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jelliebeanbitch · 5 months ago
hey just so everyone knows, It Was A Draft
the supreme court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is not official yet. someone leaked a draft of the opinion that the members of the court have been circulating and revising (the draft was created by justice samuel alito).
which is insane by the way. it’s the first time that a draft of a supreme court decision has ever been leaked in the entire history of this country.
it makes perfect sense to feel grief or panic or dread or sadness or anger or whatever you’re feeling right now. this is fucking terrible and scary. just for the sake of avoiding misinformation, i wanted to clarify this because i think a lot of the headlines have been misleading, and the info gets even more misconstrued when it’s rephrased on social media and stuff
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camricketts · 5 months ago
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unbotheredmuse · 5 months ago
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ethannku · 3 months ago
to my usamerican people:
here is an article that details the status of abortion rights in each state. roe v wade being overturned does not mean that abortion is illegal across the u.s., just that it is now determined on a state by state basis. please stay safe and stay informed.
the un-hyperlinked link is under the cut
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myfriendthecouch · 3 months ago
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Banning abortion is a violation of my First Amendment, it’s a violation of my religious freedom. I do not want Christian views imposed on me as a Jew.
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palipunk · 5 months ago
Watching people call the Supreme Court “American taliban/Isis” and sharia law like you are so unabashedly racist, islamophobic, and orientalist that you can’t comprehend that this was made by White Evangelical Americans and wasn’t influenced by any of those groups but 100% White Evangelical American in its conception
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trianglart · 3 months ago
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[”Abortion will soon be banned in 13 states. Here’s which could be next.”
Trigger ban to take effect within a month: Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky
Likely to ban: Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina
Uncertain: Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida
Likely to remain legal: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine]
[”Thirteen states have trigger laws that will ban abortion now that Roe is overturned. BUT only three of them go into effect immediately: Kentucky, Louisiana, and South Dakota. If you have an appointment in those states, CALL YOUR CLINIC NOW. They can help you go somewhere else.
Idaho, Tennessee, and Texas have trigger laws that go into effect after 30 days. If you have an abortion appointment in those states, DO NOT ASSUMED IT'S CANCELED. Call your clinic now. You may have 30 days left in your state. Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming also have trigger laws but they require a government process step to go into effect. If you have an appointment in those states, DO NOT ASSUME IT'S CANCELED. There may be time. Call your clinic NOW."]
It is still legal to travel to states where abortion is legal. The FDA allows abortion pills to be available by mail, and they are approved for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Telemedicine abortions will banned in states where abortion is illegal, but international groups like Aid Access will offer online consultations and mail pills to all states.
Your internet activity can be used against you in court. Delete any period tracking apps and do not disclose your pregnancy online. Learn about internet privacy to keep your abortion private and secure.
National resources for info and access to abortion:
Aid Access: https://aidaccess.org/en/ 
Find an abortion provider: https://www.abortionfinder.org/
National Abortion Federation: https://prochoice.org/#
NAF Hotline (Monday - Friday 8 am - 7 pm EST, Saturday & Sunday 8 am - 4 pm EST): 1-800-772-9100
Now is the time to donate to your local abortion fund. If you live in a state where abortion is likely to stay legal, clinics expect an influx of people from other states looking for healthcare. 
National Network of Abortion Funds: http://abortionfunds.org
List of abortion funds in states likely or certain to prohibit abortion: 
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softheartsam · 3 months ago
In the aftermath of Roe v. Wade being overturned, here’s some resources:
1. AbortionFinder.org
2. Planned Parenthood’s Find a Health Center
3. ABC News’ state-by-state legality list
4. Politico’s state-by-state legality list
Abortion-friendly (one asterisk indicates potential change and two asterisks indicate some limitations) U.S. states include:
New Jersey
New Hampshire**
New Mexico
New York**
North Carolina*
Rhode Island
South Carolina*
5. Finally, an important reminder: Research Shows Access to Legal Abortion Improves Women’s Lives
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the-anastasia · 4 months ago
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justsomeantifas · 5 months ago
antiabortion fuckers: i’m pro-life! i just want to maximize life, i want to save kids! that’s why i support the supreme court striking down roe v. wade.
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thehmn · 2 months ago
Just in case you want another reason why banning abortion is incredibly stupid.
In Denmark abortion is not only legal, it’s paid for as part of universal healthcare and people don’t have to give a reason whatsoever. You just make an appointment with your doctor and request an abortion within the first three months and you’re pretty much all set (it admittedly gets more complicated after three months). When you ask for an abortion your doctor is also required by law to inform you how it’s done and that, should you need it, there will be psychological help before and after the abortion. That means people could get an abortion every month if they wanted to. Just go out into the world and fuck all they wanted without birth control or condoms and only have STDs to worry about.
So how many people per capita get abortions in Denmark? 14.3 compared to America’s 20.8. Our government laid out a beautiful shiny road with rose petals on it and yet people hardly ever use it.
My point being, banning abortions is not the answer if you want less abortions. People aren’t doing it because they’re irresponsible or selfish. I don’t know all the reasons why the numbers are lower here, just that free abortion with no financial consequences doesn’t result in more abortions.
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