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Boy, get a grip 馃憖
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Carlos being his own hypeman | Drivers' 2022 Season Predictions
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START AND END OF THE SEASON. Bahrain Gran Prix 2022 (March 20) 鈥 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022 (November 20). (馃摳 1: Lars Baron / 馃摳 2: Mark Thompson)
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mastermind | cs55
"what if I told you none of it was accidental?"
summary: it all started when she saw him across the room and she knew right away she wouldn't give up until he was hers
warning: overall fluff, lying reader (with the dumbest but funniest plan too lol), daddy issues, slut-shaming, mentions of alcohol, swearing, suggestive language, the beginning of the story takes place in 2021 when Carlos joined Ferrari (so it's all flashback for much of the story, including the 2021 Monaco GP)
pairing: carlos sainz x reader
word count: 3.8k
note: everything in bold are song references and in italic are thoughts, which includes memories from the past.
spanish words used: coraz贸n = heart; beb茅 = baby; ay Dios m铆o = oh my God; mi amor = my love; te quiero mucho = I love you so much
so I guess this week's theme is Scuderia Ferrari! haha, I hope all of you enjoy this one as always! I can't believe we are already on the 6TH STORY of the midnights series! thank you for all the love you have been giving me in the past weeks since I started, it means the world to me
Tumblr media
Once upon a time, the planets and the fates
And all the stars aligned
You and I ended up in the same room
At the same time
Once upon a time,聽in the beautiful city of Milan, dozens of people gathered at a gala dinner to celebrate the anniversary of the iconic racing team that was Scuderia Ferrari.
Like everything associated with the luxury Italian car manufacturer, the dinner was going to be a monumental and remarkable celebration. The red team never did anything less than big, so clearly, no costs had been spared to make the party the best it could be.
It had vintage cars on display, red carpets throughout the corridors, and walls covered in gold frames with images of the team's history over the decades. The ostentation was notable, from the table decorations in the characteristic Ferrari colours to the incredible reception and service of all employees of the gala.
Y/N couldn't believe all the beauty her eyes saw. The young woman almost felt dizzy trying to capture all the details that surrounded her.
Being the daughter of a very busy businessman, it wasn't the first time that the girl ended up having to represent him in business commitments due to his inability to attend. However, as someone who only played a small role in the company's finances, she still felt lost and out of place, especially at a dinner party the size of this one.
The weight on her shoulders of representing her father, one of the team's biggest investors and sponsors, was something that still scared her, no matter how many times she did it.
Y / N walked elegantly across the room, with the sound of her high heels clicking on the floor following her until she reached her table. Her name written on a glass plate indicated where she should sit and she did so, adjusting her long black silk dress so that it wouldn't get crumpled on the chair.
As time progressed, her table was filled with old and arrogant businessmen, more interested in talking about money and showing off their luxury. Y/N made small talk occasionally, but she obviously felt like an outsider.
My father would fit perfectly in here, she couldn't help but think. Critical of her as always, even without being in Italy, he managed to complain about her look for the evening, criticizing her choice of dress for not being red or yellow like the symbol of the Prancing Horse.聽
The young woman ended up giving in partially, painting her lips with a red lipstick that she had forgotten in her suitcase, seeking his approval, just like she had done all her life.
Her eyes roamed along the room in search of entertainment, so bored that watching others would be a far more interesting escape than listening to the men talk.
And that's when she saw him, in the same room, at the same time.
In all his splendour, Carlos Sainz, the promising Spanish driver who had just joined Scuderia Ferrari, immediately captured her attention. He was sitting at the bar, in a black suit that fit his muscular frame perfectly, fiddling with his phone, probably just as pleased to be there as she was.
All the stars aligned聽to bring them there at that moment, and Y/N was determined to take advantage of the chance of a lifetime given to her.
And the touch of a hand lit the fuse
Of a chain reaction of countermoves
To assess the equation of you
Checkmate, I couldn't lose
She sat there for a few minutes while she listed several potential ways to approach the driver.
