises an eyebrow at your suggestion, a thoughtful quirk to his lips. “Is that so? Let’s take this somewhere else then. Even the walls have ears.”
At the very least, Alhaitham appears to be a man of his word. He agrees to the deal, you uphold your end of the bargain, and you receive the results you ask for within the week. In fact, it’s such smooth sailing that you propose another deal, and he accepts with only a few questions about logistics.
With time, this odd relationship, full of give and take, hidden within code words and furtive conversations, begins to eat away at you. Because of course you aren’t the only one who notices when the two of you meet.
The young girl who works the front desk at the inn you are staying at asks you about the “handsome man who walks you home,” fingers twirling her hair. You inform her that regretfully, you only know as much as the Akasha will tell either of you. The food vendor who sells your favorite lunch set asks if you’re seeing someone, with an obnoxious wink that makes you snort and shake your head. Even the Eremite who handles commissions gives you a curious look every time you walk into Wikala Funduq, but he probably knows better than to ask about anyone Alhaitham meets. As you have personally witnessed a few times, the silver-haired man is quite the intimidating force when provoked, both physically and psychologically.
Perhaps you've grown closer to him after sharing meals a few times and fighting back to back in the occasional scrape. But to the outsider, the two of you are just acquaintances who happen to collaborate occasionally in your lines of work. Maybe even friends, if you count the number of times he's quietly snorted at a stupid joke you made or the relief you feel when you feel a touch on your shoulder and turn to see it’s him.
But none of that explains the current position you find yourself in, back pressed firmly to a wall, body boxed in by a very familiar pair of arms.
“Please, explain to me again why we’re doing this?”
You hiss at Alhaitham, who doesn’t look away from the open air market the two of you are monitoring from the shadows. Instead, he places the pad of his left thumb against your lips, and you fight the strange urge to bite it. Rolling your eyes, you grasp his hand and pull it away from your mouth.
This time, Alhaitham had asked you to join him on an information-gathering mission. Apparently he needed to look inconspicuous - which you noted gleefully that he certainly wasn’t, not with that attire. To your surprise, he agreed and asked for your help. Which brought you to this vibrant bazaar, full of people and goods from all over Teyvat. Surely, if you needed items to help this visually striking man change his appearance into one that the casual passerby would glaze over, this would be the place to find them.
Of course, wherever the two of you go, somehow trouble always seems to find you. You had barely spent thirty minutes browsing when Alhaitham nudged your arm. “We need to leave.”
“What? We just got here!” You frowned at him, but the look in his eyes combined with the underlying tone in his voice told you he wasn’t joking around.
“Fine, but I’m not done here.”
Alhaitham tugged you into the shadows of a tree at the edge of the bazaar behind a building. Heart racing, you barely managed to catch your breath before his arms obstructed your line of vision. Cue your current situation.
The sound of numerous boots hitting the stone pavement jerks you out of your reverie. Despite feeling rather confused about why the two of you are hiding at a bazaar, you trust that Alhaitham has a good reason to not want to be seen by what sounds like the Eremites. After all, he could easily take them in a fight if that was all that was needed.
Then a single pair of boots comes closer, and your heart jumps into your throat as it rounds the corner. Any second, they would be on to you - and Alhaitham leans in with a rough whisper.
“Pretend to kiss me.”
As the clattering approaches from around the building, you quickly throw your arms around his neck, sliding one hand into his hair as he presses into you, his face mere hairwidths apart from yours, breath warm on your cheek.
Then you hear the boots stop and some awkward coughing. Knowing they might try to pull you apart and interrogate you, you decide to just go all in and discourage them from sticking around.
Lifting a leg, you hoist it to rest on Alhaitham’s hip as you rake a hand through his hair. To his credit, he quickly catches on, lowering a hand to catch your thigh, moaning loud enough for the guard to hear. It resonates deep in his chest against yours, and you swear your heart quivers. The feeling of his breath against your lips as his other hand slips around your waist briefly makes your mind blank out, overwhelmed by his sudden proximity, everywhere and all at once.
When he gently rests his forehead against yours, you finally snap back into focus and let out a shuddering moan in response, letting him crowd you against the wall as you trace a hand up his broad back.
You hear a loud spluttering, then the sound of boots pounding away from you. Neither of you miss the muttered “youths nowadays” that echoes off the pavement, and you both shake with silent laughter.
