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unimatrix-420 · 3 months ago
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riverofrainbows · a month ago
I hate you preserving beauty at the cost of enjoyment.
I saw a video of a woman with extremely thick hair doing a thinning method at home. One comment said "my hairdresser heart weeps" because apparently her method may lead to frizz and impact a unified hair look. The woman had so much hair it was giving her headaches.
Its the same as people telling me when I had long hair never to cut it because its so impressive. Its people telling natural redheads never to dye their hair because its such a rare pretty colour.
Its transmasc people being told they were so pretty as a girl and are wasting that.
Its girls being told they are wasting their figure/physical attributes because they are not displaying them constantly and wearing comfortable baggy clothes.
It's people telling you to never go in the sun, not smile and not to use a straw because it will give you wrinkles. Its being told not to eat certain foods because they are bad for your skin, or to do eat other foods because they are good for your skin regardless of whether you enjoy either of those foods. It's being expected to put hours into your skin care and prioritise it over activities you enjoy so you have younger looking skin when you are old.
It's being expected to wear clothes that are uncomfortable because they make you look thinner/more like an hourglass. Not to move in certain ways because it will be unflattering.
It's telling people not to prioritise themselves and their interests in their decisions but instead to prioritise their skin/hair/figure/etc.
I did not agree to preserve whatever natural features i was born with like a one man historical society for myself just because i happened to be made of those genes. I have every right to use and enjoy my body in ways other people don't think fitting and that don't preserve features that currently fit societal beauty standards. I do not agree to hold aesthetic pursuit over comfort and health and happiness.
I know one thing. When i am old i will certainly regret every single day i ate a papaya for breakfast (i hate papaya) instead of a pancake and didn't go into the sun. I will not regret having wrinkles, i just hope they are from laughing.
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reasonandempathy · 3 months ago
"You chose to have a kid"
A key point in framing is that almost every anti-choice idiot says, is that they always frame it as "the choice to have a kid". Specifically, in this case:
"You chose to have sex, so you have to deal with the kid"
Let's just...side-step the puritanical root of punishing people for having sex, and the actual, sincere belief that humans Not Having Sex is something we can actually achieve, which is stupid.
People explicitly make choices to not have kids when they have sex, too.
There are whole swaths of things that men and women do, hopefully overlapping, to not have kids.
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None of them are 100% effective. Even Female and Male sterilization aren't 100% effective, other than a full blown hysterectomy.
Literally, a man and a woman can both go to a doctor, have actual surgeries performed so they don't have kids, have sex with one another, and still wind up pregnant. Especially if it's in the first few years after their surgeries are performed. Surgeries which have weeks to months of recovery time, planning, and costing thousands of dollars each.
I choose to go to work every day; punishing me for getting hit by a cab as a "potential outcome" of going to work is fucking ludicrous. People smoking are more likely to get a cancer, but we still treat them in hospitals. Getting AIDS from donating blood is a thing that can happen, but you're damn well going to sue the hospital or agency that gave you AIDS. I can play the lottery every day and eventually win a million dollars, but it's still "the stupid tax" and actually thinking it will happen is the literal Gold Standard for "not gonna happen".
Nowhere else in society do we accept bullshit like that except when we're talking about controlling women and their sex lives for doing things you don't want them to. And it's always, always from the same people who want the woman to deliver the baby (which itself has a high risk of just killing the mom outright, especially in the US) who don't want to feed the baby when it's delivered, who don't want to give it a home or clothes or healthcare.
Again, that's before we even get to:
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sweaterstitches · 5 months ago
hey, so if you haven’t heard, político published a document leaked from the united states supreme court tonight.
that document, while not yet set into law, shows that the supreme court voted to overturn all federal laws protecting the right to abortion in the united states of america.
these prior rulings, roe and casey were decided on the basis that the surveillance of abortion as a medical procedure violated the fourth amendment of the united states constitution, which protects our right to privacy.
this decision will impact more than just abortion.
it will impact gender-affirming care, the drugs you’re prescribed, the surgeries and procedures you undergo.
if you’re marginalized, i’m so sorry, we basically just lost hipaa protections for us.
if this doesn’t directly impact you, donate to planned parenthood, to the trans lifeline, to your local abortion funds and mutual aid funds. protect our privacy.
