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Make it all red
Charles x fem!reader
Summary: you teased charles all night so he decided to teach you a lesson
WARNINGS: fingering, oversimulate, Dom charles, Bad English (Sorry I didn't have time to check and fix), French google translate, spanking, hair pulling...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You teased Charles all night at the restaurant and he was barely holding on.
After saying goodbye to all the Formula 1 drivers, you got on the red Ferrari that Charles just bought and started driving away from the restaurant.
You were in a good mood, but the same couldn't be said for Charles, he was tired of you acting like a brat all night. You didn't realize you weren't on your way home because you've been fiddling with your phone since you got in the car.
Suddenly, the car stopped ,you turned off your phone looked at Charles and then around you, but you were in a dark place that you could not recognize.
Charles got out of the car and came to my side and opened the door "Get out of the car YN" you looked at his face in disbelief, did what he said and walked together to the hood of the car while holding your hand and guiding you.
"What's going on, Cha where are we" Charles turned your back to hug you and suddenly bent over you to the hood "you've been testing my patience all night now look what you get"
His hand rubs against your leg as he pulls up your short dress and he sigh a crooked smile forms on his lips, he starts touching you over your underwear you close your eyes and push your hips towards his for more.
He stuck his hand in your underwear and ran his fingers through your wetness "What a bad girl teasing her boyfriend all night and having fun hm?"
His fingers gets faster. When he realized you getting closer he pulled his hand away  grabbed your hair and pulled you towards himself and whispered in your ear "You know what honey, bad girls never get what they want" when you made a pleading sound he put one finger to your lips and silenced you "But you had so much fun with me tonight now we're going to make it all red baby, it's my turn"
He suddenly let go of your hair and made you lean against the car again he slapped your hips you moaned you could feel him smiling, then another and another slap he slapped until your butt was all red he finally stopped "look at the beauty of it you know I like red but this shade of red will be my favorite from now on"
"Now ma chérie I'm going to fuck you until you scream" you moaned at his words he pulled down your underwear and unzipped his pants when you felt his hard dick in the entrance, you held your breath he went inside you in one move so you both moaned.
"Oh fuck yes charles ah yes god" he kept going in and out hard, you could feel his balls hitting your butt you held tight to the car Charles got faster and faster while he was praising you "ah c'est ça bébé je sais que tu l'aimes tu en veux plus hein" ah that's it baby i know you love it you want more huh?
You nodded, and held Charles' hand on your waist "Fuck I'm so close please Charles" He shook your hand and leaned into your ear "I know mon amour, hold on for a moment,we'll cum together"
You tried to hold on as he moved harder and finally realized his throbbing dick  "Now baby cum for me, yeah like that" he said between his moans.
After you both cum,and both of you calmed down, Charles came out of you and he helped you put on your underwear, straightened your dress and put you on the hood of the car.
He smiled and tucked your hair behind your ear and pulled you in for a hug after a while you broke the hug and kissed his lips. He leaned close to your ear for the last time and whispered, "And that's how we make it all red baby"
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Charles x reader + childhood friends to strangers to lovers? If that’s possible?🥹
pairing: charles leclerc x reader
a/n: the trope….oh dear the amount of times ive experienced this minus the lovers part because i just dont want to get in a relationship most times
“Hé, Cha? Nous serons amis pour toujours, n'est-ce pas?” You looked at the little Monégasque boy beside you, “Et si tu m'oubliais?” Hey, Cha? We’ll be friends forever, right? What if you forget me?
Charles frowned as he set the football down to take a quick look at you, “Ne sois pas stupide, Y/N. Tu es mon meilleur ami. Je ne pourrais jamais t'oublier.” Don’t be silly, Y/N. You’re my best friend. I could never forget you.
You raised your pinky up and smiled softly, “Promets-moi? Tu penseras à moi même quand je m'éloignerai?” Promise me? You’ll think of me even when I move away?
“Je te promets,” Charles whispered as he wrapped his pinky around yours, the sun setting in front of you both, “Je te retrouverai quand nous serons grands.” I promise you. I’ll find you when we grow older.
It’s been more than a decade since you left your home in Monaco just because your parents found better opportunities in Madrid. Not much of your memories were clear, after all, you were only six years old when you left the place you once called home.
“Maman, je vais bien,” You said as you held your phone in between your cheek and shoulder, unpacking your bag in the hotel, “Je suis déjà à l'hôtel.” Mama, I’ll be fine. I’m already at the hotel.
