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Max鈥檚 Machine by Viaplay | Imola, 12 October 2022
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this picture cured my depression
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鈥淐an you touch me?鈥
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max gave his trophy to a kid last year?? i need more info pls
oh i only meant that max was called up to give the karting world champion the trophy at the gala but he did lend his own trophy to one of the little kids when they all wanted to take a picture with him and i think it鈥檚 pretty cute
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Another beautie by Vlad.
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pairing: max verstappen x femalereader
summary: you complain about insignificant matters and max is always there to comfort you.
warnings: none, really.
Tumblr media
"DAMN REMOTE," You muttered, jabbing the skip button repeatedly. The obnoxious song played on, completely unaffected by your efforts to fast-forward. "Why. Won't. It. Work?"
Finally, in a fit of temper, yoy threw the silver remote across the room where it hit the wall with a satisfying clank. You sat back against your desk chair in a huff. Only moments later, I heard footsteps on the stairs.
"(y/n)?" Max opened the door and stepped inside as if he was wary of what he would find. You could see the laughter in his eyes, barely restrained. "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine. The remote for the iHome probably isn't, though." You gestured toward where you thought it had landed. Max raised his eyebrows and picked up the silver device, now in two pieces.
"Must you always break everyone's gifts?" He sighed, turning the remote over in his hands to try to figure out how to put it back together.
"Only if they're unnecessary or already dysfunctional." He rolled his eyes and apparently giving up and setting the broken remote on yoyr bedside table.
"Now are you sorry you got me that iPod?" You asked. He scoffed.
"Of course not. I am sorry that I let Daniel pick out the iHome. If he had taken my suggestion, you would have a yet-to-be released model with a working remote instead of鈥hat." He gestured at Danny's choice and you both grimaced.
For some reason, Daniel had thought that a neon orange with green dots iHome would go perfectly with the navy blue iPod that Max was getting you. Max had been planning on buying it, then returning and exchanging it for a more鈥ormal color, when Daniel had decided to wrap and deliver it himself. He had gone so far as to help you plug it into the wall, almost permanently damaging the thing in the process.
You sighed. "I told you, if the iPod was unnecessary, then the iHome is doubly so. Headphones work perfectly fine."
Max's beautiful eyes took on a mischievous glint as he began to walk toward tou.
"Oh, really?" he asked, sauntering forward. He caressed your cheek, and you closed your eyes and leaned into his hand.
Then, in one lightning fast motion, you were lying on your bed, the length of his body pressing against yours. His arms were on either side of your shoulders, holding most of his weight off of you. Raising his eyebrows, he smirked at you, exhaling and bending his head closer to yours.
You could feel your breaths become gasps as his mouth came increasingly closer to your neck. He kissed your collarbone, then up the column of your throat, tracing his lips along your jawbone to finally reach your ear. Once there, he caressed what felt like every plane, and brushed back and forth across your earlobe. You tilted tou head to give him better access. He chuckled and you felt his cool breath on the side of you neck. You shivered.
"I wouldn't have been able to do that if you had been wearing headphones," he said. He rolled you both then, arranging you so that you straddled his waist. Yiu didn't move for a moment, adjusting to the fast change of position. "They would have fallen out, had I done that," he pointed out, running his hands up your arms to my shoulders, then finally to stroke the back of my neck.
"I would have pulled them out the second you started that," You managed to gasp out, trying to find a place to put your hands, and ending up resting them on his rock hard stomach. Max looked at you from under his eyelashes, his eyes smoldering, and you blushed. He smirked and slid his hands back down your arms to your hands, which he grasped and used to pull you down to lay on him.
"I think we can safely say that an iHome is a necessity after all, don't you?"
You were too distracted by the feel of his hands running up and down your back to do more than grumble in assent.
Max chuckled, and you could feel the vibrations through your body, which made you laugh too.
"Fine," You huffed. "But only as long as I get to pick out the color this time."
"We'll see about that," Max said devilishly, angling your face up to begin his persuasion once again.
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No one will ever do it like you. You will forever be one of the drivers that i love the most and that the people love the most, you will always be the driver that thousands look up to, and you will always be the driver that inspires everyone to be their best. I鈥檓 happy with your decision as long as you鈥檙e comfortable and happy, and you鈥檙e right, there鈥檚 a life off-track and i know you will enjoy it. You鈥檝e had an amazing journey in Formula 1 and it鈥檚 been amazing to keep up with you. Good luck Seb, we love and appreciate you鉂わ笍.