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ysmmsy · 4 months ago
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trianglart · 3 months ago
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[”Abortion will soon be banned in 13 states. Here’s which could be next.”
Trigger ban to take effect within a month: Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky
Likely to ban: Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina
Uncertain: Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida
Likely to remain legal: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine]
[”Thirteen states have trigger laws that will ban abortion now that Roe is overturned. BUT only three of them go into effect immediately: Kentucky, Louisiana, and South Dakota. If you have an appointment in those states, CALL YOUR CLINIC NOW. They can help you go somewhere else.
Idaho, Tennessee, and Texas have trigger laws that go into effect after 30 days. If you have an abortion appointment in those states, DO NOT ASSUMED IT'S CANCELED. Call your clinic now. You may have 30 days left in your state. Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming also have trigger laws but they require a government process step to go into effect. If you have an appointment in those states, DO NOT ASSUME IT'S CANCELED. There may be time. Call your clinic NOW."]
It is still legal to travel to states where abortion is legal. The FDA allows abortion pills to be available by mail, and they are approved for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Telemedicine abortions will banned in states where abortion is illegal, but international groups like Aid Access will offer online consultations and mail pills to all states.
Your internet activity can be used against you in court. Delete any period tracking apps and do not disclose your pregnancy online. Learn about internet privacy to keep your abortion private and secure.
National resources for info and access to abortion:
Aid Access: https://aidaccess.org/en/ 
Find an abortion provider: https://www.abortionfinder.org/
National Abortion Federation: https://prochoice.org/#
NAF Hotline (Monday - Friday 8 am - 7 pm EST, Saturday & Sunday 8 am - 4 pm EST): 1-800-772-9100
Now is the time to donate to your local abortion fund. If you live in a state where abortion is likely to stay legal, clinics expect an influx of people from other states looking for healthcare. 
National Network of Abortion Funds: http://abortionfunds.org
List of abortion funds in states likely or certain to prohibit abortion: 
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femme--de--lettres · 3 months ago
helpful reminders + ways to support abortion seekers in the US right now
some thoughts/reminders based on what i’ve seen on social media today:
this decision doesn’t just impact women! it impacts anyone who has a uterus! say what you mean and mean what you say, your words have weight and meaning! (glad we could clear that up)
grieving is normal. having big, messy, unwieldy feelings is normal. taking the time to recognize and sit in those emotions is important. wanting to protest is good. wanting to change things is great. being in touch enough with your emotions to recognize that you’re experiencing trauma is just as important.
everyone processes differently. my reaction may not look like your reaction, and yours might not look like the reactions of your friends/family members. many people have jobs/situations that preclude them from taking the sort of actions they’d like to in response to this/other social injustices they’ve seen recently. hold space for those people, the people sticking it out in places where they can’t speak their minds for the sake of creating a better place for those who come after them.
the people in the U.S. didn't ask for this. CNN polled americans after the draft opinion leaked in early may, and at the time 59% of respondents said that they'd support congressional legislation codifying nationwide abortion rights. I know it's easy to make fun of the U.S. by calling us a dumpster fire or saying you're glad your country didn't do this, but know that there are real people on the other side of the globe from you who are reeling from the whiplash of swiveling their gaze between children being gunned down in their schools and the supreme court attempting to delegitimize reproductive rights. it's not a joke for them, particularly not for those who fall into multiple minority communities and will now be facing the brunt of this ruling head-on in more ways than one.
for fucks sake. donate to abortion healthcare providers. not just PP (we love them too, but the smaller ones need the most help). learn how to support yourself/your friends in the event that you need to get an abortion and don’t live in a state where it’s protected. spend time/money investing in the protection of the rights of the groups that found out halfway through the morning that they have fewer rights than family members only one generation above them. grieve with them. care for them. act just as loudly as your words and posts.