“Fais juste attention, d'accord?” Your mother replied to you, “You think you’ll find him?” Just be careful, okay?
You frowned, “No. He’s probably not here anymore.”
“Sweetheart,” She chuckled through the phone, “You did cry a lot when we left Monaco, so just give that little girl some closure if you see him.”
“Yeah, whatever,” You mumbled, leaning against the window and admiring the view, “Um, anyways, I’ll go now, maman. I’ll call you tonight?”
“Sure, sweetheart,” She smiled, “Stay safe over there. I hope you see him.”
Sighing, you ended the call and dropped your phone on the bed. Did you even want to see him? After all these years? The promise he made seemed pointless. You were just two kids, why should he bother keeping it?
“Pull yourself together for God’s sake, Y/N,” You mumbled as you grabbed your phone, purse, and coat before locking your door and heading out the hotel, “I don’t want to bump into him.”
As you walked down the streets of Monaco, you kept your hands in your pockets and couldn’t help but think of the memories that started flooding back to you.
“Hm, a new café,” You mumbled as you spotted a café across the street, “Guess I could use a snack.”
Walking inside the café, you took a deep breath of the smell of freshly baked pastries and coffee, a few of your favorite things in the world. You ordered a Spanish latte and a bagel to go, so you could eat it as you roamed around Monaco for the rest of the day.
“Order for Y/N!”
Charles immediately looked up from his book, eyebrows scrunched together upon hearing that name. Could that really be you? After all these years?
Grabbing his phone and book, Charles hurriedly exited the café and looked around him to see if he could catch up to the person that could possibly be you.
“Merde!” He exclaimed as he ran a hand through his hair, “Où aurait-elle pu aller?” Fuck! Where could she have gone?
You hummed as you took a few bites of your bagel, letting your feet take you to wherever it felt like, stopping at a children’s park. The park that you used to go to with Charles all the time.
“Good thing there aren’t any children here when the sun sets,” You mumbled as you sat down on one of the swings, “Not like me and Charles.”
Charles kept walking — trying to find a glimpse of you, which was particularly stupid. How was he supposed to know what you looked like now if he hadn’t seen you in over a decade?
Stopping by the park, Charles panted and leaned over to rest his hands on his knees. As he looked up, he saw the back of a girl, sitting on one of the swings.
“S'il te plait laisse ça être elle,” He whispered as he walked over and took a deep breath, tapping you on the shoulder, “Pardon?” Please let this be her. Excuse me?
Your eyes widened as you turned around, your voice muffled with some of the bagel inside your mouth, “Hm? Puis-je vous aider?” Can I help you?
Charles couldn’t help but smile from how your cheeks were puffed, crumbs surrounding your mouth, “Puis-je vous demander votre nom?” Could I ask your name?
“Oh…Mon nom est Y/N,” You smiled as you swallowed before wiping the crumbs off your mouth, “Qui peux-tu être?” My name is Y/N. Who might you be?
“Auriez-vous pu... quitter Monaco quand vous aviez 6 ans?” He asked, a new sense of hope blooming inside of him, “Je suis désolé. J'ai juste- j'ai promis à mon amie que je trouverais pour elle et j'ai perdu le contact. Elle portait le même nom que toi.” Could you have left Monaco when you were 6 years old? I'm sorry. I just- I've promised my friend that I would find for her and I lost contact. She had the same name as you.
“Charles?” You frowned as you stood up from the swing, “Est-ce vraiment toi?” Is it really you?
Mirroring the smile on Charles’ face, you laughed with tears in your eyes as you hugged him tightly, “It’s you. It’s really you.”
“You’re back home. After all these years,” Charles whispered as he hugged you tightly, afraid that you were a figment of his imagination, “I thought I’d never find you.”
You rolled your eyes playfully, wiping the tears away, “I thought you’d forget me.”
“How could I ever?” He looked at you, the smile never fading away, “I’m…sorry that I couldn’t keep up with my promise.”
“Hey, don’t worry about it,” You nudged his shoulder softly, “We’re adults. We have our own lives now, the hustle and bustle, you know?”
“I just…I still feel bad, I could’ve found you sooner if I went to Madrid,” He sighed as he sat down on the swing with you, “We lost a lot of time, didn’t we?”
“Sixteen years…is a long time,” You slightly smiled as you turned to look at him, “You don’t look like my old Charles, though.”