Could she be straightforward and sit next to him at the bar and try to strike up a conversation? No, that wasn't a good idea. He wouldn't want some random girl bothering him at his first Ferrari show.聽
What if she waited for him to look her way and smile at him, or wave at him, something like that? Okay, that was ridiculous. If Carlos didn't look at her all night, Y/N was going to stay there forever staring at him like a stalker, only to go home disappointed.
The young woman needed an excuse to talk to him, something that would allow her to build a聽master plan聽that could not fail.
She couldn't lose.聽She couldn't let this chance pass.
Nothing was going to stop her.
He had to be hers.
And then it hit her, her 'a-ha!' moment. With a completely out-of-the-box idea, the girl got up from her chair, apologised to the people at the table for leaving, and confidently started her mission.
Carlos was sitting at the bar all alone, holding a whiskey in one hand while the other was scrolling through his Instagram feed, until out of nowhere he felt聽the touch of a small, soft hand聽on his big, rough one, catching him off guard.
"Sorry about that, but there's this weird guy who keeps bugging me. When I saw you alone, I told him my boyfriend was waiting for me as an excuse for him to leave me alone, I'm sorry." Y/N lied through her teeth and let out a nervous giggle as soon as she saw the Spaniard's shocked face.
Carlos couldn't help but notice the girl's charming figure and the way the dress fit her amazing body in all the right places, still in shock mode not knowing what to say.
Y/N noticed and released a smile. Her plan was kicking off and starting in full force. "I hope you don't have a girlfriend who is going to show up at any moment and pull my hair out for hitting on her man?" She said, laughing more confidently now.
"Don't worry. There is no girlfriend." He smiled at him, allowing their eyes to meet for the first time and squeezing her hand more securely. "So who's the creepy guy?"
"Oh." Oh fuck. Y/N did not expect this question at all. Panicking already about her lie being revealed, the woman impulsively looked over her shoulder and pointed at a random skinny man who had his back to them. "That guy over there, but I think I've already lost him."
Carlos looked in the direction she pointed and a discreet smirk formed on his face. He looked back at the girl and without releasing her hand from his hold, he spoke. "So, what's your name, coraz贸n?"
What if I told you none of it was accidental?
And the first night that you saw me
Nothing was gonna stop me
I laid the groundwork, and then
Just like clockwork
The dominoes cascaded in a line
The fiery chemistry between them was noticeable to anyone who laid eyes on them, and with him being the hot new addition to the team, countless people were curious about the pair.
Though the beginning of the couple's story had been聽anything but accidental,聽for the rest of that night, they were all about each other. Attached at the hip, they eventually moved to the driver's table,聽cocktails聽in their hands, and just talked for hours on end about everything and anything: from how nervous he was about joining a racing team with a history like Ferrari's, to why she was at that gala, even if she didn't look like one of the normal guests at these celebrations.
The two felt like children again, so much was the joyful enthusiasm that grew inside them. They didn't know if it was something physical or psychological that was happening to them but one thing they both believed: it was something magical.
But love at first sight has these foolish things: for those lucky enough to experience it, it only happens once in a lifetime and it's something that stays with them until the end of time.
After a while, Carlos excused himself to go to the bathroom and Y/N knew it was time to get the second phase of聽her master plan聽in order.
When the driver came back, the woman was nowhere to be seen. It was almost as if she were a mirage, a figment of his imagination that simply vanished into thin air.
He looked for her, looking all around the splendorous dining room, but there was no sign of her. What do you mean she left him alone after all the chemistry that was created between the two throughout that night?
It was as he turned back to the table that Carlos noticed the red napkin folded over his plate. Carefully, he picked it up and unfolded it, finding a phone number and the girl's name written in black ink, along with a clumsy heart at the bottom of the note.
If she had planned聽to have him completely fascinated by her and wanting to see her again more than anything else, she had succeeded.
What if I told you I'm a mastermind?
And now you're mine
It was all by d械sign
'Cause I'm a mastermind
The very next day Carlos gained the courage to text her and make his move since聽the pawns were now on his side.