Some helpful links re:putting your money where your mouth is below the cut
National Abortion Federation (the largest national, toll-free, multi-lingual Hotline for abortion referrals and financial assistance in the U.S. and Canada, providing callers with accurate information, confidential consultation, and referrals to providers of quality abortion care)
National Network of Abortion Funds (direct donation to over 90 local abortion providers, allows you to customize your donation amount + direction)
The Abortion Privacy Guide (how to safely search for abortion access from a device)
Abortion Finder (comprehensive directory of verified abortion service providers)
Repro Legal Helpline (help with specific, legal questions about an abortion experience)
Mayday Health’s Twitter Thread and Plan C (directions on how to request abortion pills for at-home abortion access)
Donations4Abortions (resource to help you find local funds to support from state to state)
Indigenous Women Rising (abortion fund for all indigenous people who are seeking abortion services)
The Brigid Alliance (national abortion fund that arranges/funds all aspects of the abortion process no matter where the person seeking the abortion is located)
I Need An A (provides personalized, up to date info on how to get an abortion)
MA Hotline (licensed healthcare providers to answer medical questions during an at home miscarriage/abortion)
Exhale Pro-Voice, Connect and Breathe (post-abortion counseling services)
Reprocare (emotional support during medical abortion process)
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odinsblog · 9 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Studying at Tehran University in 1977: While many women were already in higher education at the time of the revolution, the subsequent years saw a marked increase in the number attending university. This was in part because the authorities managed to convince conservative families living in rural areas to allow their daughters to study away from home.
"They tried to stop women from attending university, but there was such a backlash they had to allow them to return," says Baroness Haleh Afshar, a professor of women's studies at the University of York who grew up in Iran in the 1960s.
"Some educated people left Iran, and the authorities realised in order to run the country they needed to educate both men and women."
Tumblr media
Window shopping in Tehran in 1976: Before the revolution, the hijab was already widely worn but many women also chose to don Western-style clothes, including tight-fitting jeans, miniskirts and short-sleeved tops. "The shoes haven't changed - and the passion for shoes is in all of us! Women in Iran are no different from women the world over, and going shopping is just a means for women to get away from every day stress," says Prof Afshar.
Tumblr media
Friday picnic in Tehran in 1976: Families and friends tend to get together on Fridays, which are weekend days in Iran. "Picnics are an important part of Iranian culture and are very popular amongst the middle classes. This has not changed since the revolution. The difference is, nowadays, men and women sitting together are much more self-aware and show more restraint in their interactions," says Prof Afshar.
Tumblr media
Hair salon in Tehran in 1977: "This is a scene you would no longer expect to see in Iran - but even after the Islamic Revolution, hairdressers continued to exist," says Prof Afshar. "Nowadays you wouldn't see a man inside the hairdressers - and women would know to cover up their hair as soon as they walked out the door. Some people may also operate secret salons in their own homes where men and women can mix."
Tumblr media
Bodyguards surround the shah in 1971: A young woman approaches Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (far right) at a huge party marking the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian monarchy - the extravagance of the event was widely condemned by his left-wing and clerical opponents. "By this time, the shah was already very much disliked and some believe this image of excess and indulgence may have contributed to events leading up to the revolution eight years later," Prof Afshar explains.
Tumblr media
Walking down a snowy street in Tehran in 1976: "You cannot stop women walking in the streets of Iran, but you wouldn't see this today - her earrings and make up so clearly on show," Prof Afshar says. "There is this concept of 'decency' in Iran - so nowadays women walking in the streets are likely to wear a coat down to her knees and a scarf."
Tumblr media
Women rally against the hijab in 1979: Soon after taking power, Iran's new Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini decreed that all women had to wear the veil - regardless of religion or nationality. On 8 March - International Women's Day - thousands of women from all walks of life turned out to protest against the law.
Tumblr media
Walking in Tehran in 2005: Not all women in Iran opt to wear the black chador, a cloak that covers the body from head to toe and only leaves the face exposed. Many prefer to wear loosely fitted headscarves and coats. "The real question is how far back do you push your scarf? Women have their own small acts of resistance and often try as far as possible to push their scarves back," says Prof Afshar.