Then you realize he’s still very much in your personal space, his breath fluttering against your nose, his hand burning under your thigh. As if he just realized as well, Alhaitham quickly lets go of your leg, and you both avoid looking at each other for a long moment. What do you even say at a time like this? Hope that wasn’t too bad? Did my breath smell? Was my leg heavy? Who are you hiding from and why?
You decide to stick with the last question. It feels the most safe to ask in the unspoken tension that now hangs in the air between you two.
But as soon as you open your mouth, Alhaitham shakes his head. “I can’t tell you right now but it’s related to the mission. Are you still up to the task?”
Giving him a confident smile, you rest your hands on your waist. “Of course. I gave you my word.”
Dusting yourselves off, the two of you quietly return to the bazaar to quickly wrap up shopping, deciding to move independently for the sake of time. Neither of you talk about what just happened.
Two weeks later, you are walking through Port Ormos, arm in arm. With the disguise you put together for him, it’s almost impossible to recognize the man under the brown wig. You hope the loose clothes will be enough to obscure his build.
You’re trailing a man of interest. As you watch from a distance, the portly man enters the tavern and you follow him in after a few minutes, arms linked. Alhaitham tugs you away to a nearby corner, sitting on the side closer to the man’s table.
As you place your order, you notice the suspicious man looking around carefully, eyes darting all over the tavern. Alhaitham leans in and whispers in your ear as you look down, avoiding the man’s eyes as they skim over your table.
“You see, the man’s wary of who might be listening in - but not of a young couple sharing sweet nothings with each other.”
“I bet he would never expect you to be canoodling here,” you murmur back with a chuckle. He snorts and grasps your hand resting on the table, letting you slip your fingers between his.
“And that’s why I asked you. From his point of view, we are too busy being enraptured with each other to even spare a glance for him.”
True to his observation, Alhaitham and you spend the time undisturbed as you furtively observe the man. An Eremite comes in to speak with him for a while, and Alhaitham nods at you to continue whispering as he listens in. It feels awkward at first, holding a one-way conversation while trying to appear like lovebirds. You can’t help but tense up whenever the two men shift in their chairs, but Alhaitham squeezes your hand and you refocus.
After reaching some kind of conclusion, the Eremite nods and leaves. The man you were following stands up soon after, and the two of you quickly huddle to hide your faces as he makes one last visual scan of the room before exiting. Letting out a quiet sigh of relief, you head out to follow his tracks.
But as soon as you step outside, it starts to pour - heavy rain that splatters mercilessly onto the now dark gray pavement, threatening the integrity of your shoes.
“We won’t be able to track him in this rain, but he also won’t be able to make his move today. Let’s call it here.”
“You sure?”
Alhaitham nods and turns to you. “I got plenty of information today, so don’t worry about it.”
“Then why don’t we have dinner and regroup? We didn’t actually eat anything in there.”
To your pleasant surprise, he raises an eyebrow with a small smirk. “The one who gets the most wet pays.” And with that, he races off into the rain.
“Ugh - not fair!” You rush off after him, protesting at his unfair methods as you do your best to hop between store fronts and overhanging trees for brief amounts of shelter.
Thankfully it doesn’t take too long to arrive at your inn, and you wring your clothes and hair briefly before heading in. Alhaitham is leaning next to the door, looking rather pleased with himself.
“Well, well, someone certainly got drenched out there.”
You roll your eyes and enter the inn, letting him close the door behind you. “I’d say the exact same about you.”
Alhaitham watches as you speak to the girl at the front desk, apologizing for the mess and asking about dinner. He should be worried about his disguise slipping, the humid rain making his hair stick to his forehead uncomfortably, his shirt clinging to him in all the wrong ways, his shoes squelching with water. But he can’t help returning your smile as you beam at him, hair in your face, offering him a towel and describing the menu for tonight. Another reason to be thankful for rain, he muses.
At the landlady’s urging, he is ushered upstairs to bathe and refresh himself. It isn’t long before the two of you are seated in your room, dishes piled precariously on your table. You both eagerly dive in - the landlady’s food is always delicious, even more so after a bath.
After the dishes are cleared, the day’s events reviewed, an uneasy silence falls between you. Your foot taps quietly on the floor, your eyes dancing about the room. Alhaitham has been around you long enough to know your body language is practically screaming nerves at him, and it makes an odd feeling curl in his stomach that the Akasha has no name for.
