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circuitamericas · 2 days ago
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oh to be kimi räikönnen with his toes out under the press conference table
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bigricenergyy · a day ago
Hiiii, I'm the one who asked for the kimi fic you already wrote, sorry about the very late feedback, sometimes I disappear from tumblr. But I absolutely love it, I'm so in love with him, thank you very much for this, your writing is so so so so good ❤️❤️❤️ I almost went crazy when he said “mm do you want to give me another baby Kulta?” oh, yes, I want hahahaha. And this gave me an idea, if it's okay for you, can I ask for a part.2? A little jump in time and they already had the baby (a baby boy please) and kimi is all cute and caring with the baby, when he cries at night he take the baby and talk to him, take him to the reader so she can feed him 🥺 this kind of cuteness with a new baby ❤️
Little Bean (Kimi Räikkönen x Reader)
Thank you for saying that about my writing ❤️ I personally think it’s not the best and I would like to improve it, I’m so glad you and people that reached to me like it🥰. For this I’ll try to write it in one try because If I don’t my inspiration will run away, thank you for requesting❣️. I don’t want to give the baby a name so please come up with the one you want😂.
⚠️Warning: breastfeeding
Kimi was already a father, at first he thought the position wouldn’t suit him because of his coldness but after a few talks you encouraged him, he turned out to be a perfect father, he found the second love of his life, because you were his first. His life turned around when the little boy was born, he unlocked feelings and emotions that he would have never think that they existed, he also started to give you extra love because on most of the nights you couldn’t sleep well, so he pampered you 24/7 while calling you sweet things and hugging you from behind.
Now, your little bean which was the nickname you gave him was 5 months old, luckily you could sleep more but sometimes you fell asleep on the couch just like the day you conceived him, you took little naps on it until Kimi woke you up to tell you dinner was ready or that he arrived from going to the market, you appreciated him so much for treating you like a Queen.
It was 4pm, after a long morning because your boy cried the whole morning, you couldn’t sleep like that and hugged him to keep him calm, which you achieved 7 hours later at 1pm, you were exhausted and your body wanted to shut off so you told your husband that you were going to take a nap, he was trying to cook something with his non existent chef skills, you hugged him and told him that you felt too tired and were going to sleep on your bed for a while, he nodded, grabbed your head in his hands and kissed your nose to end in your mouth “mene nukkumaan kulta, minä hoidan hänestä” go to sleep honey i'll take care of him Kimi stared into your eyes and gave you a reassuring look. You started to understand Finnish because you wanted to know more about your husbands culture, he threw you a few phrases and words and that helped you loads, now you could easily understand him. “Kiitos rakas” thanks dear you said and stole a kiss from his lips.
Now you headed to the bed, instantly from the moment you placed your body comfortably on it and your eyes closed, you fell asleep.
Some hours later Kimi was watching a movie with his boy, he was sitting on the couch with the lights off, the only light there being the tv, the little man was lying on his father’s arm while he spoke to him with the softest voice. “Pidätkö tästä elokuvasta, bean?” Do you like this movie, Bean? He smiled and touched his sons hair which was the same colour as Kimi’s one, he was so calm right now, “Toivon, että teet, koska haluan äidin itselleni tänä iltana, pieni poika” I hope you do, because I want mommy to myself tonight, little boy he smiled a little bit and caressed his little face, he was so peaceful right now, he just wanted that he stayed like that so he could spend some quality time with you, something that happened fewer times because of the baby, but it still happened sometimes.
Out of nowhere the movie had a strong sound and the baby started crying, Kimi tried to calm him down and he could, he moved the boy a bit with his arms which made him feel calmer, and then he noticed that it was his time to eat, so he stood up from the couch cautiously and took the baby with him, he walked straight to your shared bedroom, you just had woken up and a smile appeared on your face when you saw your husband with little bean in his arms behaving so well. “Come here little boy” you smiled and sat yourself on the bed, Kimi handed the baby to you and you moved your shirt so you could breastfeed him. Your husband sat on his side of the bed next to you and he admired the beautiful view he had, you looked so beautiful, you felt a hand on your shoulder while the little one drank from your breast and you turned your head around, Kimi was looking at you like he had found the secret of life, you were his treasure, he moved his head closer to yours and kissed you unhurriedly, he wanted to show you how much he appreciated you for being that important in his life and for being the best mother that he could ask for, his lips separated from yours but both of your eyes stayed closed, his lips moved to your chin and left a kiss there, he got closer to your ear and whispered “olet parasta mitä minulle on koskaan tapahtunut kulta” you’re the best thing that ever happened to me darling
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my favorite genre of f1 pics
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iwasfaster · 11 days ago
Seb about his relationship with Kimi in his beyond the grid episode (2022) 🥹
I can’t believe we haven’t talked about Kimi Räikkönen yet
Yeah, I didn’t mean to leave him out. I think Kimi is actually the biggest natural talent I’ve come across. Ever. Just in terms of raw speed. And it shows in the car obviously, but it shows also in any other form of cars. If there was a discipline of switching cars every day, after ten days Kimi would be lapping everybody else. Just because, he’s just a natural, he doesn’t take time to adapt, to the car, to what the car acquires. You just give him a steering wheel and he knows what to do with that sort of pressure. Sometimes it feels unfair, you need to get used to it first and get an idea of the track or the conditions and for him it’s just BOOM.