From: Unknown
I have a paddock pass with your name on it as my guest waiting for you. Monaco, next Sunday. Hope to see you there, beb茅 - CS
Her heartbeat immediately sped up as she read that message. However, there was no time to waste.
The show must go on.聽She had a man to win. Putting her brave face back on, the young woman took a deep breath and decided to send a text playing hard to get, trying to entertain the curiosity he had in getting to know her better.
To: Carlos Sainz
I guess you'll have to wait and see if I show up...
You see, all the wis械st women
Had to do it this way
'Cause we were born to be the pawn
In every lover's game
Sunday morning came in the blink of an eye.
Y/N woke up with the sunlight hitting the window of her hotel room. She got up right away, put on a robe and went to the entrance to the balcony to observe the breathtaking view of Monte Carlo.
The girl could barely contain the butterflies of anticipation that she had in her stomach, anxious to see again the Spaniard who controlled all her thoughts since the gala where they met.
During the days until the race weekend arrived, the couple exchanged messages all the time. Not only did it allow them to get to know each other better, but it also took their relationship to a new level, with the two of them now openly flirting, not afraid to reveal their mutual interest in each other.
Y/N went to her wardrobe and carefully chose her outfit for the day, selecting a simple white jumpsuit and silver open heels.聽
She knew that her presence would be noticed, thanks to the importance of her last name, something that worried her a lot. Not because of Carlos, but because of what her father would say.
The businessman had heard from some of his associates about his daughter's interaction with the driver during the Italian team's anniversary, which led to a huge argument between them. Y/N's father expressed his disappointment in (what he thought was) his daughter's lack of professionalism, going so far as to accuse her of being a disgrace to the family name for acting like a 'slut'.
Nothing out of the ordinary for him. The young woman could no longer take the things he said to heart, with so many criticisms and low expectations her dad had of her.
She wasn't going to stop living because of him, especially when it put at risk her relationship with a man as spectacular as Carlos.
Going against her father's orders, Y/N got on their private plane and flew towards Monaco without giving him any explanation of where she was going.
After she finished getting ready, the woman looked at her reflection in the mirror and one of Carlos' many texts echoed in her thoughts: your red lipstick drove me completely crazy to kiss you in Milan. And with that came the next step in聽her master plan.聽She took the same lipstick and applied it over her lips.聽
Carlos wouldn't be able to resist.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
Strategy sets the scene for the tale
I'm the wind in our free-flowing sails
And the liquor in our cocktails
Y/N got into her rented black Ferrari parked outside the hotel and drove the short distance to the circuit. Did she need to have such an ostentatious car with her? No, she didn't. But why not take advantage of her connections with the team to entice the man who was waiting for her?
Arriving at the parking lot, the engine of her car caught the attention of the people who were there. Photographers began to direct their cameras in her direction, flashes going off, waiting to know who was behind the smoked windows driving.
As soon as she got out of the vehicle, she could hear whispers: who was she, where was her father, was she a guest of Scuderia Ferrari, did she have an affair with one of the drivers.
Putting on her sunglasses to protect herself from the sun as well as the flashes, Y/N lifted her head and started to walk confidently towards the entrance where she knew her pass had been left by Sainz and was waiting for her.
On the other side of the paddock, Carlos became aware of the commotion that was settling in at the entrance, wondering which celebrity had arrived this time. Although he was still hopeful, the driver didn't know yet if his dream girl was going to show up.
Seconds later, his colleague Charles approached him and the two sat on two piles of tires, talking about the race that was going to start in half an hour until Monaco's home hero interrupted the conversation.
"Mate, isn't that your girl?" Leclerc, now in on the subject after Carlos told him everything about that night, asked when he saw a figure in white approach their motorhome, with a sea of photographers following close behind her.
"Ay Dios m铆o, she came." Carlos spoke aloud, blurting out his thoughts as his brain seemed to shut down with the image of her.
Y/N was now mere steps away from the boy and looked directly into his eyes, giving him a sly smile, almost聽like a scheming criminal聽plotting something.
With his eyes still locked on her, as if she were the only person in the world at that moment, Carlos watched as she walked right past him into the motorhome, not saying a word to him.