“What is it?”
You finally look right at him, eyes burning with a determination he doesn’t know the reason for but it punches him in the chest, demands that he pay attention.
“We need to talk about… this. That time at the bazaar.”
The words spill out of your mouth, thick and heavy. He bites the inside of his cheek at the memory, your fingers in his hair, the warmth of your body against the cold stone wall. His stomach swirls again, and he swallows.
“I couldn’t let them see my face or they’d know I was in the area and likely aware of their current dealings.”
You sigh loudly at this, leaning back into your seat and staring up at the ceiling. “You know that’s not what I’m talking about.”
“Then what are you talking about.”
Something in you must have snapped, because you shoot up from your chair, march around the table, and grab the collar of his shirt.
“How about now? Still have no idea?”
Alhaitham shakes his head with a frown. “I’m afraid you’ll have to explain.”
“Ugh, you-!” You let him go and let out a breath.
“I’m sorry.”
You stare at him incredulously, and he frowns again.
“Really, I didn’t intend for it to go so far, it was the only thing that came to mind. I apologize for saying this so late.”
“Oh.” But instead of looking appeased, your countenance clouds and your lips twist in a way he’s never seen before. “So you didn’t mean to. An accident. Of course.”
The hurt dripping from your voice turns his insides sour, and he knows he has to fix this.
You turn away, moving toward the door when he calls your name. Despite yourself, you pause, one hand outstretched for the doorknob.
“I’m sorry I gave you no choice at the time. But just because I didn’t mean for it to happen doesn’t mean I regret it.”
You turn around slowly, hand falling back to your side.
“You don’t regret it?”
Alhaitham looks squarely at you, and you know he’s not lying.
“No. Do you?”
He stands up from his chair, walking toward you, and you can’t look away. But he pauses a few steps away from you. Your choice this time - to move toward him or leave and not come back.
“Not at all.”
You breathe out and promptly grab his collar, tugging him forward. He quickly follows your touch, a hand on the small of your back pressing you closer as he captures your lips. Your body feels like it’s burning up, the way you taste each other again and again as if you both had starved for days, gasping for air in between until your back hits the wall.
“Is it me - hah - or do you have a thing for walls?” Your chest heaves against his, arms now around his neck, and his eyes glint as he cups your face in his hands.
“Only yours. Is that a problem?”
“Only if you don’t believe in beds.”
Chuckling, Alhaitham catches your legs as you cross them around his waist, leaning in for another kiss as he walks to the awaiting mattress. He moves to set you down but you tighten your legs, resulting in him tumbling onto the bed next to you with a soft grunt.
You laugh giddily at his surprised expression, pleased at your successful stunt.
“So that’s how you’re going to play, hmm?”
Before you can think, his tongue is tracing your lips, pressing into your mouth, hot and wanting. Your grip tightens on his shirt, the soft fabric crumpling between your fingers. You know he’ll probably scold you for it later, but you can’t bring yourself to care when his calloused fingers are climbing a ticklish path up your back, making you shiver.
Then he pauses, reaching forward to tenderly brush a thumb across your cheek. “Are you sure about this? It’s not too fast?”
You smile and press a soft kiss to his jaw. “It’s perfect.”
Alhaitham sighs in relief, pressing his forehead to yours. “Archons, I adore you so much.”
You squeak, and he blinks in confusion at the sudden sound, making your face burn.
“I - I just realized that we didn’t exactly… talk about it just now. I like you too. Very much.”
To your pleasant surprise, Alhaitham covers his eyes with a hand, but you can see his neck turning pink.
“You will be the death of me, one of these days.”
Snickering, you press a light kiss to his lips. “Not if you get me first.”
“Is that a request?” He moves his hand to meet your teasing gaze.
“Can you handle it?”
He smirks, and you think it’s the most attractive sight you’ve ever seen. “Try me.”
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Oh? Did you really think I'd post about Thomas again and I WOULDN'T draw him shirtless ? You fools..
Tommy, signing to his S/O: The mask stays ON during se©️s in the slaughterhouse.
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palm held open like the rest of him and he craves for Cody to take more
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Reposting the fanart I made for @ragnarlothcat’s birthday 🎉
(this time tumblr friendly I guess?)
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