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Loved this.. All the Red Bull babies 鉂わ笍
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la nuit des gar莽ons馃き
pierre gasly x reader
(instagram au)
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Liked by pierregasly, alphatauri and others
yourusername: busy day
fan1: we love the paddock content
pierregasly: that鈥檚 my shirt
yourusername: oops 馃き
alphatauri: petition for y/n to come every weekend
fan2: agreed
pierregasly: agreed
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Liked by charles_leclerc, yourusername and others
pierregasly: p4 baby 馃
yourusername: well done amour鉂わ笍
pierregasly: thanks mon ceour馃
charles_leclerc: new driver on the grid?
pierregasly: yup she鈥檚 going to kick your ass
fan1: they鈥檙e so cute :,)
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Liked by pierregasly, yukitsunoda0511 and others
yourusername: 馃嚘馃嚭 馃
pierregasly: jet lag killed me
yourusername: could tell with how much you slept the first two days
fan1: she鈥檚 stunning
landonorris: pierre one lucky guy my best friend is hot
pierregasly: thanks for the reminder?
yourusername: he needed reminded.
f1: hottest wag out
yourusername: not the official f1 thirsting
pierregasly: don鈥檛 blame them
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Liked by charles_leclerc, yourusername and others
pierregasly: karaoke and friends
charles_leclerc: 鉂わ笍
yourusername: where was my invite?
pierregasly: la nuit des gar莽ons mon amour (boys night my love)
fan1: I鈥檓 going to cry
fan2: they were all together :)
f1: 鈥榯his is what dreams are made of鈥
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Liked by pierregasly, danielricciardo and others
yourusername: 鈥渓a nuit des gar莽ons鈥 馃き
pierregasly: are you mocking me?
yourusername: I am mon ceour 馃
charles_leclerc: we told you to invite her.
fan1: she ate him up fr
fan2: she鈥檚 so beautiful
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饾惄饾悮饾悽饾惈饾悽饾惂饾悹 鈦鉃 max verstappen x reader
饾惏饾惃饾惈饾悵 饾悳饾惃饾惍饾惂饾惌 鈦鉃 1.3k
饾惉饾惍饾惁饾惁饾悮饾惈饾惒 鈦鉃 Max鈥檚 bad mood is at it鈥檚 peak and you鈥檙e more than fed up with it. It just gets worse when he crashes with Charles in the race and loses his temper once again, but maybe that鈥檚 exactly what the two of you needed to confess what鈥檚 long overdue.
饾惏饾悮饾惈饾惂饾悽饾惂饾悹饾惉 鈦鉃 best friends to lovers, mentions of breakup, kinda pining on both sides, swearing, max dnf-ing, you鈥檙e allowed to go where he crashed, they already act like a couple let鈥檚 be honest
饾悮/饾惂 鈦鉃 yep so this is an old one, I wrote this shortly after max and his ex broke up. This should in no way be disrespectful towards their past relationship nor anything else! remember this is fiction loves x (tell me if I missed a warning please x) This is kind of an experiment because my posts on my side blog @earthfairytale won鈥榯 show up in tags or search 馃槶 You can鈥榯 even find the blog itself anymore, if anyone knows how to fix this, please send help!