Just a gentle touch on his hand,聽like she did at the bar on that memorable night.
"Good luck with her, mate." Charles' laughter echoed in the Spaniard's ears as the Monegasque left, leaving Sainz standing there, speechless, all alone.
Carlos woke up from his trance when he felt the flashes on him. The photographers. They sure took pictures of their little moment there.
Oh, she was trouble.
What if I told you none of it was accidental?
And the first night that you saw me
I knew I wanted your body
I laid the groundwork, and then
Just like clockwork
The dominoes cascaded in a line
The man followed her path and entered Ferrari's home, immediately seeing her alone, leaning against one of the walls and concentrating on her phone.
Quickly, the driver reached near her and grabbed her hand, pulling her with him into his driver's room.
On the other hand, the girl hadn't even realized what was happening to her when her back made contact with a wall inside a small room and she heard the door close in a hurry.
The image in front of her left her feeling equally shy and wanting more. Carlos placed both hands on the wall next to her head, making it impossible for her to break free from his hold.
"You're playing with fire, coraz贸n." Carlos moved dangerously close to her, allowing her to feel his warm breath on her neck. "Coming in here teasing me like that."
"Me? Teasing? Never." Y/N replied, running her hand over the fireproof garment that covered the man's toned chest.聽
"You're lucky I spent all this time waiting for you to come." He lifted his head, making eye contact with the girl. "You make me lose all control, beb茅, I swear.聽Since the first night I saw you, I've wanted your body."
One of the driver's hands left the wall and he brought it to the young woman's cheek, letting his thumb run gently across her lower lip.
"That red lipstick again." Sainz reduced the distance between them even further, letting his own mouth graze over hers. "You're doing it on purpose."
"What if I am?" She spoke, giving him a look that was a perfect mixture of innocent and provocative.
Carlos glanced at the watch on his wrist for just a second, turning his attention back to her right away. "Then I guess I still have time to show you what happens when I lose control."
Although he ended up in second place in that race, almost reaching the top of the podium, Carlos left Monaco feeling like a winner after that half hour between those four walls.
Nothing would ever make him feel on top of the world like her on top of him.
What if I told you I'm a mastermind?
And now you're mine
It was all my design
'Cause I'm a mastermind
More than a year and a half later, and with the 2022 Formula 1 season now over, Y/N and Carlos were still together and happier than ever.
They overtook everything that came their way, only to get back stronger.
Her father obviously hadn't taken their relationship well from the start, leading the girl to quit the company and cut off contact with him for months on end. only now trying to make amends. Only now, more than a year later, the two were trying to make amends and reconnect, since the businessman contacted her to apologize for everything he had put her through during her life.
The media was also a difficult step to overcome. For a long time, they insisted on invading their privacy due to the business connections between both sides. It was tricky to strike a balance between not being a secret and keeping their relationship to themselves at the same time. But eventually, the two of them managed to get there with the experience that time brought.
Now, the couple was lying in their bed, in the house they had recently bought together in Milan, a city so special to them and that symbolized the beginning of their story.
Being there, in silence, holding each other, with the room lit only by the light coming from the fireplace. That meant the world to them. Those were the kind of moments they cherished the most, especially in such a relationship that required a lot of work with how much he travelled during most of the year.
The young woman was lost in the memories of the past, daydreaming about the beginning of their history, when Carlos intertwined their fingers and placed a kiss on the top of her head.
He was hers.
Just like she designed it like the mastermind she was.
No one wanted to play with me as a little kid
So I've been scheming like a criminal ever since
To make them love me and make it seem effortless
This is the first time I've felt the need to confess
And I swear
I'm only cryptic and Machiavellian
'Cause I care
Perhaps moved by her trip down memory lane,聽for the first time in their relationship, Y/N felt the sudden need to confess.
Her palms got sweaty as soon as she started to think of all the scenarios that could result from her confession.聽What if he didn't want her anymore? Would it be worth it to risk an argument over a detail about the day they met?