“I could say the same to you,” He chuckled softly as he kicked on the sand at his feet, “You’re much more beautiful than the last time I saw you.”
“Maybe Madrid treated me well,” You teased as you looked at the sunset before your eyes, “Just like the old times.”
“Just like the old times,” Charles smiled as he offered his hand for you to hold, “You think I could make it up to you? For all the lost time?”
You nodded as you placed your hand in his, intertwining it and letting it fall in between the two of you, “We’ll have the rest of our lives, don’t we?”
“We do. And I’ll keep my promise this time,” He whispered as he looked at you, a twinkle in his eyes, “I don’t plan on letting you slip through my fingers anymore.”
Sighing happily, you stared at the sun setting with the boy, who you had thought to be long gone from your life, “I’ll hold you to that, Cha.”
bonus scene!
“Hey, I can hear you think,” Charles laughed as he nudged your shoulder, “Let’s enjoy this party.”
“Sorry, I’m just not a party person,” You looked at him with a sheepish smile, “I do appreciate you bringing me along to your cousin’s wedding.”
“Might as well have my best friend be with me,” Charles forced a smile, a bitter taste from the way he had to call you his best friend when you were so much more than that, “Dance with me?”
Looking around, you couldn’t help but feel insecure from the possible sets of eyes that could be on you. How could they not when you’re with one of the top drivers in Formula 1?
You whispered, “They’re going to stare.”
“Then let them,” Charles held his hand out as he stood up from his seat, “I’ll be dancing with the most beautiful girl here anyway.”
Sighing, you placed your hand in his and Charles whisked you away to the dance floor as he held you close. Charles looked at you lovingly, swaying you softly to the song that was playing.
Charles whispered, “Hey, Y/N?”
You looked up at him, raising an eyebrow, “Yeah?”
“Can I kiss you?”
Blinking a few times, you paused for a few moments before taking a deep breath and nodding, “You can.”
Charles smiled as he brought his hands to gently hold your face, leaning in to kiss you softly on the lips, setting off fireworks inside your stomach and his.
You pulled away as you smiled uncontrollably, leaning your forehead against his, “It’s about damn time, Leclerc.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Abu Dhabi '22 // The Forfeit Challenge
"If you beat me, I am willing to get a tattoo...you choose the design..."
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Carlos being his own hypeman | Drivers' 2022 Season Predictions
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Tumblr media
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Charles Leclerc x college student!Reader - Instagram AU
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yourusername the week vs the weekend
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yourbestfriend since when are you into racing? and without me???
yourusername fast cars go zoom 🏎
charles_leclerc red is your color
yourusername you and me both
yourbestfriend what???
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yourcollegeupdates F1 driver Charles Leclerc spotted outside the student dorms (submitted by @randomstudent1)
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randomstudent1 he basically ran into the dorm with those flowers and i didn’t see him leave that night
randomstudent2 i’m not jealous i’m not jealous i’m not jealous
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charles_leclerc give her back @yourcollege
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yourusername just two more weeks
charles_leclerc but i miss you
yourusername i miss you more
charles_leclerc not possible ❤️
leclercfan1 taking a bath with a toaster
ferrarifan4life they’re so cute together
hater1 yeah right she’s totally using him
f1wags literally shut up
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yourusername reunited and it feels so good
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yourbestfriend send lots of pics i’m living vicariously through you
yourusername check your texts
charles_leclerc ❤️
yourusername ❤️❤️
pierregasly thank god he wouldn’t stop whining
charles_leclerc lies
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Tumblr media
Is this too much to ask
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2022 season predictions
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chewing glass
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2004 Ferrari Enzo
Photo via RM Sotheby's
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Tumblr media
Ferrari 365 GTS/4 14107 1972. - source Classic Ferrari's Road & Track.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pre-Order Nov-27 - One Day Only
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Hi! Could I request a carlos sainz x reader where the reader is a bookworm? I feel like he would find it so cute. Just like small scenarios? I dont know what the name is for them :)
pairing: carlos sainz x bookworm!reader
a/n: …..bye this is going to be the end of me. well actually anything carlos will be the end of me he’s the loml ok thank you good day
“You know,” You looked up at Carlos, swaying your hands together as you walked along the streets of Madrid, “We should walk more often. I like it.”
Carlos chuckled as he shrugged, “Maybe, cariño. It’d be nice to walk around during the night, hm?”