饾惈饾悶饾惇饾惍饾悶饾惉饾惌饾悶饾悵 "You can't just lose your temper like this, every time you get a bit upset!" could I have this with Max pls? 馃グ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's been a crazy day and it wasn't even eight o'clock yet. From the minute you woke up to the car ride to the track, it's just been pure stress, thanks to Max. He was acting like a six-year-old since Dilara broke up with him.聽
She's always been nice whenever you met her, but there was this look on her face when you were around with his family or him. You didn't notice it, you were just getting along with his family as if it was your own and they treated you like that, so you never noticed any negative feelings.聽
But let's start at the beginning. You are Max Verstappen's best friend. You two knew each other since you were about 5 years old. Your Dad owned a kart track and you loved to accompany him there. The smell, the atmosphere, you loved just everything about it. Once in a while, you drove there yourself but you enjoyed watching all the different people just as much.聽
One day this boy with his Dad entered the track. You stood beside your Dad as they did, and as Jos saw your Dad they hugged and immediately talked about 'the good old times'. Apparently, this was one of your Dad鈥檚 old friends he sometimes talked about. You and the little boy stood there and just smiled at each other, your Dads already deep in conversation.聽
You stuck your hand out to introduce yourself. "Hi, I'm Y/N." you said.聽
"I'm Max." he smiled and shook your hand.聽
That was the day you two became best friends and an inseparable and unbeatable team. You got to know him as no one else did. And he got to know you like no one else.聽
You are Max's resting place. When he is with you he can still be a little short-tempered but you always get him to calm down. You usually manage it just by being by his side or talking to him. There was something about you that just calmed him.聽
Ever since then, you went to every race Max had. You were his anchor when he got angry and when he got sad. You were there in his highs and lows. As he started with Formula One, you were unbelievably proud of him.聽The day he told you that the team he was joining said you could come to the races with him was one of the best days of your life.聽
Of course, you always accompanied him before but Formula One was another level, so you were over the moon when you realised you could travel the world with him and didn't have to let Max go. His team liked you a lot, they even got you your own team gear for the second season you spend with them in Formula One.
But days like this robbed you of your nerves. Max was constantly complaining about everything. He was very emotional none the less, which wasn't a bad thing for you. But since his girlfriend broke up with him it became worse, to a point where you really didn't want to be in the same room as him.聽
The worst thing? He didn't even tell you why she broke up with him. He hasn't talked to you as much as before, which you could partially understand but you just knew that it wasn't the normal heartbreak-moody thing. He had something else on his mind.聽
You were reasonable enough to give him his space, but at some point, you had enough. You only talked to him as much as you had to and every time he was getting in his car and put on his helmet you were glad to have some time off.聽Just like now.
Max bend down, you stood in front of him and kissed his helmet for good luck. No matter what happened or will ever happen between you, this was your ritual, a lucky charm.聽
The race didn't start long ago, 46 laps were still to go. You were sitting in Max鈥檚 garage along with his team, watching the race. Just as you calmed down a bit, everyone stood up from their chairs and tussled their hair. Charles crashed with Max and they both had obvious DNFs. You knew Max was alright when he spoke to his race engineer but his voice sounded angry.聽
Great. You could literally feel the rage rising in Max.聽
"Oh god, please, no." you mumbled. Some of Max mechanics turned to you and shook their heads in pity. Not only for Max but for you too as they knew exactly how he was.聽
You waited for him to get out of the car and walk his way over to the garage. The accident didn't happen so far away so he was able to walk back. But as he got out of his demolished car, it didn't seem like he planned on going anywhere. He kicked one of his tires and angrily turned to Charles, who got out of his car. Max took off his helmet and walked to him. You knew he wouldn't be able to hold himself back, so if this day shouldn't end with a fight, someone would have to interrupt this now.聽
"Oh heck no, not today Max." You said and stood up from your chair. "What are you doing Y/N?" Lee, Max number one mechanic, called after you. "Stopping this god damn idiot from doing something stupid!" you shouted as you started to ran towards the accident.聽
"Max!" you shouted angrily. He turned around, surprised. You walked up to him and Charles, boiling with rage now.聽
"Go away, Y/N.聽This is none of your business."聽
"Excuse me?" you calmly said. This was it. You grabbed Max鈥檚 wrist and walked away from Charles. You could talk to him later.聽
The safety car was out so the race was pretty boring. What you didn't know was, that the tv cameras were now completely focused on the two of you.聽
You still had Max wrist in a firm grip as you walked back to the garage. But he didn't do anything. Max knew exactly what it meant when you answered him calmly and not angry.聽
"Listen, I-" he started to explain himself but you cut him off. You almost had reached the garage but you didn't go in. You stopped and looked at him, letting go of his wrist.聽
"No. What is wrong Max?! You can't just lose your temper like this, every time you get a bit upset!" you asked him, shaking your head in disbelieve.聽
"I get that you are sad, but you can't kick your tire and start a freaking fight with Charles! Do you think he did this on purpose? What is your problem Max, I really don't get it!" you gestured with your hands, showing your despair.聽
You were both still standing in front of the garage and neither of you had even the thought of going back to the hospitality. You had to talk it out with him here and now. Even though everyone could listen to you, you didn't care. It was as if you and Max were alone there in front of the garage.聽
"Do you know why she broke up with me, Y/N?" Max asked.