"Mi amor, what's wrong?" Carlos asked as he felt the heat and sweat between their clasped hands, sitting down on the bed with his body lightly over hers.
"What if I told you none of this was accidental?"聽She asked nervously, earning back a laugh from her boyfriend's mouth.
"Sorry beb茅, but you've lost me now." He confessed.
"The first night that you saw me. I planned the whole thing.聽There wasn't a creepy guy trying to hit on me. I lied to get you to talk to me." Wasting no time, Y/N let the words out of her mouth before the courage to speak again disappeared.
So I told you none of it was accidental
And the first night that you saw me
Nothing was gonna stop me
I laid the groundwork, and then
Saw a wide smirk on your face
You knew the entire time
Y/N put both hands over her face to hide and avoid seeing the driver's reaction to her admission.
Carlos, on the other hand, could only chuckle as he brought his hands to his partner's wrists in order to expose her face again.
The young woman opened her eyes slowly in fear, only to be faced聽with a wide smirk on his face聽as he looked at her as if she had told the greatest joke in the world.
"I'm being serious, babe. I swear it's the truth." She stressed, remaining with her back flat on the mattress and with her boyfriend's body now fully against hers.
"Ay mi coraz贸n, te quiero mucho." Carlos let out a loud laugh and held her face, placing a quick kiss on her lips to calm her down. "I knew the entire time."
"What?" She asked in shock, sitting on the bed and forcing the boy to sit with her.
"You know the random man you said was the perv?" Y/N nodded in response to Sainz's question. "It was聽my cousin Carlos. He had been with me all night until I went to the bar to get a drink."
Oh. My. God.
Y/N was never going to show up at the next Sainz family gathering.
You knew that I'm a mastermind
And now you're mine
Yeah, all you did was smile
'Cause I'm a mastermind
Tumblr media
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daniel and lando teasing each other about max and carlos is so special to me
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Hi! Could I request a carlos sainz x reader where the reader is a bookworm? I feel like he would find it so cute. Just like small scenarios? I dont know what the name is for them :)
pairing: carlos sainz x bookworm!reader
a/n: 鈥..bye this is going to be the end of me. well actually anything carlos will be the end of me he鈥檚 the loml ok thank you good day
鈥淵ou know,鈥 You looked up at Carlos, swaying your hands together as you walked along the streets of Madrid, 鈥淲e should walk more often. I like it.鈥
Carlos chuckled as he shrugged, 鈥淢aybe, cari帽o. It鈥檇 be nice to walk around during the night, hm?鈥
鈥淪ee, you get it,鈥 You grinned and nudged his shoulder, 鈥淧lus, it鈥檚 so cozy to walk around at night. The stars above us, the night breeze, and walking with my boyfriend.鈥
鈥淎y, you鈥檙e so cheesy,鈥 He laughed as he squeezed your hand, 鈥淵ou wanna stop by the bookstore?鈥
You squealed as you nodded eagerly, 鈥淧lease! I feel like they鈥檒l have new copies of the books I鈥檝e been waiting for.鈥
鈥淢y little bookworm,鈥 He replied, letting go of your hand to put it around your shoulder, 鈥淗ave you finished the ones we bought last week?鈥
鈥淒uh, of course,鈥 You said, crossing the street to walk towards the bookstore, 鈥淎 book a day keeps your girlfriend sane.鈥
鈥淚t amazes me how quick you read,鈥 Carlos laughed as he opened the door to the bookstore for you, 鈥淕o on, mi amor. Take all the time you want.鈥
Grinning from ear to ear, you tiptoed to kiss his cheek as you wandered off to the shelves, finding various titles of your comfort blanket.
You mumbled as you skimmed your fingers through the spines, 鈥淲hich ones should I take home today鈥︹
Pulling a book off the row, you flipped it over to read the summary and had your eyebrows scrunched in concentration, 鈥淔eels like a good read.鈥
Carlos watched you in awe, a smile forming on his face as he looked at you skimming through different titles and how your eyebrows scrunched together so cutely.