“See, you get it,” You grinned and nudged his shoulder, “Plus, it’s so cozy to walk around at night. The stars above us, the night breeze, and walking with my boyfriend.”
“Ay, you’re so cheesy,” He laughed as he squeezed your hand, “You wanna stop by the bookstore?”
You squealed as you nodded eagerly, “Please! I feel like they’ll have new copies of the books I’ve been waiting for.”
“My little bookworm,” He replied, letting go of your hand to put it around your shoulder, “Have you finished the ones we bought last week?”
“Duh, of course,” You said, crossing the street to walk towards the bookstore, “A book a day keeps your girlfriend sane.”
“It amazes me how quick you read,” Carlos laughed as he opened the door to the bookstore for you, “Go on, mi amor. Take all the time you want.”
Grinning from ear to ear, you tiptoed to kiss his cheek as you wandered off to the shelves, finding various titles of your comfort blanket.
You mumbled as you skimmed your fingers through the spines, “Which ones should I take home today…”
Pulling a book off the row, you flipped it over to read the summary and had your eyebrows scrunched in concentration, “Feels like a good read.”
Carlos watched you in awe, a smile forming on his face as he looked at you skimming through different titles and how your eyebrows scrunched together so cutely.
“Love, can you come here for a second?” You kept your eyes on the book in your hand, the other waving your boyfriend over, “I need some help.”
Snickering as he walked over to you, Carlos wrapped an arm around your waist, “Hm? What is it?”
“I don’t know what I’m in the mood for,” You frowned as you held up one book, “I want to go with this newest crime and mystery book trilogy, which reminds of Knives Out.”
“But then, I also want to try and get this set of Franz Kafka’s books,” You mumbled as you grabbed the box of the books, “I’ve been waiting for a while to get these.”
Carlos chuckled softly as he rested his chin on your head, “I doubt that these are your only choices, amor.”
“You’re right. I have a few more,” You smiled sheepishly as you grabbed another set of books near the shelves, “My friend recommended Gabriel Garcia Márquez, so I wanted to try it out.”
Frowning as you set the books down on the table, you turned to wrap your arms around Carlos, “I have a spending problem, don’t I?”
“Absolutely not,” Carlos laughed as he kissed the top of your head, rubbing your back, “You know you can get them. My treat, cariño.”
“You treated me last week!” You looked up at him as you shook your head, “I just need you to help me pick a book.”
“So? What if I treated you last week?” He raised an eyebrow as he looked back at you, “If you want those, then I’ll get it for you.”
You pouted as you fumbled with your fingers, “I’m not forcing you to do it, okay?”
“Ay, so hard headed, Y/N,” Carlos clicked his tongue and squished your cheeks with his hands, “You’re my girlfriend. For the record, seeing you with your nose up in a book is possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen.”
You rolled your eyes jokingly as you pushed his hands away and held onto them, swaying them side to side, “You’ll build another bookshelf for me in our apartment?”
He smiled as he nodded, “Of course. I should definitely allot a room as your library when we get a house one day.”
“Smart move,” You smiled as you kissed him softly, pulling away shortly and grabbing the books you’ve had your eye on, “A little help?”
Carlos laughed as he shook his head from you trying to hold up all the books in your arms before grabbing some, “C’mon, my little bookworm.”
bonus scene!
Carlos sighed as he dragged his feet up the stairs to your shared apartment from a day of training with his teammate and friend, Charles.
“Cariño, I’m home,” He called out the apartment as he closed the door behind him, “I was thinking that we could go out for dinner tonight?”
There was a lack of response from you, making Carlos frown. All he heard throughout the apartment was the soft sounds of jazz coming from the living room.
Walking towards the area, Carlos smiled softly as he saw you soundly sleeping on the accent chair with a book in your hand.
Carlos gently took the book from your hand, grabbing the bookmark from the table and putting it on the page you stopped on. He crouched down to push your hair out of your face, whispering, “Guess the book lulled you to sleep, hm?”
“You know…I always heard mamá read fairytales to my sisters growing up. The guy getting the girl kind of thing,” He mumbled as he rested his chin on his arm, “I guess I’m lucky you’re the girl in my story, huh?”
Leaning up to kiss your forehead, he smiled, “Te quiero mucho, mi princesa.” I love you so much, my princess
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SF Full Access // Abu Dhabi GP '22
Another day, another shoe prank...
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Drivers' 2022 Season Predictions
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Tumblr media
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