You just shrugged your shoulders, what should this have to do with right now? Max took a deep breath, his voice not as loud this time when he said, "Because I love you."聽
It hit you like a shotgun shot to the heart.聽But not because it was something bad, exactly the opposite was the case.聽
"What?" you whispered in disbelief.聽
"I love you. And Dilara knew, that's why she broke up with me."聽
嗉 Don鈥檛 copy, translate or republish any of my works on any app or other platform please. I only post my work on Tumblr and Wattpad.
Reblogs are always appreciated, they really make my day馃А
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Max鈥檚 Machine by Viaplay | Imola, 12 October 2022
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hi! can i get an imagine in which max v is taking care of the reader after an appendix removal surgery?
Tumblr media
饾悡饾悮饾悿饾悽饾惂饾悹 饾悅饾悮饾惈饾悶 饾悗饾悷 饾悩饾惃饾惍 鉂樷潣 饾様饾槩饾樄 饾槤饾槮饾槼饾槾饾樀饾槩饾槺饾槺饾槮饾槸
pairing: Max Verstappen x Fem!Reader
warnings: None really, just overall fluff, Max being a protective and caring partner
word count: 1.42K
a/n: All information was found on google, and translations are from google as well (despite me being able to read Dutch, I can't spell it or speak it really) ENJOY!! ps, Yes I am using summer break again.
Tumblr media
Getting surgery wasn't exactly how you wanted your summer break to start, it was the only time you really got to spend with your fianc茅. Max had a busy schedule all the time due to his job, one he loved and one you had come to love just as much.
Just three days before you both were due to meet your family in Ibiza for a holiday to relax and unwind you sadly had to call them to cancel. Now two days later you were led into the uncomfortable hospital bed having gone into emergency surgery to get your appendix removed.
Max was moving around the room freely while packing your things, you were allowed to go home if you made sure to not overwork yourself and take it easy for at least two to four weeks to let yourself heel. You could after a few days go on the holiday you two wanted to go on if you could get him to agree.
鈥淪chatje,聽Are you listening?鈥 Walking over to your side you looked up at Max and have him a sheepish smile shaking your head while he helped you sit up. 鈥淣o, sorry. What did you say, love?鈥 Taking a seat on the bed he grabbed your hand softly and placed the earrings you always wore in your hand that you had to take off for surgery, wincing slightly when you leaned forward and kissed his cheek. 鈥淎nd my ring?鈥
Your engagement ring was one of your most prized possessions, it was made specifically for you and if you could recall correctly Victoria had told you he spent almost six months of planning, choosing every little detail on the ring before your engagement. You loved everything about it and about the man who put it on your finger there to stay, only the matching wedding band missing that he had safe and hidden at home.
Sending you a smile he stood once again and reached into the tiny pocket of his jeans pulling out the shiny piece of jewelry. Grabbing your left hand he slid it onto your finger and kissed your hand. 鈥淩ight where it belongs. Are you ready to go home?鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 more than ready, lover.鈥 Helping you out of bed and into the wheelchair he handed you your pillow, and one of the bags while he slung the other one over his shoulder.
Covering your body with some of his merch you had loved since the first time you got it, the perks of dating at the time, and being one of the models for the photos meant you got whatever you wanted. Though you preferred to wear his hoodies just to have his scent with you.
鈥淢um said she and the family will still join your parents on holiday so it doesn鈥檛 go to waste. I鈥檓 sorry you have to spend your break stuck with me.鈥
Rolling his eyes he leaned down and kissed your head while wheeling you out waving at the doctor and some of the nurses. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not a bother for me, and I have been thinking about what you said聽schatje,聽if you feel better and ready to move around we can go on a little holiday before the season starts back up.
You had never been so happy to be back in your shared apartment in Monaco, though you missed the gloomy weather of England you would move anywhere if it meant you got to be with him.
Grateful, would be one word to describe what you felt to have him in your life, before going home he had stopped anywhere to get what you needed before helping you get comfortable on the sofa in his gaming room when arriving home. You didn鈥檛 want him to change all of his plans so while you were there still with him as he insisted you were within hearing distance and to keep his eye on you.