Tumblr media
Watching football from a Tehran shopping centre in 2008: Though women were never officially banned from watching men's football matches in Iran, they are often refused entry to stadiums and some of those who have tried have been detained. Before the revolution, women were allowed to attend sporting events.
SEPTEMBER 2022: Protests, after the Morality Police beat, arrested and then murdered Mahsa Amini — for the crime of improperly wearing her hijab (source) (source)
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headspace-hotel · 10 months ago
Do you actually understand what radfems believe? I don't think you do (and no, vague callout posts don't count)
*record scratch*
This is the point where you benevolently instruct me on what radical feminism "really" is, invoking a no-true-scotsman fallacy for the vast majority of radical feminists I have encountered, educating me into a benevolent version of radical feminism that is "just" about recognizing women as an oppressed class, "just" acknowledging biology, "just" about protecting the lesbians that are under imminent threat of being raped by men that use trans inclusive legislation to "access women's spaces."
At which point I am supposed to go, "Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, and I guess the whole TERF thing is piggybacking on a long trend of people hating feminism for no reason!"
Unfortunately for you, you're not the first person to try this, nor am I unfamiliar with the so called Radical Feminists, and I know that what probably appears and feels like innocent and important critical thought is the mouth of a deep pit with hateful bigotry, batshit assumptions, and oppressive, restrictive bio-essentialism at the bottom of it.
You possess only benevolent concern for trans men, until you start calling recipients of mastectomies and hysterectomies "ruined" and "mutilated." You just want to stop abuse, until a woman is alleged to be an abuser, and this doesn't seem possible to you. You just want to acknowledge the reality of biology, until a person born with two X chromosomes and a vagina and labia who also has facial hair and a deep voice wants to use the bathroom, and it feels to you like she shouldn't.
The radfem understanding of "biology" and its importance is wrong. There is no need to "affirm" or "deny" biology. It just is. No matter what your opinion on the nature of intersex conditions, a strict biological sex binary in human bodies objectively does not exist. We are talking about science. There is no "should."
To consider the conditions necessary for reproduction, or anything that is evolutionarily advantageous, as a moral imperative is bonkers. It is not "better" to conform more to a sex binary. God is not watching. My uterus does not "make" me a woman because it's not "for" anything. I potentially CAN become pregnant but biology does not "want" me to, evolution has not made me "for" being a woman, evolution does not think or want or intend ANYTHING. Categorizing people based on which size gametes they could produce under ideal circumstances is 100% a choice.
To judge human reproductive biology as a moral ideal is survivorship bias; yes, we "have to" have "biological sexes" (which really doesnt mean anything outside of having differentiated gametes) to cOnTiNuE aS a SpEcIeS. No, this does not mean that everyone does fall into one of two categories, or that everyone should, or that we should care about the consequences if we don't. "Humans have two sexes except for disorders" is not the objective statement you think it is. On a cosmological scale, life itself is an anomalous disruption of equilibrium. We are disorder.
Y'all are like 4% away from being far-right evangelicals in MANY of your ideas. When you assert that trans men only "identify" as men because they're unhappy and you're only benevolently concerned about them, you're repeating something that homophobic fundamentalists very much do say about lesbians (and the most threatening thing about lesbians to these fundamentalists is their gender non-conformity!) The same group of people cites human reproductive biology as evidence that no one is "really" gay.
And of course, if you take producing eggs as both the fundamental defining quality of a woman and as more sacred or defining than anything else, and you feel entitled to the bodies of trans men to the extent that you think you have any say at all in what medical procedures they do or don't have, you fundamentally don't support reproductive rights. You don't support the rights of women to their own bodies, you don't support the rights of men to their own bodies, and there are indeed many self-identifying "pro-life radfems," who have taken this idea to its logical conclusion.
Do not do this. Stop. Your ideas about trans people are repugnant, don't get me wrong, but fundamentally this stuff hurts everyone. I would not be a "radfem" even if it wasn't for the bigotry toward trans people. The whole ideology is ass backwards. And it is stuffed to the brim with people who are willing to hurt anyone, even those they are supposedly defending, in order to hurt the people they hate.