Does that make him infuriating as a teammate?
No, because I think with him I probably had the best relationship out of all the teammates I had. Because he was just so straight forward. There was never an argument, if we crashed into each other, we talked about it, fixed what happened, maybe laughed about it. It was my mistake, it was his mistake. But then there was never a question that anything could sort of shake up or destabilize - I don’t want to say bond but - the relationship that we had. And he’s been probably also the one when I came in, I remember he was so respectful from the the day I walked in, you know, looking into my eyes. Where with other drivers I felt, ok I’m shaking hands and I’m saying hello but actually the guy is not present, he’s not here. So with people, I think Kimi has been exceptional.
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looking into his eyes from day 1 😍
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eternallovers65 · 7 months ago
I just found my first impressions on the f1 drivers and im dying
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(For anyone wondering this was when I binged watched s1/s2 of dts in a day after seeing a few clips of the twitch quartet. I'd do the notes so I could remember who they were, because I suck at names, I even created a special nickname for each driver lol)
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kahvikaiffari · 2 months ago
still annoyed (and bored) by the end of the race so i made these
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some of these are a bit crappy, there are a couple more in the reblogs, let me know if you want the empty version of one of these
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princemick · 2 months ago
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SF Full Access - 2022 Italian GP 
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withloveflo · 3 months ago
Les dejo acá una recopilación de smuts de calidad que he leído acá en Tumblr
Disclaimer: toda la masterlist es en inglés así que pido perdón si buscaban algo en español. También iré agregando más según lea y trataré de agregar contenido en español🤍 Aclarar que todas las historias son escritas por distintas cuentas y no tomo ningún crédito.
ACTUALIZADO 29/08/2022
Les voy a poner un indicativo si es nsfw o fluff
Fluff ~
Charles Leclerc
You can hide them?! ~
It´ll be Okay ~
Why don´t you love me?
Hotel & Casino *
Bed *
Cockwarming *
Hidden Love *
Driving Lessons *
Dinner date *
Playing Piano *
Streaming *
Staring *
Street Racing ft Arthur Leclerc *
One time thing / Two time thing ft Pierre Gasly *
Sexting ft Pierre Gasly *
Just the three of us ft Pierre Gasly *
Country club ft Pierre Gasly *
Bad Idea ft Pierre Gasly*
Pierre Gasly
You scared to talk to me? ~
I’ll take care of you, sweetheart ~
Dirty Secrets ~
Tout ~
Separate Hotel Rooms ~
Newborn ~
Stay still *
Lake como *
Wrong person, right time *
Next door *
Lipstick on the glass *
Kids *
Vacations *
One time thing / Two time thing ft Charles Leclerc *
Sexting ft Charles Leclerc *
Just the three of us ft Charles Leclerc *
Country club ft Charles Leclerc *
Bad Idea ft Charles Leclerc *
Daniel Ricciardo
One Papaya For Me, Please *
Pity *
This feels dirty *
Forbidden Fruit Never Tasted So Sweet *
Speak of the Devil *
High Mile ft Max Verstappen *
One, Two ft Lando Norris *
Max Verstappen
Romeo asked Juliet three questions ~
F1 racer
Thin Walls *
The Perfect Girl *
Devil’s Advocate *
Jealous Max *
Publicity Stunt *
Late Night Devil *
Crawl to you *
Call it What you Want *
Three isn’t always a crowd ft Charles Leclerc *
High Mile ft Daniel Ricciardo *
Lando Norris
Inappropriate *
Sunset swim *
One, Two ft Daniel Ricciardo *
Carlos Sainz
Cernobbio *
Man´s World
Mallorca *~
Kink *
Best Man *
After Party ft Charles Leclerc *
Lewis Hamilton
Hate *
Arthur Leclerc
Kissing ~
l'équipe de france ~
Shameless *
Balcony *
Sebastian Vettel
Dinner *
Paddle to the Metal *
005 *
Elevador *
Risky Business *
Congrats *
So it Goes *
Don´t play games with me *
Kimi Räikkönen
Third Counts *
Toto Wolff
Weekends *
Tengo que ordenar las demás que he leído y recomiendo, así que iré editando el Masterlist🤍
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k-ky · 3 days ago
Ever felt like you’re third wheeling?
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alexi-01 · 4 months ago
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my favourite genre of photo :)
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landohnorris · 11 months ago
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Thank you, Kimi
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karlmarxverstappen · 4 months ago
8 minutes of f1 drivers being drunk for instant serotonin boost. Max is always hilarious but Jenson took me out (also the last clip of Kimi omg 😂).
📽 by f1 sports on YouTube.
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williamsblues · 10 months ago
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f1 drivers + raccoon memes (inspo)
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petition to ban drivers from cutting their hair
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niemernuet · a month ago
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Today feels like Christmas because I received my commission from @storm3326 . 😍🤩 Thank you so very much, it's perfect!
(I miss these two)
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verstappenist · 3 months ago
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the maiden champions of the 2000’s
(i actually have no idea if anyone has done something like this before so please tell me if so, so i can credit 🥲)
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