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claudicious 5 hours ago
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I need this to happen.
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maxielonceagain 3 hours ago
Never thought I'd be crying to Honda Thanks Day.. But here we are. 馃槀
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youngestworldchampion 3 hours ago
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Marc M谩rquez talking with Pierre Gasly and Sergio P茅rez after 2x4 Performance session during 2022 Honda Racing Thanks Day
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racingheartstopper 13 hours ago
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For everyone who wanted to know the fia price giving gala date is out now! December 9th!
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perstappen 7 hours ago
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champagnepodiums 19 hours ago
F1 Drivers IG Gains: Race Weekend Gain Totals
Since a lot of my gains revolved around race weekends, I thought it'd be interesting to see how many followers each driver gained on race weekends alone.
Charles Leclerc: +1,674,138 followers
Sebastian Vettel: +1,637,642 followers
Lewis Hamilton: +1,504,350 followers
Sergio Perez: +985,044 followers
Carlos Sainz: +919,597 followers
Max Verstappen: +768,221 followers
Daniel Ricciardo: +577,050 followers
George Russell: +569,052 followers
Lando Norris: +506,590 followers
Mick Schumacher: +463,682 followers
Fernando Alonso: +422,692 followers
Pierre Gasly: +412,905 followers
Zhou Guanyu: +323,365 followers
Valtteri Bottas: +290,578 followers
Kevin Magnussen: +268,944 followers
Yuki Tsunoda: +206,868 followers
Esteban Ocon: +198,860 followers
Alex Albon: +191,541 followers
Nicholas Latifi: +90,675 followers
Lance Stroll: +74,648 followers
And in case you're wondering, this is how much % race weekend gains accounted for each driver's total gains:
Sebastian Vettel: 64.12% of total followers gained
Zhou Guanyu: 63.97% of total followers gained
Kevin Magnussen: 63.35% of total followers gained
Lance Stroll: 59.94% of total followers gained
Mick Schumacher: 59.30% of total followers gained
George Russell: 57.11% of total followers gained
Nicholas Latifi: 55.48% of total followers gained
Sergio Perez: 54.58% of total followers gained
Max Verstappen: 53.91% of total followers gained
Lando Norris: 53.03% of total followers gained
Charles Leclerc: 52.31% of total followers gained
Fernando Alonso: 51.86% of total followers gained
Valtteri Bottas: 51.83% of total followers gained
Esteban Ocon: 51.37% of total followers gained
Alex Albon: 50.54% of total followers gained
Carlos Sainz: 50.44% of total followers gained
Daniel Ricciardo: 49.55% of total followers gained
Yuki Tsunoda: 49.07% of total followers gained
Pierre Gasly: 45.48% of total followers gained
Lewis Hamilton: 42.48% of total followers gained
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userverstappen 20 hours ago
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redbullracing: 7锔忊儯5锔忊儯9锔忊儯 points 馃挭 Our highest Constructors' Championship points total 馃憦
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formulakimmich 7 months ago
I don鈥檛 need to watch the race, this is enough.
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catleclerc 8 months ago
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mxgicdave 3 months ago
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the video of the drivers designing shirts was so fun.....i really thought some of the designs were cute so i went ahead and drew my own versions!!
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perstappen 7 hours ago
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karlmarxverstappen 6 months ago
max singing baby shark it's how we know he lives with a toddler and is a full time step dad
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reignssilent 13 days ago
The cameras and mics better be on. The Netflix crew better be capturing this moment. I need to see this conversation in HD
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ef-1 13 days ago
Engineer: "Max let Checo through please
Max what happened?"
Max: "I told you already last time- you guys dont ask that again to me. Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons and I stand by that
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landohnorris 7 days ago
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Formula 1
Class of 2022
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the-lazy-leprechaun 5 months ago
Drivers who have now actively complained of physical pain during interviews/radio/chats:
- Daniel (can barely stand up straight during his interview and said his head felt like someone slammed his helmet and felt slightly confused/dizzy)
- Pierre (and him asking everyone to give him a massage)
- Lewis struggled to get out of the car and complained on the radio about the pain
- George is apparently bruised
- Checo asked George if he can feel his feet (possible temporary nerve damage or a nerve stuck somewhere can cause loss of feeling)
This is unacceptable. This is dangerous. No question about it anymore!
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