He was about to go on a streak with Lando, the two continuing the antics they had started during the lockdown. 鈥淵ou sure you have everything?鈥 Giggling at his worry and the frown that adorned his handsome face you reached out to where he was sitting on the edge of the sofa and placing your hand on his cheek. 鈥淚鈥檓 fine handsome, you enjoy your time with Lan, I鈥檒l be here enjoying my own thing.鈥 Nodding he leaned forward and pressed his lips to your soft ones, returning the kiss eagerly you poured when he pulled away.
鈥淛ust one more?鈥 Chuckling he pressed his lips to yours again, sighing softly you relaxed and pulled away kissing his nose and looking into the beautiful blue eyes, the shade of blue that had become your favourite after the years. 鈥淕o on, I have my shows to catch up on, I鈥檓 behind on Love Island.鈥 Humming he kissed your cheek and got up taking a seat on his chair. You had only placed one of your earphones in so that you could steal everything.
About an hour into the stream your ears perked up when you heard your name fall from your fianc茅鈥檚 lips, 鈥淵/n is doing very well, sorry for not getting back to you all I鈥檝e spent my time taking care of her. She鈥檒l be up and at it again in no time.鈥 Smiling softly you turned your head to where he was waving at the camera that clearly showed where you were comfortable on n the sofa laptop on your lap. Looking over his shoulder he smiled and looked back in front of him.
When it came to nighttime and you had to take a shower you wanted to let out a loud groan, you weren鈥檛 quite sure if you鈥檇 be able to wash your dirty hair yourself not wanting to put too much strain on the stitches you had. Hearing a soft knock over the running water you looked into the mirror seeing Max enter.
鈥淒id you read my mind?鈥 鈥淭hat would be pretty cool, but no, I was actually listening to the doctor when she came to talk to you.鈥 You could feel your cheeks flame up while looking away from him, humming you got into the shower standing under the water thankful for the waterproof bandaid covering the small cut.
Not even minutes later you could feel his hands running down your arms, lips pressing against the soft skin of the shell of your ear a shiver running down your spine. 鈥淣eed some help?鈥 Turning your head to the side you sent him a smile and pecked his lips. 鈥淧lease, my love.鈥
Wetting your hair you forced yourself not to let out any noise when you felt his fingers massage the shampoo into your scalp. There were many things that could be heaven on earth this was one of yours, he wasn鈥檛 working too hard on your scalp but also not too soft.
Staying in the shower for as long as you could you both got ready side by side, since he got with you Max had gotten into a nighttime routine, though it was much shorter and simpler than yours he left the en-suite with a kiss to your wet hair you wanted to leave to dry naturally to get the bed ready.
Replying to your mother and his that you were doing okay and you had the best carer in the world taking care of you. He was by your side when you got into bed wincing at the uncomfortable feeling, but when you settled in you sighed and waited for your lover to return to your side.
When he turned off the lights and slipped into bed next to you moving closer he turned on his side and paved his head close to tears his arm going around you careful not to put too much pressure on you. A kiss on your shoulder made you snap out of your daydream and look at him.
鈥淭hank you, for taking care of me and for helping me, for being here, and for loving me. I love you so much.鈥 Drawing patterns on your exposed skin he smiled and lifted his arm up resting on his elbow while he leaned down and peppered your face with kissed your nose scrunching up.
鈥淚 love you more schatje. I鈥檇 do anything and everything for you always. Now get some rest so you can heal and we can have a short holiday, yeah?鈥
Letting out a soft laugh you nodded and kissed him one last time moving closer to him wanting to be as close as you possibly could, maybe the surgery won鈥檛 stop all of your plans after all.
Tumblr media
Tag List: @ifancycharlesleclerc @luv4gasly @hungryhungarian @moutnz @honethatty12
please let me know if you鈥檇 like to be added to the tag list.
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鈥 am unwell 馃馃珷
Tumblr media
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the fia gala is this friday and i hadn鈥檛 even realized it meanwhile last year i got reminded of it so much because of the dramatics merc and the fandom pulled that i actually watched the ceremony my god never let me be that jobless ever again
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Max and Daniel semi-naked聽in an ice bath
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