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genderqueerpositivity · 3 months ago
The Alabama Attorney General’s Office is using the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down Roe v. Wade to defend a ban on medical treatments considered life-saving by transgender individuals and physicians.
In a 76-page brief filed with the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday, the state invoked or referenced the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization at least nine times, invoking Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion that said the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not protect any right “not deeply rooted in the nation’s history and traditions.”
“The Legislature determined that transitioning treatments in particular are too risky to authorize, so it is those treatments Plaintiffs must show the Constitution protects,” the brief says. “But no one — adult or child — has a right to transitioning treatments that is deeply rooted in our nation’s history and tradition. The State can thus regulate or prohibit those interventions for children, even if an adult wants the drugs for his child.”
“Because no adult or child has a fundamental right to transitioning treatments, it necessarily follows that no parent has a right to those treatments for his child.”
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effectiveresistance · 3 months ago
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ratbastarddotfuck · a month ago
I said this in the tags of a different post but I think it bears discussion; terfs/radfems will say they're all for bodily autonomy for all women, until someone they think of as a woman [usually this includes trans men and many nonbinary people, some intersex people, some butches] decides to get top surgery or grow extra body hair.
They will say they loooove butches but the moment a butch has a complicated relationship with gender or decides to get top surgery it's "no you're doing womanhood wrong aha why don't you come back here and be feminine wear your body the way you should be?"
They will say "there's no right way to do womanhood" until the cows come home and then turn around and say "oh except for you and you and you- you're doing it wrong but we care about you so why don't you come do it the right way while we cry about your disgusting damaged wrong bodies mistakes".
It is so blatant in every single thing they do that they only give a shit about bodily "autonomy" so long as that autonomy doesn't challenge their concept of womanhood or gender. Funnily enough, their concepts of womanhood and gender seems to slot right in juuuust barely left of the white cishetero patriarchy's.
Sure, maybe they're more pro-gay, and they don't generally mind if you don't shave your pits or legs, but god forbid you have visible facial hair or cut off your symbols of womanhood breasts. God forbid you de-identify with womanhood [most trans men and many nonbinary people, as well as some intersex people and butches], or identify with it in the "wrong" way [most trans women and many nonbinary people, and again some intersex people and butches].
It is blatant and it is disgusting. You can't be pro-bodily-autonomy and anti-trans at the same time. It doesn't work.
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lichmadeofbone · a month ago
You know what? I hate anti-ana/mia people.
No, this won't be an anti-recovery statement. I'm just pissed at the amount of articles I run across talking about the "online anorexia cult seducing children". Because you know what? The problem did not start with your kid being online, the problem started with YOU. People with a healthy self image do not spontaneously struggle with disordered eating.
If you've ever made a demeaning comment about someone's - anyone's! - body, you can shut right the fuck up about how horrified you are at people starving themselves. You're a perpetrator in this. Your words are an affirmation of things that already echo in our thoughts.
There is no anorexia cult seducing youths to starve themselves. You planted the seed, buddy. Can these communities be toxic? Hell yeah, they can be. Can these communities be a breeding ground for negative interaction? Hell yeah, they can be. You put a bunch of vulnerable people in one place, it's gonna take a lot to get positivity out of them. But it isn't the fault of other people in your offspring's ana group chat that your offspring wants shelter and people to understand them. YOU were supposed to provide that, YOU were supposed to teach healthy relationships with self image, and you fucking failed. So you can shut the fuck up about how upset and disgusted you are.
Every time you comment on your daughter's clothing, every time you misgender your son, every time you expect your child to obey and be unquestioning, you are planting seeds and watering them. You are the one that made your daughter realize clothes might fit better if she skips a few meals. You are the one that made your son desperate enough to starve himself so that he could have lanugo. You are the one that exhibited a lack of consent in boundaries, creating a snowball towards the conclusion that being skinny might be the only thing your kid can be in control of in their life.
Quit being horrified. Quit being disgusted. Shut the fuck up or change how you treat people. You don't get to sit back and be shocked at the damage you did and act like it was someone else. Or, if you don't have the dignity to not be horrified and disgusted, at least don't blame other people because you were a shitty fucking parent.
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