鈥淟ove, can you come here for a second?鈥 You kept your eyes on the book in your hand, the other waving your boyfriend over, 鈥淚 need some help.鈥
Snickering as he walked over to you, Carlos wrapped an arm around your waist, 鈥淗m? What is it?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what I鈥檓 in the mood for,鈥 You frowned as you held up one book, 鈥淚 want to go with this newest crime and mystery book trilogy, which reminds of Knives Out.鈥
鈥淏ut then, I also want to try and get this set of Franz Kafka鈥檚 books,鈥 You mumbled as you grabbed the box of the books, 鈥淚鈥檝e been waiting for a while to get these.鈥
Carlos chuckled softly as he rested his chin on your head, 鈥淚 doubt that these are your only choices, amor.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right. I have a few more,鈥 You smiled sheepishly as you grabbed another set of books near the shelves, 鈥淢y friend recommended Gabriel Garcia M谩rquez, so I wanted to try it out.鈥
Frowning as you set the books down on the table, you turned to wrap your arms around Carlos, 鈥淚 have a spending problem, don鈥檛 I?鈥
鈥淎bsolutely not,鈥 Carlos laughed as he kissed the top of your head, rubbing your back, 鈥淵ou know you can get them. My treat, cari帽o.鈥
鈥淵ou treated me last week!鈥 You looked up at him as you shook your head, 鈥淚 just need you to help me pick a book.鈥
鈥淪o? What if I treated you last week?鈥 He raised an eyebrow as he looked back at you, 鈥淚f you want those, then I鈥檒l get it for you.鈥
You pouted as you fumbled with your fingers, 鈥淚鈥檓 not forcing you to do it, okay?鈥
鈥淎y, so hard headed, Y/N,鈥 Carlos clicked his tongue and squished your cheeks with his hands, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e my girlfriend. For the record, seeing you with your nose up in a book is possibly the cutest thing I鈥檝e seen.鈥
You rolled your eyes jokingly as you pushed his hands away and held onto them, swaying them side to side, 鈥淵ou鈥檒l build another bookshelf for me in our apartment?鈥
He smiled as he nodded, 鈥淥f course. I should definitely allot a room as your library when we get a house one day.鈥
鈥淪mart move,鈥 You smiled as you kissed him softly, pulling away shortly and grabbing the books you鈥檝e had your eye on, 鈥淎 little help?鈥
Carlos laughed as he shook his head from you trying to hold up all the books in your arms before grabbing some, 鈥淐鈥檓on, my little bookworm.鈥
bonus scene!
Carlos sighed as he dragged his feet up the stairs to your shared apartment from a day of training with his teammate and friend, Charles.
鈥淐ari帽o, I鈥檓 home,鈥 He called out the apartment as he closed the door behind him, 鈥淚 was thinking that we could go out for dinner tonight?鈥
There was a lack of response from you, making Carlos frown. All he heard throughout the apartment was the soft sounds of jazz coming from the living room.
Walking towards the area, Carlos smiled softly as he saw you soundly sleeping on the accent chair with a book in your hand.
Carlos gently took the book from your hand, grabbing the bookmark from the table and putting it on the page you stopped on. He crouched down to push your hair out of your face, whispering, 鈥淕uess the book lulled you to sleep, hm?鈥
鈥淵ou know鈥 always heard mam谩 read fairytales to my sisters growing up. The guy getting the girl kind of thing,鈥 He mumbled as he rested his chin on his arm, 鈥淚 guess I鈥檓 lucky you鈥檙e the girl in my story, huh?鈥
Leaning up to kiss your forehead, he smiled, 鈥淭e quiero mucho, mi princesa.鈥 I love you so much, my princess
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Good old times..
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Lando tried to be subtle.
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formulasantander: It鈥檚 good to talk 馃帳
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besties wake up, ferrari鈥檚 admin just dropped new charlos pics 馃グ
[馃摳 @ScuderiaFerrari on Twitter]
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The 2 angles 鉂わ笍馃А
Bonus: Lando seeing Carlos鈥 pic
Tumblr media
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off topic but this pic LITERALLY makes me go feral
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I need a moment....
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mis favoritos 鉂わ笍
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